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Lambert: Absolutely No Chance Whatsoever Woolfenden Will Leave for £3m
Tuesday, 14th Jan 2020 23:37

Boss Paul Lambert says “there’s absolutely no chance whatsoever” that defender Luke Woolfenden would leave the Blues for the £3 million Sheffield United are reported to be ready to offer Town.

“Put another three in front of that three,” Lambert said when asked about the story. “Then I might think, yeah.

“Three million? Three million doesn’t even buy you a Flake any more! There’s absolutely no chance whatsoever that would ever happen.”

However, he says that as far as he knows the Blues are yet to receive any interest from the Blades in any case.

“Not that I know of,” he insisted. “The big lad’s playing fantastically well, everybody knows it. No, £3 million? Put it this way, I’ll not let the same mistakes that happened with Adam Webster and [others happen again], that’s for sure.

Reflecting further on the Blades link, he added: “Being a Premier League team, they’d have to pay a helluva lot of money for him.”

Asked whether there was any interest in any of his players, he added: “Not that I know of. And it’s good that way. But as I said before, you can’t stop anybody putting bids in for guys.”

Has he got the feelers out for targets of his own or is he happy with his squad? “You ask me that every week. We don’t have the money. We’d have to sell guys. We just don’t have the money, the money’s not there.

“[Owner] Marcus [Evans] has made it pretty clear to everybody, we can only do little bits here and there. We can’t do it, that’s where the clubs is at the minute, the guys have been great for me.”

He says it’s possible that defender Josh Earl, who signed on loan from Preston on Monday, could be the only addition during January.

“It could be but if there’s something else there and Marcus thought it was right I’m pretty sure he would try and help,” he said.

“You know the debts, you know everything that’s gone on. He can’t just magic money out of the air and spend it. That’s the way it is. But football-wise, we’re in a good place.”

Regarding the signing of Earl, he says he wants him to play the overlapping centre-half role which has been a feature of the last couple of games.

“Woolfenden and Luke Chambers are doing it really well for us,” he said. “Josh is here as we needed a left-footer as well and if he learns and we can make him understand the role and make him a better player to go back to Preston, then great.

"He’s a good kid, he’s got al the attributes, so we’ll see how he does.”

Quizzed on whether he gives him the option to move Luke Garbutt into midfield if switching to a four-man backline, he added: “I could, as I said we needed that left footer and we needed another centre-half with Toto away to Bolton.”

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Blue_Moses added 23:47 - Jan 14
2M then?

blueboy1981 added 00:09 - Jan 15
...... hardly needs saying, I would have thought.
We’ve given too many good players away in the past for peanuts - it has/ had to stop at some point.
He’s an unusual talent - worth seriously good money to the Club.

Bad_Boy_Mark added 00:20 - Jan 15
Absolutely the correct approach - if we do indeed have to sell our prized assets, which ideally we don't want, then we should obtain a price that reflects their potential and true market value.

This boy is the real deal and we should keep him with us as he can lead our great club in years to come.

Whilst PL's £33 million is a little tongue in cheek, it is the sort of hands-off message that we should be issuing to those clubs who come to us for a bargain!

OwainG1992 added 00:45 - Jan 15
Very good to hear Lambert saying this.
Just what we need to be saying.

Sharkey added 02:30 - Jan 15
“The big lad’s playing fantastically well, everybody knows it. No, £3 million? Put it this way, I’ll not let the same mistakes that happened with Adam Webster and [others happen], that’s for sure.

Ha ha, how did you make up that stuff in the square brackets? It made sense before you added it, What does 'others happen' even mean, to people outside Yorkshire?


PhilTWTD added 02:41 - Jan 15

Missed out 'again' from that. Added. What PL said was a little bit garbled to tried to clarify but evidently didn't!

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 05:04 - Jan 15
Interpreting exactly what PL means can be a bit difficult at times, but here seems to be the message we all want to hear: we’re not giving away our prize asset for peanuts. Somehow I have confidence that what PL says goes in this instance. Is the Wolf any less valuable than Webster? I don’t think so, so £25 m should be the absolute bottom line when the time comes - plus a bit more for inflation.

Dolphinblue added 06:02 - Jan 15
Great stuff...love Lambert 😍

Cakeman added 06:39 - Jan 15
I agree with Steve ITFC Sweden. The Wolf is equally as good a player as Webster. In all honestly I would rather have him in our team than Webster who at times flattered to deceive.

KiwiBlue2 added 07:49 - Jan 15
Finally we have a manager who can fathom the real value of one of our top assets and is prepared to laugh off ridiculous offers. Given Woolfy's current level of ability, his age, plus his potential for further development any conversation should start at 10m given the resources available in the Premier League and should include at least a 30% sell on clause. This lad is destined for the very top, but not quite yet, If we want to hold him promotion this season is vital..... coyb......

dirtydingusmagee added 08:02 - Jan 15

Bluebell added 08:07 - Jan 15
I just hope Lambert has some sort of influence with ME. I would hate to see any player go for less than they are worth because we are in League 1.

If we wait till the end of the season and hopefully get promoted, our younger players will be worth a lot more as has been proved with Clarke and Webster. We should never let them be sold too early.

r2d2 added 08:18 - Jan 15
No money to spend. Thats all we ever here. Evans is richer now than he was when he took over this club. He has us in the lowest place for 60 years. He should be putting his hand in his deep pockets to get us out of this league.

BAKERSE added 08:55 - Jan 15
There is some rubbish written on here. “Evans gets richer so he should invest more in ITFC”. Why is Evans getting richer? He is a business man and gets returns out of his investments. What return has he had out of ITFC? Accept facts. Either a) It’s been suggested we’re a tax tool for his empire (very much doubt this) or b) he made a gamble on buying the club, wrote off that money, and if somebody buys him out for more - his bet comes in.
Are we likely to get back to Premier League under Evans? No! Can we afford to have 3, 6, 9, 12M pound youngsters at the club? Of course not. Should we have taken the 2-3M rumoured as offered for Bart? Of course we should. I don’t like the idea of Woolfy going any more than anybody else, but if we’re serious about getting out of this mess, 1 Woolfy or 6 KVY?

beornioblue added 09:19 - Jan 15
Yes Lambert you bloody tell em no more selling for peanuts for our best assets, we can only be as good as the players we keep and if we keep getting rid of our best were never going to get back to anywhere near the levels this club should be. Lambert has said some weird/annoying things recently but the 33 Million thing and mentioning the Adam Webster debacle is exactly what i want to hear from our manager !!!
Saturday off get them doing passing drill along the big green thing known as the floor hahaha

BeattiesBackPocket added 09:23 - Jan 15
Encouraging to FINALLY hear someone with sense when it comes to our transfer dealings. I got marked down for saying that we’d become an easy target giving players like Webster away for 5 mill because Evans showed his hand that we need the money when city sold him a year later for 25 mill because they can hold out and stand firm. Seems some of us on here were right. Any successful businessman like Evans knows you can’t show the hand your dealt otherwise you’ll never get the best deal for you something Evans is extremely successful with except in our club. Fingers crossed lambert doesn’t get overruled on this. 🤞

scants_itfc_88 added 09:25 - Jan 15
BAKERSE, assuming we could find 6 players to the standard or KVY for that money, which I extremely doubt. £3m is not enough so glad Lambert is sticking to his guns, but ultimately it will be down to whether ME does or not

StavangerBlue added 09:34 - Jan 15
I'm tired of seeing players we sold for peanuts having one season elsewhere and then being sold for 8m. About time we sold our assets for a higher price. However, I do not want us to sell at all. How are we to get out of League One if we sell our best players and replace them with a loanee or a League One standard player?

Razor added 10:25 - Jan 15
Great stuff from Lambo----I was beginning to go cool on him but the fires are burning again now.

My Preston friends tell me Earl is OK just needs games and confidence----this could be a real shrewd move by the guvnor.

cornishblu added 10:42 - Jan 15
That,ll be 3.3m then ...of which we will get the change for loan wages
PL can be as adamant as he likes ...if Evans wants to sell he will....they are his players.
If by being adamant you get your own way....be adamant about signing two more players....would love to be a fly on the wall hearing how that “I,m adamant” conversation go

braveblue added 10:55 - Jan 15
Evans. Don’t make the same mistake again. Invest a little now to get promotion. No magic money needed - you have ample resources.

I_AM_GOD added 13:10 - Jan 15
While I am glad to hear PL say this and appear to have the balls previous managers did not, I will still be concerned till our owner turns down an offer for real or the window closes.

Sorry, but a bit cynical on that.

JewellintheTown added 16:13 - Jan 15
"Three million doesn’t even buy you a Flake any more!"

I'm guessing Paul doesn't do the food shopping in his house then. Either that or he's mixing up Flake with Veyron. Easily done.

TractorRoyNo1 added 20:19 - Jan 15
Time will tell, it is Evan's we need to say this

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