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Third QPR Judge Bid Was Rejected - Report
Monday, 29th Jul 2019 17:43

It’s reported that Town rejected a third bid of £600,000 from QPR for midfielder Alan Judge prior to the West Londoners giving up their chase for the Republic of Ireland international.

On Saturday, Rangers boss Mark Warburton said that he expected Judge to stay at Town, admitting that his recruitment of former AFC Bournemouth man Marc Pugh on a free transfer was “probably” as a result of the Blues knocking back his bids for the 30-year-old, who previously played for him at Brentford.

Town were known to have rebuffed offers of £250,000 and £450,000 and Football Insider claims a further bid of £600,000 was rejected by Blues owner Marcus Evans, presumably prior to Warburton admitting his pursuit was over.

As reported on Friday, owner Evans is determined to keep Judge, who signed a new two-year deal in April, and Andre Dozzell, the subject of interest but so far not bids from Premier League clubs including Norwich City, at Portman Road for the Blues’ League One campaign.

Photo: TWTD

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martin587 added 17:46 - Jul 29
Well done Mr.Evans.Please stand firm.🤞

PositivelyPortman added 17:47 - Jul 29
F right off QPR.

Keaneish added 17:48 - Jul 29
Incrementally terrible offers.

jas0999 added 17:58 - Jul 29
Judge is key to our season. Looked the real deal again at Cambridge. Literally everywhere. We couldn’t get a replacement with his quality for £600K.

Dolphinblue added 18:06 - Jul 29
£600,000 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Get real Qpr....

robmonkey007 added 18:14 - Jul 29
If reports are accurate with their bidding and ME evaluation of £750k, they're very close. Could still happen. Wouldn't put it past our club to cash in once QPR nudge the bidding a bit more.

OwainG1992 added 18:23 - Jul 29
Even if they or another team paid the mentioned 750K.
Could we get a suitable replacement for that money?
Someone who's not been snapped up already.
I doubt it.

nathitfc89 added 18:29 - Jul 29
Got to give ME credit for standing firm. Stupid low ball offers from QPR were just wasting everyone’s time.

BaddowBlue1 added 18:35 - Jul 29
Pugh, the QPR alternative cost them nothing apart from a signing on bonus, so they probably had one last try, particularly with the Bart move now happening. Will be very, very surprised if Judge goes now as I think Lambert and the team are now focussing on the opening game. Evans, hopefully would have learnt about the problems Hurst encountered with late departures last season. Two more incoming please, 1 centre back and one full back although at this late stage they are unlikely to take part in on Saturday.

PortmanTerrorist added 18:43 - Jul 29
No such thing as a "suitable replacement" with ANY money. No one of Judge's quality is going to want to play for us or anyone else in League 1. A set of circumstances got him to Town, he signed a contract knowing we were down, so he could only have been paid to help us win back promotion. What is that promotion worth? If there is a number for that then Judge may be worth that.....and QPR's number is surely a fraction of whatever that is so CANNOT happen !

ernie added 18:53 - Jul 29
Don't count your chickens until August 8th

Nobbysnuts added 19:26 - Jul 29
Just f#ck off QPR. He didnt go because your a pointless little club.

GeoffSentence added 19:30 - Jul 29
Perfect photo for this story, Judge looks lke he has the right hump.

ITFCsince73 added 19:58 - Jul 29
250 or 700,000. All bids made are a joke, to say the least.
Maybe QPR see how we’ve more or less given Harrison away to Pompey, and thought they would try there luck....

brittaniaman added 20:05 - Jul 29
OH do Mess off Bread man you have got to offer more Dough than you have already offered !!!
We are the club that brought him back to fitness and gave him as much Football as he could handle so we should be able to reap some benefits from him this season.

herfie added 21:26 - Jul 29
Well done ME. Continue to stand firm, and mean it. (At least until QPR breaches the £1M threshold!)

Suggest AJ moves his family to Suffolk!

1psw1ch added 22:43 - Jul 29
Will qpr ever go and f##k off and get the message we don't want to sell him,,,really p! $$ING me off

pablopablopablo added 03:38 - Jul 30
It is beggars belief that QPR think they can get a player of Judge's quality for such low ball amounts in our crazy world of transfer fees.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 09:26 - Jul 30
Call me cynical, but I hope the next QPR bid of £750,000 will also be rejected, and I'll be holding my breath until 8 August.

Bluearmy_81 added 09:33 - Jul 30
People practically sucking off ME (and calling him Mr Evans) because he hasn't sold him for a song. Grow a pair, he's killing your club.

AYACCA added 09:35 - Jul 30
In today's ridiculous market he's worth at least 3mil.
Irish international you know...

ITFCsince73 added 09:48 - Jul 30
The way we’re tumbling at the bookmakers. I’d be surprised if we’re not 4th or 5th favourites for promotion come Saturday.
Like last season, not often there wrong.
It’s making my 12-1 I took early May, on NO promotion look a sensible move.
There’s more chance of us finishing bottom half than Sunderland, Pompey, Posh and Doncaster, that’s what’s currently showing on odds checker.

ITFCsince73 added 10:01 - Jul 30
The club owned by a failed owner.
And team led by a failed Captain.
It was only a matter of time before the bookmakers of this country came to their senses.
We have to stick with the failed owner, for now at least.
Sticking to the failed captain, was one of many very odd decisions to come from the club in 2019.
But as he’s the clubs unofficial landlord, maybe there was no choice. It wasn’t for his football ability, or the great way he leads the side, that much is obvious.

robmonkey007 added 12:31 - Jul 30
Bluearmy81...I'm not sure this club is for you. You've got nothing positive to say and instead just verbally abuse others. You think you know it all but you're just a child spitting his dummy out. If its masses of money being spent on players by multi billionaires then can I suggest you follow liverpool or Chelsea. This just isn't for you.

Bluearmy_81 added 12:56 - Jul 30
Hi Rob, it's my club, I'm ITID so changing clubs is a ridiculous motion. If you think accepting/welcoming us playing Fleetwood etc for the next x # of seasons makes you some sort of super fan, good for you. Personally such a view for me equates to lacking pride, lacking passion, being far too apathetic and passive. Where has your pride in ITFC gone? We were a laughing stock last season, an embarrassment. The cause for this is blatantly obvious. The fact you accept our plight so readily makes you the opposite of a decent, committed fan imho. All the same, thanks for your views.

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