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Bishop Scan Today
Tuesday, 16th Jul 2019 16:54

Blues midfielder Teddy Bishop is undergoing a scan today to discover the extent of the knee injury he suffered in the friendly with SV Meppen at the Interwetten Cup on Sunday.

The 23-year-old landed awkwardly as he came out of a challenge in the 33rd minute of the 45-minute match and after treatment was immediately substituted.

Another injury is the last thing Bishop needs having had his longest uninterrupted spell since his 2014/15 breakthrough season having returned to the first team in January.

Up until his enforced replacement the academy product had been Town’s most influential player against Meppen, who eventually won the match 3-1 on penalties after a 0-0 draw.

The results of the scan may not be known immediately and fans will have their fingers crossed that the injury proves less serious than feared.

Photo: TWTD

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mrmorisato added 17:01 - Jul 16
U R JOKING??!?!!!!??!!?!?!? He's injured again!!!!???!!?!

Tractorboy58 added 17:05 - Jul 16
If he is injured long term again then I am afraid that that is it...seems to not have a tough enough build. Good Player so fingers crossed that it is nothing serious

IpswichToon added 17:06 - Jul 16
No, I don't believe it is a joke.

Phil, can you confirm? Is this some kind of elaborate prank to lure the competition into a false sense of security before Teddy's name appears on the team sheet against Burton?

iaintaylorx added 17:14 - Jul 16
Hoping it is no more for a couple of months. The lad is exactly what we need and is definitely getting back to his best. We can all sit here and say he isn’t ‘tough’ enough etc, but you have to think of the lad, can’t imagine the mental battles he has faced in his career at only 23! Fingers crossed, Bish!!😭

hampstead_blue added 17:18 - Jul 16
I can only suggest he changes his beard and haircut.

Maybe that will change his luck with injuries.

Poor lad.

TractorRoyNo1 added 17:19 - Jul 16
Sadly he seems to be our own Johnny Williams

Sir_Bob added 17:32 - Jul 16
I had a quick word with Teddy yesterday at the airport on the way home from Dortmund, he was very down beat (it was also his birthday). He’s hoping it wasn’t too bad and he’ll be ok soon.
He was on crutches with the lads giving him a hand to get through the airport.

jas0999 added 17:39 - Jul 16
I feel very sorry for the lad, hope it’s not serious and wish him a speedy recovery. Doesn’t look promising though.

But the sad reality is Teddy’s an injury prone player who can’t be relied upon. We have a smaller squad now so need folk to stay fit. That’s why we shouldn’t sign players like Will Keane because they won’t play half a season.

ArnieM added 17:39 - Jul 16
🤞then !

TimmyH added 18:59 - Jul 16
Not surprising really...managed to play a reasonable part of the second half of last season and even that was only playing in general 45 to 60 minutes most games, surprised he got through that. The physio room has a number of candidates know doubt will occupy in the coming weeks/months...sadly we know who they are.

MichaelRockyLavelle added 20:06 - Jul 16
Absolutely heartbreaking for the lad :( I can only imagine how depressing it must be for him.
Fingers crossed its only minor & he'll be back no later than September / October as he's such a good player he could shape our season.

Get well soon Bishop

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 20:42 - Jul 16
Coming home on crutches doesn't look good. Gutted for young player who has already had so much bad luck.

carlo88 added 20:54 - Jul 16
Don't get it sorry. Outpouring of grief and support for a player who's cost a lot of money and probably plays a handful of games a season if we're lucky. On the other hand regular abuse for our captain who plays virtually every game whether injured or not. Bored of Bishop, sell him to Colchester or somewhere.

Nobbysnuts added 21:30 - Jul 16
I'm sorry but your never going to get more than 10 games a season out of this lad and that's no good in the long fight ahead. It's the truth so shoot me down if you want but we cant carry any passengers this season. Time to let go and move forward. Another Kieron Dyer I'm afraid.

PortmanTerrorist added 21:47 - Jul 16
Best gone grown player for years and can everyone just be supportive for the lad. It could be days of medial but if course it could be months. Either way, support, support, support. Take a look at Jonny Williams and how he repayed the faith Charlton had in him last year which we did not. Helped them to promotion not relegation

BlueInBerks added 23:13 - Jul 16
As if we need reminding, only got to look at Didsy for example of what a player can achieve given patience and the correct care

algarvefan added 23:32 - Jul 16
As a person who has had 2 ACL knee injuries & Ops, it has nothing to do with how 'tough' you are, you are often just the recipient of pure bad luck. Once you have had the surgery though you will always have a weakness and predisposition to further injury. Lets hope this is not too serious and perhaps some of you would like to stop writing Teddy off so soon.

lightingblue added 06:42 - Jul 17
I’m sorry but I can’t really be supportive, how many years has the club supported him, how many chances does he want. It’s all a common issue that repeats itself. Ok I don’t blame the player, but like in most professional clubs they cannot afford to carry someone who repeatedly breaks down. This is more so with Ipswich who simply cannot afford to be carrying these kind of people. I appreciate injuries happen in sport, but repeatedly over a prolonged period is not financially viable.

Grigzee added 07:15 - Jul 17
Let's replace the term "knee injury" with "mental breakdown" - should we just chuck Teddy out because he had some personal mental issues? Of course not. Sometimes you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time - would you blame those people on 7/7 who were injured or died because they happened to be where they were?

Teddy is one of our players. We are a family club (or we like to think we are) and we should be giving him all our support like we should all our players as if they were members of our family

soopercooper added 08:17 - Jul 17
Terrible news if confirmed for the lad, unfortunately an enigma of a player who again is not good enough imo. That said the club should support him if the worst is confirmed..

jayessess added 09:26 - Jul 17
Every time a player gets an injury why do we get this raft of daft comments?
"Sell him! Time to cut our losses! Get rid! Send him to Colchester!"
How do they propose the club offload injured players who are under contract? Ask the player really nicely to write off the obligations the club agreed to? Somehow persuade another club to take on their wages (pay us a fee even!) for the sheer joy of having them take up their physio's time?

Teddy will be here until his contract is up or until he's fit enough that someone else wants to pay him to play football. He's not got injured as a personal affront to you or because he's weak or lazy, but because none of us can control when bits of our body break down. Why not just show the lad a bit of support?

clive_baker added 10:44 - Jul 17
Carlo, you're an idiot.

Fingers crossed it's not too serious for Bishop's sake and ours. Horrible having to watch your team mates playing when you can't take part yourself. He's a really good and exciting player when fit, I love watching him glide past players with the ball at his feet. Hopefully it's not too serious and he can come back and make an impact.

Barty added 11:09 - Jul 17
I hope its not too serious. Teddy is a very gifted player but his constant injuries are a big worry. Good luck lad.

Ipswichbusiness added 12:35 - Jul 17
Bish is probably our most gifted player.

I hope that he recovers soon.

The medical team will be best placed to work out whether the injuries are just bad luck (as I hope) or something more serious.

DifferentGravy added 15:12 - Jul 17
Teddy is a fantastic talent, an attack minded midfielder with the ability to beat a player. However, he has only made 50 or so appearances in the last 4 seasons due to injury. We need players of his quality .......but we need them on the pitch on a consistent basis, not earning a wage for sitting on the treatment table.

I really hope its a minor set back and he returns swiftly but , for me, this is last chance saloon

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