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Lambert: We Have to Learn From Last Season
Thursday, 23rd Jul 2020 10:18

Boss Paul Lambert says everyone at Town, including himself, has to learn from last season in which the Blues finished a disappointing 11th in League One having topped the table in the opening months and again in January.

The Town manager was back at Playford Road yesterday for the start of pre-season training ahead of 2020/21.

“We have to learn from last season. We all do,” Lambert told the club site.

“I have looked at myself and what I could have changed. I always do that.

“I’ll speak to the lads and ask them for their opinions. We are all in it together and we need to stick together if we are to be successful.

“Results hurt us over the last two months, having been top in January but we mustn’t forget the good things we did either.

“It’s about looking forward now and I’m more determined than ever to get it right next season.”

The new season is expected to start on September 12th with a decision set to be made at a meeting tomorrow.

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Skip73 added 10:25 - Jul 23
No, Lambert. YOU have to learn. The team were doing very well until you ruined things wth your rotation policy and unneccesary postponements.

MooseJuice added 10:37 - Jul 23
Whilst I agree with you Skip that Lambert needs to put his hands up and admit to all the mistakes he made last year (rotating goalkeepers, shoe horning Judge into a team when he didn't fit anywhere, postponing games unnecessarily etc etc) I would suggest that the team weren't doing 'very well' at the start, they were getting by in a very poor league.

Suffolkboy added 10:37 - Jul 23
What’s happened has happened ;hindsight is the only exact science but the way forward is just that !Everybody in our smashing club will need to be unified ( as ever ) in consistent and persistent determination and optimism ; energy and enthusiasm for the tasks ahead in any new season are key factors and responsibilities !
So let’s all be the truest of supporters ,helping the side, the management ,the Academy and everyone working in our interest to deliver .

dominiciawful added 10:47 - Jul 23
12th place, here we come.

Pencilpete added 10:52 - Jul 23
On paper we have a team that is more than good enough to challenge for promotion in this league - getting them to perform, dig in and play is the managers job and that was woefully poor last season. I'd love to see Lambert succeed but i think he is very fortunate to still have a job but one of the things i love about my club is that managers are given time and i'm pleased that is at least one tradition that Evans has largely continued

StringerBell added 10:53 - Jul 23
We do have to learn from last season - the lesson I learnt is that we need a far better Manager, not some clot spewing PR guff all the time.

unknown100 added 10:54 - Jul 23
Skip73- I don’t like lambert or his rotation policy but weren’t we top for the first half of the season with the rotation policy and it was only when he started sticking with the same team that we started losing?

Bluearmy_81 added 10:55 - Jul 23
Pete, the club have rewarded failure and pretty much said failure and underachievement is good enough. Only 4 years to go... 🤣😂

Carberry added 10:56 - Jul 23
But with all your success and experience shouldn't you have seen all this coming PR Paul?
And Pencilpete I don't think Paul Hurst was offered much time, whatever you may think of his ability.

MickMillsTash added 11:05 - Jul 23
A little detail on what we will need to do to improve might be useful- there has just been a 4 month break.
Anyway here's some input:-
We need more physicality, Rotherham bullied us- a Jason De Vos type player would be useful.
Goalkeepers- pick one - no need to rotate
Runners from midfield- Surely someone can break the lines more regularly than Judge, Skuse, Edwards, Nolan etc
Have a plan how to play- do we have the players at full back for 3-5-2 , are we strong enough for 4-4-2?
Humility - respect the division and opponents - we finished 11th and deservedly so. Hard work and organisation will go further than empty PR bluster about not getting promoted being failure. We lost to Fleetwood, Blackpool, Bristol Rovers, Accrington- that's where we are.
injured players- Huw's, Bishop, Keane- if they can't play - get rid. If they won't play- get rid.

Lambert improved Downes and his signings Of KVY and Norwood were good - so some grounds for optimism but there were large shovels of Sh1t last season that might suggest he will be out by November if things don't go well.

ArnieM added 11:32 - Jul 23
Right, fair doos. Give him a chance ( we all make mistakes ). Let’s see if HE does indeed learn . Players also do need to step up to plate . Some of our so called “ better” and more experienced players were bloody woeful. This must change . So let’s give it another go and I feel sure with a fully fit squad we really should be getting promoted this season. But if PL resorts to his previous ways I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Evans will pull the trigger .

tractorboybig added 11:33 - Jul 23
I think the lesson we all learnt was that you should GO and everything will remain the same while you are here.

ArnieM added 11:37 - Jul 23
Spot on MMT 👍

Terry_Nutkins added 12:01 - Jul 23
Skip you are just changing history to fit your viewpoint.

Its perfectly correct to say the players need to learn and improve. They have to take responsibility for their performances and grow a backbone as well!

The ultimate buck stops with Lambert and he 100% needs to have learnt and just needs to get results and be around the top after 10 games or I don't think he'll get the fans back onside. We badly need to get up next season before salary caps.

Dissboyitfc added 12:25 - Jul 23
Truth is we werent playing particularly well at any point last season! lucky on many occasions but postponing and rotation destroyed all momentum! many of us said it at the time with regards those policies, so its not a case of being wise after the event!

My worry is that Lambert is the king of spin, with this in mind is he saying what he feels we need to hear! Time will tell, first half a dozen games will tell us!

rabbit added 12:56 - Jul 23
Bluearmy_81 just for clarification ( although clarifying most of your child like posts is not something you ever feel able to do!) what is it today as far as you are concerned, is PL great, as you have previously said and it will be ME's fault if he doesn't succeed, or are you now saying PL is no good and should go?
If you can't remember saying that PL was great I can let you know when you did so you can check for yourself!!

delias_cheesy_flaps added 13:36 - Jul 23
You still here Lambert....

StowTractorBoy added 13:37 - Jul 23
The first priority for the coming season is to sign a centre back to replace the hapless Chambers. How many goals did he cost us last season - too many. I have been a Chambers fan and he is a great Club man but in football there should be no sentiment and we need a no nonsense stopper next to Woolfie. Others need to step up to the plate notably Nolan who works hard with little at the end of it. I think Norwood and Jackson will work but they need a supply line and not just hoofball. We could also do with another striker but that may be asking too much. Agree with others the downfall last season started with rotation in the extreme. A few changes yes but Lambert made too many thus destroying the momentum. Top six is our first aim but I believe this will be a big challenge - here is hoping..

TimmyH added 14:02 - Jul 23
Too many people were getting carried away with the results the first half of the season...only were there a few matches that we performed well in and that is usually the biggest tell tail factor in the second half of the season when the pressure comes on.

Certain players need to up there game in our squad and the magnifying glass will be on Lambert even more as there are BIG question marks about him...

BlueMachines added 14:03 - Jul 23
Why does he always say form in the last 2 months cost us? November and December were an utter shambles too. We briefly scraped back to the top in January but it papered over the massive cracks.
The club knew Norwood was carrying an injury during the January transfer window but we did nothing to cover this! Massive error. We struggled for goals for the rest of the season! Utterly terrible, fully expected. Sadly.

ThaiBlue added 14:17 - Jul 23
Sorry paul lambert there is no exuse for last season,you and the team should have done tons better how we were top of this division with the footy that we played is unreal,when the results started to go against us he did not no how to change things and i think panicked and made poor desisions which a good manager would not have done.poor manager all round brings poor performances all round.

BlueandTruesince82 added 14:55 - Jul 23
Lessons like decide who your no 1 glove man is and stick to it and lay of the rotation because whilst Rochdale on Tues night might feel like an FA cup reply its actually not and we're not Man Utd

BlueBadger added 15:02 - Jul 23
Ah, the gaslighting is starting again is it?

'I know I hurt you and should have done better, but I'll definitely do it THIS time'.

Terry_Nutkins added 15:07 - Jul 23
Bluemachines but he is factually right. We were top in Jan. So when it counted and we needed to turn the screw we went on an abysmal run. He's right in that sense but it makes no odds when the form was bad. The only thing that massively matters was the result which wasnt good enough! I'll get behind him and the boys again but he can not afford a repeat or he's gone.

He is fortunate to keep his job but i'm hoping it will prove a good call. Time will tell but another season ending like that and he'll have to go.

BlueBadger added 15:31 - Jul 23
He should have gone last May, no if's no buts. A gutless relegation, so set pattern of play and a transfer window wasted on expensive, mostly-flops. Two of whom we then inexplicably signed permanently.

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