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Dozzell Signs New Deal
Friday, 4th Dec 2020 22:12

Midfielder Andre Dozzell has signed a new deal with the Blues which runs to the summer of 2024.

The 21-year-old’s previous contract was up at the end of the season with Town having taken up a one-year option on the former England U20 international’s earlier terms in May.

Fellow youngsters Luke Woolfenden, Brett McGavin and Armando Dobra have also signed deals over the last few months with Flynn Downes and Jack Lankester previously having put pen to paper on long-term contracts.

“I’ve been here since I was a kid and have grown up with Woolfy and Flynn and it’s great that we are all playing in the first-team now,” Dozzell told iFollow Ipswich.

“The owner has made it clear how important it is for the future of the club that the young players get an opportunity here and that’s a big factor for me. I’m getting a good run in the team. I’m playing a lot of games and enjoying it.

“Obviously I’m delighted with the new contract and now I just want to help the team kick on and get the club promoted back to the Championship. That’s the number one aim for all of us this season.”  
Dozzell misses tomorrow's game at Plymouth as he is suspended having amassed five bookings.

Photo: Matchday Images

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Woolfenthen added 22:16 - Dec 4
Surprising but very welcome

StringerBell added 22:22 - Dec 4
Wow, a great bit of news in what’s been an awful few weeks. Credit where it’s due, well done to the club for getting this done.

muhrensleftfoot added 22:36 - Dec 4
Well I'm pleased but surprised.. Great news!

shakytown added 22:46 - Dec 4
these kids now need to start performing. We keep hearing how wonderful they are but the results say otherwise

itfchorry added 22:54 - Dec 4
Finally some good news

BlueandTruesince82 added 23:14 - Dec 4
Actual good news

Bluearmy_81 added 23:26 - Dec 4
Good news.
Why no story on the Blue Action call to boycott?! You featured the banner. Worried about getting back in?

Paramedic added 23:38 - Dec 4
Yes! Something positive at least after this week of turmoil.

RobITFC added 23:44 - Dec 4
Ok surely this is good news for the club , but I do wonder why such a "talent" is committing himself for the next 4 years. Does this actually show lack of ambition ? Does this show that he is just comfortable and taking the easy option ? Don't get me wrong I hope he is just committed to ITFC being a local lad, but sadly I have my cynical head on at the moment. Lets hope it is a positive mood and the club will now push on and get promotion ? I doubt it though under the current regime!

PortmanTerrorist added 23:54 - Dec 4
Geez RobITFC - how'd you find the negative here?! Congrats on the contract Andre and look forward to better days together.

OwainG1992 added 05:32 - Dec 5
Fantastic news.
Save the negative posts from this.
This is wonderful.

Wickwar_Blue added 05:59 - Dec 5
I don’t understand my feelings about this news.... it’s not an emotion I have associated with Ipswich Town for a while. It’s not disappointment or rage or boredom.

Joking aside a consistently firing Andre can’t be a bad thing so good news.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 06:21 - Dec 5
Wow! Good news. It may just mean we can now sell him for more money in the summer, but even that is better than him leaving for nothing. However, I hope he stays.

wkj added 06:53 - Dec 5
Win Win - Certainly doesn't mean he's going to stay beyond this season - but it does bump his value up considerably. Good news, one of our best.

budgieplucker added 08:03 - Dec 5
@skakytown, I would suggest that it’s the senior players that need to perform

This is really good news.

I have been watching the U23 games for a number of years before the pandemic and to be honest it’s been an absolute pleasure seeing some of those games and watching the development of the young players.

Yes they have to be good enough and whilst I am a great fan of players like Idris and Dobs, I do agree with PL there are times when they have to go out on loan to prove they can cut it at a lower level. Dobs is nowhere near ready for regular first team action, that’s not the lads fault, but I somehow think his inclusion the other night was a subtle token gesture from PL to the fans to say well OK given the circumstances I will let you make your judgement. He was no worse than Alan Judge has been.

But going on to the other youngsters, Downes was arguably our best and most consistent player Last season. Bish at times has been outstanding this season. Andre has been given a run in probably his best position and showing great promise to silence his critics. The talent is there but Andre hasn’t always been given the right opportunities, he played a similar role for the young England side, so for us now a round peg in a round hole..

So I am thrilled with this news.

I don’t share all the doom and gloom at the moment, yes I may not be PLs biggest fan and am as frustrated with him as many are. I never believe that there was much wrong with the player development side of things with the excellence of Bryan Klug and his team.

As a lifelong fan of some 60+ years I have been privileged to have seen the very best of this football club. Seeing our own youngsters improve and play in the first team is one of the most enjoyable aspects of supporting this club.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and in this tough game managers do have to be accountable for their results as many supporters have to make choices whether the are getting value for money or would it be better spent for the benefits of their family.

However, if it takes a little longer to get out of this league then so be it if our young talent is improving.

We do though have to allow our youngsters to make mistakes. Young McGuiness although not ours was being criticised in recent weeks. This reminds me so much of watching a young Terry Butcher who at times was so raw I really didn’t think he was going to make it but with perseverance he turned out to be one helluva defender. I have no doubt McGuiness will go on to be a damn good player. Everyone loves Woolfie, me too but he has not been faultless and can be blamed for the goal against the other day (as well as others) but hey I think he will go on to become another great player. PL is right in not letting him get too carried away and do I think he is ready for the premiership, No.

Tristram Nydam, never let us down whilst playing in the Championship and when recovered will be another real good talent who I believe can at develop into at least a good championship level player.

I think we may have also hit upon something with young Aaron “Shefki” Drinan. This lad is like a double dose of Duracell. Fans will always warm to tireless levels of effort and this lad gives this in abundance.

Then there is young Jack Lankester, a bit hit or miss but give him time blood him carefully and he will be another.

I have been one of MEs biggest critics, I am not necessarily convinced by PL, but given what his brief is I do have sympathy with a manager who clearly works hard and did so much to try and get fans back on side. Reintroducing the Community Trust.........that needs to be applauded.

ME’s business has probably been hit harder than most by this pandemic, but getting Andre signed up is not the sign of an owner who does not care about this club. You or I may not like the fact that Ipswich Town is effectively a subsidiary of the ME group which must be having hard times at the moment but it also does have some advantages at this moment providing a level of security that many other clubs would die for. We should stop dreaming about being bought by an Arab sheik to become a play thing that an owner gets bored with after a couple of years and having wanted to change our name to the Ipswich Oiler’s

I will continue to moan and be frustrated but in a reserved way, I look at the Derby’s and Forest’s of this world, Clubs that I compare ourselves with and throwing Loads of money at it rarely buys you sustainable success..

We don’t have a divine right to success on our size and past history, we should be very respectful to all clubs in this league who are having a bash at making a go of it and survive. I think the recent Jimmy Walker comment was out of order. I take my hat off to Wimbledon supporters who have helped their club back from the long haul of falling into the abyss. I felt emotional for them that they have now returned to be able to play home games in their home town in Wimbledon at a new ground in Plough Lane so close to the site of their previously demolished stadium.

I for one will not be calling for the Managers head until I see how the rest of this season plays out. I did that once before when the great Bobby Robson was in charge and boy was I made to eat my words.

Oh and on a final note, Andre my son that was a silly tackle to attempt the other night - but I am sure you now know that and will have learnt another exoerience that will hopefully allow you to go on developing into a better player.


Saxonblue74 added 08:10 - Dec 5
Good grief! Great news followed by some utterly bemusing comments! We hear an awful lot about PL's contract on this forum, then one of our brightest (and fast improving) talents signs a contract extension and it STILL gets spun into a negative! KVY's return from injury has received similar treatment! BA81, what has it got to do with a blue action banner? RobITFC? Really?

Saxonblue74 added 08:12 - Dec 5
Shakeytown, these "kids" need to start performing? I'm sure they will with experience.

rabbit added 08:16 - Dec 5
Bluearmy_81 whilst asking TWTD to be transparent.
How about you being transparent,admitting your post saying there was no need for ITFC to be sold because they were out of administration and the financial situation was improving was incorrect?
Just a thought to show to us "serfs" across here in Suffolk that you offer a balanced, unbiased,factual and honest view point.

Saxonblue74 added 08:22 - Dec 5
Budgieplucker, thank you for restoring some sanity! Like you, I can see some hope for the future. That can be misconstrued as being "ok" with recent events. I can sympathise with Lambert in terms of the cards he has been dealt regarding injuries, but on the flip side the way he let his emotions get the better of him this week was incredibly unprofessional. There is some suggestion that over 90% of fans want a change of management, I think that is wildly over exaggerated.

johnwarksshorts added 08:41 - Dec 5
Budgieplucker That wasn't a post! That was a novel...love it. COYB!

NowtonBlue added 08:57 - Dec 5
Good one budgieplucker......a very good read....COYB!!

rabbit added 08:59 - Dec 5
Budgieplucker and Saxon, both rational sensible posting, thank you for sharing, I also think this is good proactive news from the club.
Please accept my apology for going "off piste" with my earlier post but there is so much disingenuous mis-information posted on this site, that certain individuals spout as sound bites and just get away with it, I felt compelled to make comment.

dirtydingusmagee added 09:01 - Dec 5
good news ,now lets hope he knuckles down and proves himself, has been a bit hot and cold.

ArnieM added 09:02 - Dec 5
Budgieplucker: what a fabulous, articulate , heart felt , yet wonderfully reasoned post . THE best post I’ve ever read in this forum, and it has frankly lifted my spirits because you are correct with your comments, but these views are bourne out of your almost grass roots support of ITFC , watching our youngsters perform , where frankly most on here ( me included), rarely if ever watch our nursery talent. We are from a similar era of ITFC and I like the fact that you see today’s youngsters making similar developmental mistakes as their predecessors ( Butcher), but the difference with today’s modern footballer is they little time to become the “ finished” product. So even though we all have our frustrations re Town atm you allude to Evans long term approach which you may be correct about , but as I’ve said the modern game doesn’t allow for this patient approach.

Perhaps the saying “ it’s darkest just before the dawn” is an accurate description of all things ITFC and maybe, just maybe the Club over this and next season is finally about to emerge from that darkness on the back of our young talent.


Fat_Boy_Tim added 09:04 - Dec 5
I haven't logged on here or commented in ages because it feels like it's become the voice Blue Action (the publicising of a banner with four people standing next to it was a bit OTT) with over blown anger and constant finger pointing. I had to log on today though because I needed to "up arrow" Budgieplucker for that fantastic post which took a lot more thought and love for the club than any publicity stunt.

Fantastic to see Andre signing up for four years, what an eye for a pass he's got and I love those "head fake" passes that open up defences, a bit of confidence and we'll start putting away chances soon.


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