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Webster's Brighton Move Confirmed
Saturday, 3rd Aug 2019 19:24

Former Blues striker Adam Webster completed his move from Bristol City to Brighton earlier today with the Blues set to receive a windfall expected to be around the £1 million mark from the move.

Webster, 24, joins the Seagulls for a fee now reported to be £20 million - £2 million less than the figure widely claimed yesterday - and has signed a four-year deal.

"He is a quality defender, comfortable on the ball and fits the profile of the player we want to bring to the club," said Brighton boss Graham Potter. "He was very keen to join us.

"Predominately a centre-half, he can also play at right-back, and he will bring additional competition alongside our existing defensive options.”

Webster joined Bristol City from Town for an initial £3.5 million last summer with the fee potentially rising to £8 million and some of those top-ups are almost certain to have been paid over the course of last season.

TWTD understands the sell-on clause in that deal is just below 10 per cent, while Portsmouth are due 20 per cent of the cash the Blues receive as a result of their sell-on from the 2016 move which saw Webster join Town and Matt Clarke move to Fratton Park.

Therefore, Town appear likely to receive an initial sum of around £1 million after Pompey's percentage has been accounted for with further cash after any top-ups there may be in the Bristol City-Brighton deal.

Town have already received one sell-on windfall from a move to Brighton this summer via Clarke's switch from Portsmouth with the Blues believed to have yielded £770,000 from that deal.

Tyrone Mings’s move from AFC Bournemouth to Aston Villa for an initial £20 million plus potentially another £6.5 million saw the Blues receive £1.2 million now with that windfall potentially reaching £1.85 million.

However, with the Blues' income having been reduced by £9 million due to relegation to League One - having made an operating loss of £8.39 million in the financial year to June 2018 in line with most recent Championship seasons - manager Paul Lambert says he's not seen any of it.

“Mings, Clarke, maybe Webster, we haven’t bought one player,” the Blues boss said at Friday's press conference. I don’t know if the money has come in, nobody has told me it has come in. I don’t know.”

He added: “Whatever way those deals were structured before I came in, whenever the money comes in, it could be three years' time down the line, four years down the line, it could be now, I don’t know. But you haven’t seen one player I’ve bought, I’ve not bought a player.”

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runningout added 19:36 - Aug 3
good luck Adam

jas0999 added 19:37 - Aug 3
The £9M operating loss has surely already been covered. You would like to think Evans budgeted for relegation - which he is responsible for - and this unexpected income is an extra. It would be completely unacceptable if Evans didn’t finally start investing into the playing squad.

Dissboyitfc added 19:49 - Aug 3
Phil is that a typo, i thought webster was a defender :-)

Really feel for Lambert not being able to buy anybody at all!

but a good start to the season none the less!

mojo added 19:56 - Aug 3

dirtydingusmagee added 19:57 - Aug 3
sorry Paul ...dream on .

rfretwell added 20:00 - Aug 3
Promotion this season is sorely needed - if we have a decent season but lose out in the play offs for example with Norwood banging in 20 or so and Huws playing a lot of games and showing his class, big bids are sure to come in from Championship clubs. Sell on clauses are all very well but these are quality players and PL is not likely to be allowed to reinvest in the team.

Bluearmy_81 added 20:02 - Aug 3
I was talking to my mate last night about spending 2.75m or 3.75m on Stewart from Huddersfield what 20 years ago?!! That investment saw us up. We've gone backwards, despite it being 20 years later we now can't even spend 500k on a player let alone a million. Just consider that and let it sink in.
Disgraceful underinvestment has been completely normalised.

Dissboyitfc added 20:06 - Aug 3
How times have changed, the mighty Brighton spending 20 million on a player! we dont spend a penny, sad times indeed!

ivandeighton added 20:16 - Aug 3
If we don't go up this season. Season tickets will struggle to sell 3 or 4 thousand then disaster will happen

Skip73 added 20:17 - Aug 3
So, We get £3.5m plus a few top ups and a year later Bristol City get £20m for the same player! What a joke! The club is an embarrassment.

BloomBlue added 20:22 - Aug 3
Good for him, funny how a lot of Town fans thought he wasnt very good, shows those fans know as much about football as Evan's. Also good for the club as that will help cover some of the losses this season.

Mark added 20:32 - Aug 3
Why is it we agree to a 20% sell on when buying but under 10% when selling?!

I have no problem selling players for massive fees to Premier League clubs, but selling key players like Webster to (then) Championship competitors has turned out to be bad business.

Spirit_of_78 added 20:47 - Aug 3
So all you people who said Webster was crap! It just goes to show what some of you idiots know! But who will admit it? I won't I knew he had a future elsewhere he was class and the boo Boy's didn't know it! 😂😂

ITFCsince73 added 20:55 - Aug 3
At this rate our owner will be in the black over this last twelve months.
On that basis, and considering he’s not short of a few quid.
He needs to back Lambo over the coming days.
3 quality additions and no one will get near us this season.
3 quality additions and he can guarantee 20k plus crowds from next Saturday onwards and the return of championship football this time next year.

ITFCsince73 added 21:02 - Aug 3
Spirit. When I see him play for us, he didn’t look anything special, although you could see he was a modern day centre half with massive potential.
When I see him play for Bristol at PR last season, I thought he looked stand out, although didn’t have a particular great game.
Can’t imagine anyone has ever thought or said he was crap.
When with us a bit of a snowflake injury wise, but that was and is the norm with all our players with quality.


midastouch added 21:45 - Aug 3
Good point above about Marcus Stewart. I've also said on here a few times previously how we signed Steve Sedgley from Spurs for £1 million way back in June 1994. That adds even further perspective on just how far we've fallen down the transfer pecking order. So here we are a quarter of a century on and we're still not even signing players for as much as we did way back then. How many other clubs with any sort of modicum of ambition are spending less on players than they were 25 years ago?

Zondervantheman added 21:56 - Aug 3
In 1994 Steve Sedgley cost us £1millon quid.
25 years later and we can’t spend a penny.
We should already be planning to attack the playoffs in the championship next season.
With that in mind we need a bit of investment.

nathitfc89 added 22:23 - Aug 3
Always rated Webster, but he definitely isn’t worth £20mil. Football has gone stupid.

Dissboyitfc added 07:18 - Aug 4
i saw Webster have some very average performances for us, on one occasion he came on as a sub couldnt even say he was average on that performance! So if some people had only seen those games then maybe thats why they didnt rate him!

Bottom line is he is good, but 20 million pounds worth? i dont think so. The game has gone mad!

ldnj added 08:28 - Aug 4
The mystifying this is when selling one off the better players why the sell on fee is so low, particularly when losses are made every year. The reality is lower League clubs' income is more likely to be boosted this way so went let the benefit be small.
I don't think this is the first time it has happened in recent years. (Eg. Jordan Rhodes I think was a low fee with small sell on ?) V frustrating.

Dolphinblue added 10:46 - Aug 4
I thought he was good but 20 million?

Roola added 10:51 - Aug 4
I agree with zondervantheman, I think a major issue with the running of this club is that we are very short aighted, we are reactive and not proactive. Much as Marcus Evans goes on about his 5 point plan, it's all a load of crap if we are not actually forward looking and planning what we want to achieve. Slimming down the squad we have to the extent we have is a case in point. Marcus evens wanted to cut the wage bills and shifted on a load of players and left a small squad of limited experience and youth players, we get a load of injuries and now our slim squad really is in dire need of depth, as a result we need to be reactive in potentially bringing in some cover when there isn't really any available because the proactive clubs have already done their business and got in the players they need. If we get any more injuries, especially in the defensive dept we really will be in the poo. It frustrates me so much that we've got in a great striker who really looks the business, he has good support from midfield (something we lacked last year) yet our owner is not willing to complete the picture by strengthening our defence! It's like running 25 miles of a marathon and not finishing the race! A solid investment in our defence would stabilise the whole team, midfield and strikers will feel more relaxed in pushing forward if they have the solid back line. Last season we were always on the back foot defensively with the likes of Sears tracking back all the time to help in defence, what's the point in having strikers if they are so deep. Spend a bit of cash, bring in a signing that can cut it in championship next season and show some intent to win this league AND contend for top half championship next season!!

Lightningboy added 11:20 - Aug 4
I think it’s about time we toughened up as a club when it comes to selling our best players - all these deals with “add-ons” and “sell on clauses” are great if you want a very slow trickle of income over 3 or 4 years but that cash just disappears with no impact on the current team or season - as is being proved now.

How Marcus Evans has become a “successful businessman” is beyond me...see the post re Marcus Stewart above as to how far we’ve have to speculate to accumulate..we are where we are because of one man’s tightness,naivety & incompetence.

ldnj added 12:20 - Aug 5
And the other thing I don't understand is why Portsmouth get some of the sell on when they already had a sell on activated when he went to Bristol C. ITFC get less than 8% sell on, seems ludicrous in this day and age, giving money away to other clubs.

NITFC added 13:20 - Aug 5
There's a lot of talk on here about whether Adam Webster was good or not when he played for us. Personally I wasn't too impressed

HOWEVER, I don't think he showed his true potential because he wasn't ALLOWED to show it. Any defender who was (obviously) told to get rid of the ball as quickly as possible is never going to show his quality. He has subsequently done that so both he and Bristol have reaped the rewards

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