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Blue Action Newspaper Banner Hits Out at Evans and Lambert
Saturday, 23rd Jan 2021 23:50

Town independent supporters group Blue Action has attached a newspaper-style poster to the Portman Road gates expressing their frustrations with the way the club is being run.

The banner, in the style of a newspaper, ‘The Fail’, takes aim at owner Marcus Evans for his running of the club over the last 13 years and reiterating their call for the exit of manager Paul Lambert.

Blue Action accuse Evans of remaining “hopelessly out of touch” after “13 years of neglect and decline”.

The poster also makes reference to TWTD’s Phil Ham, whose ban from club manager and player press conferences has now been ongoing for almost three months.

This isn’t the first time Blue Action have draped their thoughts on the Portman Road perimeter.

In December, they hung a banner at the ground urging Evans to take action: “Tick-tock Marcus, the future of the club is at stake”, having previously hung another on the gates at Playford Road which called for Lambert’s departure: “Lambo - Cheers for the beers but it’s time at the bar”.

They had planned a demonstration at the Swindon game a fortnight ago but postponed it due to the latest lockdown.

Early on in his time at Town, Lambert invited members of Blue Action along with other groups to the training ground to talk about improving the atmosphere at home matches.

Blue Action had been formed at the start of the 2018/19 season with that in mind via banners, stickers and the introduction of new songs and more recently have produced a fanzine.

Fans widely want a change of manager - 83.2 per cent in a TWTD poll - with the Blues’ form having dropped away alarmingly since winning five of their first six matches and topping the table, much as they did last season before dropping away and finishing 11th on points per game.

Today’s 1-0 loss to Peterborough was their fifth defeat at home in six games, while Accrington are the only side they have beaten while in the top 10 this season.

Relations between Lambert and the local media have also become strained with Ham banned from press conferences after the XI for the Lincoln City match in October was posted by a forum user on the moring of the game, while other members of the media were accused of stoking and feeding negativity after December’s 0-0 draw at Oxford.

Photos: Blue Action

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Bergholt_Blue added 23:57 - Jan 23
Oh dear

RobITFC added 23:57 - Jan 23
Well done to Blue Action , keep the pressure on

BluedanW added 00:02 - Jan 24
Well done Blue Action. Posters need to be put up all over Suffolk. Shame about lockdown as these posters shoukd be placed at Marcus Evans group business sites too.

Skip73 added 00:03 - Jan 24
Keep it up! Hopefully it will work. Its the only hope I have left regarding ITFC at the moment.

dominiciawful added 00:17 - Jan 24
Spot on, as per usual.

stiff_talking added 00:19 - Jan 24
How Eddie Howe fancies a challenge

superblues9 added 00:41 - Jan 24
Totally agree but sadly won’t achieve anything sadly ☹️Lambert and Evans out

Bugs added 01:33 - Jan 24
Might just have to go over to the blue action website and throw another £10 their way. I can't afford it but at this moment in time but blue action are the best way to show how most of us are feeling. Yeah and free Phil!!

bluepigeon added 02:56 - Jan 24
And that will persuade him to change course. Epic fail blue lack of action

ernie added 04:58 - Jan 24
Well done, only about 5 years too late

Granthamblue62 added 05:27 - Jan 24
Well done Blue Action. The club is broken and ditching Lambert won't make a difference. The common factor across all the years of stagnation and decline is Evans. There will be no healing, no hope and no future for our once proud club until this charlatan is gone.

DurhamTownFan added 07:22 - Jan 24
People will moan. The way I see it, at least it’s *something* to remind owner, manager and players that we are so unhappy. If there were fans in grounds as normal right now, can you imagine the atmosphere? Right now, this is about all they can do so well done.

bluearmy4life added 07:52 - Jan 24
Good work Blue Action 👏👏 Somethings got to change. If we don’t get promoted this season we will be in league one for years to come.

Chrisd added 07:59 - Jan 24
Terrific work by Blue Action, should be applauded. Let’s hope the local media start applying pressure too, the time has come.

ArnieM added 08:08 - Jan 24
Maybe a similar approach via social media , aimed at Evans ( and Lambert), eg re post the Blue Action posters on FB, and Twitter etc might bring abo7t some reaction?

NickITFC added 08:23 - Jan 24
Not quite sure how anyone can see this as a negative thing! Well done BA we need more of this as we can't do it inside the stadium!

jas0999 added 08:45 - Jan 24
This is great, but the stubborn Evans still won’t act. It’s due to his own incompetence and rank stupidity of giving PL a five year deal whilst on the back of an atrocious run of results which has made it virtually unaffordable to sack Lambert.

Evans has got away with this for too long.

Bluearmy_81 added 08:46 - Jan 24
The table is truly grim. This persistence, sticking with Lambert, as well as the repeated failure that comes with it is simply not good enough. No where near. #lambertout #Evansout
Join Evans out of ITFC on facebook

vanmunt added 08:47 - Jan 24
Vote with your wallet, cancelling your direct debit is the only course of action. Good job blue action.

Bert added 09:03 - Jan 24
Good stuff from Blue Action. No insults, no abuse just plain truths. Keep it up.

Saxonblue74 added 09:13 - Jan 24
Let's hope a little pressure might help to move Lambert on. It's good that Evan's has a thick skin though, as much as his tenure has been far from successful if some got their wish and he walked it's game over for our club. Just been reading some reactions on EADT, some suggesting it's best for our club to fold??!! "Better than death by a thousand cuts"? "We would rise like a Phoenix from the flames"? Seriously?

midastouch added 09:13 - Jan 24
Very good banner. Blue Action is speaking out for the fans far better than the very tame official Ipswich Town Supporters Club. As recently as late November the official Ipswich Town Supporters Club said, "In our view now is not the time for further disruption." If they haven't changed their tune by now then they really are deluded!

Bluearmy_81 added 09:37 - Jan 24
Saxon "If he walked..." 😂 So if he basically dropped his price from whatever million it is now to zero?! Cue plenty of people interested in taking over... Result!! 😀

blues1 added 09:47 - Jan 24
Bluearmy81. Can see you're no businessman. Glad u not our owner or wed have no club to support. Honestly,if u were Evan's, and you know that when u sell, you are going to have lost every penny of the £100m debt, wouldnt u want to at least recoup some of that by getting some money for the sale of the club. People keep saying no1 would want to buy the club, yet theres been clubs in far worse condition than ours that have been bought. And remember, it also has to be the right person. No point evans selling to just anyone, or we could end up in an even worse owner.

blues1 added 09:53 - Jan 24
Sorry, but I simply dont get the point of blue sction doing things like this? While I applaud the sentiment of what they're doing, what do they think they're going to achieve by taking this action? Pinning banners and this "newspaper" to the gates at the ground/ training ground, overnight. The people this action is aimed at, are never gonna get yo see them bcse theyll be removed before theres any chance of that happening. I'm afraid all they're doing is wasting their time, and the money they received to carry out their campaign. Think they need to think again and find another plan of action.

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