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Premier League, EFL and PFA Issue Joint Statement
Friday, 27th Mar 2020 17:39

The Premier League, EFL and PFA have released a joint statement following today’s meeting relating to the financial implications of the suspension of football due to the coronavirus crisis.

The statement reads: “The Premier League, EFL and PFA met today and discussed the growing seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It was stressed that the thoughts of all three organisations continue to be with everyone affected by the virus.

“The Premier League, EFL and PFA agreed that difficult decisions will have to be taken in order to mitigate the economic impact of the current suspension of professional football in England and agreed to work together to arrive at shared solutions.

“The leagues will not recommence until 30th April at the earliest. They will only do so when it is safe and conditions allow.

“Further meetings will take place next week with a view to formulating a joint plan to deal with the difficult circumstances facing the leagues, their clubs, players, staff and fans.”

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Dissboyitfc added 17:46 - Mar 27
Bit of a pointless meeting really. Still early days, but I think this is gonna get worse before it gets better that’s for sure!

Suffolkboy added 17:46 - Mar 27
Measured , realistic ,objective ,empathetic and thankfully sincere and professional !COYB

ArnieM added 18:22 - Mar 27
I personally don’t think this season will be completed . It’s a dead duck .

ITFCsince73 added 19:03 - Mar 27
When football in general isn’t realistically going to happen over the next 12 months.
The biggest question remains. How many pro clubs will be in existence in this country after that time. The Premier league are better positioned at present.
But this could change very quick. With players on contracts into the tens of millions.
And the real prospect now of the 20/21 season not even taking place.
Barcelona announcing today that all staff on their payroll will either be sacked, or at best their wages slashed to pieces....Messi included. With immediate effect.
Maybe ITFC having a careful spending billionaire owner won’t be so bad after all.

ITFCsince73 added 19:41 - Mar 27
There’s probably a dozen clubs in this country who could ride out any outcome financially.
All because of billionaire ownership. Personal or corporate. This crisis has ended the huge money that comes from tv rights and sponsorship. Maybe when football restarts, it’s on a more level financial footing.
Clubs such as Crystal Palace and the Budgies must be shaking in their boots.

Michael101 added 19:45 - Mar 27
Itfc73.Evans maybe close to a millionaire now but I don't think his ticket tout business will not be doing very well now.If we ever get back to normal he might have to be more careful with his money.

dirtydingusmagee added 21:31 - Mar 27
it will be a level playing field alright , they'll all have F all, just some will get there quicker than others this isnt going away anytime soon and sports of all kind are going to be taken back to the stone age, as money is what its about and there aint gonna be any .

midastouch added 21:56 - Mar 27
As copied from the above article link:
"Players will have to take a reality check and reduced pay cheques. The £5,000-a-week League One star has to accept his next contract could be half that, unless he can secure a move to the Championship. Instead of being offered £40,000 a year, players in League Two may have to take the national layman’s £25,000. The non-league player on £200 a game may be offered £100 next season. And so it goes."

runningout added 23:25 - Mar 27
Acting like our doodling government. This virus is serious to so many! Respect the dead. Cancel this season! It can be done with minimal damage to lower league clubs

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 06:20 - Mar 28
L1 salaries could be cut to £2500 a week? I reckon I could just about scrape by on that!

tractorboybig added 06:37 - Mar 28
may bring financial realism for a while but the problem will only cause a small dent to billionaires and we wont restart with a level playing field the gap will be even wider.

alfromcol added 09:16 - Mar 28
A few less billionaires about after this. No safe haven for money at the moment, gold perhaps, but certainly not football clubs. Hoping that Marcus sticks by us and doesn't walk, anyone who says otherwise is a plonker.

Skip73 added 09:48 - Mar 28
The thoughts of the Premier League are clearly only on themselves as always, otherwise they would be talking about how they could be helping out smaller clubs financially. Greedy b*******

ITFCsince73 added 09:53 - Mar 28
Well done to all the above....getting a bit of debate going.
Just like we all used to love in the old days.

dirtydingusmagee added 10:58 - Mar 28
Even when / if clubs get back to playing , the impending global recession will make attending games as fans a luxury, .....a luxury many will not be able to afford. Cash through turnstiles will be a fraction of what it has been. Many fans now are'nt old enough to have experienced the hardships that are going to follow on from this .Players are going to find life very different , agent,s ''fat cat'' parasitic lives are also going to find things less rosy .Yes folks things are going to change .

OliveR16 added 13:03 - Mar 28
'We don't know what to do.
We'll have to have more meetings about it'

Skip73 added 13:21 - Mar 28
Dirtydingus, regarding 9what you say about players and agents, at least something good will come out of all this

Pecker added 14:41 - Mar 28
Didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. Totally pointless.

masetheace added 17:04 - Mar 28
Well said running out . Football needs to get out of its bubble and realise that life across the globe is more important. Cancel the season now - start again but only when its save to all - even if it means cancelling some competitions next season

ringwoodblue added 19:23 - Mar 29
Hope all Town fans and their families on here are keeping well and managing to adjust to the new ways of living and working.

As the experts are talking about the lockdown going on for 3-6 months, there is no way this season will get finished so the football governing bodies are just delaying the inevitable. I think even the 20/21 season will have to start later than usual with no cup competitions in order to reduce fixture congestion. It’s going to be a different world after this crisis and football will have to adapt to survive.

essextractorboy93 added 09:30 - Mar 31
Won't be any football for a while but the season should be completed. What happens when we return in October or something? Wont be able to have next season as their would be such a backlog of fixtures. We would surely just complete the rest of season season, all competitions and stagger it a bit. A week between each game and stretch it out to reach the Euros in summer 2021

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