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Only 2,000 Fans Permitted at Portman Road as Suffolk in Tier Two
Thursday, 26th Nov 2020 12:16

The Government has announced that Suffolk is in tier two under their new Covid-19 Winter Plan, meaning up to 2,000 fans will be allowed to attend games at Portman Road.

On Monday, prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the new plan would see clubs in tier one, those with the lowest risk, able to admit up to 4,000 home fans once the current lockdown ends on December 2nd.

In tier two, up to 2,000 can attend, but no supporters will be admitted if their club is in tier three with the greatest risk.

Supporters will be required to keep to social distance protocols and follow guidance aimed at reducing the risk of infection while travelling to games.

It was announced late this morning which areas are in which tiers with Suffolk in tier two, "high alert", as things stand.

The Blues have a little under 9,000 season ticket holders so fewer than a quarter will be able to go to games even at the tier one limit.

In September, the club outlined their plans for the return of a limited number of supporters with a ballot set to be used to decide which games season ticket holders will be able to attend. In a tweet the club has said they will be releasing full details in due course.

Town's first home game after the end of the lockdown is the visit by Portsmouth on Saturday 12th December.

Prior to that 2,000 Plymouth season ticket holders will be able to watch the Blues' game against the Pilgrims at Home Park with Devon also in tier two.

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Europablue added 12:18 - Nov 26
There will be plenty of volunteers for season ticket holders who don't want to go

tivo added 12:26 - Nov 26
Phil, are they going to do Fans for the FA Youth CUP?

PhilTWTD added 12:37 - Nov 26
I wondered the same and have asked.

Marcus added 12:43 - Nov 26
Suspect a ballot system may overlook that some may be unwilling to attend, be in vulnerable groups or isolating. It could get complicated determining who can access.

As far as those taking digs at the performance - a season ticket holder typically loves the club good or bad, up or down. Their loyalty isn't as seasonal as some of the critics.

aloanagain added 12:49 - Nov 26
2000 fans allowed. Easy to sort out. 4 stands, Stand 1,2,3 and 4. Stand 1 get invited to the first game,stand 2 2nd game,stand 3 3rd game and stand 4 4th game. Any more than 2000 in the stands go to 5th game with number made up with match day ticket sales.

Edmundo added 12:54 - Nov 26
So how many clubs in tier one that can allow 4000? Given Cornwall, IoW and Scilly Islands are only ones in tier one, that'll be the government lying their faces off again.

Bluearmy_81 added 13:02 - Nov 26
Marcus (awful name) it's not about loyalty its about fans wanting the best for their club and demanding better than dross!! Guess what, that is allowed! Is there a book on how to be and think like a football fan that some town fans can read?!!

Michael101 added 13:18 - Nov 26
how are they going to find 2,000 people wanting to go?? Return of the press gang maybe.

rabbit added 13:23 - Nov 26
No doubt you failed to turn up yet again for the Blue Action protest Bluearmy-81, you come across pretending to be a Che Guevara but in reality you are a Walter Mitty.
Try putting your loyalty to the test, that is allowed.
Is there a book on how to be man enough to have the courage of your convictions?
Rather than parroting your constant slur on genuine ITFC supporters and Suffolk people lets see some proof of your supposed loyalty.

dirtydingusmagee added 13:53 - Nov 26
Marcus ......is that Marcus Evans ?

dirtydingusmagee added 13:56 - Nov 26
2OOO ! Poor sods risking covid to watch a crap team, must be the Dcrew.

cooper4england added 14:27 - Nov 26
I do hope that the 2000 are allocated purely to season ticket holders; not cooperate, mates or family of players. True fans please.

Ipswichbusiness added 14:36 - Nov 26
The rule is 2,000 or 50%, whichever is lower. It seems that a small decrepit ground that can only accommodate 4,000 can have 50%, whereas a larger more modern ground with a capacity of 30,000 can only accommodate 6.67%. Where is the sense in that?

Mind you, I live in Staffordshire Moorlands. Insofar as pubs are concerned, we went into lockdown 2.0 with table service permitted and have come out with complete closure. Therefore, we have had 4 weeks of lockdown and the effect has been to take us from tier 1 too tier 3: another triumph for Government policy!

PhilTWTD added 14:49 - Nov 26

I'm told it's unlikely that there will be fans at the Youth Cup match.

ArnieM added 14:53 - Nov 26
I have never doubted for a minute that this 4week lockdown would be extended in one shape or form. Mainly because it takes 2 weeks of that lockdown period just to stabilise the numbers of CoVid. This means you only get 2 weeks of actual decline in numbers...only for Xmas to arrive and away we go again. I think the government are trying t9 bring the numbers down prior to rolling out the vaccinations which are about to start over the next two weeks.

Unfortunately I think they are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. There is no easy answer or quick fix. I’m just a speed off as the rest of us believe me...but certainly would have predicted this further lockdown ( which is what it is really).

Sta6 safe all and COYBs 8n front of how eve4 many there is ........

Europablue added 16:02 - Nov 26
Ipswichbusiness, I'm afraid it's hopeless looking for logic in the rules. Of course, it makes no sense to arbitrarily reduce our capacity so much. We could easily allow all season ticket holders to attend, many of them may not want to for one reason or another.

alfromcol added 16:13 - Nov 26
The restrictiuon is unlikely to be based on how many can be safely accomodated inside a ground, but more to do with having enough space for fans to be socially distanced when travelling to,entering and leaving the ground.

Linkboy13 added 16:34 - Nov 26
Im sure Poor Lambert is dying to meet his adoring fans.

Linkboy13 added 16:42 - Nov 26
They could send people there who have carried out crimes as part of their community service.

ThaiBlue added 20:41 - Nov 26
Good that some fans can go but i really dont think fans are to bothered to watch this utter dross at portman road at least till lambert goes which i hope is soon.

Daniel72 added 23:55 - Nov 26
Total nonsense. I saw Mr. Coe derided as being "too Ipswich" for Common Purpose from some time back but now it seems Ipswich is too in thrall to the lies of Covid propaganda to question this attack on all of us. Shame on us all for not doing more to counter this rubbish.

BettyBlue added 07:34 - Nov 27
Who'll pick the short straw and get a ticket?

Gonefishing added 08:51 - Nov 27
Why don't we include Lambert and Taylor in the ballot and if they don't get a ticket then two season ticket holders can sit on the bench. Might make some better substitutions.

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