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Lambert: The Football We Played Was Incredible
Tuesday, 6th Oct 2020 22:07

Town boss Paul Lambert was delighted with his young side as they defeated Gillingham 2-0 in the EFL Trophy, hailing the performance as “incredible”.

Second-half goals from Armando Dobra and Ben Folami saw the Blues to a comfortable win over a more senior Gills team.

“I thought the football was incredible from the young guys. The three experienced guys, Janoi [Donacien], Woolfy [Luke Woolfenden] and [David] Cornell, I thought they were excellent.

“As a team I thought the football we played was incredible, against a really good side. They’ve started the season well, they were really strong, they had strong guys, but we were really, really good.”

Seventeen-year-old Indonesia U19s call-up Elkan Baggott made a composed debut at centre-half but Lambert was at pains not to praise any particular individual in what he felt was an excellent team display.

“You may as well talk about the team,” he reflected. “I’m not singling out any player as that will do them a disservice. All of them were incredible, every one of them was really, really good, I’m really pleased.

“I’ve got my own thoughts on each player individually but it’s unfair I think to say anything about one guy because you never know how it affects young players.”

He added: “We have to earn the right to win the game. We played incredible, we played really good. We used the ball really well, we made the pitch really big, we had some really good movement.

“We had young guys that we worked with yesterday who’ve done really, really well and it’s a small step for them.

“I don’t know how many times they’ve all played together. Some guys have not played too many games, some guys I’ve watched them over the last few weeks against Millwall and Norwich [for the U23s] and I’ve seen some really good things from certain guys and I just think whoever impresses me when I come and watch, then we give them chances.”

Lambert had no qualms about fielding such a young side, despite a £5,000 fine which is set to come their way as a result, although they will receive £10,000 for winning the tie in 90 minutes.

“I told you at the weekend what we were going to do,” he said. “I’ve told you before, I think it’s an absolute disgrace we have to play these games. Every team has injuries, every team,[we’re in] the pandemic, we have injuries all over the place at the minute.

“If there’s a fine then we take it because it’s not right to play this tournament, in my opinion.

“People might want to play it, I think it’s wrong, even though people say it gave the kids that chance, but I still think it’s wrong for the modern world of football to play competitions we don’t need to play.”

He added: “I didn’t want to play it, which is why the kids came in. I think it’s a nonsense, I really do.

“We have 50-odd games to try and fit into 35 weeks. I don’t even think there’s a sponsor for the competition. They haven’t even played the final for last year yet, and yet we’re still playing. It’s an absolute nonsense that we are.

“Number one, you get too many injuries, number two, pre-season’s been ridiculously long, we’ve had six months off. Everything goes against the logic of trying to play these games.”

Turning to the two goals, he said: “Great goal from Dobra, it was a helluva strike, it really was, different class the goal. He did really, really well the whole game, Dobs. The goal was great.

“And [Liam] Gibbs [who created the second], I think is a really good footballer, a good football brain. Again it’s small steps but I go back to what I said, I can’t praise any individual [above any other].”

Lambert says he’s still keen to get the likes of Dobra out on loan to gain further first team experience.

“We have to get these guys out,” he continued. “I don’t think anybody should get bowled over by how well we played, it’s only one game.

“We played really well against a good side, we played some really terrific football. Physically we knew we couldn’t beat Gillingham, so we spoke about a few things which could make them better going into a physical battle and I thought they used the ball [well], the speed of the ball, the two-touch and the movement was first class.

“They need time, that ain’t going to be a really quick fix, they need time to develop. Whether people get time, nobody knows in football management. But the way they played tonight, I’m pretty sure they’ve impressed a few people, and that was the aim.”

Photo: TWTD

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Blue_Again added 22:23 - Oct 6
Sat with the 1000 town fans In north stand. Great atmosphere

Chrisd added 22:24 - Oct 6
PL needs to get a thesaurus for Christmas, there are other adjectives than incredible. Seems to use this word to describe most of our games.

blues1 added 22:29 - Oct 6
Blue again. I'll have a pint of what ur on?😂😂

anditractor added 22:36 - Oct 6
Blue again and blues1 , I will join you for that pint !!🤣🤣

eddiespearitt03 added 22:44 - Oct 6
We really really did well, we really did. We used the ball really well. We played really good football.We made the pitch really big. We had young guys who did really really well. We had some really good movement.They were really strong. We played against a really good side.They had really strong guys but we were really really good.
Oh ffs,really ?

ArnieM added 22:48 - Oct 6
Any chance Dobra in the senior squad from now on instead of Judge ?

IpswichToon added 22:58 - Oct 6
Fine this team £5k for not fielding a strong enough team that comfortably won 2-0!

runningout added 23:15 - Oct 6
First team can learn from that win, from the men (I’m not calling them kids as they’ve left school) Some good quick play from them and that is the order for League1 success. The teams currently up there with us are doing some decent stuff. I live not too far from Lincoln for my sins and they seem not a bad squad as have Hull. Although both not on par with us when we want it!!

Fat_Boy_Tim added 23:16 - Oct 6
ArnieM, I had the same thought but I suppose we have to take the opposition into account.

It might be unfashionable but I have to say that I think Donacien is worth looking at again. To my mind, he seems to have got over his loss of confidence (after the relegation season) and plays his heart out whenever called on, he was genuinely very good today both in attack but especially backing up Woolfy in defence.

Another unfashionable view is that Cornell was also very good in goal, Holy does sort out our jitters with crosses, that we had last season, but his nervousness on the ball means we struggle to play as patiently as we did today. The frustration of the Gills attack as we kept the ball at the back was a joy.

Len_Brennan added 23:26 - Oct 6
@Arnie: Judge is neither a winger nor a striker, so you are quite right in preferring Dobra to him in one of the wide forward roles, but - and I know this is not a popular view - Judge is a very good option in the advanced midfield role, where he does not need to be as disciplined & can roam & be a bit more creative.
He is (or should be) essentially vying with Bishop & is just as much a goal threat. He is a game changer & would be a nightmare for League 1 defences coming on with 25/30 minutes to go for a tiring Bishop. I don't understand why he has not be utilised in his best position for almost all his time at Ipswich.
As it is we may aswell let him go & free up some wages, because we're not getting anything like the best of him out wide.

Dear_oh_Dear added 00:02 - Oct 7
Agree with many comments above. Dobra as 'super sub' for me as the opposition tires. Too lightweight to have both him and Dozzell in the first 11 for me

peaky69 added 04:50 - Oct 7
I go back to the, I think Tottenham game, in pre-season. Dobra stood out as the main player that struggled at that level. No doubt he has benefited from those experiences and improved but he is a bit off week to week 1st team level, even as a sub. Send him out on loan and we will see a much better player next season.

Jonaldo added 05:26 - Oct 7
Say it how it is Lambo!

I think your 5k fine just doubled to 10k after this interview.

Agree though, should be looking to reduce the number of games in a compressed season, not finding a way to cram them in!

Saxonblue74 added 07:06 - Oct 7
I agree that this is a pointless tournament under the circumstances. I didn't see the game or listen to commentary so don't have a view on the performance. Unfortunately I can take nothing from Lamberts assessment. Win, lose or draw it would have been an "incredible" performance. I wish he could be a little more constructive/honest in his interviews. There really is no point, he may as well compose a statement prior to the game! All akin to the player who scores a hatrick then insists the win was "More important" to him and "the lads"!

midlandblue54 added 09:04 - Oct 7
Just about sums this cup up we get fined for playing our kids yet premier teams field theirs how are we suppose to develop our youngsters & give them experience ?

Nobbysnuts added 09:24 - Oct 7
I think that is a bit of a over reaction paul......🤥🤥 incredible??? Leicester winning the premier league was incredible.....

TimmyH added 12:01 - Oct 7
I think Lambert is taking the mickey with this 'Incredible' description...

madmouse1959 added 16:35 - Oct 7
I think Lambert was lost for words. Somehow trying to drum up some exhilarating excitement using a very limited vocabulary to describe a game the opposing manager had voiced he had no interest in. The supporters are "really" only interested in promotion back to the Championship Mr Lambert.

Carberry added 11:22 - Oct 8
Do you think Donald Trump gets lessons from PR Paul?

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