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Warnock Linked Again But No Contact With Town
Wednesday, 4th Mar 2020 15:03

Neil Warnock is again being linked with the Town manager's job with the Blues claimed to be close to ending current boss Paul Lambert’s time in charge, however, we understand that as yet there has been no contact between the club and the veteran boss.

According to various reports, owner Marcus Evans’s patience is running out following last night’s 1-0 defeat to Fleetwood with Warnock said to be the man being lined up to take over, as was also speculated at the weekend.

However, TWTD understands there have so far been no talks between Town and Warnock despite the former Cardiff City and Sheffield United boss knowing Evans well.

Rumours that Warnock, who has previously said he plans to retire this summer, would be a target should the Blues look for a new boss previously circulated just after Christmas prior to Lambert signing a four-year extension to his contract, which runs to 2025, on New Year’s Day.

Warnock has been spoken to about taking over at Town in the past, most notably after Roy Keane’s departure in 2012, and we understand is interested in the role should it become available.

Quizzed on the links with Town job in December, he told The Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast on talkSPORT: “I think I get linked to everything, all managers do, don’t they? I think that’s how it is at the minute, they’re all talk and everything and you just don’t know.

“But, like I say, if the right thing comes up, I’m not really bothered what it is, I just want to enjoy myself to the end of the season really.”

While Lambert's contract, signed only two months ago, has five years left to run, break clauses were included in the deal, one of which states that the Blues boss would receive a greatly reduced settlement if he were to be fired at the end of the season with Town having failed to make the top six.

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Len_Brennan added 15:07 - Mar 4
Good. I'd put up with Warnock until the end of the season. Presumably there would be a clear successor in place by the summer. Warnock is capable of getting a team to put a run of wins together, so who knows...

bobbyramsey added 15:09 - Mar 4
The old "no contact".…..

That's a done deal then....

casanovacrow added 15:09 - Mar 4
surely if Lambert was to go it would be better to get someone in that can use the rest of the season to assess what needs doing than actually be here to do something about it in the summer? otherwise we'll risk another Hurst coming in and going at the squad with a hatchet blindly.

Suffolkboy added 15:12 - Mar 4
Quite simply — NO thanks ;we’ve had enough of changing crew and navigators for a few years and should stick with what we have at least to the end of the season.
If there’s complaint it ought to be addressed to ME himself who , it seems , is even now totally unaware of the need for a reserve of shekels to bolster requirements during the season( any season we’ve witnessed in his tenure ; get real M.E !) .

BangTheBomb added 15:19 - Mar 4
I don't think that would solve anything.

TractorCam added 15:21 - Mar 4
Way too late if it happens.

runningout added 15:31 - Mar 4
Sooner rather than later. Sorry to say goodbye to PL but ...

algarvefan added 15:32 - Mar 4
Lamberts record is very poor, but let's be honest here the club is like the country, years of chronic under investment have left it on it's last legs. Anymanager willing to accept Evans Austerity is not worth having. Personally I don't want Warnock, Ipswich is by tradition a family club and I would much rather see Nash and Butcher take over in the short term. Nash has extensive knowledge of our young players and has coached them to play exciting football.

dirtydingusmagee added 15:34 - Mar 4
its too late ,but it may keep some fans going in what has been a disasterous season again, The milestone mistake was Evans extending contract when it warranted termination. Evans just continues to prove he knows sod all about football and is hell bent on killing the club .

r2d2 added 15:34 - Mar 4
Get Warnock in. He would sort these no hopers out. If they dont want to play, they can fcku off!

PortmanTerrorist added 15:37 - Mar 4
Why Warnock, he was never the English Manager of the Year. I cannot really see ME paying PL up on 5 years but if he did (rather than spend on team) then Butch is in situ, so why not get George Burley back to provide an overview based on his view of what a football playing team needs. As let's be fair, PL dumped his asserted aims to have us playing football per the youth teams ages ago !

He is local and would probably do it for the love of the Club in the short term and god knows he has an eye for a young player and might even be able to answer the riddle that is Andre Dozzell one way or another.

BlueBlood90 added 15:37 - Mar 4
If he's going to retire in the summer then I can't really see the point now our playoff chances are all but over.

However, if he was to stay until the end of next season then I think it would be a great appointment. He's guided some really poor teams to promotion during his time and wouldn't accept the losing mentality and culture that's been setting in here for several years.

cat added 15:45 - Mar 4
No Dinos allowed! Butcher til the end of season then recruit in summer. Least that way it will keep it interesting for the fans.

SamWhiteUK added 15:48 - Mar 4
"Marcus Evans' patience is running out"

He's only just given the guy a 5 year contract! What a shambles we are. Is it any surprise that we are in the position we are in?!

Furyan007 added 15:48 - Mar 4
It’s become very toxic and I can’t see Lambert turning this around, especially as his record since joining Town is appalling. I think this squad is good enough to get out of this league and at time they’ve shown that. It Lambert seems incapable of getting any consistency front them. Warnock isn’t a long term option and I’d like to see us look at someone like Nathan Jones.
That said the real problem is Evans and the stories you hear about how he’s exploiting the clun as a way to advance all his other businesses is troubling. The sooner Ed Sheeran buys the club the better! It feels like we’ve been on a long slow decline since that 2nd year in the PL when we spent badly. We’ve had to watch a serious of average managers play very mediocre football for almost 20 years and every time you think it can’t get any worse it does. Please end this.

therein61 added 15:50 - Mar 4
Personally i think Lambert should(unless he walks) be made to stick it out until the end of a season he has completely ballsed up and face the flak as there will certainly be a tad!!

therein61 added 15:54 - Mar 4
If as reported Marcus is fed up then i would imagine there is certainly a clause in Lamberts contract

blueboy1981 added 15:54 - Mar 4
The only thing that will reclaim some credibility for the Club this season is to get someone in with character, experience, and a successful record - Warnock fits that bill perfectly.
If he came in, players would have no option but to step up and put in a shift from the moment he walked through the door.
Totally different character to Lambert - Warnock would have players shaking in their boots from the first training session, it would be perform or out.
Similar to Joey Barton in that respect - anyone in the Fleetwood team HAS to perform, or they are OUT.

billyrobinson3 added 15:55 - Mar 4
Right winger.
Anybody but Neil Warnock. Surely true Ipswich Town fans are aware of the
reception he gets whenever he brings a team to Portman Road. His age also
makes him only a short term appointment. I have been going to Portman
Road since 1954, still a season ticket holder and cant believe the state we
are in at the moment.

NotSure added 15:57 - Mar 4
Warnock should have been appointed 2 months ago. It's too late now.
Would prefer it if Klug / Butcher took over until the end of the season.

blueboy1981 added 15:59 - Mar 4
Reality check for anyone who STILL backs Lambert - his win since arriving record could easily have been beaten by a Manager from local non league Football level.
Almost impossible for anyone to have done worse.

warwickblue added 16:01 - Mar 4
Difficult to see that Warnock's appointment would solve anything in the short to mid-term. I think we must, sadly, accept that we're in Division 3 for another season now, so I think Lambert should be made to see this season out. There will inevitably be a clear-out in May ( promising players sold, knackered ones retired) so this would seem to be the time to look for our next manager. Lambert must know that it won't be him.

CraigEdwards added 16:03 - Mar 4
I never thought we would be one of those clubs to have a quick turn over of managers. Houdini is available if we were to have another twist. Personally I would stick and have a clear out at the end of the season.

KernewekBlue added 16:08 - Mar 4
I am not Warnock's biggest fan by any means... I dislike the bloke quite intensely. He's another McCarthy waiting in the wings to "steady the ship" and guide us to mid-table safety with no investment. Add to that the fact he's stated he's retiring at the end of this season and he'd simply be here to line his pocket and have a jolly.

He is not the answer. Even with his record of getting teams promoted, this season is another we all have to just chalk off to (a bad) experience.

I fear, with Evans' involvement at the club seemingly set to continue, it doesn't matter who we have as manager, our club is dying a slow and painful death.

I know there's no buyer rushing to put his hand into his pocket to release Evans from his tenure as owner and I've seen, like everyone else here, how Bury and others have withered away to nothing or have struggled to survive but dear Jesus, surely Evans' time is now up?

Surely he has come across some wealthy folks during his other business dealings who he could do a deal with to buy this club? PLEASE!!!

dirtydingusmagee added 16:11 - Mar 4
Lambert has to go regardless of who replaces him short term. We will survive this season so just get him out.

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