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Lambert: I Don't Know if Downes Wanted to Play Today
Sunday, 13th Sep 2020 15:32

Blues manager Paul Lambert says the situation with midfielder Flynn Downes is “the same as it was” and that he doesn't know whether the 21-year-old, who was again left out of the 18, wanted to play in today's match against Wigan.

Downes, who joined the subs for the warm-down after the game, was recently the subject of transfer interest from Crystal Palace - they made rejected bids of £1.2 million and £1.6 million - and subsequently handed in a transfer request.

The former England U20 international was given a few days off last weekend to clear his head but wasn’t involved in either the EFL Trophy tie against Arsenal’s U21s on Tuesday or today’s 2-0 victory over the Latics.

“It’s the same as it was, the guys have done great,” Lambert said when quizzed about Downes’s absence. "What happened last year is finished, you have to perform this year.

"The kid’s brain was fried by the Palace thing and that ain’t ever going to happen until Marcus Evans says there’s a really good bid there. I would drive Flynn myself because the guy’s done great for me, he’s done absolutely brilliant.

"The kid’s head is all over the place, he’s training. The guys at the minute are playing fabulously well. I don’t know what will happen with Flynn, whether he goes or whether he stays, I really don’t know.

“As I said before, I think he’s been badly advised on a lot of things, it’s not his fault. My job is his welfare, which was why I let him away for a few days. He’s training but that’s where it is.”

Did he want to play in the game today? How did he take your decision not to include him in the 18? “I don’t know, I don’t know if he wanted to play. I don’t know, to be honest with you.”

Is Lambert’s gut feeling that Downes will play for the club again or is his departure now inevitable? “It’s only inevitable when the buying club and the selling club agree. As I said, the guy’s done great for me but unless Marcus Evans says yes or no, you can’t do anything. I don’t know.”

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Pippin1970 added 15:39 - Sep 13
Obviously being sold unfortunately

JaySwitch added 15:42 - Sep 13
Doesn't matter now, daft thing to say does Flynn no good whatsoever..

Also, TWTD please I beg u stop breaking down single interviews into multiple stories!!

Lambert: -

Lambert: -

Lambert: -

Just let us read the whole thing please.

Suffolkboy added 15:47 - Sep 13
Hopelessly adrift then , Mr Lambert : you’re his manager at our Club; we have every right to expect you to not only be able and willing to get all the players to perform ,but also to be totally au fait with absolutely everything to do with each and every detail .
You are , after all , unless I’m completely in the dark , one of the Top Three individuals running ITFC , and the Senior amongst the Management of the playing squad !
Too much flim flam which is not palatable , and speaks of you either being excluded from the inner cabal , or not able to find the words to even appear transparent .
Now this may be an erroneous conclusion ,and it may boil down to misrepresentation by the media : but it’s not the firm and confident public image to portray !
Report — could do better , must try harder -Marks out of ten ? about 5 to 6.

Dolphinblue added 15:51 - Sep 13
Fantastic manager Lambert #wheresthenegcrew...........Silence

leftie1972 added 15:54 - Sep 13
Perhaps he needs to ask Flynn whether he wants to play or not? PL’s job is to manage the football team and get positive displays and results from those within that team. As has been said recently, it’s your shirt to lose!

ChrisR added 15:56 - Sep 13
Well if he does not want to play , then perhaps the club may not want to pay him . Hasn’t played for 6 months while being paid , so a game or two would not be too much to ask . Either way he won’t be missed !

prebbs007 added 16:06 - Sep 13
Surely as the manager of the team it’s your job to know a) who’s available and b) pick the best team. So unless Evans tells you not to select him becoz we’re selling him then you pick him. You are making yourself look even more of a muppet than normal if you don’t even know who to pick from.

ipswichdave added 16:21 - Sep 13
Lambert Out that was rubbish, could see better organisation on Dumbarton Rec, the ko.summed it up.

ipswichdave added 16:23 - Sep 13
Lambert is a dock and clueless

Jack27 added 16:25 - Sep 13
It’s easy to say Lambert’s clueless because he says he doesn’t know...but do you really think he’s going to tell everyone exactly what’s happening? Of course not.

Dolphinblue added 16:28 - Sep 13
Lambert defo not clueless...its clear that Downes has gone into a massive sulk

Dolphinblue added 16:29 - Sep 13
#thenegcrew....their the clueless ones....joke supporters

MonkeyAlan added 16:33 - Sep 13
Downes isnt a child he needs to grow up. Play for the club, then he will get his move. Dont play and he can rot in the reserves as far as lm concerned.

blueboy1981 added 16:36 - Sep 13
.... Dolphinblue - what a pl####r you are ?

SpiritOfJohn added 16:38 - Sep 13
I like the energy Downes gives to the team when he is on song, but there is no reason why he should stroll back into the side, especially if the midfield are playing well. His agent may have led him into a cul-de-sac, if Palace don't come back with a better offer he could be left in limbo.

RobITFC added 16:52 - Sep 13
he is contracted to play for Ipswich Town and paid accordingly , so if he is fit he either plays or get rid asap. No point having him here if he is not going to play ? I hope he stays and gets on with his career and think Palace is the wrong place for him as he will just be loaned out anyway.

Sir_Monte_Carlo added 16:58 - Sep 13
So he's basically gone on strike.

pennblue added 17:07 - Sep 13
It's a real tough situation for both player and club. Flynn wants to secure his financial future, you never know what is round the corner, and I don't blame him for that. But the reality is, if he goes to Palace (who are a smaller club than ours, make no mistake about it, we have a bigger fanbase), he will get loaned out here, there and everywhere. This may turn out to be good for him, but I doubt it. Who is going to take ownership of his development? The loan club won't, not like Ipswich would.

It's down to the FA to create an environment in this country, where youngster can play 1st team football on a regular basis and developed properly. The only thing Ipswich can't offer him right now, is the same pay cheque that Palace are no doubt offering. Again, that comes down to filtering funds to the other leagues to create a more level playing field.

BlueandTruesince82 added 17:10 - Sep 13
Don't see what the issue is here. It doesn't matter what Downes wanted, he was never going to play, he's handed in transfer request so if we all think he going to can ask Downes do you want to play? Well thats misguided.

Lambert was concentrating on preparing for the game, rightly. Not getting distracted by any circus that Downes wants to bring to town.

For the record, I obvs want Downes to stay and don't think he will go because I don't think Palace will stump up the cash but until the window is closed I don't see him getting over his strop.

gosblue added 17:13 - Sep 13
I was only saying yesterday that if I was Flynn’s gaffer I’d leave him out of the squad this weekend then put him on the bench for Fulham. If he trains well and shows good attitude he could maybe earn a start against Brizzle. He must want to play, otherwise I don’t think PL would let him train with the first team. Problem could be if Palace come back in for him in a month’s time with another derisory offer.

CokeIsKey added 17:17 - Sep 13
I expect he'll play against Fulham on Wednesday - will give him a chance to prove he's capable against a strong Premier League midfield.

SickParrot added 17:30 - Sep 13
How can Mr Lambert not realise that it is a sad indictment of his man management that he didn't know if Flynn wanted to play? He had probably already decided to stick with Dozzell, Nolan & Bishop, but what if one of them got injured in the warm up or early in the game. He should've known if Flynn was ready to play from the bench if needed. Not surprised that he didn't know though, as I understand that his communication style is to bark orders to the group but avoid talking to the players individually if possible (same as Hurst).

Essexnblue added 17:37 - Sep 13
I back Lambert with this one, all players what ever age want to do is play.
Downes tells him he is not right s that is what his agent has told him to say and rightfully PL leaves him out.
If Downes wants to play for ITFC then he should be knocking on the managers door and telling him so especially after he gave him some time off to think about his future.
Has he withdrawn his transfer request?
So its unchanged, why play a player who wants away and while the results are positive he isn't missed.
The only thing I worry about is that he will be sold to close to the window to replace although Lambert did hint at a couple of loans on Sky.

BlueSwede added 17:39 - Sep 13
I think Lambert knows everything about what Downs feel and think and all about the bids, but why should he go and tell the whole world about something that is clearly an internal thing.

He is totally clear about one thing though: Downs won't be sold if the offer is not acceptable and it clearly isn't. Then it's down to Downs - and his agent - to decide wether he want to play or not.

Skip73 added 17:46 - Sep 13
He's not needed atm, a decent pergormance today and 2 goals from midfield. Let him rot in the reserves. An average player at best. Having said that, if Palace want him Town should still bump the price up to about £10m, they are Premier League after all and have the money.

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