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Edwards: We Will Carry on Fighting
Monday, 4th Mar 2019 06:00

Blues winger Gwion Edwards insists Town will keep fighting despite relegation to League One now appearing an inevitability. The Welshman netted his fifth goal of the season in Saturday’s 2-1 home defeat to fellow strugglers Reading which leaves the Blues 12 points plus goal difference from safety with only 11 games left to play.

“We will carry on fighting, pick ourselves up and go again,” the summer signing from Peterborough said. “We should have won and the way we lost is very disappointing. It hurts."
Town need four wins from their final 11 matches, something which appears an impossible task given that they have won just three so far during 2018/19, even to catch up with the teams outside the relegation zone, let alone pass them, even assuming the unlikely event that they don't pick up any more points.
“We have been written off all season but we have stuck together,” Edwards added. “That’s all we can do, stick together and keep fighting.
“The fans have been brilliant, especially in the situation we have been through. You see how other fans are in a similar situation but they have been right behind us and that helps.
“I will wait my chance and like today, show I’m ready to go. I was happy with the finish. Collin Quaner got a touch and we have worked on that in training with the wingers coming in.”

“It was nice to get on the pitch and get a goal but it was disappointing not to get a point.

"We got back in the game and we should have seen the game out to get at least a point.

“We have let ourselves down again and that has been the story of our season - we don't take our chances and we concede too easily.
“We created chances but we have to take them, we have to put the ball in the net. When it comes down to it we have to be more compact, especially late on, as a team.”
Having made a bright start to his first season with Town, Edwards picked up a groin injury which limited his involvement before he returned to the side as a sub in the home game against Stoke a fortnight ago.

“It is frustrating,” he admitted. “Before Christmas I was playing a lot, then I got a couple of niggly injuries in January so it is a case of getting going again. And get a few more starts."

Does he feel he has done enough in his three sub appearances to win a place in the XI? “You don't want to be left on the bench, or left out, but it is not just me other players have missed out so you just have to keep going and get back in.”

Meanwhile, Town’s table-topping U23s are in action at Playford Road this afternoon when they face Burnley (KO 1pm).

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Ravanelly added 10:30 - Mar 4
midastouch. The one that always sticks in my mind is Blackburn and Burnley. They hate each other and when Blackburn were in the Champions League, Burnley missed relegation out of the league on the last game of the season. Blackburn fans thought they would never play each other again. I can't wait for it to turn around, as it will, because, like you say, I shall be giving it back with interest. Just hope I live that long!!

Saxonblue74 added 10:30 - Mar 4
Spot on Bert, commitment is there but lack of quality. I don't think anyone is under any illusion that we're going to survive. Perhaps a win or two toward the end of the season may help with a bit of momentum into next season? Best we can hope for now.

ThaiBlue added 10:47 - Mar 4
Should of started fighting from when we kicked off in August not now as it's too late we are a right off move on to div 1.

dirtydingusmagee added 10:52 - Mar 4
Guthrum ,i thought they had thrown the towel in months ago, i cant see them winning two games before end of season , Take a look at the fixture list, the '' easy'' games have gone and we are further away from safety,

AYACCA added 11:11 - Mar 4
thats the spirit lad.
If we're facing the right direction all we gotta do is walk.

ITFCsince73 added 11:34 - Mar 4
We have to start winning games, simple as that really.
It wont be good starting life in L1, with it continually mentioned that we've won 3 in 40 odd.
A poor pre season and we start the new season, with confidence shot to pieces. Moving on the old guard, will raise confidence especially for Hursts signings who havnt been made welcome, even now, after all these month's.


guentchev added 11:38 - Mar 4
Whole season feels a bit like a Carry On movie....especially some of the comical defending....

TimmyH added 11:48 - Mar 4
If you look at the defending on Saturday it really is schoolboy stuff including James Collins for the first goal, the second we have 4 players withing 10 feet of each other - laughable!

'We will carry on fighting' well that's not in doubt but as mentioned with little quality on the pitch and some really naive defending it really isn't going to get us far and we are almost certainly down.

Chris_Knights added 11:50 - Mar 4
Platitude platitude and more platitude ..... I’d respect the players and the management a great deal more if they just said “ we are crap, the fans don’t deserve the rubbish we’ve been dishing up for the past 2 years. We’ve got it wrong and we are sorry “ but instead it’s same old, same old, same old .... I’m bored of the “ we are playing well crap that we get fed every Monday and we are working hard to put it right BS” Well they ain’t and sooner or later good ol Suffolk will say enough is enough ...

TonyHumesIpswich added 11:54 - Mar 4
Two wins since October isn't exactly suggestive of fighting spirit is it? Whole team seems to have accepted the situation some time ago.


blueherts added 12:02 - Mar 4
When PL came in we had 90 odd points to play for and whilst it was an uphill battle we had a chance - I am sorry - whilst I accept we lack quality - one thing I thought PL would bring would be a never say die attitude and fight TO THE END
Well I am not sure what games people have been watching but we have played for maybe 60 or 70 minutes , sometimes less but never more and never 90 plus minutes
It was summer up by me by Captain Clueless giving it it the raised arms - after you - treatment for their 2nd on saturday
I respect everyones opinion but Fight is not something we have shown enough

I am actually looking fwd to Div One - we have been sliding downward for years and with a great academy and some half decent Div One players we can consolidate next season and at least have a top half/play off to go for
If we stay up in Championship - Miracle - we would just be scraping around the bottom 3 again

ITFCsince73 added 12:15 - Mar 4
I've seen more fight and commitment in 2 paper bags.
You don't finish where we will with fight and commitment, no matter how poor the quality.
Embarrassing, Embarrassing Embarassing.

tractorrollson added 12:18 - Mar 4
Its a shame an ex scum manager sealed our fate really. I dont feel he will take us forward but we are stuck with him now, time to invest ME before we slide further!

midastouch added 12:39 - Mar 4
@ Ravanelly, I should of thought of that one, good thinking, more cause for long-term hope hey! If you have Netflix watch Losers, it's new on there. Watch the 2nd episode on Torquay. Note where Burnley were in the table at that time!

midastouch added 12:56 - Mar 4
Just posted this to the Paul Lambert "pigs can fly" calculator thread ( given that story is a bit older now and not many are likely to see it I've coped it here as well as think it's mostly relevant for anybody who can be bothered to read my 2 pence worth (for what little it's worth!) on the matter!
The bookmakers had us nailed down for relegation before a ball was even kicked this season, a few of us mentioned as much at the start of the season and got derided for even daring to say as much. I was a Mick outer but never much of a Hurst inner! I gave him the benefit of the doubt at the start as you have to give every manager a chance at least but I was totally underwhelmed by his initial appointment and alarm bells started ringing fast after the false dawn of the encouraging West Ham friendly. I always wanted Burley back in the building as I thought he was the best man to help the best players from the academy make the transition into the first team. I think Burley would of got the right blend of youth and experience. But that's water under the bridge now. I'm still backing Lambert despite his less than convincing start to life at Portman Road. I think we have to give him to Xmas at least to see how he adapts to life in league one before deciding if he's busted flush or not. If Lambert doesn't work out by Xmas and we don't look in with a fair chance of going up next season then I would still consider getting George back in the building to help get the optimum return from our academy system. But let's stick with Lambert till then at least as long as he remains up for the big challenge. Hopefully he'll more than come good but if start life in league on with a whimper naturally more doubts are going to be cast and the pressure will soon mount. I detect some losing the faith already but I would give him a chance as he did get a certain team from down the shabby end of the A140 promoted from League One in good style, so let's see if he has what it takes to do it again!

JimmyP45 added 12:56 - Mar 4
Happens every season. When there are a few games left with nothing to play for we throw the kids out on the pitch and always get results. The problem is it's the wrong way round. The kids are the most talented players in the squad and should be playing week in week out and when there is little to play for, that's when we should be rolling out the Chambers' and the Skuse's.

bluemike1969 added 12:59 - Mar 4
Those of you that marked me down must be seriously happy with the dross you are watching at P.R and must be loving the no fighting spirit we have.
I'm sorry guys.....But I'm not.
I feel really sorry for those supporters who applaud the team off and show their appreciation. The team do not deserve you NOR do they care, otherwise Captain Calamity would have walked out of P.R with his head in his hands....Its just a pay check for this lot!

midastouch added 13:02 - Mar 4
@ JimmyP45, totally agreed. Some of our first team need to be served their P45s after the debacle of this season. And I also seem to recall we beat Reading 4 nil away at the end of last season with Klug playing some of the more lively fringe players! Klug never seemed that keen for the job full time but you can't help but wonder what might of happened if he had of carried on rather than Hurst!

Saxonblue74 added 13:18 - Mar 4
Lets give PL a chance to put his stamp on things on the pitch as he has off it. He's been in a carbon copy of this situation before, he will get us out of this mess. Mention of new management etc will serve to upset things more. Just look at the atmosphere now at a losing football club, imagine when we start winning again! It's not all doom and gloom, let PL do his job and the future looks good.

Blandford added 14:16 - Mar 4
I'm sorry but I must be one of the few fans who see no benefit I bringing in the youth players that have done so well this season. Our first team are shot to pieces and ineffective at both ends of the pitch. Bringing the future of our club into that environment is going to do nothing to help their development, better they stay together in a successful team and prove in pre season they deserve to start for us next season.

blueherts added 14:19 - Mar 4
Midas - Good point about Klug

I personally think he would be great as first team coach . We all know , especially today , Managers do alot less of the actual coaching and even the signing of players at some clubs
When you look at the best managers they tend to have some a or some strong coaches

PL had a great spell at Scum with Culverhouse in Div One - since they went separate ways his record has been , err , pretty poor

I think part of our overall re think and re structure should be to look at the skills we have in the building already , especially likes of Klug U23S etc and see where they can be best used in the coaching set up


ITFCsince73 added 14:20 - Mar 4
Look back at bottom 3 clubs in the Championship over previous seasons.
THEY had a fight about them.
They also carried a surprise.
Bottom 3 clubs always capable of a surprise win against a top 3 side.
I wouldn't fancy a win over a bottom 3 L2 side at present.
And in all honesty I don't believe we will win another game this season. Our biggest weaknesses are for all to see and exploit.
The best chance we have of any further wins is when the maths say its game over.
Hopefully at that stage we can unleash the best players at the club, then we may see what might have been.

midastouch added 15:00 - Mar 4
@ blueherts I've had several Norwich fans tell me that Lambert was more of a man motivator than a coach. The coaching was where Culverhouse came in just as you said. Certain managers need a certain no. 2, think of Clough at Leeds without Peter Taylor. Last I heard of Culverhouse though was that he was at Grantham, although think he moved on from there after getting linked as potential no.2 here. For whatever reason those 2 don't seem to have worked with each other again since Norwich (at least I don't think they have although I can't pretend to be an expert on Paul Lambert's managerial career since Norwich as before he came here I didn't pay much too much attention to what he was up to) so if they haven't worked together since Norwich (please somebody correct me if I'm wrong there) even after what was a successful time at Norwich seems a bit odd they didn't look to reunite at some stage since. There would of been opportunities for them to do so if PL had of asked him as a no. 2 again. I wouldn't of thought Culverhouse would of said no to another bigger club if given the chance by PL given it seems he's been operating at lower levels since with the likes of Grantham!

ThailandBlue added 15:04 - Mar 4
Be Prepared for a few seasone in League 1 as we ain't coming up the first attempt, we were the longest serving team in the Championship, next we will be the Longest serving team in League 1

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