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Blue Action: Protest Claims Sensationalist and Exaggerated
Monday, 22nd Feb 2021 10:29

Independent supporters group Blue Action has issued a statement disputing aspects of the club’s version of the events relating to their protest at Playford Road last Monday which led to training being suspended for 10 minutes.

After the demonstration, the club issued a statement having been approached by the national media, which read: “There was an incident at the training ground this morning where flares were thrown over a perimeter fence adjacent to the players.

“The flares caused signage on the fence to catch alight and in doing so put our staff at risk.

“The police were called and are investigating the matter. The supporters' group concerned have apologised for their actions.”

However, in a lengthy response released on social media, Blue Action dispute much of that account.

Suffolk Constabulary issued a statement regarding the incident last Tuesday: “Police were called at 10.30am yesterday (Monday 15th February) to reports of a number of people setting off flares on Playford Road in Ipswich.

“Those involved reportedly left the scene on foot, heading towards Rushmere Heath.

“Police attended and searched the area but found no trace of any suspects. Enquiries are ongoing.”

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bluejacko added 10:34 - Feb 22
Oh dear that’s another ‘own’ goal for the ITFC media team😂

prozach added 10:34 - Feb 22
Great statement, and the protest appears to have put the issue of how our club is failing on and off the pitch onto the national stage.

However, I'm VERY interested to see if the club responds to this; as this statement suggests they told a few porkies in their own statement...

Blue_Blood_ added 10:37 - Feb 22
I think they've seen too much Football factory or Greenstreet

TimmyH added 10:40 - Feb 22
I actually believe Blue Action on this one, you just have to look at the video clip, hardly wholesale damage there! but have to say they were probably breaking lockdown protocol on this one which wasn't clever but look around on the high street you see examples of people breaking them.

Keep up the action within reasonable means...

FramlinghamBlue added 10:40 - Feb 22
Ridiculous protest. The statements this so called supporters group release are embarrassing. They have been given too much space to offer their opinion. Reminds me of some group admins on Facebook.

floridaboy added 10:41 - Feb 22
Well done boys for posting the statement. The club is full of lies at the moment especially from our much travelled manager even down to his statement that it affected the performance Tuesday night!!!!!

The club wont respond that is obvious!

SouperJim added 10:42 - Feb 22
Shame on those of you who swallowed the fake news put out by the club. Don't underestimate how low Evans will stoop to maintain the status quo. He won't hesitate to sh!t all over the most loyal of supporters, just like he has done several times in the past.

Evans out. Lambert out.

MattinLondon added 10:42 - Feb 22
Well done Blue Action - possibly the club tried to bully you which saddens me.

Razor added 10:44 - Feb 22
I remember a few years ago my good friend ran on to the pitch at half time and burnt his scarf in the centre circle-----it worked.

Desperate times call for desperate measures-----well done BLUE ACTION.

DifferentGravy added 10:48 - Feb 22
Probably a better way to get the message across other than pyrotechnics but the message from the majority of fans(see polls), locals newspaper, ex players is the same....LAMBERT OUT.......and although some may not agree with it.......the protest brought the issue to a wider audience....rather than suffering in silence. Shame the club felt the need to over exaggerate and shows the growing fissure between fans and those pulling the strings

We may get a result against Hull......havent seen any team that has really stood out.....but(purely on the pitch) it will paper over the cracks of Lamberts managerial and tactical inability. Can anyone really see us winning 11 of 19.....which is what we will probably need to do for a playoff spot


SouperJim added 10:53 - Feb 22
Watch the video and then consider the club statement:-

"flares were thrown over a perimeter fence"

“the flares caused signage on the fence to catch alight"

Both of those assertions are demonstrably false. No flares are thrown over the fence. The smoke seen is a smoke bomb, not a burning sign. The club deliberately lied in an attempt to demonise the demonstrators.

Edmundo added 10:57 - Feb 22
Good on you, BA. We may not all agree on the methods, but the motivation is clearly supported by the majority.
We have to hit this heinous owner of ours in the pocket: not a penny until there is fundamental change, starting with new management.

SickParrot added 11:08 - Feb 22
Sounds like the club exaggerated or invented the damage caused. If so it's back fired on them because their version of events attracted national press coverage and so therefore did the dissatisfaction of the fans and the underlying problems at the club. Maybe it will now be more difficult for Marcus Evans to ignore the issues.

Suffolkboy added 11:16 - Feb 22
IF one looks for ‘ blame ‘ here ,then .as in so much and in so many ways ITFC is very sadly falling a long way short !
Many of us are old enough to to have been a part of the ‘ Cobbold ‘ days when vastly different values and standards pertained ; one can readily imagine Mr John being appalled that things were so amiss,and shocked if he could in any way have been thought to be a part or shared any blame !
In these respects alone I’m afraid I see no recognition or contrition from those within who should know better !
Great Shame on those at ITFC who behave so wrongly ; conflict is always better resolved by mutual communication —not by arrogant displays of self belief .
To all at ITFC please determine to improve everything for the Club we all love and want to support and see through to better times ,
The ball is very firmly on your court right now !

minesapint added 11:25 - Feb 22
It's interesting that the club chose to talk to the Daily Mail. In 2017 Wikipedia concluded that the Mail was an unreliable source and stopped quoting it. Click on the link and scroll down to Reliability.


In fairness, there has been some improvement since Geordie Greig became editor.

Europablue added 11:33 - Feb 22
It sounds like the players were in as much danger as there is of Lambert getting us promoted.

RegencyBlue added 11:43 - Feb 22
So, the club issues misleading statements.

Who would have guessed!!!

itsonlyme added 11:51 - Feb 22
The lies put out by the club seem unbelievable. Well done to Blue Action. And a well documented reply to those who spout lies.

81Legends added 11:53 - Feb 22
Looks like a disgusting official response from the Club that I have supported all my life. The method of getting the negative message out early to the media is reminiscent of the West Midlands Police and The Sun after Hillsborough. The difference being, this is a Club willing to do so against its own supporters.

As for the protest itself, though well justified at this stage, I thought it was quite lame initially and chuckled to myself as I watched it. The only aggression I saw in the footage came from Stuart Taylor, who ran shouting towards the small group as if he wanted a confrontation. The group responded to him by beginning their chant of “We want Lambert Out!”.

The irony is that by exaggerating the whole event (staff put at risk, signage fire, youngsters emotionally impacted etc.), the Club itself may have propelled the headlines into the national media resulting in a Public Relations own- goal.

algarvefan added 11:55 - Feb 22
Personally I am only interested in the football and how the team are doing, it's embarrassing enough being in Division 3 (old money) without all these shenanigans causing us all further embarrassment and childish arguing about who's right or wrong. If you must protest you so in a quiet and dignified manner with banners and do not use pyrotechnics that can easily get out of hand.
The clubs situation is serious and I am concerned too, but lets try to apply pressure in a more intelligent way.

BartonBluee added 11:59 - Feb 22
Lol, for anyone that reads the Daily Mail and believes a word they say, I've just finished a great fiction novel I could pass onto you, in case you fancy a change.

Cheshire_Blue added 12:01 - Feb 22
If Blue Action had been following the lockdown rules and stayed at home the incident would not have happened. Anyone who describes them as 'supporters' needs to read the definition of the word in a dictionary. An absolute disgrace.

istanblue added 12:02 - Feb 22
ITFC Fake News media!

matthewwylds added 12:03 - Feb 22
Brilliant keep it up boys 👍👍👍

cat added 12:27 - Feb 22
I said last week that it was a rather botched attempt by the club to rubbish B.A. One things for sure though and that is actions speak louder than words. Respect to B.A for being pro active.

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