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Celtic Linked With £500,000-Rated Crowe
Thursday, 30th May 2019 08:53

Celtic are reported to have joined the chase for Blues youngster Dylan Crowe with Town said to be looking for £500,000 for the England U18 international right-back.

Yesterday, Huddersfield were reported to have had a £300,000 compensation offer for the 18-year-old rebuffed by the Blues.

Now the Daily Mail reports that Celtic are also showing interest, along with German side RB Leipzig, who were linked last summer, as were Arsenal, Manchester United, Brighton, Borussia Mönchengladbach and Benfica.

The Mail claims the Blues are holding out for £500,000 in compensation for Crowe and that the Terriers remain the frontrunners.

Crowe, who joined Town aged 12, completed his two-year academy scholarship this season but is yet to agree professional terms with Town.

If he moves on without having signed a professional contract the club would be due compensation from his new side for his years in the academy, although the Blues would receive what’s almost certain to be a lower sum based on FIFA’s training compensation formula if he moved to a club in a foreign association, such as Scotland or Germany.

Shortly before the end of the season, manager Paul Lambert said discussions were continuing between Crowe’s representatives and Town.

“He’s a young one developing at the minute so I’m pretty sure the club and his people will be talking,” he said.

When previously asked about Crowe's situation in February Lambert was critical of the player and the advice he was getting from his agent.

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve played for England youth team or not, it doesn’t matter. That’s no major, major claim to fame," he said.

“If you use that for your fame, my God you’re in trouble because you’ve got miles and miles to go.

“I think that’s important for any young player, just because you train with the first team or you play in a youth level game, it’s not professional football yet. Get in the first team and play a lot of games, then it becomes reality.

“So I don’t buy into this stuff about ‘national team, youth player’. Potentially, definitely, things are there but you’re never going to achieve anything with potential, you have to produce and I think that’s important. I don’t want young kids to be big-headed or their nose goes in the air and they thing, ‘I’ve arrived’.

“You’ve not arrived until you play 10 or 15 years in the game, then you think, ‘I’ve had a decent career’.

“I don’t want that culture in the club that because you’re a youth player or you’ve trained with the first team that you think you’re a player. You’re not.”

The Blues boss added: “I think the club’s talking with him and his other people. As I say, sometimes agents think players are better than they really are or tell them what they want to hear.

“As long as I’m here I don’t want a culture where people think young players have arrived without earning the right. That’s one thing I’ll not put up with.”

Meanwhile, Peterborough United have confirmed the signing of Exeter keeper Christy Pym on a free transfer. Pym, 24, was among the keepers the Blues spoke to prior to signing Gillingham's Tomas Holy last week.

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Bluearmy_81 added 08:54 - May 30
Ffs have cc we learnt nothing from the last 12 months?! Don't sell your best/most promising players.

runaround added 08:59 - May 30
Bluearmy_81. If a player doesn’t want to sign a contract we have no choice. Crowe has had ample opportunity to sign a contract for ITFC but has not done so. Nothing else the club can do

BlueBlood90 added 09:01 - May 30
Why do we make the same mistakes time and time again. Look at Norwich as an example, their two academy full backs have been given a chance and turned out to be two of their best players last season. If everyone rates Crowe so highly then why don’t we just give him a chance to play?!

SuffolkBlue11 added 09:03 - May 30
Makes no sense why he wouldn’t sign a contract.
Likely to get more development opportunity given the clubs track record of giving young players chances, and should perhaps show a bit more loyalty to the club that gave him a chance as a 12 year old and have helped his development since then

essextractorboy93 added 09:07 - May 30
Would be a shame to lose him but if he doesn't want to sign a contract what can we do?

Important for him he is playing football and is given a chance. Look at Kundai Benyu, looks like he has barely played since leaving us.

GeoffSentence added 09:13 - May 30
If really is rated that highly, how come he hasn't had a sniff around the first team of a club that has struggled to find a decent right back for years.

Radlett_blue added 09:31 - May 30
He's clearly going to go. Take the money & move on. He may turn out to be a top player or he could be playing non-league in a few years.

dingus added 09:35 - May 30
All seems very odd, I don't watch the u23 but whenever I've read reports he's never picked out as one of the better players. Completely understand why he's going though. Same reason Norwood is probably joining us, he's going to get a better contact and more money.

Pilgrimblue added 09:39 - May 30
His advisers clearly think he's better but if Town don't want to pay then maybe there are better options for us. Some youth players do get ahead of themselves so surely he should be more patient as next 12 months could be better spent at PR than at big club with lots of others competing for places. As has been said Benyu didn't work out!

dirtydingusmagee added 09:43 - May 30
obviously has something, but it is also obvious that [a] there must be a reason he hasnt been given his chance with us,and its obvious he wants to press on elsewhere, Everyone is different, if he see's that as the way to progress he will follow his dream, it may well be a mistake ,but thats life. Wish im luck ,and move on .

blueinscotland added 09:58 - May 30
I think it’s quite apparent that he does not want to sign a contract and his head has been turned by big clubs elsewhere. Although it’d be a shame to lose him for such a nominal fee, I’d prefer to keep youngsters who actually want to play for the club that developed them.

Completely agree with PL’s comments that players have to earn the right to play. I don’t wish to judge Crowe too much because he is young but it sounds like he could possibly be a bit too big for his boots (if that is indeed why he has yet to sign a professional contract with us).

Dolphinblue added 10:11 - May 30
Get rid...he is about as useful as a barbers shop on the steps to the Guillotine!🤔

SWGF added 10:15 - May 30
@essextractorboy93 - exactly what I was thinking about Benyu. Attracted by the bright lights of Celtic...played once for them and four times for Oldham in two years.
And it's not as if we're not short of a right-back

tractorboybig added 10:15 - May 30
give him tne boot..does not want to be here (cant blame him) get the best compensation you can he will never be heard of again.

runningout added 10:17 - May 30
Again some of the posts on here sadden me I am embarrassing way.

terryf added 10:19 - May 30
Very confusing...what is it that all these other Clubs have seen in Dylan Crowe that we haven't?
I appreciate he is free to go where he wants to, but surely if he's that good his first objective should be to push on into our first Team?

At the moment he doesn't get a mention by PL so what is going on?

floridaboy added 10:21 - May 30
If he has been offered a contract and he wants to continue his football education then sign it.

If his agent and probably his parents think the grass is greener then leave. I reckon he will move on and never be heard of again eg Benyu!!

Lightningboy added 10:24 - May 30
I wonder how many young players have had their potential ruined by bad advice from greedy agents?

Countless probably.

martin587 added 10:26 - May 30
He has obviously had his head turned over the last year.Hence the reason he has stalled on signing a new contract.There is nothing the club can do about it so they might as well get as much as they can for him.Shame but true.

Bluefox added 10:36 - May 30
He didn't even figure much in the reserves last season – other youth team players such as El Mizouni and Brown played a lot more. Presumably either his agent wants a lot more than the club think he is worth (and at the risk of skewing the demands of other promising youth players) or ITFC are not convinced that he will develop into first team material. Always sad to see a promising youngster leave so early though.

MooseJuice added 10:36 - May 30
All the other youngsters offered counteracts signed them without question from what I remember, so it's not as if we've offered him something insulting. Sounds like his head is too big for his boots, his agent or his parents are to blame no doubt. If he'd rather join Benyu in football-non-existence for a few extra quid in his pocket then he's no loss to us.

Warkys_Tash added 10:44 - May 30
Spot on Paul Lambert. Posters, read his comments. He is bang on. Town arent selling their best young players but also wont be held to ransom because of agents & egos.

Too many youngsters walking around with a swagger who have done nothing in the game.

Get your head down, work hard, impress the boss & the fans & have a super career

midastouch added 10:45 - May 30
I think the original academy should be entitled to a fair sell-on % clause as if some of these players go on to big things then the tribunal settlements are mere chicken feed.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 10:54 - May 30
Seen him on TV and looks decent , however if he's not interested in signing then what else can we do but get best price for him . Sounds like his head has been turned by his advisors . Shame

BlueandTruesince82 added 10:55 - May 30
I'll say it again, Kundai Benyu

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