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Lambert: I Don't Know Anything About QPR Interest in Judge
Saturday, 6th Jul 2019 17:49

Town boss Paul Lambert says he knows nothing about QPR’s reported interest in midfielder Alan Judge and insists he wasn’t disappointed that winger Danny Mayor opted to join his former Bury boss Ryan Lowe at Plymouth rather than signing for the Blues.

“I don’t know anything about it,” Lambert said when asked about reports that QPR are eyeing Judge as a potential replacement for Luke Freeman, who joined Sheffield United for a fee of £4.9 million.

“I don’t listen to anything and don’t read anything so I don’t know anything about it.

“I don’t get involved in it unless someone phones us and gets in touch. There’s been nothing.”

Lambert says Judge, who signed a new two-year deal with the Blues in April, is a player he doesn’t want to lose: “Not at all, we’re trying to build something here and build a good team and we have some fabulous footballers in the team, that’s for sure. Alan Judge is one of them.”

Asked whether there had been any developments regarding Bartosz Bialkowski with a move to Millwall having broken down last month, he added: “No, as I’ve said before I don’t get too involved in things that don’t affect me. I just do the job as best I can.

“Ipswich Town is the main thing and the supporters who come and watch us. I don’t get caught up in the whole craziness of the transfer talk.”

Quizzed on free agent Mayor’s decision to join the League Two Pilgrims having been at Portman Road for a look around a fortnight ago, Lambert says he wasn’t disappointed by the winger’s decision.

“Not at all. People can go where they want,” he continued. “If they don’t want to be here then no problem and I won’t lose sleep over it. If you don’t want to be here, don’t come.”
Regarding further additions to his squad, Lambert reiterated that all signings will be free transfers: “We can’t buy anybody, that’s the fact of it, but that’s no problem because we have some really good young players here.

“They may need a little bit of help but we can’t go and buy anybody, regardless of what anyone thinks about deals done before my time and the knock-on of money coming in.

“It doesn’t work like that and that’s the reality of it but that’s no problem. We’ve got a good side."
That lack of cash would appear to rule out fans’ favourite Daryl Murphy making a return to Portman Road, having been made available by Nottingham Forest where he's likely to be on a signficant wage, however, the Blues boss didn’t entirely rule out a fifth spell for the Republic of Ireland international.

“The lad was a good player but I don’t know because he’s older now,” he said.

“Money-wise, you never know until wages get put on the table but people need to get their heads round that we won’t be getting masses.

“That’s not a problem. The club has spent a hell of a lot of money over the years but we’ve got the young guys coming through the academy.

“We’re a good side, even though they’re young. I’m really happy with the guys and the way they’ve performed but if we can try and get one or two in to give them a boost then we will try.”

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Linkboy13 added 20:00 - Jul 6
For example Guthrum Alan Judge.

Dissboyitfc added 20:04 - Jul 6
dolphin blue you know what fear stands for? False Evidence Appears Real!

blues1 added 20:19 - Jul 6
Dolphinblue. Most players have a release clause in their contracts. It's common practice. But of course u just want to all off Evan's, so u say its poor negotiations. But if we hadn't signed him, which we wouldnt have, had we not agreed to that clause us have slagged Evan's off for not agreeing to it. He cant win can he? As I said before, criticise when itsxdue, not just forxthe sake of it.

blues1 added 20:20 - Jul 6
*slag evans

Linkboy13 added 20:29 - Jul 6
Can't be a genuine dolphin dolphins are intelligent.

Dolphinblue added 20:30 - Jul 6
And yet more insults 😫

Dolphinblue added 20:32 - Jul 6
Is that really the best u can do linkboy...dear oh dear 😂😂😂😂😂

Dolphinblue added 20:34 - Jul 6
Judge signed to get fitness, knew he would be targeted, had no intention of staying....evans probs knew...thats my defintion of betrayal 😫

Dolphinblue added 20:34 - Jul 6
Face it...HE IS GONE

Skip73 added 21:06 - Jul 6
Dolphin, The fact that we have only signed 1 outfield player so far is a bit concerning but lets not panic. Its not ideal but at least we aren't signing players willy nilly like that clown did last season. Chill out fella, it'll be ok.

Dolphinblue added 21:08 - Jul 6
Thanks 👍

blues1 added 21:15 - Jul 6
Dolphinblue. So by ur reckoning, judge only came here for fitness with no intention of staying beyond the end of the season, yet he signed a 2 year contract extension with the option of a 3rd???? Wjy would he sign that if he had no intention of staying? Then u say Evan's probably knew he had no intention of staying???? But he offered him that contract extension, which is a betrayal to the fans Which, taking into account judge signed it, means Evans did a fantastic job, because we will now get a decent fee for a player we paid very little for. Yet u still slag him off. And you wonder why you get insulted on here.

Dolphinblue added 21:20 - Jul 6
Blues1..oh worked on you then 🤔🐬

ITFCsince73 added 21:20 - Jul 6
No issues with what you say blues 1. But any transfer fee received needs to go straight back into the side....but that’s not the case it would appear.

Dolphinblue added 21:24 - Jul 6
Blues1...l dont mind being insulted but am concerned for you dear insulter and yr state of mind, how the stress will affect is you who are my concern....l am a robust Dolphin 🐬👍😀

Terry_Nutkins added 22:24 - Jul 6
right. Everyone stop feeding the attention troll. seriously just don't be tempted.

JCBLUE added 22:27 - Jul 6
There is no release clause in Judge’s contract.

BryanPlug added 22:55 - Jul 6
Sounds like Dolphin has been waxing himself

Dolphinblue added 23:36 - Jul 6
Right everyone ignore nutkin...seriously dont be tempted 🤣🤣

ArnieM added 08:29 - Jul 7
Dolphinyellow= TROLL .


Dolphinblue added 08:52 - Jul 7
Arnirm=troll DONT FEED THE TROLL ❤

Bluearmy_81 added 09:26 - Jul 7
Whilst I think Dolphin's fears are somewhat premature (though given Evans form of selling our best players come what may understandable,) I find some of you backing Evans so strongly, given the mess he's got us into, is frankly embarrassing. Many other fans of many other clubs I know simply do not comprehend your blind allegiance given the state we are in and the continual n plan to underfund the squad. Maybe if they'd seen the scripted pr interview from years ago they'd get it?!! 🤔🙄😂😂

BlueBob added 09:47 - Jul 7
We're £9m short due to relegation. Evans is unable to make up this shortfall due to FFP rules,(right or wrong they exist). This means we can neither buy new players, or turn down any realistic bid for one of our existing players. We have to balance the books. There's no conspiracy, just a long term trickle down effect as a result of administration followed by a series of disastrous management choices from the moment Magilton was sacked.

Bluearmy_81 added 10:34 - Jul 7
Oh!! Different rules for Rotherham then?!! They've got 6 in now...

Bluearmy_81 added 10:35 - Jul 7
Just a thought but maybe town fans on the whole should be less understanding of and more angry and impatient with Evans?!!
Bit of a maverick idea I know!! 🤔🤣😂🤣

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