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Sears: You’ll Know By the End of This Week Where We’re Going to Be
Monday, 2nd Mar 2020 10:13

Striker Freddie Sears believes the Blues are going into their biggest week of the campaign as they face season-defining home games against Fleetwood Town and leaders Coventry City.

Town are ninth, five points off the play-offs and 10 from the top two, having lost five of their last seven with a season which once held so much promise looking increasingly likely to end in major disappointment.

Sears believes the next two matches will be crucial as the Blues look to revive their promotion push.

“Massive, I think this week’s the biggest week. You’ll know by the end of this week where we’re going to be," he said.

“I know there are a lot of games left and a lot of points left but we’ve got to start winning games.”

The striker, who scored his first goal of the season on his first league start of the season at Blackpool on Saturday following his lengthy absence due to cruciate ligament injury, says Tuesday’s game against Fleetwood, who are eighth, three points ahead of the Blues with two games in hand, is a very significant fixture as both clubs chase a play-off place.

“Yes, a really big game,” Sears added. “One we believe we can win, obviously it’s at home. But enough talking now, we’ve got to start doing it on the pitch.

“Everyone can say what we want to do and what we’re not going to do but if you don’t deliver on the pitch then it’s a waste of time.”

Does the former West Ham and Colchester man believe the squad can handle the pressure? “Hopefully. We’re playing for Ipswich Town, if you can’t cope with that then you shouldn’t be playing here.”

Reflecting on his own fitness, Sears is confident he’ll be fine to make two starts in four days.

“Hopefully, we’ll see how the body is tomorrow and Tuesday,” he said. “I’ll leave that to the manager, I’m ready to play every game now, whether that’s Saturday-Tuesday, Saturday-Tuesday we’ll go from there.”

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carlgibbs13 added 10:15 - Mar 2
On current form, we can only say two losses coming our way.
If we get 2 points from the next 2 games I feel will be an achievement. But unlikely.

hampstead_blue added 10:21 - Mar 2
We already know Freddie.....shall we share it with you?

I feel regardless of your own intentions and determination, which is never in doubt, there are larger forces in the club which will make sure we don't get success.....

martin587 added 10:21 - Mar 2
Sorry Freddie but the whole team should have been saying this months ago not now.

nineteenseventyeight added 10:23 - Mar 2
No s### Sherlock!

Suffolkboy added 10:30 - Mar 2
A refreshing and totally honest delivery from a player who always displays enthusiasm and is equally always prepared to give all no matter where he is asked to play !
It seems some of our recruits over the last two years distinctly lack these attributes ( & quite probably others !) : really is time to sort the men from the boys , lay the truth on the line ,expose the indifferent ,the incapable and the ill equipped and accept that there are identifiably some who would have to go even if we went up — so say it now ;let them fester elsewhere but just maybe a clarion call will hit home hard and the consequences will dawn on them and their families .
It’s got to come about ,so let’s get on with it !

cat added 10:35 - Mar 2
Yep it’s another big week with 2 attractive matches to come. Despite the wheels falling off, looking for a positive here, attending games and the general match experience has been enjoyable this season. Imagine the atmosphere if we were successful. The fan base is in place, we just need the staff to stand up and be counted. Minimum requirement of 6 points needed, anything less then it’s game over.

TheTrueBlue1878 added 10:38 - Mar 2
These type of comments don't tend to age well.

Pencilpete added 10:51 - Mar 2
I don't need to wait until the end of this week. i've known for weeks we're a sh1t show and heading nowhere fast.

How many times you can say "we dominated but didn't score and then they score with the only shot(s) they manage in the whole game" before you realise there is a serious problem that needs addressing ?

For me the biggest problem is the lack of wanting to find a solution other than saying "it'll change, it has to" and a different player coming out every week saying "we need to do this and we've got to do that" ....... they all seem far too comfortable with the wheels falling off around them, nobody wants to take ownership from Evans allowing it to continue indefinately to Lambert protecting the players saying theyre "giving him everything" and refusing to rip them a new ar$ehole to the players happily putting in these limp, p1ss poor performances week after week after week.

Until collectively they say "this isn't good enough" and actually do something then its not going to change.

Im seriously concerned we could end up in League 2 at the end of next season THAT is how worried i am - if only the club was that worried


ChrisR added 10:55 - Mar 2
Bad defeat to Fleetwood must see one way ticket out of PR for Lambert and his mates , along with Lee O Neil ( what does he do , other than hold M. Evans at games ?)
The season has gone so bad that PL can not be trusted to sign or transfer players in the close season . He has lost it by all accounts, can't motivate the squad , all stems from those stupid postponements and random rotations. Maybe Mc Greal , or Karl Robinson ? Anyone but more Lambert !!

Taricco_Fan added 10:57 - Mar 2
We know already, to be fair.

roystevensonsrocket added 11:02 - Mar 2
Freddie’s goal was very well taken probably showing he’s the most natural goal scorer we have .hes getting fitter all the time so hopefully can start to convert chances we’ve been missing . All too late I fear . Both Fleetwood and more especially Coventry are playing with total confidence . We’re going to get a draw tomorrow but certainly will lose next Saturday so it will be all over then . Strategy for next season ? Same manager weaker squad and oh dear now have typed myself into a deep hopelessness about my club

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 11:08 - Mar 2
Well I'm probably being totally unrealistic, but I haven't given up yet. Four points out of the next six would be a minimum requirement, however.

ITFCsince73 added 11:12 - Mar 2
Very true Fred. I only said this yesterday.

Lightningboy added 11:23 - Mar 2
Next 10 (13) matches are crucial to our club’s future.

About time the players pulled their fingers out.

SE1blue added 11:29 - Mar 2
So, before the end of the week, our men nearest the other team’s goal need to know where the goal is and how to put a ball in it. And the men closest to our own goal need to know where to stand and how to stop the ball going in it. The shouty man in the pullover a top the side needs to know how to coordinate all these men correctly.

I know this is a big ask at present but come on lads, you can do it.

planetblue_2011 added 11:50 - Mar 2
Your not wrong Freddie! It’s about time you lot get your act together, 2 home games to sort it out or goodbye season.

blueboy1981 added 11:57 - Mar 2
You’re right there Freddie - make or break week for the Club, Lambert, and many of the you players.
Anything less than six from six by the week, and the season is a disaster - which is what I could see happening from early good run.
Points were picked up then by far than less impressive performances, and that doesn’t last.

blueboy1981 added 12:02 - Mar 2
Step up to the plate MEN - WIMPS it’s time you fell by the wayside, along with the Manager.

dirtydingusmagee added 12:10 - Mar 2
well i can stomach Freddie telling us this [not that we dont know it] just glad it wasnt Lambert or Chambers, that would have been sick.Personally i think it will be all over, which is a disaster nothing less,despite whatever crap Lambert comes out with afterwards. .

blockb_steward added 12:12 - Mar 2
Glad to have you back Freddie and nice to see you score on Saturday. Unfortunately, we know where we are going - it started out so well...then an awful run. Then apparently we are going to hunt the top 2...suddenly it's play-offs and now everybody is talking about scraping into the play-offs with the 6th place.

Bert added 12:16 - Mar 2
@ Cris R - many Col U fans not happy with McGreal .

JewellintheTown added 12:19 - Mar 2
If we cant beat Fleetwood and Coventry, we don't deserve to be back in the Championship. Then again, if we cant beat any of the teams that are effectively "a division lower than us", we don't deserve promotion. Problem is, we seem to have settled into an indifferent attitude to being here, and not playing like a championship club. Lambert has a lot to answer for with his tactics and signings and man management, and Evans with his excessively frugal and naive attitude but Hurst has decimated our once great club of any quality players we used to have. The chump has set us back decades I reckon.

BlueBlood90 added 12:22 - Mar 2
We already know by the start of the week Freddie!!!

blueboy1981 added 12:42 - Mar 2
Quite simply we’ve become a ‘pussy foot’ Club .... sums it all up in a few words.

ArnieM added 12:51 - Mar 2
This is the first piece of honesty from ANYONE out of PR. Freddie sounds totally pissed off to me too.

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