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Judge: Welfare of My Family is Number One
Friday, 30th Aug 2019 14:41

Midfielder Alan Judge has revealed his daughter Emily requiring surgery in London was chief among the reasons a summer move to QPR appealed to him.

The Blues turned down a number of offers from the Championship side for Republic of Ireland international Judge, who had signed a new contract at Portman Road in April.

“QPR did come in for me. I know it was said that the move did appeal to me and, yes, it would have meant playing in the Championship but there were a number of other reasons why I would have been interested and they are personal reasons,” Judge said in a lengthy interview in Saturday’s programme.

“My daughter Emily needs two operations and she needs those operations in London and I was living five minutes away from the hospital.

“You ask any parent what comes into your mind first - your family, your kids. The welfare of my family is number one for me. Always will be. I’ve kept it quiet until now. Only a few people know about it at the club.

“I don’t want to go into the details of the surgery. There are two stages but they are big operations.

“I had to think about everything as a parent as much as a footballer and that’s why I felt staying in London and going to QPR was maybe the right thing to ask about. Sometimes more important things than football take over.

“I spoke to the owner and he said he understood my situation but wanted me to stay and that was the end of it. I was happy to get on with it from there.

“I can understand it that the fans can get disappointed if they hear a player wants to leave. They are entitled to their opinions but sometimes they are not aware of the full facts.

“I heard some comments that I didn’t care about the club and all that but those people don’t know me. I’m not like that. I’ve always given everything wherever I’ve been.

“When the supporters watched me play against Sunderland they probably though ‘Crikey, what’s going on with him?’. It was the same at Peterborough. I sat outside the dressing room after that game and thought to myself ‘I can’t even cross a ball’.

"The gaffer overheard me talking to myself and he knew where my head was and said it will come right in time.

“I feel I’m getting there now though. I’ve got over the [wrist] injury which put me back six weeks and my family have moved down to Ipswich this week which is massive for us as a family.

“My daughter will have her operations at the end of September so there is still the worry over that naturally but life is a bit calmer now and that will help my football.”

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getawig added 14:46 - Aug 30
Perhaps all the knobheads who have been slating him will realise footballers are human too. They have everyday life and families and all that that brings. Good luck to you and your daughter hope the operations are successful

ThatMuhrenCross added 14:51 - Aug 30
Puts it all into perspective. Judgey, we're right behind you.

SohoBlue added 14:52 - Aug 30
That's the worst thing you can hear as a parent for sure, so hard. Of course your family comes first, Judgey. I'm sure the passions we felt at wanting to keep you reflects how much we value you and of course your family, too. It's what Ipswich is all about. All the best in the upcoming weeks and know we're behind you all!

mojo added 14:52 - Aug 30
All the very best to you Alan and your daughter. Things like this inevitably impact on someone's performance in any job. Hopefully when things settle down he will back to his best, find his goal scoring boots and fire us back to the Championship.

dirtydingusmagee added 14:53 - Aug 30
fair do's , hope the ops go well.

pennblue added 14:55 - Aug 30
Most people would have assumed it was the owner pushing it to make get some cash in for you. But still I think most would understand wanting to stay in London if that is where your life is. However!!!!!! I think staying at Ipswich will turn out to be the right decision for you, as we will hopefully have a good year this season and you have a big part to play in that. With all due respect to QPR and Brentford, imo Ipswich is a bigger club and if we can keep the upward trajection, you could have some great years here, your best yet!

TractorCam added 15:05 - Aug 30
pennblue, it was very clear from day 1 that Evans wanted him to stay.

jonwatson75 added 15:29 - Aug 30
With this week showing how important football clubs are to communities and the sad demise of Bury and Bolton almost, combined with the real life aspect of Alan judge’s situation I hope it makes people think long and hard about making comments ( that are so easy to make on social media ) that are inflammatory, nasty or unnecessary.
Let’s get behind our great (but not perfect) club and the players and staff who are doing a good job.
Safe and successful operations for alan’s Daughter and best wishes at this time.
come On you Blues

Suffolkboy added 15:44 - Aug 30
Only the best for you and yours : kids needing hospital operations inevitably impact on every minute of every day ,colour the judgement and impact on concentration and attention to most of the aspects of daily life !
Sure that all at ITFC are behind you ,trust all will go well & life can get onto an even keel very soon .

itfcasual added 15:55 - Aug 30
Hope all goes well.

Glad you're still at ITFC. I thought you were the best player on the pitch at the end of last season. You'll get back to it. Just remember you're playing for the finest football team the world has ever seen!

Bildestoned added 16:05 - Aug 30
A big cheer for him tomorrow if there’s any justice.

ArnieM added 16:06 - Aug 30
Whilst sympathise with Judge regarding his family issues, let’s not go OTT with reference to his daughter needing surgery in London. It’s 70 miles away . Not the bloody moon!

LondonBlue73 added 16:17 - Aug 30
ArnieM - what are you going on about, I really try and respect all posters and opinions but...... have you ever had a child in hospital requiring surgery whilst trying to balance a job and other young children???????????
I have - you are at the hospital every spare moment trying to brave face it for your child, trying to hold your family together and also having to maintain normality for other children and do a job at the same time. You will often go to the hospital 3 or 4 times in one day, so yes 70 miles away is a big deal. To everyone else that slated him we should always remember for players it is a job for us as true and loyal fans it means so much more, they can work elsewhere as most of us can, but rarely if ever can you follow another team. We need to support the boys and hope the environment in and around the club and the journey we are now on all helps players to want to stay. Three more points tomorrow and well done all at ITFC for keeping Alan Judge and all the best to his family.

Bradleyblue89 added 16:25 - Aug 30
As a new parent myself I respect Judge even more for this. He didn't need to explain himself. It is clear that we want him here because he is a valued player and added a lot to the squad when he joined in January. However if we had signed a player who was not valued by the fans, we would have jumped at the idea of cashing in, and would have had no questions of the players loyalty if he left. The fact that he explained his situation shows that he respects the fans and how much they value him. Hope his daughters operation goes well, and lets get 100% behind him, and hope he can deliver for us throughout the season.

hollywoodginge added 16:36 - Aug 30
Arnie- Absent context of issues requiring surgery, the time span said operations are over, The recovery etc, I do not see it’s anyones place to assume what impact the distance will have on the family. Only Judge knows and is right to keep it private. I think it’s more pertinent to trust his assessment on that.

Wishing his daughter good health and nothing but good will to the Judge family.

slade1 added 16:52 - Aug 30
ArnieM... I don't often post on here but have made an exception just so I can call you a massive dick head.

I wish Alan, his family and especially his daughter all the best for the future.

ArnieM added 17:07 - Aug 30
Offence was not intended guys. However I have friends that have had ( have) sick children in London hospitals - babies in fact , but they haven't looked to change jobs and work in the city.

They do as some of you have suggested , either sleep down at the hospital, travel down daily etc . And they don’t attend their jobs for a couple of hours a day , they work full time , unlike footballers.

Does Judge have a family home / relatives in and around Brentford still? I don’t know. But all I was trying to say is let’s keep it in perspective to how everyone one else in life has to cope and live with these situations. Footballers aren't some special breed apart when it comes to parenting.

MurcianITCC added 17:08 - Aug 30
Seriously Arnie, your daughter is in hospital..would you rather spend the time travelling the 140 miles or those minutes with her?
You must be living a very blessed life never to have been troubled by it.

ArnieM added 17:09 - Aug 30
I would also like everyone else wish him and his family well and I hope these operations go well for his little ‘un.

ShropshireBluenago09 added 17:21 - Aug 30
Arnie M Agee with you to an extent. I think it’s the way you’ve worded your post.
Judge is right to consider his daughters operations, but surely as a footballer he can afford a hotel, flat, or similar nearby?

ghostofescobar added 17:35 - Aug 30
Well done all the idiots that wanted him to “do one”. You must feel great.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 17:41 - Aug 30
As with a lot of issues on here we don't always know the full story . Don't think anyone would criticise AJ for this. Really hope some people learn from it and wait til they know the facts. Hopefully all will go well and that will enable him to fully settle in Suffolk .

TimmyH added 17:43 - Aug 30
Fair enough Alan if it is for family reasons...wondered if there was another reason as he had just signed a contract a couple of months earlier so there we did seem a bit strange being interested going to QPR of all clubs.

Just hope his head is in the right place for the next month or so and the operations are successful.

cat added 17:46 - Aug 30
Utter crap in my opinion, maybe Judge is deflecting the move to QPR and hiding a tad behind a bad situation, not good if that’s the case. As a parent and having dealt with a serious illness to my youngest, I share his pain, but would I have uprooted my life to move nearer a hospital, with a new job, with more attractive prospects and with better earnings? Mmmmmmm Nuff said!!

LWNR2013 added 18:02 - Aug 30
Londonblue - I sincerely apologise marking your post down in error. Totally respect everything you said.

That’s twice I’ve done this in 2 days , if I make it 3 out of 3 I will quit.

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