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Cook: The Club Will Be a Very Different Place Come August
Friday, 16th Apr 2021 10:53

Boss Paul Cook says the challenge of turning things around at Portman Road was why he took the job and has been disappointed with himself that the Blues’ play-off push has faltered.   “It's the reason why I came to the club,” he said when asked how excited he is by the prospect of turning Town around.

“When I came to the club, I was very confident that I would lead the team into the play-offs. To say I'm disappointed in that myself is an understatement.

“I think I should be getting more out of these players. That disappoints me that I'm not. I've lain awake for the last two or three nights, I am a fighter and I am someone that doesn't settle for second best or mediocrity.

“I don't want to leave Wimbledon congratulating Wimbledon on beating us 3-0. I don't enjoy it. I don't want to leave Fleetwood congratulating Fleetwood on beating us 2-0. I don't like leaving Gillingham [after a defeat]. I like leaving being proud of my team, something that I'm not at the minute and something that I can rest assure will change.”

Asked whether he will have a meeting regarding his budget with new chairman Mike O’Leary soon, Cook didn’t want to be drawn into discussions about the close season.
“The summer at the minute is not really to the fore of my mind,” he said. “As a manager, as a sportsperson, I said it before, the players represent me on the pitch, they represent Ipswich Town Football Club, they represent the town of Ipswich.

“When I stand on the sidelines, I want to know what I get out of them because I think they'll know what they get out of me.

“As you guys know, I offer very little criticism to the team. At the minute, I don't like the team and I haven't got a clue what I'm getting out of them. That will end at the end of this season – 100 per cent. So, the least I say probably, the better it will be.”
He says the club will be a very different place come August: “One hundred percent. I'm a happy person, I'm always happy because, like I say to the players, when you do get fans back in the stadium, one thing you need at the end of a football game is your fans to clap you off the pitch.

“That means they have seen what you've put up and they are happy with it. You don't have to win football games for that to happen, you have to show fans that you care about the club and you've run every blade of grass and you've tried your best. I'm glad fans aren't in stadiums at the minute.”

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Razor added 10:58 - Apr 16
Crikey he talks a good game!

boroughblue added 10:59 - Apr 16
Exactly the words I’m sure we all want to hear. I look forwarded to a much improved season under you, game changer and Mark Ashton next season

dirtydingusmagee added 11:03 - Apr 16
I feel like hiring an open top bus to take him around the town on the strength of todays statements LOL, Just want to see its not all empty words, keep that axe sharp PC .

Barty added 11:09 - Apr 16
Its difficult to get anything more out of current players as most of them earn their living under false pretences claiming to be professional footballers [ what a joke ] !!

StringerBell added 11:20 - Apr 16
If you can't be enthused by that rallying cry you've a heart of stone!

Pencilpete added 11:32 - Apr 16
Cook says he thinks like a supporter - i think he's pretty much saying what we are all thinking

no complaints here and no sympathy for anyone who gets the chop - Cook came in, told them to step up and they simply haven't so the reality is either they arn't up for it or they arn't good enough ... both of which means they need to get out of the club.

PortmanTerrorist added 11:34 - Apr 16
Chambers new 3 year contract then ?! What he does there will be the true test as whilst I admire Chambo and his own desire to do right by the Club on and off the field, ITFC has blatantly lacked leadership on the field for years now; his own head visibly drops now and if that happens how can you rally the players?

Cook needs his own man in as captain, not weigh down Flynn with the job. Someone who is in a team that runs for 100 minutes not 90, who never gives up, and who demands the same of very player around them. This decision to me will be the acid test of the changes PC refers to repeatedly now. We can but hope. In Cook we trust.

COYB....whoever you are !

BcarefulwhatUWish4 added 11:56 - Apr 16
Even King Leonidas couldn't rouse this team. Will be very different next season.

Europablue added 11:56 - Apr 16
PortmanTerrorist It's really important not to make a sentimental decision on Chambers. He has made the tenth highest all-time appearances for the club so that has shown that he has been a loyal servant of the club, but at the same time he has been captain over the most unsuccessful part of our recent history. Obviously he isn't responsible for all of what has gone wrong, but I think the important thing to consider is that he isn't the man to lead us out of it. the captain needs to be one of the first names on the teamsheet and can't be a player who is playing because he is the captain.

muccletonjoe added 12:09 - Apr 16
This is not the BS of Lambert, this is an honest guy , who I am sure will do his absolute best to turn this club around. The time is up for these players , and at last they are being told some home truths.

TimmyH added 12:13 - Apr 16
Chambers and Skuse both have to be guillotined in this 'overhaul' of the club if we are to move forwards and upwards - no doubt about it!

blueprint added 12:19 - Apr 16
“I’ve lain awake for the last two or three nights...” No surprise when you constantly have a coffee on the go.

Love what I’m hearing from him. Go on Paul!

shakytown added 12:20 - Apr 16
The few that are still here next season are in for a real shock i believe. No more soft hearted nice old Ipswich Town where mediocrity is permitted and even encouraged by some. The first thing is to get the players actually FIT for the first time in years and that will also help on the injury front. There are going to be some really sulky little brats after the changes but the cream will rise to the top. if they dont want to be fit committed and hate losing then they should not be professional footballers.

chepstowblue added 13:01 - Apr 16
I'll applaud when I see the evidence, when I see the improvements. At the moment its akin to me saying "I'll run the London marathon in 2hrs 26mins this year". That Paul Cook has had no affect on this group cannot be overlooked. Its alarming. At the moment he has an alibi, and his words of criticism towards the players(whilst totally justified)are a convenient smoke screen to hide the fact that the early signs of his time here have been an effortless continuation of the dross served up over the last 10+ yrs. Yes, he has next season to stamp his identity on things....its got to happen, or these words that are appearing godlike right now will be as hollow as his predecessors. The initial reaction on this forum to our last four managers has been..."I like what I'm hearing". It never tied in with what we ending up watching. We're exasperated by hot air. The jury's out, but I wish Paul Cook all the luck.

algarvefan added 13:07 - Apr 16
Question, How can you start this process without knowing exactly what your budget will be for replacements, asking for a friend, so don't hang me out to dry. We can all get carried away with having new owners, everyone says the right thing but personally, I'll wait and see. I have heard little ducks fart before!!

BlueBlood90 added 13:13 - Apr 16
I'm hoping that we'll look back in two or three years and have a good laugh about that 3-0 result against Wimbledon. It's clearly sparked the required reaction for Cook to start wielding the axe and getting the wheels in motion for sorting this mess out once and for all.

Don't forget Norwich lost 1-7 at home to Colchester which ended up being the catalyst in turning their fortunes around.

I really can't wait to get the remaining games played and finished and see what Cook can get done in the summer.

Izzy added 13:18 - Apr 16
I know Paul Cook is saying what we, as fans, have been saying for months & months, but how must it feel to be one of the players currently working for him, to know that he thinks they are all dross? No wonder Chambers' head drops when he makes a mistake - he clearly knows he's going to get it in the neck from the manager! OK, you can say he's a professional football and shouldn't make mistakes, but he's also human and none of us are prefect.
I'm with chepstowblue - I want to see Paul Cook's fine words turn into action before I sing his praises and, so far, all I've seen has "been an effortless continuation of the dross served up over the last 10+ yrs".

cranky_old_tractor added 13:32 - Apr 16
Spot on PC. No more said. Look forward to seeing the change!

Drifter3012 added 13:43 - Apr 16
If Cook has been talking like this in the dressing room, then perhaps it makes sense why the players have refused to play for him.
At present he is stuck with them and it seems some have thrown their dummies out even when he has put them in the team.
But it does seem clear he has given up on many of them. The decision on Judge gives me confidence that the clear out is on the way thank goodness.
And even if he doesn't know his budget for the summer it seems abundantly clear he doesn't want to work with the current squad and will be hoping for some cash to buy but also some out of contract players willing to come and play for a football club with some pedigree and a manager and owners who want to take the club forward.

IpswichT62OldBoy added 13:55 - Apr 16
You would be hard pressed to buy worse players than those we have for the money they are on

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