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Town Determined to Tackle Increase in Abusive Chanting
Friday, 21st Feb 2020 10:58

Club secretary Stuart Hayton says Town are determined to tackle an increase in racist, homophobic and xenophobic chanting at Portman Road.

Earlier in the season, the Blues spoke out regarding chants at the Luton Carabao Cup tie in August, while reports of similar abuse have come in from fans in all four of Portman Road’s stands over the course of the season.

Speaking to BBC Radio Suffolk, Hayton says he hopes fans are "less afraid" to report abuse anonymously via email or by phone, although admitted it’s not always easy to prove the guilt of suspected offenders.

"This is a small minority of fans,” Hayton said. “What we wanted to do to do was get this out into the public domain, rather than hide it away.

"It is sad and we will do what we can to tackle it. We always act upon things - we've got to have zero tolerance at the club.

"We want everyone to be able to come to Portman Road and enjoy a fantastic, family entertainment venue."

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Blue12345 added 11:21 - Feb 21
I personally have never experienced any of this. I’m not sure we have such a problem that the club secretary has to release A statement on it. Maybe some of you will disagree but I can only speak from personal experience.

ChateauWines added 11:23 - Feb 21
Its every away game and I hear most weeks in section 5 where I'm based. Stewards in my view choose not to hear

chepstowblue added 11:41 - Feb 21
Whether we like to admit it or not,a football stadium is inhabited by a very large percentage of morons with abnormally low IQ's.Inconsiderate,irresponsible halfwits who have no standards.That's the way society is going in general.So long as their delinquent mates laugh along with them they're happy.A bit like our midfield at times... they can't think outside of the box ! I was quite close to the dullards at Luton.Going through puberty and experiencing their first taste of alcohol made them giggly that evening. We just started at them and shook our heads but they were vacant. If I'd stuck a pin in the ones bonce his head would have popped. Nothing going on between those ears !!

Alan_Essex added 11:43 - Feb 21
I made a complaint in the South stand upper last season. Didn't want to do it to a steward there and then because I wanted to stay anonymous - so I made a note of the exact seat, and then emailed after the game. I know he was a season ticket holder (as am I) so they will have his name and details. I told them exactly what this idiot was shouting - it was racist at one of our own players (yes, really...) unacceptable swearing in front of kids (OK, we all let rip sometimes but this was way out of order) and to be honest a continuous tirade of ignorant crap nobody should put up with. Wish I'd had bigger balls and done it at the time now, but just don't like the confrontation.

Anyway, the upshot is I got a wishy washy email back from the club telling me to talk to a steward next time, nothing they could do, etc, etc. It was pathetic. So, Mr Hayton, now I have moved my season ticket away from this idiot to a totally different part of the ground, what are you going to do that is different? Yes, it's football, we all like to shout, I go to away games and am as vociferous as the next guy, I love my club, but we can do without the idiots, and when I give the club all the ammo they need to sort something they run a mile.

Rant over... but it makes me mad reading that after doing what I thought was the right thing.

BlueHarwich added 11:58 - Feb 21
I sit in the Lower Sir Alf right next to the away fans. The songs and chants sung to us and about us at nearly every match is never ever policed. These aren't just football 'banter' songs either. Some of the things chanted are disgusting in truth, and certainly not what I want my 9 year old daughter to have to listen to. So if you're looking to out Town fans it's about time you addressed the away section!

runaround added 12:03 - Feb 21
There is no place in football for racism, homophobia & xenophobia or at least there shouldn’t be. I have been to every home match plus 2 away this season & can honestly say I have not heard any of these chants this season or for that matter anyone audibly say anything like this but I guess it must be people saying things rather than chanting them.
I think it’s a society problem rather than just football but I am glad to see people feel nowadays able to take action on hearing racist or the like rather than being scared to speak out and equally glad the club is taking a strong stance.
As I said at the top there is no room in this club or this world for Racism, xenophobia or homophobia

BlueandTruesince82 added 12:12 - Feb 21
Quite right. Town fans have always been known as a friendly bunch.

Tw@ts like this have no place in the club

TractorRoyNo1 added 12:15 - Feb 21
20000 crowds and itfc get about 3 emails per week, come on, mountain out of a mole hill

Cheshire_Blue added 12:28 - Feb 21
As with persistent standing, Stewards choose to ignore it.

Alan_Essex added 12:48 - Feb 21
Get your point TractorRoy - we're hardly the most controversial or edgy crowds, and yes, that's not a lot from 20k (ish) a week - but which bit of one of our own supporters being clearly racist to one of our own players is acceptable? Maybe the molehills are just as important sometimes, right? The point is, if the club is going to do something about it, every one of those emails is important isn't it?

No, tell you what - mountain out of a molehill, let's forget it and all move on? Sorry buddy, just don't agree with that.

cantona11 added 12:56 - Feb 21
Alan Essex one has to be very careful in reporting things like this after the incident as I could report anyone for being abusive just because but if you do it there and then they film peopke and can keep an eye on things and act accordingly I for one have been spoken to before about just shouting as the family that I hadn't seen before (and I've had a season ticket for 40 years and have been sitting in the same seat for 10 years now take my two boys)which sat in front of me that game reported me even though I had apologies before kick off that I shout alot and they said that's ok it's a football game which I agreed with ,and if you are sure you hear said abuse should have the guts in perhaps having a conversation with the person first then if it gets into an arguement speak to a steward but you have to be totally sure that they said and meant what you heard !!!!!!!!!!!

adam1177 added 13:05 - Feb 21
Chepstoweblue: doesn’t really help with stereotyping a large percentage of footballl fans as having low IQ. You did the right thing at Luton by showing your discomfort with what was being chanted. And there have been no reports since so they clearly have realised they were wrong. But don’t stereotype football fans that in itself leads to discrimination.

Alan_Essex added 15:13 - Feb 21
Cantona11 - I agree completely, really I do... Listen, I'm prone to a profanity every now and then, and like I said, it's football for crissake - I've been going home and away for 45 years on and off, so I'm really not precious - but I know what I heard, and there was NO interpretation needed, I promise you that. Maybe you're right, but I hate confrontation and perhaps should have had the guts - but I didn't. So I just did what I thought was right. My whole point here is that I hope the club have changed their approach to following things up, that's all - talking the talk is fine, but my experience was the opposite.

ashp19 added 17:11 - Feb 21
It shouldn’t be that difficult to identify the plebs that don’t have any IQ -
Report away and get rid.

ITFCsince73 added 21:23 - Feb 21
Personally think Portman Road is one of the most chilled out stadiums you can watch a match, with regards to loud swearing, loutish behaviour etc. And I watch 90% of games i attend in the lower north. Definitely never heard any racist things.

tractorboybig added 07:54 - Feb 22
pity they dont take note about the e mails concerning the crap we often play.
but that does not make head lines

TimmyH added 11:28 - Feb 22
ZZZZZZZZ!!...aren't we living in a sterile world, very rarely hear that much abusive language and certainly not racist or homophobic - watch out as big brother is watching you!

IPSWICHMOUSE added 13:46 - Feb 22
Ipswich born & bred ....lived on Whitton most my adult life & so i really find it hard to believe that there is this sort of thing going on in PR today......My other half is also a woman of colour so f I was in PR & someone or a group started to be racist...i for one would not hesitate to put them to shame right there & then...especially if there were small children in the vicinity as well...Speak up to it if you hear it....END OF.......

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