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Chambers: Absolutely I Want to Stay, My Ambition For the Club is Unchanged
Sunday, 4th Apr 2021 11:04

Blues skipper Luke Chambers says there have been no talks about his future, with his contract up at the end of the season, but is in no doubt he wants to be a member of what's likely to be a much-changed Town squad under new boss Paul Cook next season.

Asked whether he wants to be part of Cook’s plans for the Blues’ future, the 35-year-old said: “Absolutely I do, yes. My ambition for the football club to be successful and be where they need to be has not changed.

“I’ve played virtually every game this season again, but we’ll just see what happens. I’m just trying to do my bit for the team and try and play as well as I can and I’m enjoying being back at centre-half.”

Has there been any hint about his future? “No, we’re not even talking about it. I don’t think anyone really is talking about it at the minute.

“At the end of the day, we’ve had two years of mediocrity at the football club so what can you say? You have to try and take your opportunities when they come and I think the lads tried to do that against Bristol Rovers and we’ll just keep focusing on every game as it comes. Yes, it’s uneasy for some players to go through but you have to handle that.”

Chambers admits that it would hurt if he left the club without having helped the Blues back into the Championship.

“Yes, absolutely and it’s never going be an easy conversation to have,” he said.

“But I’m fully behind what the gaffer’s trying to do, what the football club’s trying to do and I just think that as soon as we get everyone back in this place and see what the gaffer wants to do and if he’s allowed to do it, that’s something I really want to be a part of.”

Chambers, who has been at Town since joining on a free transfer from Nottingham Forest under Paul Jewell in the summer of 2012, says there are players worrying about their futures with 26 members of the squad out of contract come the end of the campaign.

“I think they definitely do, why maybe it’s gone this long,” he said. “It’s not the first time it’s happened at the football club, players have always found themselves in tricky situations with contracts. But if that’s the way it is, that’s the way it is. You have to handle it.

“It’s been a tough year for everyone. The football environment has changed massively. The landscape for players coming out of contract is not what you want to have but we find ourselves where we are and we just have to handle it game by game.

“We’ve got nine games to go and we’ll be looking to crack on on Monday and be really positive and try and take the game to Rochdale.”

Asked what manager Cook has tried to change since he took charge at the start of last month, Chambers said: “He’s just tried to free the lads’ mindset really and just try and believe in themselves a little bit more, take people on, get crosses in, have shots.

“Just try and be more effective, more productive, if you have to play in to the strikers early [do so], he played two up front against Bristol Rovers and we started the game brilliantly.

“As long as that quality’s in to the front we can play off that. We’ve got willing runners from midfield, we’ve got players that can cause damage, Teddy Bishop’s had one of is best games for a while, especially in the first half, he had the freedom to take people on and he’s a tremendous footballer. If we can get him in the right positions on the football pitch, he’ll make things happen for us.”

He says he and Cook have spoken extensively over the last few weeks.

“We’ve had loads of chats so far, he’s been great with me, another manager I’ve played under and I just want to keep repaying the faith that he’s showing in me," he said.

“He’s been brilliant from day one, we’ve had chats and he just tries to let me manage the group as much as possible and that’s great when you’ve got that trust from the manager.”

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itfcjoe added 11:12 - Apr 4
Sign him up, well worthy of an extra year here.

Sindre94 added 11:15 - Apr 4
Hugely underappreciated player. Will miss him when he goes. We’ve been defensively sound throughout his time at the club, except for the first months under Jewell after Luke signed. Sort the attack out and I can definitely see him play a role here for a few more years; he’s getting older but he is still one of the fittest guys at the club. I feel certain that he will be offered a new contract, and that will prove that every manager he’s had rate him highly.

Linkboy13 added 11:16 - Apr 4
If he leaves the Chambers bashes would be gutted, they would have to move on to somebody else, there's plenty of potential at the club.

Linkboy13 added 11:16 - Apr 4
If he leaves the Chambers bashes would be gutted, they would have to move on to somebody else, there's plenty of potential at the club.

jonbull88 added 11:24 - Apr 4
I can see both him and skuse getting a year deal with a view to step up the coaching side of their games, similar to what Mowbray did. It would be nice if both could end their town careers on a bit of a high with promotion.

victorywilhappen added 11:24 - Apr 4
Well it seems the takeover is to be confirmed this week.

What place will be found for LC in the new order? Is he needed? Can we do or want better?

Cheshire_Blue added 11:25 - Apr 4
Who will be next in line for the numpties to destroy ?

chicoazul added 11:26 - Apr 4
4 years, Luke.

ChrisFelix added 11:29 - Apr 4
Lets be realistic, if we DID win promotion how do do think Chambers will fare against the best in the championship. Maybe a coaching role can be found, but how many background staff can the club afford

BanksterDebtSlave added 11:34 - Apr 4
Appropriate day for another resurrection.

dukey44 added 11:44 - Apr 4
Hahaha he will be well past for next season, bench warmer at best.. Don't care who agrees or not.. He's one of main reasons we are so tosh.. Like he said he's played a lot.. Answers himself to be honest we are where we are he's helped us be so bad👍

90z added 11:52 - Apr 4
Sorry but il go against what others agree with on here, I dont think he deserves a new contract. His been a good defender for us, but If you watch him play his caught out of position to often. No pace. Always feel every game there will be a mistake. Time to move on and create a path for someone new. If you want the team to progress players like chambers have to go.

buzbyblue added 11:53 - Apr 4
Ffs just sums up all that's wrong with the club, he's struggling with lvl3 this season, sorry Luke thanks for the memories but look where we are under your leadership

BryanPlug added 11:56 - Apr 4
No one else would get away with so many mistakes as this man.

TractorFrog added 12:00 - Apr 4
I think Luke Chambers should be given a new contract, but as a backup CB and RB. We have a horrible injury record at the club, but Chambers is the one player who never gets injured, despite being 35. Maybe he isn't quite as good as a footballer as James Wilson, Toto Nsiala or Kane Vincent-Young, but he is far more reliable than them, and he is an excellent captain. He probably won't be good enough next year to be in the starting 11 every week, but he will still have a part to play.

ITFC_Cotton added 12:11 - Apr 4
I’m sorry Luke but for ITFC to progress out of this constant failure we need to cut away the deadwood and that means players like you, Skuse and Sears.

Cakeman added 12:15 - Apr 4
Fully understand his desire to stay at the club. He is settled in the area and his future opportunities will be limited. However I don’t think we should be looking at a new contract for a 35 year old. We have to break the old guard up and start completely anew.
There is no room for sentiment with the state our club is in. Look forward not back.

DifferentGravy added 12:24 - Apr 4
Smashing chap but NO. There are clearly a good number of people that like Luke Chambers but are blinded by the loyalty he has given. Personally I think he has been poor for the majority of the last three seasons. You need a captain to rely on, look up to and set an example ON THE PITCH. He has just about managed to tread water in this league but that really isnt saying anything and his fitness, speed, reactions are not going to improve. If we cant find someone to replace him then I really do fear for the future of our team.........we need to IMPROVE and not stagnate. I am certainly not holding Chambers solely responsible for our demise (on the pitch) but he is one of many cogs that needs to be changed.

For me a legend is someone who inspires the team, drags them up, has true ability, perhaps help to achieve/win things. It has nothing to do with staying with a team for 8+ years whilst the team drops through the league. I wonder ho many times we lost to Norwich during this time?!

Now.......cue the marking down.

heathen66 added 12:24 - Apr 4
Unfortunately time has caught up with Chambers
Caught out of position too many times and when in position as we saw again on Friday unfortunately too slow to stop mediocre L1 strikers.
Thanks Luke, but you were ruined by your great mate Mick who persistently played you out of position (RB) and you were never the same player.

Unsure why people think Chambers and Skuse will make good coaches...and a position can be 'found' for them. We are a 3rd division club and cannot afford to be sentimental.

This club needs a step change, and the only way that can happen is by allowing many (most) of the out of contract players to leave. Many of these players cannot get any better or in some cases do not want to get any better or change their ways.
ITFC is far too soft on and off the pitch and many players seem far too comfortable producing mediocrity.


In PC we believe COYB !!!

runningout added 12:46 - Apr 4
No time for kind sentiments when this club has been a joke for ages!! Not one player is or has been wowing anyone.

Tractorboy58 added 12:49 - Apr 4
Much as as I respect and like Chambers, he is really passed it now. It is clear that he is often getting found out for pace. His legs have gone and it is now time to step away. Good management has to make these decisions without being swayed by emotion

mdsblue added 12:53 - Apr 4
DifferentGravy, no marking down from me, I think you're absolutely spot on, For the past few seasons we have needed our captain and senior players to lead from the front on the pitch, motivate, kick up the backside, organise our defence, not just fist pump and play to the crowd when we've managed to scrape a win. The amount of mistakes he continues to make is astounding, he rarely stops crosses coming in, is far to slow and loses his man all too often. Sorry, maybe a great servant to the club but also a well paid one and has made a good living from ITFC over the past 10 years or so, so lets not be too sentimental, what have we actually achieved in that 10 years, very very little. Thanks Luke, but if we are to improve and enjoy a different playing culture at this club, our captain has to change too.

cat added 13:05 - Apr 4
How much longer are we going to allow him to lead us downwards. He’s a big part of the cosy underbelly at the club which is clearly all wrong. We need winners and if Chambers only success at the club has been a top 6 finish in the Championship then that says it all. They’ll still be some on here calling for a statue to go along side the true greats at the club and there has been some comparisons with the likes of Butcher (lol).You couldn’t make it up!

AlanG296 added 13:20 - Apr 4
Made a very good living in a lovely area of the country with his limited ability, why wouldn't he want to stay? Very fortunate that the team's declining competence has kept pace with his decline.

Suffolkboy added 13:29 - Apr 4
Whilst there’s always a need to be totally objective ,there is no need for emotion, sentiment or the hints of negativity ,some verging on vitriol !
IMO Luke Chambers has been a fine example of moral standards & man management both on and off the pitch ; has been a guide and mentor to many amongst the younger element making their own way through the ranks AND maintained a very high level of personal fitness — hence the observations earlier re his constant presence and availability .
When we’ve been able to visit P Rd a dispassionate assessment has left us concluding LC being as fit and full of stamina as anybody in the team — and able to last the full 90 mins .Inevitably speed does fade with the years ,but physical stamina (especially with training ) can be well maintained through the Thirties ,when testing has previously indicated strengths and stamina are at their peak between 33 and 36 .
It’s so easy to highlight the apparent singular failings without taking into account the contributions ( or realistic lack of) from team mates who have failed to fulfil , link up ,provide cover etc etc : realistically PC will be coming to his own conclusions about individuals, team balance , the transient progression and timed objectives he seeks.
In terms of character ,honesty , integrity and commitment AND reliability there won’t be many to challenge LC .
When things are not going well , and disappointment compounds ,it’s far too easy to alight upon ‘victims ‘ , overlook the joint responsibilities and turn to negative critique !
In PC we must place our trust , belief and hope ; he’s well grounded ,full of good human instinct and well equipped to both make the right decisions and to courageously lead from the front .
Positive and onwards and upwards !

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