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Lambert: Stay Off the Pitch
Tuesday, 21st Jan 2020 16:04

Boss Paul Lambert has called on fans to stay off the pitch when celebrating goals with the Blues facing a fine due to a number of supporters encroaching on to the pitch after Town’s winner at Tranmere on Saturday.

Clubs face punishment from the authorities if fans cross the barriers but don’t even make it as far as the pitch, whereas one supporter was running around the Rovers 18-yard box at Prenton Park.

“To have 1,000 Ipswich fans make that five, six-hour journey to Tranmere to support the team on Saturday was incredible, especially when there were some concerns over the game being on,” Town boss Lambert told the club site.

“Our supporters are fantastic. They have given the team unbelievable backing home and away and they have a part to play over the rest of the season but we can’t have supporters coming on the pitch. That just can’t happen.

“Come and have a party, make all the noise you can and enjoy it. I’m for all that and I know how emotions can take over at games. I’ve had that myself but the pitch is for the players, not for supporters. All that happens then is people get arrested and banned. No one wants that.”

Club secretary Stuart Hayton added: “The authorities take encroachment onto the pitch as a serious matter, whether it’s in celebration or not. We have no alternative but to take action if that situation occurs.”

Photo: TWTD

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BlueMachines added 16:21 - Jan 21
A real shame this even needs saying.

Matthew_Crush added 16:22 - Jan 21
And these are the fans who Moan we don’t spend money , then cost us money in the January window !!!!

SamWhiteUK added 16:26 - Jan 21
If you go past the barrier deliberately then you're a moron. It wasn't even like we'd clinched a last minute winner, there were still over 10 minutes to go! Plus, even if it was a last minute winner, it's against Tranmere in the league, for f*cks sake! Not a cup final!

dav86 added 16:31 - Jan 21

SouperJim added 16:32 - Jan 21
Football should be about passion and excitement, I've read some ridiculous comments from people having a pop at those whose emotion got the better of them at Tranmere. Yes, stay off the pitch, but let's not demonise our own for getting carried away in the heat of the moment. It's not like there were any barriers or effective stewarding to dissuade them from getting on the pitch, surely Tranmere have to accept some responsibility here too.

Personally I loved seeing the goal celebration and it's fantastic that winning a league game away to Tranmere on a potato field of a pitch means so much. Love it, terrific support.

allezlesbleus added 16:33 - Jan 21
How many Norwich fans got arrested and banned after the play-off semi then? They were in the faces of town players, yet nothing happens to them.

Yes, I know fans aren't supposed to jump over the wall etc, but there was nothing malicious in the Town fans actions and they certainly weren't targeting opposition players with abuse.


JewellintheTown added 16:34 - Jan 21
2 mins 45 seconds into the highlights - https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/37668/tranmere-rovers-1-2-ipswich-town-

I think that big lump chasing Jackson is what they were talking about.

BlueandTruesince82 added 17:07 - Jan 21
Lambos just worried the fine will wipe out his transfer budget

Wickets added 17:18 - Jan 21
Dont disagree with anything you have said Souper but us fans still have to use a little bit of common sense . As PL has said our support is great home and away but please those who invaded the pitch in the spur of the moment try a little harder to keep a lid on it .

TractorCam added 17:30 - Jan 21
Come on Lambert you want fans to bring pyros you can't play peacemaker now!

DifferentGravy added 17:34 - Jan 21
Its a fair comment. I guess that sitting on a coach for 6 hours. Tranmere has numerous places to buy alcohol at the ground. The big Marquee, the Mersey Clipper pub and then inside the ground itself. The atmosphere buzzing and easy access to the pitch....you could sense it was going to happen. As Lambert mentions, you dont want to go all that way and get arrested(i think i saw one lad being taken away), i think the stewards/police were quite lenient.

Nice that Lambert is praising the fans as oppose to a few sly digs he gave when we questioned the rotation policy.....because we wouldnt of taken 8 points from 12 keeping the same team.....oh wait.

More of the same please!

Nice that

Westy added 17:50 - Jan 21
I wasn't there but have seen the highlights. Although there may not have been any I'll intent it didn't look good. The stewards, some of whom were women, don't know these people or what there intentions were but had to try and contain them. The goal really did seem merely to be the excuse they needed.

blues1 added 17:53 - Jan 21
Souperjim. Of course we want fans to show passion but there was over a thousand fans there saturday but just a handful who felt it was necessary to go on the pitch. Furthermore, theyvwere among a group of fans who had moved forwards in the stand, from their original seats at the back, after the equaliser. So maybe not so spur of the moment.

ChrisFelix added 18:07 - Jan 21
At least we dont need to worry about goal celebrations when Skuse scores 😭

blueboy1981 added 18:24 - Jan 21
Can see both sides of the situation here, people care enough about winning and success, and feel obliged to celebrate. Totally understood - but, those same people should also care enough to ensure that the Club doesn’t suffer financially, or otherwise, through such personal actions by themselves.
The argument isn’t over if it’s harmful in anyway, it’s forbidden to go onto the pitch - and everyone knows it, and should respect it.

blueboy1981 added 18:33 - Jan 21
You’re right Paul Lambert, but calling people idiots (as you have recently) does nothing to help such a cause.
It could be said they were acting as such, because of such.
Respect is always a two way process.

ThaiBlue added 18:45 - Jan 21
Simple pitch 4 players,terraces 4 supporters and thats how it should be.

planetblue_2011 added 18:52 - Jan 21
If we have won promotion then I’m not surprised fans going onto the pitch but in a normal game it was a bit of a mad thing to do. Emotions take over though! Then you can’t beat it late 80’s when it happened all the time!!
How times change!!

jas0999 added 18:56 - Jan 21
Great to see the enthusiasm from the fans. Demonstrates we are getting our club back. Folk want to go to games.

But Lambert is right - you can’t go celebrating on the pitch.

bluethomas added 19:30 - Jan 21
I agree with Sam White. It's a tad embarrassing our manager has to come out and talk about people running on the pitch after going 2-1 up against Tranmere in League One with 10 minutes left. Last minute winner against a local or promotion rival I can understand a bit more...

Too many fans dressed in their best Stone Island attires at away games these days obsessed with "limbs" and "scenes"... save it for the big occasions!

FifeITFC added 19:40 - Jan 21
Send the fine to the guy who ran chasing Jackson after the goal.

ITFCsince73 added 19:48 - Jan 21
Must admit to only invading the pitch once before, along with a few thousand others, after winning the league 92.
I can imagine the same scenes this season in our last home game V MK Dons if league is won.
Can’t blame our magnificent success starved fans for getting over excited.

blue75 added 02:54 - Jan 22
Well said Souper Jim!! I’ve been on the pitch many times over the years & yes to celebrate a goal we all get carried away sometimes. As for the club quoting laws & fines I don’t see them enforcing the no flag poles one either not that I want that enforced I’m just saying!

cat added 06:59 - Jan 22
lighten up guys. These things happen, specially when you come back from a goal down to win, emotions some time get the better of you, even more so if you’ve had a couple of ‘swifters’ beforehand! There’s great camaraderie between our fans on away days, so much more than a home game, maybe some of you who are quick to label them ‘idiots or morons’ should try it.

TimmyH added 09:23 - Jan 22
Yes the fans are wrong to do this but I think it's great we've got passionate supporters - I think our fans have been a credit to the club over the last season or so...

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