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Blues Edge Closer to Webster and Moore Sell-On Windfalls
Friday, 2nd Aug 2019 15:37

Town could be about to receive further sell-on windfalls with ex-striker Kieffer Moore reportedly closing in on a £4 million switch from Barnsley to Wigan Athletic, while Adam Webster gets nearer to his £20 million move from Bristol City to Brighton.

The Blues are understood to be due 10 per cent of the profit the Tykes make on Moore, who Town sold to the South Yorkshiremen for £750,000 in January 2018, an estimated £325,000, although his former club Forest Green Rovers will be entitled to a percentage of that figure, perhaps as much as 20 per cent having picked up a six-figure sum from the big frontman's previous move.

Meanwhile, Webster’s widely reported move from the Robins to the Seagulls is getting closer with the clubs said to have agreed a fee believed to be £22 million for the 24-year-old centre-half.

Webster joined the Robins from Town for an initial £3.5 million last summer with the fee potentially rising to £8 million and some of those top-ups are almost certain to have been paid over the course of last season.

TWTD understands the sell-on clause in that deal is just below the previously reported 10 per cent, while Portsmouth would be due 20 per cent of anything the Blues receive as a result of their sell-on from the 2016 move which saw Webster join Town and Matt Clarke move to Fratton Park.

Therefore, if the reported £22 million is the initial fee, Town appear likely to receive an initial sum somewhere between £1 million and £1.5 million after Pompey's percentage has been accounted for with further cash after any top-ups there may be in the Bristol City-Brighton deal.

Bristol City had put a price tag of £30 million on Webster, but even in an inflated market it appeared very unlikely that they would achieve anything approaching that figure for the ex-Pompey man, who has never played in the Premier League.

Town have already received one sell-on windfall from a move to Brighton this summer via Clarke's switch from Portsmouth with the Blues believed to have yielded £770,000 from that switch. Clarke joined Derby on loan for the season earlier today.

Tyrone Mings’s move from AFC Bournemouth to Aston Villa for an initial £20 million plus potentially another £6.5 million saw the Blues receive £1.2 million now with that windfall potentially reaching £1.85 million.

However, with the Blues' income having been reduced by £9 million due to relegation to League One - having made an operating loss of £8.39 million in the financial year to June 2018 in line with most recent Championship seasons - manager Paul Lambert says he's not seen any of it.

“Mings, Clarke, maybe Webster, we haven’t bought one player,” the Blues boss said at this morning's press conference.

“I don’t know if the money has come in, nobody has told me it has come in. I don’t know.”

He added: “Whatever way those deals were structured before I came in, whenever the money comes in, it could be three years' time down the line, four years down the line, it could be now, I don’t know.

"But you haven’t seen one player I’ve bought, I’ve not bought a player.”

Photo: TWTD

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itfcjoe added 15:42 - Aug 2
Excellent news, our transfer budget will now increase from £0 to £0

Dolphinblue added 15:43 - Aug 2
Hmmm....some more ear plugs for Evans so he can ignore us all the more.......

Barty added 15:54 - Aug 2
Surely PL will get this for transfers but I just remembered our owner [ sorry that should be destroyer ] is Evans so that will mean sweet FA . Never mind I am still reasonably optimistic for the season - got to be - hey !!

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 15:59 - Aug 2
Yes, it's bloody frustrating, but let's just go all out for L1 with whatever we've got! COYB!

Naylorsboots added 16:02 - Aug 2
Whats the point, the manager wont see any of it. Keep banging on about a 9 million deficit. Well Evans created it in the first place. Tight beyond belief and we wonder why we are where we are. Open your waller or get out of our club Evans.

kuyski added 16:07 - Aug 2
What a foolish deal for Harrison?
Sold to same league big rival club!
And the money was go to another club!Unbelievable deal in the world !
What a joke !
Shame of you if not spend some cash to the team !

nhabo added 16:25 - Aug 2
Surely financial prudence is worth it when the alternative is potentially losing the club altogether? We've been in administration before after spending money we didn't have or couldn't sustain. Sure, it'd be lovely to throw money around and gamble on a quick return to th league above but until we're in a position where we're anywhere close to breaking even, that isn't realistic. It's obvious everyone's frustrated, including Lambert, but I don't really see what the alternative is at the moment. The hope has to be that we get players back from injury, the youngsters kick on, the academy keeps producing and we have a clearer picture in January.

casanovacrow added 16:27 - Aug 2
Good news for Evans, means diddly squat to anyone else.

OwainG1992 added 16:27 - Aug 2
The worst part is how cheap we let players go for.

BlueBlood90 added 16:27 - Aug 2
Evans has probably already covered the difference between Championship and League One income just from these sell on fees. None of it will get reinvested.

tishtash added 16:40 - Aug 2
9 mil defict is now BS..!! with just under 3 mil in sell ons , down to 6 mil minus 12 players wages , and those that stayed (1st team) on 40% or more reduction in wages..MEis sednig this club down the drain..and yet people still support him..and he does not put in 6/7mil a year...he loans the club 6/7 mil a year and adds it to the debt he wants back...he has just increased our debt by around 60 mil and seen us relagted with a poor squad , that i think will be mid layers bought in for a push thats for sure...

BeattiesBackPocket added 16:48 - Aug 2
Here’s my point Wigan can afford a transfer fee of 4 million yet we couldn’t and their gates are terrible compared to ours because they’re a rugby town so hide behind Financial Fair Play all you want Evans and his supporters but tell me how that one works!

BeattiesBackPocket added 16:49 - Aug 2
Nhabo so how can Wigan afford this kind of fee yet we couldn’t!? Considering their gates and subsequent income is a lot less that our!? FFP where?

nhabo added 16:57 - Aug 2
@BeattiesBackPocket. They're spending more than they earn. Evans isn't prepared to do that as he has openly stated. Check out

gazzer1999 added 16:58 - Aug 2
I think when you find out the structure of these deals, there is very little money upfront and the whole fee is stretched over the length of the players contract. So in fact it could be 2, 3. 4, years before we see the money. The reality is there was probably around 50% of the selloffs paid now.

TimmyH added 17:04 - Aug 2
aahhh!...the rubbing of Evans palms will soon be heard.

runningout added 17:08 - Aug 2
Players mentioned were very average when here. They must have improved a taste. Let’s see how they do

cornishblu added 17:09 - Aug 2
Need to trust Pl with some money and see if he can find these types of gold amongst the lower leagues ...2x 250000 signings would boost his and evryones positivity and at least see if he can turn a profit ....who would have thought moore would be worth 4 m ....need two of those just to keep us afloat !!

radiogaga added 17:14 - Aug 2
**Evans edges closer to Webster and Moore Sell-on windfalls**

KernewekBlue added 17:20 - Aug 2
What a debacle our transfer policy is!

Anyone shows a remote interest in our talented performers and Evans negotiates for them to leave our club for a tenner, a bag of peanuts and a curly-wurly. One year later and they get sold on for £Millions... but at least he negotiated a top drawer sell-on clause didn't he... didn't he??? Ah, no, my mistake, it was the club we BOUGHT a mediocre player from that managed to negotiate an unbelievable sell-on percentage where, when we sell that player, all the money goes to his previous club... GENIUS!

That clown, Evans, being in charge of transfer dealings is like putting Donald Trump in charge of the USA. Nothing good can come of it.

Evans should man-up and leave the transfer dealings to someone who knows what they're doing... the football club's manager, who has much more experience and knowledge within the game, for instance? A novel idea I know, Marcus, but hey, it might just work.

Marcus Evans, if you or your underlings read this, I implore you... Please, get the hell OUT of OUR club!

#EvansOut #WorstFCOwner #FootballClubForSale

jas0999 added 17:20 - Aug 2
Excellent pre season for Evans. Recovered most of his loses. Disgraceful he has failed to reinvest.

Bradleyblue89 added 17:28 - Aug 2
I never thought we'd be a club dependent on sell on fees. The amount of players we've got rid of who have dramatically increased in value is so upsetting.

lightingblue added 17:30 - Aug 2
With this 9 million deficit now pretty much covered now for this season, what happens if and when we stay in league 1. Is this part of the 5 point/ 5 year plan?
Furthermore, if Webster has a 20-30 odd million price tag on his head with 1 good season with Bristol city and a promising but injured season at Ipswich what peanuts will we see Dozzell, Lankester etc sold for?
It is becoming Mo clear that lambert will not hang around that long. We supporters are not stupid, or maybe we are. Personally I just want some honesty from the the board. Maybe we should boycott games or protests. I do appreciate that doesn’t help the team but it will have to be made clear that it’s not aimed at the players and coaching staff but it will be aimed at the senior management/board members. I gave up my season ticket during the Jewell era with the 2 reasons being that I had had enough of how the club was run. Secondly albeit not the clubs fault but having my 2nd child. With that in mind it was unfair on my wife that the club was playing dreadful. I didn’t have much of an argument with the Mrs. I was a season ticket holder for 20 years as well .
Finally, can someone who our local rivals are now. May as well rule out Norwich for the foreseeable future.

Bluedandy added 17:39 - Aug 2

Stirring stuff Nhabo ... by the way is that the same ME inspired prudence that took Town into the third division for the first time in more than 60 years?

Suffolkboy added 17:40 - Aug 2
Don’t suppose Evans gives a fig , or if he does he’s never ever let on in a convincing fashion !
Pleas for us supporters to be treated with respect by this man , and kept in the loop are either not heard or studiously ignored .
Human instinct has he none , it appears .
I thoroughly sympathise with many of the sentiments expressed here & I’m certain Lightning Blue makes a good point or two !

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