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Taylor: Young Players Have to Earn the Right to Be in the Photo Call
Saturday, 29th Aug 2020 17:50

Assistant boss Stuart Taylor says young players have to “earn the right” to be involved in the club’s annual photo call, Armando Dobra, Idris El Mizouni, Corrie Ndaba, Aaron Drinan and Brett McGavin having been left out of this season’s which took place on Thursday.

It was reported elsewhere that the quintet travelled to Portman Road to join the 24 senior players for the photos but were told by manager Paul Lambert that they weren’t required, which Taylor says wasn’t the case.

“I think what was printed in the paper was a whole lot of lies and wherever that came from, who knows,” he said.

“They were left out of the photo purely because they’re young kids. It happens at every football club across the world.

“There are stages in a football career where it’s about playing in enough games to go and earn the right to be in things like the photo call. There are also other elements in the progression of a young player coming through at a football club.

“I just think it’s disappointing that someone’s come out with the lies that were told, that they turned up at Portman Road, which wasn’t the case, that the manager told them then and pulled them out, that wasn’t the case, they were told well before that. Nobody turned up at Portman Road and wasn’t in the photo call.

“I find that disappointing that those lies because it makes the young players feel that there’s an awkward situation for them.

“They were told, they understood it, they were totally fine with it, and they were also told they would be involved in Saturday’s game as well, so to say they were taken out of the first team and put in the [U23s] game [against Norwich] on Friday isn’t true.

“I find it a shame because of the supporters, we’re all trying to pull together. It’s something that the manager’s done since he came to the football club, he’s tried to get the supporters and the community and the club together, hence why we’ve done the community work.

“And the idea of that is to pull everybody in the same direction to go and get success, but somebody is obviously working against that. And as a supporter, I wouldn’t be happy that somebody’s putting that in the papers. I wouldn’t be happy as a supporter paying my season ticket money and somebody’s being disruptive like that.

“That’s the reason for the young kids not being in the photos. You have to, like at every club in the football world, you have to earn the right to get into things like the team photo.

“If we were to turn around and say that anybody who had made a first-team appearance is going to be in it, there would have been about 40 in the team photo.

“The guy would have had to stand down at the Copdock roundabout to take it because there would have been that many in it because this is a football club where we do believe in the young kids, we want them to go and progress and develop.

“And we do it right and they do all make an appearance and do all play and get challenges like today, like all pre-season games.

“They’ve had an opportunity to go and play, they’ve all had that chance to go and develop and progress their careers but there are things they are not ready for and it’s things like that, simple as that.

“Nothing untoward, just as straightforward as that. They need to earn the right to go and achieve certain things like earning the right to come up and train with the first team.

“Once you earn the right to train with the first team, then you earn the right to maybe be in the first-team squad, then you earn the right to maybe make an appearance. Happens everywhere.”

He added: “It’s keeping players hungry, keeping players having that motivation of ‘I want to get in the first team for next season, so I’m going to make sure I go and make so many appearances, I’ll try that little bit harder’.

“I think a lot of kids get too much too soon and they lose that desire and they lose that hunger. I’m not saying those kids are like that at all, but it’s still nice to leave something there to be hungry for and have that desire for.

“Brett McGavin’s he’s been up training with the first team so much, he’s maybe not made that many appearances for different reasons.

“Corrie Ndaba has been up training with the first team since practically the day we walked through the door, he was one the gaffer targeted straight away, he took him out of the U23s and said ‘You come with us’.

“And for whatever reasons [he’s not made a competitive first-team appearance yet], it’s harder to put a centre-back in than a centre forward, everybody knows that.

“But Corrie’s been up training with the first team quite a bit, he’s gone back down to the U23s, like all the other kids have done, again it’s part of their progression, part of the development, so there’s no issues on anything to do with that.

“We’re a club that believes in its kids, the gaffer’s done that everywhere he’s been, if they’re good enough, they’re old enough, and they go and play.”

One of those to get their chance today was young left-back Tommy Smith.

“Tommy’s a young kid and young kids at this club always get their chance, if they’re good enough they’ll always get a chance," Taylor said.

“Towards the end, we had an abundance of them with Idris, with Dobra, with Corrie, with Brett McGavin, who started the game.

“There are loads and loads of young kids. They were always involved today and we put some of them in the U23s game yesterday to give them minutes to top them up, which was good for them because it gave them game minutes but kept them involved with the first team today, which was great.”

Photo: Matchday Images

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Upthetown1970 added 17:53 - Aug 29
Did anyone earn the right to be in the photo? After last seasons 11th place finish. What joke!!!

maxharrold added 17:59 - Aug 29
So should the senior players!!

Karlosfandangal added 18:04 - Aug 29
And again lots of fans knocking Lambert before they know the facts..... disappointing

jas0999 added 18:05 - Aug 29
Why were the likes of Chambers and Skuse in it then? Complete let downs as senior players last year and certainly haven’t earnt the right to be in it for some years now. Several others also.

Suffolkboy added 18:08 - Aug 29
Extremely good to see and read forthright comments like this ; too often we are conspiratorially misled to sell papers / create a story ; and too often it goes unchallenged !
So very well done and said by our Asst Manager .

ITFC_96 added 18:10 - Aug 29
What a load of horse s***. Based on merit, there are plenty of people who have done nothing to deserve to be in the photograph. And "earning" the right to be a in a team photograph is an absolute joke. Get these clowns out of this club, or our most promising players will (rightfully) want to leave.

Carberry added 18:21 - Aug 29
You believe him do you? 100%? Youngsters banging on the 1st team door don't get in the team photo...really?

JDAndCoke added 18:24 - Aug 29
Shouldn't be any negativity on this story at all. Clear that the club are annoyed at the story that's been written. Taylor speaks from the heart here which is great to see and we all need to pull in the same direction this season more than most. Complete non-story from the off

Elmswell_Blue added 18:33 - Aug 29
Suffolkboy, you’ll get shot down on here for saying that!

chrisswailes added 18:36 - Aug 29
Load of bollo*ks. We’ve (nearly) all figured you out.

You’re a football manager, not a marketing guru.

Get out of my club.

Terry_Nutkins added 18:39 - Aug 29
So the EADT actually owe an apology here. They've gone to print with a pack of lies which is disgusting. Understandable that fans were annoyed about it too but I'm pretty surprised to see some comments still outraged by it?! "Why are Skuse and Chambo in the photo?" What!? What planet has that come from.

chrisswailes added 18:43 - Aug 29
Hi Paul!

Terry_Nutkins added 18:46 - Aug 29
I mean Chris you've already embarrassed yourself by addressing the manager about these comments which are not from the manager....nice one.

JDAndCoke added 18:47 - Aug 29
People saying senior pros should be left out are completely missing the point haha.

These guys haven't been left out based on performances as you are suggesting. Imagine saying to club captain Luke Chambers that he won't be in the squad photo because young Corrie Ndaba who's played 0 league minutes should be involved instead. Get a grip people

chrisswailes added 18:48 - Aug 29
Hey Paul!

BryanPlug added 18:53 - Aug 29
Earn the right my ar5e. What a load of outdated, old school balls. Half the squad are stealing a living. And what have the coaching staff done to earn a place in the photo? Relegation and failure to get promoted.

MonkeyAlan added 19:04 - Aug 29
Based on merit, none of the players who were in the photo shoot should have been in it either. And after today's performance ld put them all up for sale if it weren't for the fact no one would want them anyway!

Skip73 added 20:05 - Aug 29
If players have to earn the right to be in the photo, then the club shouldn't have one done. The squad is a pathetic, embarrassing shower and none of the senior members are fit to wear the shirt. I suppose Lambert thinks todays loss to Cambridge is positive.

Bert added 20:08 - Aug 29
Lies and untruths are what fill newspapers nowadays although the EADT usually gets it right. What a lot of unnecessary hot air yesterday and today from people who clearly want to think the worst to fuel their own unbalanced views on anything ITFC. Full marks to Taylor for barking back.

multiplescoregasms added 21:14 - Aug 29
“If we were to turn around and say that anybody who had made a first-team appearance is going to be in it, there would have been about 40 in the team photo.

Well if you didn't keep rotating the players you wouldn't have so many mate.


blues1 added 21:58 - Aug 29
Half the people posting on this clearly have missed the point being made. It's not about how certain players have performed. It's about young players having to earn the right, through different stages, leading up to being in the photo. So, gettingvto train with the 1st team. Then to make some appearances in the team. Then to hold down a place in the team, thus making u a real part of the 1st team squad, rather than some1 who floats between there and the u23s. That then earnsxthem the right to be classed as a 1st team player and thus rightfully in the photo. Trouble is, too many of you are too busy trying to find a negative for every story, you dont bother to think about what ur posting. Good to see some sensible comments on here too tho.

have_a_word_with_him added 00:46 - Aug 30
Is the squad photo not simply for all those with pro contracts- if you don't have a pro contract you aren't in the photo, if you do you are? I have no idea which of these young players have pro contracts or not though...

OwainG1992 added 06:59 - Aug 30
The angry bitterness of our fans shocks me at times.

Tractorboy1985 added 09:36 - Aug 30
The utter tripe I read on here.... dear dear dear... so we have a young upcoming talent in Dobra but he’s told he’s not required for the photo?? Attracting premier league clubs? What sort of message does this send out to the young man? Lambert you are a total shambles and you’re number 2 is even more embarrassing!! Never been the same since Ian culverhouse left your side! So many still happy to see us fall even further... support the team... get behind the club... we are an absolute joke!!

Kesblue66 added 09:50 - Aug 30
I get so tired of word kids.its used far to much,why not youngsters?

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