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Lambert Offers to Defer Wages
Thursday, 26th Mar 2020 22:09

Town boss Paul Lambert says he and his staff are willing to defer their wages to assist the club while football is closed due to the coronavirus crisis.

Writing a column for the Daily Telegraph, Lambert said: “We are all experiencing an incredible situation across the world and a wage deferral is the least I can do as a football manager.

“I am desperate to help in any way I can, and myself and the coaching staff are all happy to assist the club in these difficult times.

"There are a lot of people who could lose jobs during this horrible period of uncertainty and nobody wants that to happen.

“We are all fortunate to work in a great sport but we're all equal – we all breathe the same and say the same things, and are no better than anyone else. Everybody in football has to stop and think about what is right.

“This is an unprecedented scenario for everyone and I'm speaking to the [general manager of football operations, Lee O'Neill] on Thursday night and I will certainly consider what is right for the club.”

Lambert adds that the job of a manager doesn’t stop even when there are no games with recruitment and plans for training among the tasks which remain ongoing.

The Blues boss also reiterates that the season should be completed whether starting again in “June or October or November”.

Currently, Town’s players are at home having been given training programmes, while off-field staff are working at home. Everyone is being paid in full with no suggestion of redundancies or any employees having been furloughed as things stand.

The Blues have eight games of their League One season left to play, five of those at Portman Road.

Town would face a significant loss in revenue if those matches were to be played behind closed doors, as has been mooted, with home fixtures bringing in broadly around £100,000 each in matchday tickets plus other on-the-day income such as programme and concourse refreshment sales, although they would save on some costs such as policing and stewarding.

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Ravanelly added 22:37 - Mar 26
Backdated to November 🤤

EssexBloo added 22:40 - Mar 26
I love this.
Before people moan and try to come up with some witty comments Paul Lambert is a blooming good human being and is doing a decent thing here to protect club staff who are probably desperate to keep their jobs. Well done to him and hopefully the keyboard warriors will refrain from this one.

Girthyguy added 23:39 - Mar 26
Bless him. Get out a jail card if you ask me.

Cakeman added 06:49 - Mar 27
EssexBloo, great comments you have summed up Paul Lambert’s welcome words perfectly.

jas0999 added 07:25 - Mar 27
Never had an issue with Lambert trying to do the right thing. He’s had the club at heart and is doing what he can in challenging times. He should be commended for that. Paying for beer, travel and always attending public events - excellent at that.

Sadly, he’s not a very good football manager.

ArnieM added 08:29 - Mar 27
Nice one Paul 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

Bloots added 09:17 - Mar 27
Lambert Out!

Bloots added 09:19 - Mar 27
Classic PR Paul.

OwainG1992 added 09:33 - Mar 27
Good work Paul.
I don't like what's happened to the team under him this year but at the end of the day that doesn't matter.
Other things are much more important.

r2d2 added 09:35 - Mar 27
Good on him for that. Respect where it is due. Still doesnt alter the fact that in no way should he be managing Town come the new season, whenever that may be.

bobble added 09:54 - Mar 27
an admittance that they have all been getting paid way too much for what they many lives have these overpaid footballers saved during their careers ?
how many times each day do they put themselves and their family members at risk of dying ?
they are just a bunch of overpaid money grabbers who have no respect for real struggling people.
why does a prattish gobsh]te footballer get paid 70 times more than a nurse ?

dirtydingusmagee added 10:05 - Mar 27
Spot on jas0999

carlisleaway added 10:39 - Mar 27
Think we should be looking closer at the greedy overpaid footballers and clubs of the Premier League

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 11:14 - Mar 27
Nice one Paul. At least he is making a gesture, which is more than can be said for all the overpaid PL players & managers; at least, I haven't heard of anyone making a sacrifice. I imagine Marcus must be taking a bit of a hit at the moment, but I expect he will survive too. I just hope all the builders, taxi-drivers, hotel cleaners, and factory workers, etc that make up the PR crowd will as well.

BlueNomad added 11:26 - Mar 27
He is just so far away from the burning-£50 note idiots who happen to be particularly good at kicking a ball. He always comes across a really decent bloke which is so much more important.

All this puts into perspective what is important in life. I have always thought that if I am worried about football it means I haven't got anything else in life to worry about. I don't care what divion we will be playing in, I'm just looking forward to the matchday experience with 20k other people. (Please don't comment by saying that it will be less because of the club's ownership / management - we should just be able to enjoy the return to normality in our lives)

ITFCsince73 added 11:51 - Mar 27
That’s great Lambo....I wonder if the other multi millionaires at the club will follow suit.
4 and 8 to name but 2.

ITFCsince73 added 12:01 - Mar 27
Elmswell I won’t comment on management etc for keeping crowds low in the future.
Reality is from now a vast majority won’t be able to afford attending matches.
Add that to the poor ownership etc and 20k crowds at PR IS a thing of the past.
Assuming L1 kicks off next season, a 10k crowd will be a bloody good one.

NewMaldenBlue added 12:23 - Mar 27
BoE base rate 0.1%. A large stable company can access money at very low rates.
Ipswich town debts to a large stable company pay 8% as I recall. There must be a large margin to reduce these payments.
Even so I would imagine all players in EFL will have to take major pay reductions next season.

Cheshire_Blue added 13:24 - Mar 27
Whatever the subject there are always those who can turn it into a negative. This sort of outlook has driven us to mid table League 1.

ITFCsince73 added 14:15 - Mar 27
Cheshire blue. Not sure what your point is, or who you aim it at. This is a platform for all opinions.
As for this particular story, my opinion is.
Paying way over the top salaries, to many underperformers, over a long period of time. Has without question contributed to our mid table L1 position.
Lambo deferring any salary, over many months or years.
Will have zero impact on his wealth.
As for overpaid players. Assuming they have joined the many millions of workers in this country, who have lost 20% of there salary. The vast majority of these overpaid players wont lose much sleep, losing 20% of 4 and 5 figure weekly earnings. The working man in the street, in a lot of cases, struggled on 100% earnings. And now wont make ends meet.

TimmyH added 14:54 - Mar 27
@Jas0999 - yep! about right, Lambert at heart does and says the right things but sadly when it comes to football the management bit let's himself down.

thechangingman added 15:36 - Mar 27
Along with others, I applaud Lambert's gesture, and mourn his lack of management skills.

Good bloke/poor manager, sums it up...

therein61 added 16:18 - Mar 27
Fully agree "jas" perhaps there is a future for him doing O'neills job.

midastouch added 22:39 - Mar 27
@ therein61. In that case perhaps there's a role for O'Neill to do Bluey the mascot's job.

ITFCsince73 added 09:51 - Mar 28
Maybe O’Neil has paint brush in hand....and mask and gloves obviously. Currently doing PR WC areas as we speak.

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