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Detmer: Community Will Be a Big Aspect For Us
Monday, 26th Apr 2021 14:24

New Blues co-owner Mark Detmer has stressed the importance of having a connection with supporters and engaging with the community.

Detmer, a real estate expert, is one of the Three Lions who own five per cent of Gamechanger 20 Ltd, who took charge of Town earlier this month.

The 49-year-old says he and his fellow Three Lions, Brett Johnson and Berke Bakay, with whom he is picture above at St James' Park, Newcastle, are looking forward to making their first visit to Portman Road.

“We are biding our time until we can travel to Ipswich. We can’t wait,” he told the club site.

“What we looked for in a club was a passionate fanbase and an opportunity to wake a sleeping giant.

“Clubs survive because of the fans and the community that they’re in so when we looked at the opportunities in England, by far Ipswich was our favourite – there wasn’t even a close second for us.

“The community will be a big aspect for us. I think it’s really important to have that connection with supporters.

“We need to focus on the youth. There is an unbelievable opportunity to create those same experiences, those memories that their parents or grandparents will have experienced following the club.

“Our goal is to get the youth as passionate about Ipswich as so many other generations have been.

“We will work tirelessly for the supporters. We are genuine in what it is that we’re trying to accomplish at this football club. We’re all in and we hope that supporters will be all in on our efforts too.”

Photo: ITFC

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BlueNomad added 14:30 - Apr 26
I love what they are saying. If it turns into reality we are in for a great time.

rfretwell added 14:35 - Apr 26
All good but the only sure way is to start winning matches and being successful.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 15:08 - Apr 26
Music to my ears. Club and Community. We have fans dotted around the world (not least in Scandinavia) and with encouragement we can build on that as well as capture some of the younger people who might otherwise be tempted to take the train up to London. COYB!

midastouch added 15:19 - Apr 26
We've nearly got as many owners as we have injured and loan players!

All joking aside, like the sentiment of what he's saying. They are all making the right sorts of noises. I'm sure they are sincere and mean well. However, there's a big job in front of them in order to get things moving in the right direction. Consequently, I expect we're going to need to show some patience. Because they are new they are on their honeymoon period with the fans so they have the luxury of time (although you only have to see how fickle some of the fans are with Cook to know time is of very limited supply when it comes to football).

I should state that Cook wasn't really the guy I wanted (I always wanted Burley to get another chance) but now Cook is here I've been encouraged by what he's said off the pitch (he's not pulled many punches) even if I'm not impressed with what's happened on the pitch. But I'm happy to give him the benefit of any doubt as I know the squad he inherited wasn't up to it. I wasn't against Cook, I just didn't know much about him. I don't follow football as closely as I used to. I was aware how he got Wigan up and they seemed to be doing well before running into financial trouble. Perhaps the boat has already sailed for Burley as he's not getting any younger but I just thought he would be the ideal man to get players to step up from the academy and become established in the first team. That is a transition that hasn't gone anywhere near as well as it should for too long now.

Finally, let's not forget that most of us had run out of patience with how things were going completely stale under Evans, so I'm just thrilled we've got some new owners with fresh ideas on how to try and move forwards as a club. I'm not sure how it will all pan out but it felt like we were at rock bottom already so we may as well roll the dice and see what happens!

midastouch added 15:24 - Apr 26
And if any of the new owners read this, please can you watch this to get a taste of what it could be like here if we all start to pull together again!


itsonlyme added 15:33 - Apr 26
Mor good vibes from the owners. Community is so important to itfc. We need the fans back and in large numbers to push on upwards.

brad548ye added 16:26 - Apr 26
MIDASTOUCH, Wow......That piece had my hairs standing on end and filled me with emotions from all over the place. I think the current crop of players should watch it and hang their heads in shame. I'm not even talking about ability, they should take on board the things that are being said about the team spirit, togetherness, work ethic, knowing what it means to the fans and all the rest of it. Thanks for sharing it.

midastouch added 17:49 - Apr 26
Glad you enjoyed it brad458ye. You hit the nail on the head with your summary. Any fan with Ipswich in their heart will get emotional watching that.

johnwarksshorts added 18:41 - Apr 26
Engagement with the community is music to my ears, these guys seem to be the real deal and I am really looking forward to the summer when hopefully they will start to turn the fortunes of our great club around and we can move on and asign the last 10+ years to history. ITID.

KernewekBlue added 19:07 - Apr 26
Oh, how wonderful it used to be to look forward to the weekend and follow the Town, no matter who they were playing. I always knew we could beat anyone on our day and we had an awful lot of days back then!

These last 14 years have been an absolute tragedy wrapped in a nightmare that I can't wake up from.

I and thousands like me adore this club, how it played and beating the so called giants of English football on a regular basis, as well as the European adventures our boys took us on... oh, what heady days they were.

Now, it appears, we have owners who seem to mean what they say and my hopes are, once again, raised that we might reach those giddy heights in the future.

Let's not beat around the bush though, the task facing the owners and management here is beyond immense. It will take very deep pockets and silver-tongued negotiators to tempt the much needed top talent to Ipswich Town. It'll be an uphill task of gargantuan proportions but if their heart is really in it and they have the will and financial clout to carry it through, good times and good results may once again grace the hallowed turf of Portman Road.

The transfer season can't come soon enough for me!

Bluedocker added 19:22 - Apr 26
Should do something similar to what Bradford have done for the last 2 seasons..
"City for all" season tickets
£150 adults,seniors&students
£100 for under 16's
£25 for under 11's.
Fill the ground up and get fans back.

Nesspointrunner added 19:59 - Apr 26
I confess I am less than impressed than this lot. Yes they are saying things that desperate Blues want to hear but clearly they also talk about "Fan base and potential".
They dont care about ITFC like we do. They are here to make money and if duping desperate supporters into going along with it is going to make them money then that is what they are going to do.
Does anybody here really think that if they do well enough that they would not have joined the European Super League if they had the chance? Come on Blues! Wake up !

WonTheCupin78 added 20:06 - Apr 26
Great to hear so much positivity from the Three Lions.

We've lost many young fans the last few years. Too many humiliations, no victories against Norwich and no success of any kind to speak of. Fans moved onto the successful clubs. Success will give reason for some of these fans to return.

Mass clear out of squad needed and then we can build for the future. Our present players need fresh starts elsewhere and we need to bring in players who will keep us solid in the championship. Then build for a promotion push.

Henrietta_R_Hippo added 20:43 - Apr 26
In other words you lot are looking forward to getting OUR, the fans, pesos!

Well you aren't getting mine anytime soon!

Which quality player, in his RIGHT frame of mind, would wanna come here ....aye even knowing we got a new owner & new capital?

Clueless current gaffer who has resorted to be all-over-the- place comment wise, plays loanees at this pointless stage, and additionally also solely blame the employers (although he says he doesn't want to but just can't help himself?!) ....despite the bucket of responsibility of how they perform indisputably stops with HIM???!!!

IMHO You have to pay him some serious dough in monthly salary for a quality player to sign here, and not look elsewhere, regardless of the name of town's manager at at given time.

And ohhh let's not forget: If things not work out ....for whatever reason, for a player and his agent, "BEEN recently at itfc" is frankly not something you wanna figure on your applicable cv in this day & age!

sidewaysbackwards added 21:11 - Apr 26
MIDUSTOUCH Thanks for posting that vid, never seen it before. Brought back some great memories. Seeing Marcus Stewart having to pause the interview when asked what town meant to him was quite an emotional moment, shame the current crop don’t feel as much love for the club. Also didn’t realise what turmoil Mogga was in when he came to the club, it was as if town helped to mend him!

Edmundo added 21:14 - Apr 26
Ah, Henrietta, the trolls' troll/

This is more good intention, but patience one and all. Rome was not built in a day.

Henrietta_R_Hippo added 21:36 - Apr 26
Thanks for the kind sentiments Edmundo.

But FYI I only play a conniving halfling spellcaster/rogue, on psilocybin!, in my monthly Advanced Dungeons & Dungeons get-together.

Frankly dunno much about them creatures who resides "under a bridge" ...and are nowadays seen as an annoyance on internet forums ....but obviously I can ask my adorable female Dungeon Master, if you like, to get his correct hitpoints etc.? :-) :-)

PortmanTerrorist added 23:02 - Apr 26
The reality is that ME has taken so far down into this hell of League 1 that the motives and aspirations of our supporters now match the potential investment opportunity (versus limited outlay) for our new owners. We should be grateful they have a track record, that they are willing to show their face, their money is clean, and that they have been guided and defacto vetted by Frank Yallop with whom there is a fantastic interview on Youtube which I recommend ALL supporters to watch ( What more can we hope for ?!

Embrace these guys as the alternatives, including the status quo, do not bear thinking about !

londontractorboy57 added 08:56 - Apr 27
Heard it all before get the fans on board then pick their pockets

BettyBlue added 10:08 - Apr 27
Not sure any fans/community want to have anything to do with the current players and management.

Razor added 10:20 - Apr 27
Oy Nessie dont be so miserable and just be grateful for what is on the way.

We have had 15 years of hurt and we blinking well deserve some good times, all of us including you!!

shakytown added 10:32 - Apr 27
Thanks Midastouch. Reminds everyone that it takes a team and teamwork to get there. one passage summed it up for me. they trained 4 days a week when these bloody losers cant even manage two days in a row. The attitude from most of these third rate prima donnas is embarrassing and very few of them will be here in 12 months time.

BettyBlue added 11:23 - Apr 27
Action speaks louder than words.

Not many words either at the moment.

midastouch added 13:33 - Apr 27
@ sidewaysbackwards and @ shakytown
Glad you both enjoyed it. I watched it the day it came out and I was moved by how passionate they all still are about Ipswich. Marcus Stewart was moved to tears when asked what Ipswich means to him, that's how much he still cares! Huge respect and gratitude to all the team and the management from then, they really did us proud.

poringlandblue added 15:01 - Apr 27
Midastouch, I too watched it last night, the majority of the time with goosebumps on my arm, tears welled up listening to Marcus Stewart on his thoughts about his time at Ipswich. Our demise has been so sad. Now hopefully in the near future I can look forward to good times, coming down on the train from Norwich with my son who’s seen nothing but dross and celebrate together some fantastic memories. I’ve got goosebumps thinking about it.

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