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Lambert: If We Don’t Make That Error, We Win the Game
Saturday, 10th Aug 2019 17:52

Blues boss Paul Lambert hailed his team’s first half display as “absolutely brilliant” and felt that they would have beaten Sunderland but for the error which led to the Black Cats’ second-half equaliser as the game ended 1-1.

“The first half was absolutely brilliant - chance, chance, chance, the play was excellent, the atmosphere, everything was great,” he said.”

“We got the goal, thoroughly deserved the goal. There wasn’t one problem in the game, not one. And then we lose [a goal] to a mistake, a terrible mistake.”

He added: “We were excellent, we couldn’t complain the way we played the whole game, if we don’t make that error, we win the game.

“Sunderland never really hurt us or created many chances, I never felt threatened in it.”

Asked what he said to skipper Luke Chambers about his error which led to Lynden Gooch’s 64th-minute leveller, he said: “That probably remains in the dressing room. He knows himself what’s happened.”

Town looked to be denied a strong call for a penalty in the first half - in addition to a number of other less convincing shouts - when Kayden Jackson was felled in the box and to add insult to injury was booked for diving but the Blues manager admitted he wasn’t sure about the incident.

“I’d have to see it again,” he said. “I thought he was going to pull the trigger at that point, so I’d have to see it again.”

Overall, Lambert felt it was two points dropped: “Yes, but we were playing well, that’s the beauty of it, we were playing well. It’s not bad sometimes when you’re disappointed with a draw.”

Regarding Luke Garbutt, who was subbed after suffering a knock later in the first half having scored his second goal in two games, he added: “I don’t know how severe it is. I don’t know, it’s his knee, we’ll have to see what the results are. He’s playing really well, him. Two goals in two games is a really good start.”

Garbutt, already halfway to last his total of four goals last season, was replaced by Alan Judge, who Lambert says is still a little way off his best having played little football in pre-season after suffering a broken wrist while away with the Republic of Ireland in June.

“He’d only played 81 minutes [prior to today], he was on probably on a lot quicker than I anticipated. He would have started against Luton on Tuesday but I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see.”

Lambert praised the Town impressive and vocal Blues support with the attendance of 24,041, the biggest crowd for a game other than an East Anglian derby since the Newcastle United match in April 2017.

“Unbelievable, what a support we’ve got," the Blues boss enthused. "You’ve seen that for a League One game. Absolutely brilliant, we have to keep that and hopefully they’ll keep coming back and watching that type of football.

“As I said before, it’ll be up and down because we’ve got a young side but, my God, we’ve got incredible energy, which is great. If we can keep that atmosphere, that’ll be brilliant. The fans were terrific.”

He added: “Those fans have been like that since we’ve been in. The stadium has been rocking a lot of times since we’ve been in. The fans have been brilliant.

“What you see is a result of what happened last year, the momentum’s built and built and built.

'I can only speak for what’s happened in the months I’ve been here and the support has been absolutely fantastic, we’ve sold more season tickets than last season, the fans are coming back and that’s the beauty about it.”

Sunderland manager Jack Ross was scathing about his team’s display before the break.

“The first half was a long way short of where we need to be, a long way short of what we need to do as a team and a long way short of what I would put my name to,” he said.

“Ultimately, it always comes back to me. There was a frank discussion at half-time because we were a goal behind to a team that did the fundamentals a lot better than us.

“They were aggressive, competitive, physical. That have them a platform to go and create and we were deservedly behind. But he felt his team was better after the restart: “Second half we do that and take something from the game.

“A lot to contemplate, first half is a long way off. The second half was a huge difference, it emphasises that you need to do the basics to show the quality you have. We’ve got players with quality but you need to do the basics.

“It’s not very often I’ve said that in my time here, we’ve been frustrated by results at times but there’s been very few times when I can be disappointed with the application. That was the case in first 45 but credit to them, they turned it around.”

Photo: TWTD

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Mr_Jingles added 17:58 - Aug 10
Super frustrating result ....But very encouraging performance . New life back in the club at last.

Mr_Jingles added 17:58 - Aug 10
Super frustrating result ....But very encouraging performance . New life back in the club at last.

therein61 added 18:01 - Aug 10
The error that cost us the game!!?? he does it all the time so the longer you pick him(and his best mate who think they will be our next manager and coach god forbid) he will cost us points if we are serious about promotion there is no emotion.

goat_man added 18:02 - Aug 10
The error was actually Paul Lambert's decision to change a defence that won away last weekend and kept a clean sheet. All he will have succeeded in doing was bringing back a player who's not at the level required and annoying Wilson...

shouldistayorcounago added 18:06 - Aug 10
Chambers actually played very well bar the mistake, and Wilson was dropped because he's not match fit, only playing last week through necessity. Good work today Town, just one of those unfortunate moments. Onwards and upwards. COYB

Walk_the_Wark added 18:11 - Aug 10
Correction- If Chambers doesn't make that error. The Chambers whose walked back in following suspension from his previous (penalty conceding) error... etc etc.

mib added 18:12 - Aug 10
Why do managers continue playing Chambers , 1 goal = 2 points lost yet again. The average supporters can see this so why cant the so called super professionals get it. ALWAYS play your best side and Woolfenden & Wilson should have played.

Bluewelshman added 18:20 - Aug 10
No S**t Sherlock.

How many mistakes can one man get away with, how many points can one man lose for a team, and how many chances can one man get.

If your Luke Chambers...?

Fist pump that!!!!!


marco007 added 18:25 - Aug 10
Yes it was a terrible mistake...but 2 goals in 2 games is never going to be enough
We need to take our chances...last week we were lucky that Burton missed golden opportunities...this week our luck ran out.
Hopefully our forwards can start firing soon

ITFCsince73 added 18:26 - Aug 10
Simple fact is PL will get fed up saying this if he continues to pick calamity Chambo.
The Chambers balls up happened no more than 20 feet from me.
All other sides know fall well, put Chambo under pressure, and he’ll collapse like a pack of cards
Skuse done ok, now playing at a level he’s suited at.
We will have to drop to the National league to say the same for Chambo.
Garbutt was superb while on, the Wolf and Flynn outstanding.
No promotion with Chambo continually picked that’s for sure.

strikalite added 18:28 - Aug 10
Mistakes happen, the truth is one goal scored early on is never usually enough, we score a second and the Chambers mistake is probably hardly mentioned on here..

He'll be the first to hold his hands up,but it's wrong to point the finger just at him, goals win games and especially at home we'll need to be far more clinical.

Facefacts added 18:28 - Aug 10
Chambers was always going to come back in. Big thing now is Lambert brave enough to drop him? Very bad time to make an error. Could've given Chambers 20 mins today second half as Wilson perhaps tired. The team is based around Chambers since he won the battle of the old guard with Paul Hurst. Think Lambert will rest him for Luton but pick him again for Peterborough. No matter how much Chambers cares, he is becoming a liability.

Walk_the_Wark added 18:31 - Aug 10
ITFCsince73 100% agree. He's a great bloke to have about the place though apparently, which justifies his automatic selection, despite consistently costing us points week in week out

afcfee added 18:35 - Aug 10
Perfect chance on Tuesday to put Wilson back in and see if can claim a place as we all know Chambers has a fatal error in him, no matter what league we're in.

bluemike1969 added 18:36 - Aug 10
How many more games can this liability play. New season, same old Chambers. I've said it time and time again, the guy is totally clueless and can't read the game if his life depended on it. He is keeping other players out of the squad as he is undroppable. He is the weak link in the squad and needs to be left out. He is a joke that is no longer funny as its the same week in and week out. Mark me down guys but you know I and others that think this way are right

LWNR2013 added 18:42 - Aug 10
Totally agree with Lambert. We were a different class to Sunderland but handed them a draw on a plate.

Tractorboy1985 added 18:47 - Aug 10
DROP HIM THEN!!!! I’m sorry final straw.. costing us games when they are easily
Won.. Chambo.. nice bloke... great captain.. W@nk defender

dukey44 added 18:48 - Aug 10
Thing is we have just outplayed the favourites for the league and drew with them yet people disappointed and we only played 2 games.... Only way is up.. SERIOUSLY people we are moving in correct direction COYB👍

Bluespeed added 18:55 - Aug 10
So captain calamity I feel absolutely crap tonight due to your rubbish decision to not kick the ball into row Z & without all your injuries & taking on too much on your shoulders ! !!! so how about donating this weeks wages to charity ? You let us all down today no excuses!

RobsonWark added 18:59 - Aug 10
Paul Lambert you sound surprised that Chambers made a mistake that led to a goal in a match AGAIN! Does Chambers have it in his contract that he has to play every game and must not be dropped unless he is suspended? I said this at the start of last season and I'll say it again at the start of this season "we will never win a game with Chambers in the team and if he continues to play he will take us down to non-league football".

Suffolkboy added 18:59 - Aug 10
Bad bad effort Mr Lambert : poor judgement to speak in this manner !Stop playing to the public , perhaps trying to show a side of you that you think they’d like to see !!
Never mind a mistake was made ; you know these things happen in any game , and all the time .It must be quite quite obvious to you that many many chances were created but our conversion rate remains exceptionally poor .Its goals that win games ; that’s the fault line so it’s a great pity ,whoever was and may be concerned, that you choose to accord blame and pinpoint one defensive error as the reason for not winning,when plainly common sense should have directed a focus on mistakes, errors, lack of concentration or conviction at the other end of the field .
Go away and think again ; can’t dispute the analysis of how they scored ,BUT ONE goal against shouldn’t be sufficient to prevent a WIN .
Are you PL still playing a pressure game ,trying to indicate to the owner that he must pull his finger out and get in more support ?If that’s the case,then stop the politics and speak out with total courage !
Sort we didn’t get three points ,get more goals ,get focussed and disciplined up front .

DurhamTownFan added 19:01 - Aug 10
I think we should take the positives. Four points from those two games would have been good before they were played. It makes a huge difference to last year where we were losing with a whimper every week!

I also think Lambert being outspoken in other areas is a good sign for this one. I believe he is confident enough to tell Chambers that sometimes he may miss out because of age or form et cetera. Hopefully!

dirtydingusmagee added 19:02 - Aug 10
Dukey44 we outplayed them for 45 mins ,the game lasts for 90. that and stupid mistakes [still] by Chambers will see us going down not up .

ChrisFelix added 19:07 - Aug 10
Funny was the bloke behind me told his friend Chambers may be slow but he can read the game. Sadly he never could read a game & he definitely lacks pace. He remains the main weakness in our team, I was happy to give him another chance. We won't get out of this league is Chambers continue to give away gifts

Bert added 19:11 - Aug 10
Chambers actually had a reasonable game. His huge miatke certainly cost us two points but posters on here really need to be more balanced.

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