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Bolton Boss Departs Ahead of Town Visit
Wednesday, 21st Aug 2019 19:09

Saturday’s opponents Bolton Wanderers have been dealt a new blow with manager Phil Parkinson and his assistant Steve Parkin having left the crisis club ahead of Saturday's game against the Blues.

According to the Bolton News, Parkinson and Parkin told the club’s administrators of their decision to quit prior to last weekend’s 5-0 thrashing at Tranmere.

One-time Colchester boss Parkinson confirmed he had decided to move on: “I felt it was the right time to go.”

Jimmy Phillips, the Trotters’ academy manager, is believed to be the man who will be put in temporary charge ahead of Town's visit the University of Bolton Stadium.

Earlier in the week, the home game against Doncaster Rovers was called off by Bolton’s joint-administrator Paul Appleton due to welfare concerns regarding the club’s young players, with only three senior players fit. The move is set to lead to a further points deduction on top of the 12 they have already been handed for going into administration.

The weekend game with Town is not thought to be in any doubt, while Bolton are hopeful that their takeover by Football Ventures will be concluded soon.

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LegendofthePhoenix added 19:15 - Aug 21
I feel desperately sorry for Bolton. They are a proper football club with a real history and proper fans, they deserve so much better than the dreadful mess that they have found themselves in. I'm not going Saturday, but hope we can show a bit of solidarity with them.
Football is all messed up, so much money in the top league, a trickle into the Championship and nothing at all below that. It is a sad indictment on the administrators of the game.

Suffolkboy added 19:21 - Aug 21
High time the EFL became proactive in order to actually protect the professional game ,and its staffing before disasters like Bury and Bolton occur.
The overspending and wilful lack of financial husbandry are all around ; these two clubs are not alone in their predicament .
For now though it’s terribly difficult to see how Bolton can possibly fulfil a representative fixture list AND one must feel extremely sad for all the supporters and players and staff who continue to suffer .
The best of luck to PP& SP .lets hope something can be rescued and outstanding monies ( especially to staff and players) settled .

muhrensleftfoot added 19:22 - Aug 21
It's disgraceful the money that their near neighbours Man City and Man Utd spend, not just on transfers but player wages and this old and proud club are going to the wall. I'm ITFC through and through but we all know the game today is ruined by the "haves" and the dreams of the "have nots" become more and more unlikely.

ITFCsince73 added 19:22 - Aug 21
Very good words legend.

SamsDad added 19:26 - Aug 21
Isn’t there an impending takeover for Bolton after which things may improve or have I just got that wrong?

I was just reading about Bury on the BBC website, it sounds like they have just about had it.

The other side of what the TV money is doing to football

Tractorboy1985 added 19:33 - Aug 21
Very sad state of affairs! It’s truly disgusting a player just across the road is bringing home 500k a week and Bolton haven’t got a pot to p1ss in! I believe it will only get worse and more clubs will suffer due to over spending from the ‘big four’ it’s a domino effect! Sky.. abramovich and the sheikhs have ruined football! Nothing can buy what we saw last night though! I don’t care what anyone says but the EFL is far more entertaining than the premiership! It’s thee unexpected what keeps you on the edge of your seat! Turning up and expecting to turn teams over every week eventually becomes boring! Uppa tow’un.. on to Saturday and 3 points but I hope Bolton still have a club! COYB

spanishblue added 19:52 - Aug 21
Not nice to see Bolton in this predicament,nobody will forget those 2 play off games when we went up,that epic at P.Rd.the fall of both of us is alarming should be a massive warning to the overspenders,but I doubt it

Bugs added 19:59 - Aug 21
This is a pretty good example of how tbe trickle down effect is complete bollox, in day to day economics, as well as in football.

gosblue added 20:10 - Aug 21
If the game goes ahead on Saturday, credit must go to the Minions of BWFC. Think of the ticket office staff, the turnstile operators, the catering staff, the stewards et al. Turning up to work time and time again not knowing if or when they will get paid. I recall the players paid the staff’s wages one month just to keep things ticking over. Is it time the EFL insisted clubs set aside funds in case of problems like this (like the govt has with the banks) as part of the fit and proper person process. Bolton will be ok once the joke of a takeover gets done. They haven’t even sold one season ticket yet. I’m afraid the last rites have been read over Bury FC though. Gigg Lane will become a housing estate and we will be left with our memories such as the last away match of 97/98 and fancy dress and all that.

Naylorsboots added 20:11 - Aug 21
I think every club in the Premiership should give a million pound a year to a fund, which would then help clubs out that need it like Bury and Bolton. A pot of 24 million(1 mil each is nothing to these clubs)would go a long way in the lower leagues. The Premiership would do well to remember that all players no matter who they are almost certainly started playing at grass roots level.

BlueandTruesince82 added 20:13 - Aug 21
If the takeover goes through they might register some players and pick up some points good time to play them if they stay afloat and record isn't expunged

itfctricky added 20:14 - Aug 21
Sad day seeing the plight Bury and Bolton are in. As Tractorboy1985 eluded to, a player not to far from Bolton earns 500k a week. I believe all premiership player should contribute into a pot, half a percent of their wages would do, in order to stop these clubs potentially going to the wall. The point deduction would still have to be relevant of course if teams go into administration, but at least the funds will potentially be available to save the clubs. I will be going Saturday and can see a no less than four goals for Ipswich, as it will be men against boys literally, and all club have the right to be competitive.

blueboy1981 added 20:16 - Aug 21
So, so sad to see a Club with such a fine history in such a situation.
Football is like this Country, in a right fine mess, and in denial - no direction, accountability, or ownership of wellbeing, from the very top in both cases.
Both scenarios will only get worse unfortunately.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 20:18 - Aug 21
Some people on this site should take note of Bolton's plight . It could have and still could be us if ME were to take the advice given on here by some .

WhoisJimmyJuan added 20:24 - Aug 21
This reminds me if pub closures this. It could happen to more and more club's and will be regretted too late. Some lovely words of solidarity on here. A credit to our club.

TimmyH added 20:38 - Aug 21
I think it's disgusting what's happening to these clubs financially (particularly in the north west) and clubs only a stones throw away i.e. Man Utd, Man City haven't contributed when some of the players like Sanchez is on £500K a week and not even playing!! But that's modern day football all over and so much for the working man's game!...

cat added 20:57 - Aug 21
‘Cor blimey guv’ this is a first, a topic of a clubs finance without a comment from Bluearmy81. Maybe being a ‘adopted northener’ he might be feeling a bit of sympathy for his neighbouring clubs!!!? We’d all like Evans to move on but in cases like this, best take the positive’s out of a bad situation.

Draws_apoint_ added 20:57 - Aug 21
Sorry Dozzels Bobble Hat incorrectly marked you down. Your comments are very true and critical ME posters should take note.

TractorRoyNo1 added 21:01 - Aug 21
If they were a dog, a vet would put them down

TractorRoyNo1 added 21:05 - Aug 21
Naylorsboots - football is a business, if you run it badly you go bust, nobody helped us when we went bust, perhaps some on here will wake up how important Evan's is to us

WeWereZombies added 21:10 - Aug 21
Could have sworn football was a game, how wrong I appear to be...

Tractorboy1985 added 21:24 - Aug 21
It doesn’t sit well when I hear ‘we should be grateful for Evans’ the man has taken us down to league 1 after all.. yes he keeps us stable but he could do a lot more.. ALOT MORE! 24k and 19k in 2 home games.. stock of home shirts at a low for the first time in 12 years... please don’t get too far up his jacksy......

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 21:53 - Aug 21
Tractor boy.
As I've said so many times before it's becoming tedious , I and lots of others are not Evans lovers . There are many things he could have done differently. However he isn't the devil incarnate as some would have you believe and whether you like him or not ,without him we could he Bolton or Bury .

algarvefan added 21:56 - Aug 21
I think tonight we don't need to think of our financial woes or how far we have fallen.

I feel so sad for Bolton and in particular Bury FC fans who seem to have little hope of survival. I cannot imagine, nor want to, what that must feel like. I would be seriously heartbroken if that happened to a club which has been a big part of my life. You would only understand that if you love football.

All the EFL seem to do is punish teams who get into trouble, increasing their fragility and risk of going under. All we can do as supporters is sow our solidarity with fellow fans from Bolton and Bury. I hope they manage to find a saviour from somewhere, wish had a spare few million to help.

Palestine added 22:21 - Aug 21
Hate to say this - but I predict the game will be called off.

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