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Dozzell: Frustrating Night, Fine Margins Are the Difference
Wednesday, 10th Feb 2021 10:53

Midfielder Andre Dozzell admitted Town’s 2-1 defeat at Peterborough was a frustrating night with fine margins the difference between success and failure for the Blues at present.

James Norwood gave Town an early lead at London Road but Jonson Clarke-Harris and Joe Ward saw Posh to the three points.

“It was a frustrating night,” Dozzell said. “I think it’s fine margins that are the difference at the minute.

“We started off well, got the early goal but it’s just those little decisions which are setting us back at the minute and it’s quite frustrating. But we’ll work on it on the training ground and take it into the next game.

“In the second half we had periods which we needed to capitalise on, we need to score when we’re on top, stuff like that.

“But in this league it’s fine margins, they weren’t a better side than us but at the end of the day they got the three points, so it’s a frustrating night.”

Regarding the difficult surface, the 21-year-old added: “It’s probably one of the worst pitches I’ve played on but these are things you have to have to deal with, they had the same pitch as us, so it’s not an excuse or anything.”

Dozzell admitted it was disappointing not to be able to build on Saturday’s 2-0 home victory over Blackpool.

“Definitely, performance against Blackpool and we should have kept going today but unluckily it didn’t go that way, and we’ve got to pick ourselves back up and go again Saturday,” he added.

Following a positive start in which they won five and drew one of their first six, the Blues have struggled to fine any consistent form this season and the former England U20 international knows that a prolonged run of positive results is what will catapult Town up the division.

“That’s one of the main things in this league,” he reflected. “Going on a run can change where you are in the league very quickly, so we’ve got to get ourselves back up there.”

Next up are a trip to 17th-placed Shrewsbury on Saturday and then a home fixture with second-bottom Northampton next Tuesday, games which are an opportunity to get that sort of momentum going.

“We’ve just got to focus on the next game now and get the three points,” added the former Copleston High School pupil and Town academy graduate.

“We aim to get three points in every game, but there’s no easy game in League One, so we’ve just got to work as hard as we can and get the three points.”

No one at Town needs to be reminded of the Blues’ dreadful record against sides towards the top of the division with last night’s loss the ninth defeat in nine to the teams currently in the top seven.

Dozzell knows that has to improve if Town are to be contenders: “Definitely. Like I said, they weren’t a better team than us, it was just fine margins on the day. We’ve just got to keep working, keep working hard and it will drop for us.

“But we don’t really worry about who our points come against, we’ve just got to keep focusing on the next game.

“Like I said, the table is a crazy league. Get a couple of wins, get a few wins and it all can change. We’ve just got to stay positive, there’s a long way to go and get the three points in the next game.”

Does he still believe Town can make the top six? “We’re all still confident that we will get there. We’ve still got games in hand, this league is a crazy league. A few wins can get us right back up there, so we’ll stay positive.”

Dozzell says new loan signings Luke Thomas, Josh Harrop, Troy Parrott and Luke Matheson have intensified the competition for spots in the side.

“There are places up for grabs now so it makes it a bit more intense in training, people trying to play some matches, so I think it’s good for the club,” he said.

Regarding striker Parrott, he said: “I really enjoy playing with him as a midfielder, you can link with him, he can play in behind, he’s a really good player and he’ll get his first goal soon.”

Dozzell has made 25 appearances this season, all starts, more than in any of his other seasons with the Blues.

“I am happy with that, we’ve just got to get back up there that’s the main thing,” he said. “Getting in the top six, even above, that’s the main thing at the minute.”

In the last couple of games, Dozzell has been moved into a more advanced role, with Flynn Downes switching to the holding position he had occupied previously, and he says he likes playing there.

“I do enjoy either position but playing up higher, I think you can have a bit more of an attacking impact, a bit more freedom,” he said.

“But Flynn’s very good there, he can play either position as well, so it’s good to have either option.”

This is the first time Downes and Dozzell have played together in a first-team midfield over a lengthy period but they know one another’s game well from coming through the academy ranks.

“It’s great, we’ve been playing since the U9s so we know each other really well,” he said. “Coming into the first team is great.

“We’ve been here since we were nine, so if we get promoted together it would be like a dream come true, and then hopefully kick on from there.”

Does he feel more pressure to create and score goals in his current role? “Obviously I’m trying to get goals, get assists, I’ll just keep working hard and hopefully that will come.”

Last night’s yellow card at Peterborough took his season’s tally to nine with one more leading to what would be a third suspension of the season, following a one-match ban for reaching five and a three-game absence due to a harsh red card at Sunderland.

“I’ve got to be careful with that because I’m coming up to 10,” he admitted.

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billlm added 11:01 - Feb 10
Your some of the problem, but that's down to our so called manager, playing in a forward role as in against Blackpool your ok not a problem, but playing deep's a no, you can not tackle, you can not track back, and your out of position a lot,you have much to learn if he wants to keep playing you there, basically your causing us problems, but that's lambert's fault,

LimerickTractorBoy added 11:05 - Feb 10
At some stage in the future Marcus Evans will be gone and Lambert well gone. The good people of Ipswich will get their beloved club back.
As a far away supporter of Ipswich (except for 91/92 when I took my place in the North Stand) I look forward to that day.
In the meantime you have my sympathy.
This is not right.
It is shabby.

Fadedblue added 11:07 - Feb 10
If you want to build on last Saturday's 2-0 win, try playing the same team and/or formation

Ipswichbusiness added 11:09 - Feb 10
I feel sorry for Andre.

The manager and the captain both hide and send him out to justify the unjustifiable.

Bluearmy_81 added 11:11 - Feb 10
Yeh, funny how we always end up on the wrong side of the fine line!? Can't beat a top 8 side in division 3, what a joke... #thanksevans/lambert

juniorblue added 11:13 - Feb 10
I will not criticise individual players, but am so frustrated at the apparent acceptance of the situation we are in. Everyone at the club seems to be deluded in my opinion. We are in League 1 and unable to beat the teams above us. We often start games well but then disappear. There is something very wrong and I think that one of the main problems is Lambert. He is losing the supporters and has an increasingly bad relationship with the press. He is stubborn and continues to tinker with the team after two seasons to find a winning formula. After the win against Blackpool why change the team? Although we have games in hand it means nothing if we don't win them. I really can't see how things will improve under Lambert and think Evans must act sooner rather than later.

SouperJim added 11:21 - Feb 10
So Lambert can dodge the press, but a young pro trying his to best to carry out an inept game plan still has to face them?

The bloke is an absolute coward as well as a charlatan.

BettyBlue added 11:30 - Feb 10
Fine margins, my ar*se.

Will be about twenty something points at the end of the season.

Does everyone at ITFC speak and believe this garbage?

rfretwell added 11:31 - Feb 10
We desperately need someone in midfield who can get powerful accurate shots away cause none of our present lot can do it regularly. A Simon Milton type. There must be a few in the lower divisions, even in the Conference. Harrop looks a possible but hes not our player and probably never will be. Hes very quick, tenacious, gets forward well and tackles and blocks. Perhaps we can loan him again next season cause this ones nearly over for us.

Dolphinblue added 11:31 - Feb 10
Nothing to do with fine lines, we lost because of idiotic, unfathamable team selection......LAMBERT OUT!

bushhillblue added 11:37 - Feb 10
We can all slag chambers ward off because they are past it no doubt should have kept the 2 young guns in obviously but the midfield is getting away lightly imo they never dominate dont track back cant tackle downs a red waiting to happen I think there as much a problem as the fullbacks midfield very overrated need a Talbot type player a grafter in there somewhere in this league

Northstandveteran added 11:37 - Feb 10
As I posted when we were top after the opening few games.

It will soon be, we will win this league, we can still make the top two, we're still in the playoffs, we can make the playoffs....

If the situation doesn't change rapidly fans will be saying,

We can still avoid relegation.

Being surrounded by West Ham fans I always considered the two clubs to be on a level par apart from the fact we were once champions.

Not for a second am I suggesting we behave like their fans but they finish mid table in the premier league and they invade the pitch to confront the owners.
We clap off the most gutless, pathetic team in the club's history ( at the time ) for getting relegated to the third tier.

Is it any wonder that standards have been allowed to drop so low?

What I wouldn't give to have the team John Duncan had all those years ago!

BlueandTruesince82 added 11:44 - Feb 10
Utter nonsense.. changing a team that played well for the first time in weeks is the difference. Playing 2 FBs who are ready for pasture is the differnce. Playing only 1 of the 4 players we signed in the window to "give us a lift" is the difference.

Anything else is tosh.... we played ok for 15 mins last night after that we were outplayed, out fought and out thought everywhere

If you want #Lambertout then please sign this

TimmyH added 11:56 - Feb 10
'Fine margins'!?...couldn't be bothered to read the rest of the dribble, what I saw last night was us scoring in the opening 10 minutes and then not being able to create a chance until the 88th minute! between then they scored 2 goals and had about 3 other good efforts. Lucky not to lose it by more.

I've seen closer games this season we've lost but last night was not one of them...

casanovacrow added 11:57 - Feb 10
Too many people at the club expecting things to come right without making it happen themselves.
Not just the players

Fadedblue added 11:57 - Feb 10
Looking ahead to next Saturday, Shrewsbury (17th in the league) have also played 9 times against the top 7 clubs. They've won 4, drawn 2 and lost 3. ITFC? Played 9, won 0, drawn 0, lost 9. That isn't "fine margins" I'm afraid. It's a lack of quality and good management.

BeattiesBackPocket added 12:12 - Feb 10
There was NO fine line but for Holy it could’ve been double figure score line! I don’t blame Andre what else can a young lad say.
Season ticket has been cancelled I will not put anymore money into that charlatan Evans’ pocket anymore and I’d encourage everyone to do the same if we want change. I was going to do it after evans last interview when he said ‘be careful what you wish for’ and ‘improvements at the club’ but you can go back to when he took over when both he a Clegg called us ‘customers’ that’s the point where it started going wrong a bigger debt, lies of promotion pushes, selling off our best players for league two and one players, we are heading in one direction only and people still support him.

dirtydingusmagee added 12:17 - Feb 10
FINE MARGINS !, Bloody hell Andre,you best look after your footballing carreer ,you will never make it in a job requiring precision. Feel sorry for you having to do what the manager hasnt the balls to do though, LAMBERT GET OUT FRONT AND SHOW YOUR FACE ,YOU INCOMPETANT FAILURE.........THEN SHOW YOUR BACK ,as you head for the border.You are not wanted at this club, pick up your add ons from Delia and go.

runningout added 12:22 - Feb 10
Andre and co need to let Mr Evans know why we have been sh*t.

90z added 12:27 - Feb 10
Having known Andre when I was a kid I know his hurting just like the rest of us. Blue is in his veins, and these post match interviews are limited to what a player really wants to say. Half of our players would love to come out and tell us really whats going on. But speaking your mind in football leaves you dropped like Wolfy was. You rarely see top teams in the premiership or championship rotating their squad unless its for Cup games. This is why we will never have consistency when we chop and change every game! Lambert get out!!

dieselmorris added 12:28 - Feb 10
load the club with debt and what do you get. tax relief,thats the reason why evans owns this club, no real investment in decent players.

mikemuhrenthijssen added 12:44 - Feb 10
If it is ‘fine margins’ you will call the right side occasionally... we have not beaten any of the top sides now.... let’s stop the waffle at the end and look at the facts... no idea of our best team ... a system that does not work... a downward spiral for approximately ten years... if the crowds were at Portman Road then Lambert would have exited by now... but Marcus Evans they soon will be returning or renewing their season tickets ( myself and my son included) and I think he may well get a shock of the sense of anger that is brewing...

His investment is going down and up in the amount... he needs someone who understands the club and has some honesty and ability to talk to the fans...

When Paul Lambert came in he said the tight things and we believed in him... now he cannot even be bothered to speak to Phil Ham and now the other elements of the Press..,

Stuart Watson of the Ipswich Star is very fair in his analysis of the games but Lambert has just become rude in relation to very relevant questions...

Dear oh dear what a fine mess we have gotten into ...

davetheblue added 12:57 - Feb 10
Lose the weekend to Shrewsbury and it has to be it for lambert.
The worry is who will evans pick next.
I’m praying for someone with an Ipswich connection.I think the club/fans desperately needs it.
Butcher,dyer,McGreal,Holland,burley,any of these I think can lift the gloom.

BeattiesBackPocket added 12:57 - Feb 10
I also have to ask how come Peterborough could afford the hottest striker in league one proven scorer in that league yet we couldn’t. We were linked but how come we never go for someone like that it’s always a cheaper option unproven. He’s made a huge difference to them this season and will be the guy responsible for them challenging and they get gates of 7000 whilst we got nearly 20,000 last year? Where’s the math this is why it never makes any sense for me that we haemorrhage money more than anyone else does with the gates we get! Imagine next season when there’s less than 10000

itfcserbia added 13:26 - Feb 10
Final proof last night of Lambert not having a clue - if you tinker enough you will surely strike a winning formula at some point. But since you don't know what you are doing you will continue tinkering. Just like Lambert after Blackpool.

As for Andre, you can read between the (fine) lines he is just saying what he can and not what he really thinks.

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