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Town Confirm Stream Details for Spurs and West Ham
Thursday, 20th Aug 2020 10:55

Town have released details of the online streams for the friendlies against Tottenham at their new stadium on Saturday (3pm) and West Ham at Portman Road next Tuesday (KO 2pm).

For the Spurs game, fans should purchase an Away Match Pass for £10 having completed the registration page here.

The Blues will receive a percentage of revenue generated by their supporters with a dropdown box indicating which club fans support.

Town have confirmed that they will be streaming the Hammers game live with five-camera coverage and commentary, priced at £10 with full details to be confirmed.

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trncbluearmy added 10:56 - Aug 20
Nice one!
Decent price to

Bluearmy_81 added 11:05 - Aug 20
Absolute joke... I'm having a little think how the club can fleece the fans a lil bit more

MrJase_79 added 11:09 - Aug 20
£10? decent price? No thank you. Even if it is a proper camera this time and has commentary that isn't ahead of the game - it's still a PSF.

Absolute fleecing.

Northstandveteran added 11:15 - Aug 20
It's occasions like this when I am glad the good Lord gifted me more sense than money.

cleggo added 11:20 - Aug 20
£10 for a stream of a pre season friendly? You are having a giraffe

Surely a ticket to the actual game wouldn’t even have cost that much

hoppy added 11:21 - Aug 20
To those moaning... if the games weren't behind closed doors, and a friendly against Spurs in their new ground, and a home game against West Ham was offered as a couple of pre-season friendlies... would you be getting tickets, paying for travel, probably buying drinks and food?
Nobody is forcing you to pay £10, part of which will be going to Town anyway, but you do get to see the game if you do. If it had been possible to be there, it would've cost you a lot more than that.

I don't see how in any way this can be seen as 'fleecing'?

ArnieM added 11:22 - Aug 20
Have to laugh at people moaning about a £10 price tag to watch WHU streaming . No such complaints about Spurs £25 for a ticket for a meaningless pre season friendly then. Now that IS a rip off.

Reusersgreasymop added 11:34 - Aug 20
Well said cleggo

SaigonTractor added 11:59 - Aug 20
I don't really have any problems with the price considering the circumstances with Covid. However, I won't be paying any amount of money to watch Ipswich try and defend against Harry Kane and Son Heung-min.

ArnieM added 12:39 - Aug 20
lol , it will be a bit of a footballing lesson I suspect , and no, I wont be paying to watch essentially a "training session" either !

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 12:45 - Aug 20
Sorry, but I agree with those who think that £10 for a pre-season friendly is a rip-off. What you might have bought if you’d been travelling to the game is irrelevant. The only reason I’ll probably pay up (apart from being a mug) is that ”a percentage” goes to Town. I wish I knew what the percentage was, however.

Ravanelly added 13:04 - Aug 20
And of course that's £10 for the stream not per person so would be cheap for a family say. Can't please everyone but I'm happy with this.

Alan_Handsome added 13:09 - Aug 20
Don't know how you can judge if it was value or not, yet?? If the game turns out to be a 6-5 last minute win over Spurs, with Mourinho losing the plot and knocking Lambert out on the touchline, with Lambert having to be brought round using smelling salts and a few slaps to the face....it would be the best £10 you ever spent. If Town get smashed 6-0 and look thoroughly woeful, you'd have probably felt better by donating it to charity. We wait and see..............

TractorRoyNo1 added 13:36 - Aug 20
I assume it will be spuds u23?

Beforeyouwereborn added 15:31 - Aug 20
£10 is fine, however I won't be watching, I shall be walking the dog - haven't seen a friendly since...no, can't remember.

Jesney_Havoc added 16:04 - Aug 20
Nearly every match seems a rip off if we lose but good value if we win. On this one, I somehow think that watching us chase shadows and be outclassed for 90 minutes feels like a rip-off at £10 and I'm oot.

algarvefan added 16:26 - Aug 20
People nobody is forcing you to watch either game.
The word supporter contains the word support, I shall 'support' my team in times when they badly need the cash and watch both games because I love my club. Be grateful you live in a part of the world that still gives you choices, either watch or don't but stop bleating about the cost, it's still much less than a match ticket!!!

BigBlueMac added 16:53 - Aug 20
So many tight arse miserable people

Wickets added 17:55 - Aug 20
Family bubble ! think that is up to 10 people ? works out at little over £1 each . what great value .

Wickets added 17:56 - Aug 20
Sorry OPPS Up to 8 people !

therein61 added 18:35 - Aug 20
Whatever it costs it's up to the individual if they want to pay or not

Dockerblue added 20:25 - Aug 20
Can you imagine Chambers trying to defend against Kane and Son? He couldn't,t handle most of league ones strikers last season and showed against Col. Utd that nothing has changed since then. That will be why l won,t be streaming the game or watching Town while he is in the side

PSGBlue added 21:51 - Aug 20
I agree £10 for a friendly is a rip off! Considering BT are streaming the Champions League final for free. If the games were being streamed at the same time, what you do. Pay £10 to watch a non complétive friendly or the best in Europe?

By the way Allez PSG!

peaky69 added 00:30 - Aug 21
I will take the optimistic line.
As the stream is not part of the already negotiated relationship for streaming Ipswich matches I would imagine the provider is taking £5 per subscription, not the clubs. But given the times the subscriber is kindly donating the other £5 to the club you support.

Look at it as you giving £5 to Ipswich and paying £5 for a subscribed service.
And stop being so pessimistic.

Clemcc added 09:17 - Aug 21
Stop moaning about £10... support the club in anyway

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