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O'Neill: I'm Feeling Better Than I Did But It's Not Been Nice
Wednesday, 6th Jan 2021 10:17

General manager of football operations Lee O’Neill says he’s starting to feeling better than he did having been among those at Town to suffer with Covid-19 over the Christmas period, along with manager Paul Lambert and academy head of coaching and player development Bryan Klug.

Eight players also tested positive leading to the postponements of the Northampton and AFC Wimbledon fixtures, while the games at Peterborough and Fleetwood which sandwiched those two matches were called off due to positive tests at the opposition clubs.

“I’m feeling better now than I did 10 days ago, but it’s not been nice at all to be honest with you," O’Neill told the EADT. "Actually it’s been really horrible.

“We think it was either the Portsmouth or Burton game when it got spread around the club. I was with Marcus [Evans] most of the Burton day [December 15th], but he didn’t get it. Paul and Bryan did get it though, along with a few of the players.

“I really took ill on the Friday night. I suffer a little bit from headaches in general, but this headache was like nothing I’d ever experienced. It wasn’t good.

“I didn’t really think Covid, because I’d had no other symptoms, but that night my temperature went through the roof.

“By the Monday I was in bed and couldn’t move. And by the Tuesday I was struggling to breath. It was panicky, I’ll be honest with you.”

He added: “I actually got the positive test on my birthday. That was nice of the NHS to send me a 'you've got Covid!' card!

“I was maybe a bit naïve. I was thinking I was relatively fit and healthy and had always able to deal with most things that come my way, be it coughs, colds, flu and all of that.

“Maybe Covid has shown that’s not the case! Or I guess I could flip it and say that because I am active and relatively young it stopped me getting even worse.

“I know people who have passed away from this. It’s really scary. I can definitely see how it could really, really frighten people who have asthma or heart issues or who are overweight. Because it did scare me at one point. I was really worried about it.

“I can’t shift the cough, as you can hear. I go into a coughing spasm and that still affects my breathing. I feel better than I did before though, which I’m pleased by, because people say it can go the other way after a couple of weeks.

“The thing I’m worried about now is that my poor little boy has got it. He’s only two and you see him with a 39 degree temperature and shivering away. That’s horrible.”

Like manager Lambert, O’Neill believes the EFL should put help out more with testing - which he believes should take place once a week - with tests costing the club more than £100 each with 57 having been carried out yesterday with the results expected today. However, he is sceptical whether the reported two-tests-a-week programme will be put in place.

With the Blues facing 28 games in four months with the postponed matches having been added to what was an already busy schedule, O’Neill believes the season ought to be extended.

“I’m not for cramming it all in and getting to a stage where teams are playing every couple of days if that’s not necessary,” he added. “I think we should all agree to extend it for a few more weeks to make sure all the games can be played properly.”

Photo: TWTD

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Suffolkboy added 10:27 - Jan 6
Thoughtful as always ,a sensible man with the sort of standards and sensitivities we should value !
Hope all goes well at home ,

coolcat added 10:32 - Jan 6
Hope Lee and his child get better asap. This is a particularly nasty virus. Wishing them all the best.

boroughblue added 10:40 - Jan 6
Whatever your opinions of O'Neil, Lamber et al are when it comes to the their roles in the club, it has to be put aside here. As some of the reactions (mostly on twitter) to the initial news was quite worrying.

I hope everyone has made a full recovery at the club, this nasty virus thats only getting worse is pretty worrying. I nor anyone else I Know has tested positive for COVID, so its pretty worrying when you read O'Neill's description of what he went through.

Again, hope all the players and staff have made a full recovery, and they and there family are all safe.

Stay safe everyone!

cooper4england added 10:54 - Jan 6
Most say I'm getting a little concerned for Lambert. Not always no news is good news.

Edmundo added 11:50 - Jan 6
As Lee alludes to, if we haven't all got "get fitter and healthier" as our top New Year's resolution then our priorities are all wrong

algarvefan added 11:55 - Jan 6
I just wish people would stop saying this virus is fake or it only hit's the elderly, it's so obviously a very nasty illness. To all those who tested positive I wish you all a speedy and full recovery from this dreadful virus.

Look after yourself and others, stay safe everyone.

Lathers added 13:00 - Jan 6
I had COVID over Christmas too and it was a nasty experience, similar to what Lee said. If you are relatively young (43) and fit, you don't fear it and don't realise just how bad it can be until you get it. It's now made me totally appreciate what we are all up against and I'm surprised the EFL isn't making a break mandatory until cases drop.

Bert added 17:13 - Jan 6
....and some people still think the virus is like a cold. Unbelievable. Thankfully, he didn't need hospital treatment and if he did they are full to bursting. Please everyone, keep apart, stay at home and protect yourself and everyone else.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 14:50 - Jan 7
A salutory tale for all those who think this illness is not serious or not something they need to worry about because not everyone gets very ill. Some people do; it's a lottery and it is everyone's duty to do all they can to not spread it around.

pragmatic added 21:26 - Jan 7
Sorry Suffolk boy meant to mark up,agree with your comment, & to anyone suffering from this virus or any other illness wish you all a speedy recovery

pragmatic added 21:26 - Jan 7
Sorry Suffolk boy meant to mark up,agree with your comment, & to anyone suffering from this virus or any other illness wish you all a speedy recovery

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