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Lambert: A Win's a Win But it Won't Change the Negativity
Saturday, 5th Dec 2020 18:19

A win’s a win was manager Paul Lambert’s assessment after Town came from behind to beat 10-man Plymouth 2-1 at Home Park but believes the victory won’t “change the negativity” he said was attached to the club earlier in the week.

Jon Nolan and Kayden Jackson netted two goals in two minutes to see the Blues to the win after the Pilgrims had been reduced to 10 men after Danny Mayor’s red card.

Having seen the draw at Oxford as a step in the right direction, Lambert was asked whether he viewed today’s win as another.

“Yes, it’s a win, it’s a win,” he said. We move on to the next game.”

Was he happy with the performance? “Yes, we’re sitting third, I think, joint-third. That’s not bad. We move on.”

Was he not taken with the display? “No, there’s just things going through my head, it’s fine, it’s OK.”

Quizzed on whether he was pleased with the resilience his team showed to turn the game around, he responded: “As I said before, I’m proud of the guys, the way we play good football when we’ve so many problems back home.

“We had a good game, we didn’t deserve to be down 1-0. We should have had a penalty, that was incredible. The guys deserve so much credit.”

Asked how much character it took to stage the comeback, he said: “[From] the team, yes, but we’ll not change the negativity, not change it. But for those guys, brilliant.

“We lost two games and I think everybody thought we were going to sink to the bottom of the table and we’re sitting third.

“We don’t have the guys in the treatment room, they’re still to come back. We’ve so many guys injured, big guys. It’s not as if it’s the young guys you don’t rely on, it’s big guys that make a massive contribution. Will it change the negativity? No it won’t.”

Lambert had asked for his side to be more ruthless in both boxes and Nolan and Jackson both took their opportunities clinically.

“Great. I thought we started the game really well, we dominated the ball and they sat off us and they got a goal with their first real attack,” he said.

“We should have had a penalty [when Jack Lankester was fouled], how it wasn't a penalty I don’t know.

“And then it was just a matter of keeping doing what they were doing and try to force the game and then getting the goals, we were getting in some great areas. The contribution from the sub guys was big, we made the right calls and we got the win.”

Regarding the finishes, he added: “Nolo was really good, Nolan’s busy, he’s really good. Kayden, I thought maybe should have pulled the trigger in the first half when he was played right through. But the kid’s not played much football, so he’s still trying to find his feet. I thought his goal was excellent. Very good.”

Did he feel his side was getting on top even before Mayor, who Lambert tried to bring to Portman Road after he left Bury in the summer of 2019, was dismissed? “Yes, in the first half they were dropping off and we were getting in some good areas.

“I thought Kayden maybe should have pulled the trigger earlier than he should. Dobs should have done better when he went through [just before half-time], so there were good moments there, good possibilities. But it was just a matter of keeping going and keeping going.”

Lambert was pleased with Armando Dobra’s lively display, the Albanian U21 international having drawn the foul which led to Mayor’s red card.

“Yes, I think that’s what you get with him,” he said. “I think Dobs at the minute still plays street football, that’s probably a compliment to him. He plays street football.

Lambert says Aaron Drinan missed out having joined the already lengthy injury list: “That was bizarre because it was a recovery day so he never trained with us. He just felt a little twinge in his hamstring. As I’ve said to you, you can have all the best medical team in the world and things like that happen.”

Asked whether there is any chance of anyone being back for next week’s home game against Portsmouth, he said: “I don’t think so, no. I don’t know if any will come back. I don’t see it.”

One piece of good news yesterday was Andre Dozzell signing a new contract which runs to the summer of 2024.

“Yes, I never knew until yesterday morning,” Lambert said. “Great for the club because we don’t have the money to go and buy guys and Andre at 20 years old is getting better and better and better. He’s still developing.

“The club can’t go out and buy somebody in this environment. He’s a really good footballer.”

Lambert agreed that the 21-year-old has come on since becoming a regular in the side this season.

“Yes, without a doubt,” he said. “I think people forget when they look at him. He’s every bit as young as Luke Woolfenden, he’s a young guy who is learning and developing and he’s got to get physically stronger, which he will as he gets older. And he’ll get better. But regarding being a footballer, he’s got all the attributes.”

How good can the former England U20 international be? “Only he’ll decide how his future’s going to go but he’s a really good kid, a good footballer and hopefully his career goes the right way.”

Asked what the win means to him, he said: “I know what it means to me and to the guys and the staff. I know what it means to them.

“We came here, we had the team that we have and the guys that we have at the minute, it’s incredible how they’re doing. We just keep trying.”

Having said the win won’t change the negativity, Lambert was asked what would. A run of wins? “No, I know what needs to be changed but I’ll keep those thoughts to myself.”

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ITFC_95 added 11:12 - Dec 6
He’s right - playing the victim and implying that the fans are the problem isn’t going to change the negativity. Good win against a poor team who we by no means outplayed until the sending off. Understand the frustration when bishop, Downes kvy etc are out but this feels like the start of a another toxic relationship that culminates in PL telling us to f*** off when we score.

BeattiesBackPocket added 11:38 - Dec 6
Northstandveteran added 18:43 - Dec 5
I really don't think their are any fans in the country that back their team, the players, the manager the way town fans do.

Well said. Some pro evans fans on here slate those that don’t agree with their views but I’ve never known a clubs set of fans clap and cheer a team off when we’ve just been relegated to league one only our fans. I was in the robson fans clapping even though we went down, extremely disappointing but he had a full season next year to get us back up and weirdly optimism was there. You don’t get that from any other fan base at all especially not from a club as big as ours. Then we finish 11th we play football but only in our own third play with one striker that every fan on here can see never has worked in the past because the two players who are supposed to be supporting him are way back defending that’s why there’s negativity now. Fans have lambert and evans a chance but when we came down but finished eleventh so yes we are negative now. A win against a Plymouth side after their player was sent off is not a season changer! I hope it is but we know it’s not the proof is finally beating top 6 sides starting next week. If we do that the gloom will lift from lamberts direction but let’s not get mega excited about beating Plymouth we’ve had many false dawns past 13 years.

BrandestonBlue added 11:58 - Dec 6
Michael101 - I am not sure how you can state that all the managers chosen by Evans have been ‘useless idiots ?

Roy Keane - promoted with Sunderland
Mick McCarthy - two promotions
Paul Lambert - back to back promotions

Really ?

Northstandveteran added 12:20 - Dec 6
Indeed Brandeston.

Saw Keane take Sunderland up having spent millions and tried exactly the same but with a disappointing outcome.

Paul Jewell, took clubs significantly smaller than us to the premier league, kept them there and won silverware.

McCarthy, brought in to save us from relegation and did, although the rest is history.

" A young upcoming manager " we all cried but it didn't work for Hirst.

Evans was hopeful that Lambert could achieve what he did at Norwich.

I, along with the majority of fans, thought at the time these were the right men at the time but for one reason or another, they just haven't worked out.

For whatever reasons Evans took charge, be it for status or financial gain, his aim, as a successful businessman was to establish Ipswich in the premier league.

But that's football....

marco5113 added 13:15 - Dec 6
negativity from fans is created from poor form/results. as a player as he often refers to if he lost a big game would he come off the pitch feeling positive. lambert has to realize fans want the best for the club and only good results make supporters happy. yes we are 3rd which is good but fans were negative over the formation (1 up top). lack of goals until yesterday until he changed to 2 up top. sorry paul if the formation and results were not coming recently what do you expect fans to feel. fans want positive results/promotion/not to be playing tier 3 football for a massive club.

BrandestonBlue added 13:39 - Dec 6
Not often you see this on this forum but I agree with Betty Blue that the performances have not been great for about 10 games - takes us back to the 4-1 away win at Blackpool where I thought we played well and good value to be top of the table

However I think we need to acknowledge that of the team at Blackpool only chambers and Nolan stated yesterday - we are effectively paying our second eleven and yes we ground out a win but why not give credit for that rather than snipe?

It’s a fair bet that the following line up of players unavailable to Lambert would come out on top of yesterday’s team (3-4-3)
Vincent Young. skuse Wilson
Edwards Dozzell Downes Bishop
Sears Norwood Drinan

In spite of a whole first team being unavailable some fans expect their replacements, many still learning their trade, to deliver great performances, dominate in away games and win every game.
Why is that ? Is it just because we won the UEFA Cup 40 years ago ?
It’s not about happy clapper or neg crew it’s more about being realistic and fair

londontractorboy57 added 13:56 - Dec 6
TimmyH YOU AND YOUR PALS CONFIRM MY POINT, thats why after 45 years i could no longer stand the atmosphere and right to win that has permeated Portman rd.
fuelled by numbskulls getting together on social media and convincing themselves that there opinion on tactics, player deals, the manager Marcus Evans etc is the only one.

dirtydingusmagee added 14:23 - Dec 6
''it wont stop the negativity '' says Paul Lambert, mmmmm isnt that being a tad negative Paul ?

dirtydingusmagee added 14:35 - Dec 6
Countryboyblue and Bartonbluee, as you dont like this site because of the unhappy fans using it, perhaps it would be best you leave it, go and join the site where they are all happy with the state of things at ITFC ....... OH , Im sorry ,THERE ISNT ONE .

blue86 added 15:28 - Dec 6
Brandestonblue, your previous comment about what decent quality manager would want to come here? What are the reasons why they woudnt want to come? Because we have silly fans here who dont grin and smile aimlessly win, lose or draw? You say mick was hounded out? What after 5 plus years of cup runs, successful season after season and entertainment? Just interested to know.

blue86 added 15:48 - Dec 6
Also brandeston, you mentioned on your last comment we need to be realistic and fair. Be realistic and fair then, how has the last ten years been as a town fan? How many promotions? How many times have we beat norwich? How many cup runs? How many injuries? How many as you say proven managers have failed? I can see why town fans are p!ssed off! Yes we are where we are now, and we cant just feel sorry for ourselves. but can you see why some might be a bit concerned and want better?

ChrisR added 15:49 - Dec 6
PL really needs to be more upbeat and positive in interviews .

WhoisJimmyJuan added 15:56 - Dec 6
I think Blue86 hits the mark in his last comment. We don't expect to win every game as some suggest fans on here do. But since ME came to the club there has been a steady decline with very little let up. If we lost but played well we'd feel better about losing. If we had recent memories of a promotion or a cup run we'd feel better about losing. But when it feels like a very long and slow painful demise, thats when some fans understandably lose faith.

blue86 added 16:19 - Dec 6
Whoisjimmyjuan, you post above is spot on👍 some town fans do question things, and why wouldnt we?

Pendejo added 16:21 - Dec 6
Nothing short of promotion will dispel negativity.

That's promotion to Prem btw....

BettyBlue added 16:42 - Dec 6
so sorry about the negativity Lamberty, hope you don't take it too personally.

and after all we don't know your personal circumstances.

hope you have a great Christmas,

lets have a look at things in January when we know better.

BrandestonBlue added 17:10 - Dec 6
Blue86 - in terms of why a good manager might think twice of taking the job you have to some extent answered your own question in that the weight of expectation that comes with the ITFC managers job from over ten years of disappointment and lack of success. They might look at the fact that we are third in the league and the ‘fans’ are calling for the managers head. It will take a brave Manager who wants a very poisoned chalice

I don’t disagree that the last ten years have clearly challenged our faith as supporters I was merely suggesting that it would be fair and realistic to reflect that the team we are putting out at this moment in time are clearly not our first eleven - they kept going - got the win- kept us in the mix and hopefully we can be better judged when we get some key players like KVY, Downes, Edwards and Bishop back in the team

blue86 added 18:18 - Dec 6
Brandoneston blue, I hope your correct and when we get our full squad back we get out of this poxy league. I guess nobody can really argue with our current league position with the injury hell we have. But it does feel like last season a bit where results and performances dried up, and we eventually finished league 1. Definitely dont want that again, I hope lambert does the business of course I do, but he has lost/drawn more games than he won by a margin in the last 40 games that DOES need to improve for sure. The big thing that annoys me is Lambert's constant "brillyant" "really really good" "I have played at the top level" after EVERY game! Drives me mad, prefer a bit of honesty. And the comment saying were crap with two upfront then changes to two up front or 4411 whatever. I think the way he comes across sometimes doesent help him. After the win he should of come across more positive, rather than cryptic comments.

Cheshire_Blue added 18:45 - Dec 6
Some of the so called' supporters' need to be changed or change their attitude.

Well done to all. Third in the league.

dirtydingusmagee added 18:48 - Dec 6
Brandestonblue with respect, its been that old chestnut for ages, '' when these players are back things will be better '' SORRY these players come back [eventually] but are never fit long enough to make any difference, and its just a player not all of them at once. We have a big but weak squad . You cant keep going on ''when they are back'' im afraid .

TractorRoyNo1 added 19:07 - Dec 6
"The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

BrandestonBlue added 19:47 - Dec 6
Dirtydingusmagee - TBF I didn’t actually say we would be better - just that it would be the best time to judge the performances - when we have something resembling our first team not the side that we have had out in the last few weeks - although as I have said they have kept us third

Blue86 - I agree it’s frustrating but I guess as others have said before what he says to the media and what he says to the players could be very different - wouldn’t be much of a man manager if he criticised his players in public
Hopefully he has seen that 442 is an option - at least he made the call with his subs to gave it a try / will be interested to see what Saturday’s line up looks like


BettyBlue added 20:00 - Dec 6
If most of the first team are injured for most of the season they are no longer the first team and can't be relied upon to help with promotion.

It almost saying if we had a team of our best players in their prime without injuries we could give anyone a game. Well we haven't and they're mostly crocked seconds now.

A bunch of our best 18 yr old's would give them game and win.
So what have we learnt.
play our best t fit team, the shirt is there's to lose and don't pretend we have an injured squad of Prem quality players who will get us out of this mess when or if they ever get fit again.

I would imagine we wont get another half dozen games out of any of them.

But oh do we miss Skuse in our own half.

warktheline added 20:28 - Dec 6
Paul ‘toys out of the pram’ Lambert.....always has, and will behave this way, that’s his nature and personality ! Initial success as a manager but has since been on a continued path of failure, that’s not going to change...his press conferences are mind numbingly predictable and boring! His ridiculous ending remark was purely off the cuff waffle!

BettyBlue added 21:59 - Dec 6
A win isn't a win, that win was a sackable offence against football. You're fired, Lamberty.

Should really be Berty, which was his nickname at all the BIG clubs he's been at.

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