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Town Down to 12th
Saturday, 13th Feb 2021 19:37

Town dropped to 12th in the third tier for the first time since 1956 following the League One games which did take place this afternoon.

The Blues’ fixture at Shrewsbury was among a number postponed but Plymouth beat Fleetwood 1-0 in their game at Home Park to jump ahead of Town, who have three games in hand on the Pilgrims, who are ninth, and Crewe in 11th. The Blues are now five points off the play-offs.

Northampton, who are at Portman Road on Tuesday, were beaten 2-0 at Sixfields by Burton Albion with the bottom-of-the-table Brewers now only two points behind the 23rd-placed Cobblers.

Town were last 12th in the third tier back during early December 1956, eventually going on to carry off the Division Three South title that season.

Photo: Matchday Images

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ChrisFelix added 09:46 - Feb 14
Lets be realistic & look back over the past 3 months. Importantly our form against the teams we are competing with to win promotion. No chance
But glimmer of hope is play a team similar to last Saturday. Bench captain calamity & play Norwood /Parrot together

rightwinger added 09:57 - Feb 14
1956-1961 from 12th in Div 3 to top of Div 1 be optimistic!

Len_Brennan added 10:24 - Feb 14
To those who are saying again that we should not have gotten rid of Mick & suggesting at how good things would be now if he were still here; it's like you are wistfully looking back at the reality of things through rose coloured glasses.
Ask yourselves if you believe that you should stay in a marriage/relationship that brings you no joy, is a constant source of unhappiness & bickering, and where the respect between you has gone, to the point where it can't be brought back; even if together you are managing to pay the mortgage on a nice house & to the outside world you are a happy, successful couple?
I thought Mick was a great appointment at the time & very much supported him in the early years, but he had to go when he did. Most relationships are brilliant at the start, for some good reasons, but living together for a while can become intolerable, when the early buzz fades. That doesn't mean that you, or your partner can't find happiness elsewhere & I wish Mick well - I even suggested he would sort out a decent Cardiff squad quickly & possibly get them into the promotion picture, to derision from others on here - but what he is doing now, in the early flushes of his new relationship, is not indicative of how things would be here, had he remained in place ever since.

Tony88 added 10:41 - Feb 14
I wish people would stop going on about Lincoln defeat, how many premier teams did they beat that year.

Northstandveteran added 11:02 - Feb 14
That was beautiful Len.

You are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy winters

Such perfect words on this special day.

You're so right, we can all move on and love again.

You're words have inspired me to stop pining for the past and the good times.

I have just been looking at Manchester city shirts on eBay.

Time to move forward after years of disappointments, heartache and pain.

BeattiesBackPocket added 11:38 - Feb 14
Mick was exactly what we needed at that time and done well with what he had we were promised promotion challenges by the owner each season under mick and bar one season where Murphy has a freak season we never really looked like challenging the top 6. Yes he kept us up but the football was worse than the john Duncan era especially the last two years however does the blame lay at his feet no. The owners promised play off challenge whilst giving mick the fifth lowest wage budget those last two seasons that’s why we got progressively worse under him and why I don’t think he would’ve made any difference. There’s one person solely responsible for where we are now and that’s evans.

BeattiesBackPocket added 11:39 - Feb 14
And let’s not forget that mick always does well first couple of seasons at clubs then it fails off ask any Sunderland or wolves fans. Let’s also not forget that no league club rushed for his services he was out of work a while

barrystedmunds added 11:56 - Feb 14
I would suggest 12th flatters us!

Len_Brennan added 12:28 - Feb 14
I had intended finishing with a 'Happy Valentine's Day everybody', but it went out of my mind & I hit the add comment too quickly.

PinstripeBlue added 12:32 - Feb 14
Lots of in fighting going on, that’s not good to hear, it shows how far we have dropped. Let’s hope things improve, but whatever happens we will support our club. COYB.

BettyBlue added 12:34 - Feb 14
If MM is so great why did he stay here when he had no chance of promotion because of lack of investment in players?

Answer: Money, money, money. £1m a season.

And he ran the club into a brick wall to fill his pocket's and leave us in disarray.

blues1 added 13:01 - Feb 14
Of course being 12th is awful. But I have to laugh that people are making the comments they are, when weve dropped to 12th, when we haven't played. Of course, we have to win those games in hand but the fact is, until those games have been played, this is a false position. Whether we'll be higher or lower once those games have been played tho, is pure conjecture.

MonkeyAlan added 13:15 - Feb 14
We wouldn't be in this mess if Mick hadn't been hounded out. Morons.

Cheshire_Blue added 13:25 - Feb 14
I am sick and tired of all these cowards who sit behind a keyboard and spout bile at a manager who is a human being doing his best is difficult circumstances.
These are the people responsible for our current situation having hounded out a decent manager who is now heading for the Premier League with Cardiff City, supported by Kieffer Moore who has developed into a top striker. It is you who have got what you wished for.

tractorboybig added 13:47 - Feb 14
Down Down Deeper and Down

Northstandveteran added 14:04 - Feb 14
And happy Valentine's day to you to Len.

If you ever fancy a drink sometime.....?


BeattiesBackPocket added 14:13 - Feb 14
Cheshire blue some of us are fed up with keyboard warriors blaming fans for the current predicament do I or you make the decisions at the club? If you think Lambert’s doing well where? And You say the owners not to blame well who makes decisions at the club? The owner the manager definitely not the fans. Get a grip other fans are kicking off in their thousands at plenty of clubs higher than us we have the most passive fans anywhere because of people like you who condone where we are? We can’t blame covid or fans who aren’t even at games for where the club is! Your comments are laughable at best

Dockerblue added 14:37 - Feb 14
Games in hand mean nothing if Lambert changes a winning team and brings back captain calamity for must win games! Also, for all you MM fans, he called us numpties and told us to F-off and also sold Keiffer Moore for peanuts when he was banging in goals on loan elsewhere.

LWNR2013 added 14:46 - Feb 14
3 easy points on Tuesday could see us up to 8th. Wow.

Downloaded my code to watch .... must be mad.

DifferentGravy added 16:14 - Feb 14
Ha! Cheshire blue.....all you ever do is come on here and moan about the fans. Now you are calling us cowards......from behind your keyboard.....hypocrite says what?!?

If you are satisfied with the job Shambert is doing then you must be a very happy chappy. But there are 84.6% of who have voted in this site who are NOT happy with the way things are going. There are countless comments from other fans showing their disapproval. There are ex professionals and legends who are unhappy. The EADT has asked for his removal. They also have a vote as to whether he should remain manager(reaching a wider audience and that is at 70% (last time i looked) in favour of his removal. Their are banner, posters and petitions from fans unable to protest their discontent at Lamberts inability. He has proven time and time again that he is tactically clueless. Watch the games......look at the stats.........as of last week we were 2nd lowest in the league for entries into the penalty box, we score few goals, we havent beaten a top 9 team, we have won 4 of our last 12........which part are you struggling with.

From my point of view it is nothing personal, it is purely based on Lamberts managerial lack of ability I dont know the man. You calling me a coward, however, is. When fans are allowed back to the ground....I am more than happy to meet you up over a pint and continue the discussion.

stiggytrunk1955 added 16:19 - Feb 14
points on the board not games in hand lambert go bring in the cowley bros or paul cook now before its to late

BlueWax added 16:23 - Feb 14

Good points...well made.

PortmanTerrorist added 17:49 - Feb 14
Games in Hand? Donny are 9 points clear of us with a game in hand on us !

Plus those games in hand must include games against top teams so play-offs (against top teams) is as good as it can get.....and that was stated as not being good enough just a few short months back. Still, the Club changes its stance on everything to BS us supporters at present so one more thing can't matter can it.

PortmanTerrorist added 17:55 - Feb 14
Those having an epiphany on here re Mick should always understand that the rot set in under him; we were going one way only and that was down. He did the same to Wolves and it took them years to recover. The job to turn it around was too big for Hurst and looks that way for PL too. Maybe time to go back to what we are and what we know and bring Burley back, maybe not as manager, but in a senior capacity if only to get a better sense of what kids ARE good enough; he has as good a track record in that regard as anyone in the Country. Butch under Dyer can coach the first team and finally try and play the same way as the Academy. That will buy the Club some time and Dyer might surprise the doubters, if not then we get someone in the Summer who understands the rules here.

RobsonWark added 17:57 - Feb 14
MM quoted in the papers this morning "It wasn't a great performance but it was a great result".
Sounds exactly like his boring, boring football (that I remember with us) that no one likes to watch!! See how long it takes for the crowd to dwindle there...

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