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Ex-Palace Chief Jordan Blasts Blues Owner Evans
Tuesday, 9th Apr 2019 17:07

Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan has issued a blistering attack on Town’s Marcus Evans and says he believes the club is facing a future in not just League One but in League Two.

Jordan, who was in charge of the Eagles from 2000 until they went into administration in 2010, was speaking on talkSPORT after an interview with Blues boss Paul Lambert (from 20 mins).

“Too little, too late,” Jordan said when asked about the impact Lambert has had at Portman Road since taking charge. “Listen, this is a football club that Marcus Evans, who I know, has had for some [time].

“I never understood why Marcus bought that football club because I don’t think he was hugely invested in it emotionally. I don’t understand what he’s done with it.

“I think there are two words for Ipswich Town fans: Mick McCarthy. I think they’ll now look back on perhaps some of their outlook and attitude towards the job Mick did with maybe a different disposition.

"Because I don’t think they need to prepare themselves for League One, if they don’t pull themselves together from ownership structure downwards, they won’t be looking forward to League One, they’ll be looking forward to League Two because I think this is a club in decline, and there’s no reason for it.

“And the stark reality in that part of the world must be the mirror opposite at Norwich. And that’s management appointments, and that’s owner engagement.

"I know Delia and her husband and the owners of Norwich very well and their investment and their involvement both emotional, physical, logistical and financial is unequivocal.”

He added: “It’s not my job to tell Marcus Evans to do with his football club. Ultimately the way that a football club declines is normally from the top and then you make decisions and appointments and you allow things to get away from you, and sell players and assets are disposed of and managers are dispensed with and crowds are disillusioned.

“And now what you’ve got is an unsuccessful football club that quite frankly is a really good club and when David Sheepshanks was the chairman it had a really good youth development policy, was running in the right direction. Where the hell has this gone wrong?”

Photo: ITFC

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Daleyitfc added 17:10 - Apr 9
I'm sure he's right ; but have no idea what business it is of his?

Marshalls_Mullet added 17:15 - Apr 9
'Said one failed football club owner to another'...

To be fair, its the usual over simplistic stuff from the media. They spoke as if we thought we are in a relegation battle.

Truth is... most of us accept we are relegated, and I for one am looking forward to next season. ...that doesnt make good radio though.

hoppy added 17:16 - Apr 9
"Jordan, who was in charge of the Eagles from 2000 until they went into administration in 2010"

Oh, the irony of him talking about how a club is run by an owner.

Green_Army added 17:16 - Apr 9
“Jordan, who was in charge of the Eagles from 2000 until they went into administration in 2010...” - just about sums up the validity of his words

positivity added 17:17 - Apr 9
some fair points, though detecting a whiff of sour grapes. i think we'd all love a fan as owner, but where do we get one with the requisite money.

i loved sheepy, but (with burley) he took us to administration and the brink of collapse... sometimes a fan without business acumen isn't the answer these days?

BlueandTruesince82 added 17:17 - Apr 9
Is this the same Simon Jordan that said we voted for whatever we didnt vote for, do seems to have a real hard on for Evans. Practically bankrupted Palace did he not.... basically wanted to be Alan Pardew but couldn't even manage that... that Simon Jordan.... too many sunbeds pal

Marshalls_Mullet added 17:18 - Apr 9
He also held Delias ownership up as a shining example. Well, it took relegation to League 1 under her ownership to kick start things...

Kropotkin123 added 17:23 - Apr 9
So many flaws in what he says, many covered already. It's baffling as to why he would feel the need to have such strong and conflicting opinions on us. Did Marcus screw him in a business deal or something?

Suffolkboy added 17:26 - Apr 9
Look back to when SJ bought CP from Ron Noades & he wasn’t overly wise then : didn’t it seems thoroughly check out what & how much he was acquiring !
Made a fast buck getting there with great ambitions he basically didn’t have the money to fund ; & how many times has that happened ?
We are very lucky ME has time and patience ,& some funds on his side ,or like many another Club ( Bolton ? ) we’d have pretty insurmountable financial challenges making ends meet !
COYB & let’s not be put off by SJ shouting his mouth off !!

trncbluearmy added 17:31 - Apr 9
He`s got a point ME ownership has been disastrous,hopefully that is about to change?

jas0999 added 17:31 - Apr 9
Completely agree with him, we are not bottom of the league by a mile due to Marcus Evans successful running of the club. Anything but.

It is however a bit like ‘pot, kettle and black’ though.

atty added 17:35 - Apr 9
So going by that penultimate paragraph he was the one responsible for Palace going into administration. Also he clearly knows nothing about our Club, given his comments about our youth development- the success of the U23s and the U18s, and the young players getting playing time in the 1st team and doing well. Isn’t he meant to be a wealthy man yet he has to do slots on Talksport. He did the one early shift (0600-1000) last week. A lot of has been on Talksport but at least the ex players were successful in football, unlike him.

Bluearmy_81 added 17:39 - Apr 9
Evans has been a disaster and I can't see that changing. Modest investment before next season on the right players for the right price is essential but probably won't happen. Lambert will most likely fail to get us up as a result (trust me I sincerely hope I'm wrong) and at some point the fans will turn on him. When they will identify and target the real cause of our demise is anyone's guess!!

Surco72 added 17:47 - Apr 9
As someone who made a mess of running a club he is in the ideal position to see others doing the same , can't really argue with what has happened to our club since Evans took over . Apart from one lucky season where Murphy carried us we have been no better than before he arrived

Dissboyitfc added 18:01 - Apr 9
Well i hope Evans reads this! and if he wasnt already motivated enough to get us back up i hope this gives him even more fire in his belly for what needs to be done!

SJ has too much to say for himself! and really none of his business!

I am looking forward to next season, COYB's

Dolphinblue added 18:01 - Apr 9
Foolish words but entitled to his negative view. Ipswich shall return stronger than before. Bring on next season Coyb, never give in, lose faith but rally when lambs become lions.

BlueArrow added 18:08 - Apr 9
Simon says......

Lord_Mac added 18:10 - Apr 9
We still do have a really good youth development scheme. Lets compare our U18s with Palace. https://uk.soccerway.com/national/england/professional-u18-development-league-2/

Or maybe this one?

And there's only so much of Mick McCarthy that one can bear. But Jordan's right on some counts. Essentially two poor management appointments was the problem. Let's surprise Mr Jordan and bounce back.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 18:16 - Apr 9
What an utter t**t . Clearly has absolutely no idea what he's talking about and people in glass houses springs to mind .

ernie added 18:34 - Apr 9
Pretty honest and frank assessment I think yet some people will still keeping defending the indefensible

midastouch added 18:35 - Apr 9
Read Warnock's book a while back and he really rated Jordan as an owner, at least while he was manager there. I know it didn't end well ultimately for Palace under Jordan's watch but according to Warnock (during the time he was there) he was doing a good job. So not sure what happened later! The same could be said of Sheepshanks, he was going a good job, but just like Palace ended up in administration under Jordan's watch, we also ended up in administration under Sheepshanks' watch.

herfie added 18:52 - Apr 9
Today’s ‘hot news’, consigned to the rubbish bin tomorrow.

Perhaps the radio station will offer ME the opportunity to respond to Jordan’s comments. Don’t misunderstand me, I believe that Evans has made a series of poor financial and personnel recruitment mistakes which, over the years, have culminated in our current situation. However, I don’t accept that his original and current intentions, and levels of emotional investment, were less than sincere. Bottom line, though, is how an experienced, street wise, business man got it so wrong, for so long.

But, like many others, I’m genuinely optimistic that the wheel has reached the bottom, and has started on it’s upwards journey. Hard lessons hopefully learned, PL to the rescue!😃

TrueBlueSince72 added 18:58 - Apr 9
The Burley era went wrong when he thought we needed to spend to maintain our position near the top of the Premier League. The first season in the PL was mainly the squad that won the play offs and they were a tight group that had already been through a lot together and took the PL by storm.
Bringing in new faces on big money that were actually no better than what we had disrupted that unity and we were never the same again, going from 5th to 18th in one season, then the inevitable financial meltdown from which we have never recovered.
Hopefully Paul Lambert can rebuild us and recreate that unity through a successful season in L1 and carry that momentum back into the Championship where we can compete once more.

TrueBlueSince72 added 19:01 - Apr 9
And as for Simon Jordan.......what's this got to do with him????
Is he looking to buy ME out?
Bizarre way of going about it!!!

markytitfc added 19:15 - Apr 9
Some of you on here are very naive indeed. Simon Jordan may have been the owner of palace when they went into administration and he himself admits he just ran out money, simple and honest. He talks alot of sense on alot of subjects and is a very intelligent and articulate man , I would love him to buy ITFC. As for the comments someone made about Mr. Sheepshanks being a failure as he has no business sense, it wasn't his fault we went into administration, it was a set of circumstances beyond anyone at ITFC's control. He backed Burley to the hilt, as any manager would want from a chairman and I KNOW for a FACT, that if it were not for Mr. Sheepshanks ITFC would have been a distant memory, I KNOW WHAT HE DID. He could of left us when we were in aministration and disappeared, but, he never abandoned the sinking ship! He stuck around and found a buyer in Marcus Evans who sorted out the financial situation and kept ITFC alive, before leaving with his head held high. Maybe, just maybe, if Evans had kept him on in the position he gave to clueless Clegg, we may well be an established premier league team now. So, know tour facts before making ignorant comments.

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