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Lambert: You Always Want to Add But Funds Could Depend on Sales
Wednesday, 18th Dec 2019 16:48

Town boss Paul Lambert says he will look to add to his squad in January but expects money to be tight unless players move on, however, he insists that none of his regular first-teamers would depart unless the club receives a “ludicrous” offer which can’t be rebuffed.

Despite already having a big squad at his disposal, Lambert says managers always want to add to their squads when transfer windows come around.

“You’re always wanting to add, you always do,” he said. “If one or two guys go, you maybe need to try and replace them. Whether the money is there I’m not so sure.

“As I said the other day, I wouldn’t expect to be able to say we’re going to spend x amount of money. We don’t have it.

“If we sell one of the guys would that help? Probably. The club only has one investor, where does it stop? It’s impossible to have that investment year in and year out. It’s got to stop somewhere.

“And that’s why the kids are really important to the club because you have to give them time to develop if you’re not going to go and spend money.”

Fulham are known to covet midfielder Flynn Downes, while QPR are keen on defender Luke Woolfenden but, asked about any potential sales, Lambert says none of his first-team regulars would go unless the club received a ludicrous offer.

“That’s it. If it’s ludicrous then you have to,” he admitted. “You can’t do anything. I don’t think anybody would begrudge that if somebody says there’s x amount of millions for this guy.

“In the modern-day game you can't stop it, it’s really, really tough. As long as the money goes back into the team, it has to go back into the team or help somewhere.

“It can’t be we take x amount of money and then it goes upstairs, you’ve no chance then, it has to come back to rebuild the team.

“The club is a lot better than it was a year ago, the structure is getting better, it’s only small steps, we’re still miles away from where you want to get, but at least it’s in a lot better place than it was when we came in.”

He says adding players at the midway stage of a season can help reinvigorate a squad.

“It can do," he said. "I think if a couple of guys come in it can give you that lift, so if we can do it and we’re still kind of in the same position we’re in and one or do move, or one or two want to go then, it’s something you can look at. But again, a lot will depend on finances.”

In terms of those on the periphery of the squad moving on, he says that depends on who comes asking about them.

“It’s difficult because you don’t know who is going to come in or what other people think of other guys, nobody knows,” he added.

“I guess I’ll need to answer that one when and if it does happen. I’m not sure who will come in for you, you’re never quite sure. “

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Bluearmy_81 added 16:54 - Dec 18
Joke club. Doubt we will get into the top flight again in my lifetime (I'm mid 40s.) Some 'fans' on here it seems would be fine with that...

cat added 17:13 - Dec 18
With a couple of championships clubs (Fulham & QPR) watching the likes of Downes and Wolf then let’s hope for a quiet window. No need for new additions, just need lambert to get the best out of what we have.

Ipswich_Crazy added 17:15 - Dec 18
Bluearmy_81: You forgetting, We are in League one now not the Championship! Can't just spend without selling now. I know it sucks but just have to accept we have to sell to buy.

ArnieM added 17:17 - Dec 18
Is that actually League One ruled of just our financial situation Ipswich Crazy ?

SamWhiteUK added 17:24 - Dec 18
There's a joke in there to be made about no one being in the first team regularly

magnus68 added 17:35 - Dec 18
Whats the point selling those two, we will only get whats considered a value for L1 players, clearly not ludicrus money from Championship clubs. They buy cheap from L1. We will get a million or two, then what? Invest half in L2 players? Dont sell any first team players, better stick to what we got if there is no funds. Or maybe Its the potential Bart money he refers to.

Bluearmy_81 added 17:36 - Dec 18
True magnus, only town pay through the nose for league one players... 😂

blues1 added 17:40 - Dec 18
Bluearmy81. I rarely resort to abuse but you really are an idiot. Just glad u dont run a business. Because 1 things for sure, ur whole staff would be out of work very quickly. Plus, at no point in there does lambert say we will sell. (But then u prob not read the story, just the headline, before posting). Just if we get a ludicrous offer wed have to. And that is the same for every other club in lge1/2, and most in the championship too. But then you dont live in the real world of present day football where unless ur in the pl, most clubs simply have to sell to survive. I suggest if u think the clubs such a joke u go and support one you dont think is. Woll save you spouting such rubbish everytime you post.

HARRY10 added 17:49 - Dec 18
What does ur mean ?

BettyBlue added 17:51 - Dec 18
If we need to free up some funds for new players the easiest way would be to get Lambert's £1m+ wages off the club's wage bill.

All you need is a computer program to pick 11 different players from the squad for the team sheet each week.

What does Lambert bring to the club?

jas0999 added 17:52 - Dec 18
I suspect we will look to cash in on players in January. The question as always is whether Evans will reinvest any funds into the squad. Not all, but some.

blues1 added 18:02 - Dec 18
Jas0999. Again, have you read the story before posting? Lambert quite clearly states that they have no intention to sell unless we get a ludicrous offer for some1, so no, we're not looking to cash in on players. But I agree with you, that should anyone be sold, That we need to spend some of that money on replacements. And I would be more than concerned about us getting promoted, if we didnt.

Kulturarv added 18:26 - Dec 18
"The club only has one investor, where does it stop? It’s impossible to have that investment year in and year out. It’s got to stop somewhere."

Why does it have to stop? Isn't it an owner's task to invest in his business in order to make it sucessful?

MrTown added 18:52 - Dec 18
Very much a Lambert In man myself, but I don’t believe a word he says anymore, he just spins pressers make things look better than they are.

Rarely read any interview he does anymore

Lathers added 19:15 - Dec 18
Bettyblue - a VERY valid question... what does Lambert actually bring to the club? He initially came in and helped make us all feel better with his positivity despite no improvement in results from October 18 to May 19. EVERYONE has been saying for months that he’s got to stop rotating the squad but he still does, what is he doing? And why is he doing it? Our great start was down to lucky 1-0 away wins, fact. Jokes aside, a computer simulator might as well be picking the squad, the formation and which subs are used and in what minute. The only change we need to make in January is a new coach.

Carberry added 19:49 - Dec 18
There's going to be a big difference between what Lambert and Evans think is ludicrous.

Northstandveteran added 21:58 - Dec 18
There will be no ludicrous offers for any of our players.
We are a third tier club with bang average footballers.
Unfortunately clubs outside the top flight aren't given the opportunity to develop youngsters.
They are sold to the elite before their balls drop should they show the slightest sign of potential.
Even as a second division side this club had the chance to produce the odd gem every now and then that would attract attention playing for the 1st team
Being in this division we are now a feeder club.
The complete opposite to what we used to be.
Mariner from Plymouth, being one example.
Take the blue tinted glasses off folks.
As much as we think we're still something special, we are a club lost.
Adrift in the mediocrity of footballing madness where money talks and history becomes irrelevant.

CokeIsKey added 22:02 - Dec 18
But on the bright side, us selling Bart seems almost imminent and we should be able to get about a Million for him based on his performances at Millwall.

With that money hopefully we can get a proper left back and maby a right winger too (i.e Ward) and that should be more than enough to take us up.

cat added 22:34 - Dec 18
Gallon of Guinness for North...vet. 😁

Northstandveteran added 22:38 - Dec 18
I really shouldn't post after a session cat 😂

Barty added 08:48 - Dec 19
W simply must get a couple of STRIKERS that know where the goals is . Our current ones don't.

herfie added 09:28 - Dec 19
NSVet’s wisdom is legendary around these parts! PL’s £1M+ annual contract is the price of trying to spin gold from largely base metal. ME clearly thinks he’s worth it. Personally I’m prepared to allow the alchemy to continue, and judge the final product come May.

Razor added 10:11 - Dec 19
If we get a "ludicrous" offer for Dozzell then take it.

We do need new players-----strikers who can hit a barn door from 3 yards out-----I do not think Freddie will be the answer but would love to be proved wrong!!

WhoisJimmyJuan added 10:12 - Dec 19
Yes, I have to say I would love to be able to disagree with you Northstandvet, but depressingly you are absolutely spot on. A pint of Guinness from me too.

BeattiesBackPocket added 21:20 - Dec 19
Blues1 I think Jas0999 is being realistic we always seem to let most our players leave for sums of money no other club would entertain and at amounts we couldn’t buy the same kind of player even if we wanted to. IF we sell players please just don’t undersell ourselves like we mostly always have. It is part and parcel of football I get that but not our youngsters like Woolfenden or Downes please. 🤞

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