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Speculation on Town's Available Players Gets Under Way
Thursday, 13th May 2021 10:34

Speculation regarding the Town players made available by manager Paul Cook this summer has got under way with a report questioning whether Norwich City could revive their interest in midfielder Andre Dozzell.

On Monday, TWTD reported that in addition to releasing several of those who are out of contract, Cook had told a large number of his squad whose contracts still have time to run that they can move on.

One source told TWTD following the Monday meetings that Cook had told essentially the whole squad they could move on should offers come in, including those whose one-year options had been taken.

The players told to find new clubs are many that fans might have expected to the Blues boss to keep, including Dozzell, Teddy Bishop, Flynn Downes, Luke Woolfenden and Armando Dobra, all of whom have featured since Cook took over. Striker James Norwood, who has worn the captain’s armband in recent games, is also among those told he can depart.

Now the Norwich Pink ‘Un is speculating whether the Canaries could come back in for Dozzell, 22, who they were close to signing in the summer of 2019. The Norfolk club, recently promoted to the Premier League, offered around £3 million with the Blues having put a price of £5 million on his head.

TWTD has previously reported that Blackburn are keen on Dozzell having had an offer rejected in January 2020. Former Blues skipper and coach Tony Mowbray has continued to monitor the former England U20 product and his assistant Mark Venus’s name was on the scouts list for a recent Blues away game. QPR have also monitored his progress this season.

Other clubs which could revive previous interest for members of the squad are Crystal Palace, who offered £1.6 million for Downes last summer, while Dobra was a target of Brighton in January 2020, while other clubs at home and abroad, including Southampton, Dinamo Zagreb, Atalanta and Dynamo Kyiv, have subsequently shown interest in the Albanian U21 international.

Woolfenden was linked with Sheffield United in 2019/20 but the Blades opted not to progress their interest further, while QPR and Crystal Palace were also keeping tabs on him at around the same time.

Norwood is likely to have plenty of suitors in League One, although how many would be able to meet Town’s price-tag or match his wages remains to be seen.

The Blues might also struggle to get fees for players such as Jack Lankester, who has featured little this season following a long spell out with injury.

A clearing of the decks this summer had been expected with Cook having made little secret that he was unimpressed with the squad he had inherited.

It seems likely that he is anticipating a number of those available departing, but presumably not all, with no one considered indispensible as he looks to assemble a new smaller but stronger squad over the summer.

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RomeoZonderfan77 added 16:40 - May 13
Dozzel is not good enough for what we want in the middle of the park with the way PC wants to play he will be looking for pace and power not creativity when the mood suits him, the amount of time he has given away cheap free kicks and been yellow carded for pulling back a player just becuase they have managed to beat him as if he is better than everyone else on the pitch. PC will be looking for his wing backs to feed the front men not his midfield two

BlueRuin69 added 17:00 - May 13
If true this is fantastic! Hold on people this is gonna be a fun summer! Coyb!

chopra777 added 17:05 - May 13
The team needs a spine. PC needs to keep some players to maintain an Ipswich family group. It sounds like anyone left on the books can find another club if they like. He is playing with fire. We will end up with a load of free transfers, loans and maybe the odd superstar past their best. Good to see all these changes. But unless the new owners are going to spend big. It will take two seasons to get out of this League. Maybe Covid hit teams will jettison good players for team USA to purchase.The Summer will be interesting and could be disappointing if we start the new season with a weaker side.

SpiritOfJohn added 17:10 - May 13
We already know that everyone is available if the price is right. We have jettisoned our most senior pros (Chambers, Skuse, Ward, Judge and Sears). That should have freed up some cash, as they must have all been among the top earners. We should be getting some news regarding who we are signing to replace the departed, instead of continually knocking the players that are still here, as that isn't going to fix the problems.

Thebot added 17:13 - May 13
Hang on a mo, club's mentioned looking at our players are in a better league then the one we are currently in. So our useless lot can go but if they do go they are going up in the football world and on more money. That doesn't make sense to me. Keep dozzell he's got lots of quality just needs a club with direction to get it out of him.

Suffolkboy added 17:21 - May 13
This move is perhaps not surprising ; PC has promoted himself as ‘ the demolition man ‘ ,and just a few days ago questions were being asked about the apparent scant slimming down . We have the demonstration of intent now: and it explains the very very odd PC behaviour at pitch side ,and how and why he ignored HIS team , where morale must have sunk to a near all time low !
Now he must come up with the goods ,show he can put together a vibrant ,viable team unit and do that within presumably some sort of agreed / limited budget of sorts .
Wish him the best of good luck , hope for dramatic improvements ,and to watching with pride from the stands at PR once again !
Tricky road in between !

Linkboy13 added 17:45 - May 13
Thebot what players are going to better clubs we haven't had any offers yet. Fans have got to accept that their favourites are not going to be around for much longer and have failed to deliver over a long period of time. It's obvious quite a few have shown a very bad attitude no matter who's in charge. Dozzells been going here there and everywhere in the last three years and we've never had one offer unfortunately.

gosblue added 18:14 - May 13
Good. There is an institutionalised arrogance throughout the squad that we are too good for this division and that we shouldn’t have to give 100% every time we pull on the shirt. Sadly, there is a belief among us fans that this group of players is just not good enough. There is some potential in there but if they can’t fit into PC’s style and vision then I wish then well at their new clubs.

bluesince76 added 18:39 - May 13
None of these players good enough agree totally with what cook is doing.

blues1 added 18:56 - May 13
Unkniwn100." You've heard" thatccertain players want to leave. In other words, you've just made that up. Or the person who's told you has. No1 knows what the players own thoughts are othercthan themselves. Why people keep posting such rubbish is beyond me.
And for weeks people have been saying they wouldn't care if the whole squad went. Now, even tho this is all speculation anyway, when its suggested it could happen, those same fans say it shouldnt. Some people are never happy. My guess is that since will go, but not all of them. And that actually the story is exactly what it says. "Speculation". Just poor journalism

Chris_Knights added 20:22 - May 13
Completely agree bluesince76...... players all rubbish ... and have overinflated opinion of themselves .... maybe when offers from Braintree and Tiptree and Maldon come in they will realise when a bunch of muppets they really are. I’m thrilled the Cook is doing what he’s stated..... COYB

TWBlue added 20:26 - May 13
In the words of Einstein, “insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result” These are the same players over the last 3 years of poor/mediocrity performance

RobsonWark added 20:42 - May 13
I wouldn't be adverse to all of them going. Let's start AFRESH!

Dozy Dozzell - I think my mum is fitter than him.
Wolfenden - I can never forgive him coming off the pitch smiling and laughing after a home defeat to Swindon.
Nolan - said he would rather be at home with his wife and kids than be a substitute for an away game.
Downes - Had to take a few games off because he was upset that we wouldn't sell him to Crystal Palace.
Jackson - The self confessed "I'm a professional footballer" after getting himself sent off in a game after 10 minutes with one of the worst over the ball into the opponents leg stamps you could imagine.
Norwood - Too injury prone now.

The only player worth keeping is KVY.


ldnj added 20:46 - May 13
If this is true I don't understand the man management style. He was openly critical of the players not long after he came in and now supposedly more or less says no player is wanted here. Even for one of the very few "wanted" ones left, you could be looking over your shoulder thinking how long till I'm surplus. It also effectively says the youth system is not up to much. I know no-one is indispensable but retaining a core has benefits. I think the future could be exciting because of the possibilities the new owners bring in so many ways for marketing and links, but this just seems a little extreme.
I also can't get past that he's a manager called Paul !

essextractorboy93 added 21:18 - May 13
I'd be happy to keep Downes, Vincent-Young, Norwood, Woolfenden and Dobra but the others have had enough opportunities.

How many more times can we hype players up because of potential? They have had enough chances and are just not good enough. Its a shame but we cant just carry players for years.

Looking forward to seeing the new players arriving over the summer, hopefully we can get a lot of the business done before pre-season starts.


docsavage52 added 21:19 - May 13
So all the squad can go if a offer comes in. Can’t see many offers arriving on the table. If they do materialise and players leave, has he already got 11 players lined up and signed. It’s a big risk hoping that you get the players you want and that they want to come to Ipswich. As the pay is restricted there is a lot riding on promises that if we do get to the promised land all will be good.
I hope it does all happen, as I am one of the 80% who have renewed.

Kickingblock added 22:21 - May 13
If this is what it takes to assemble a team that can win and win well, then so be it!
Suck it up, deal with it.
Be prepared to learn the new names and their numbers. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Bluesaway added 22:27 - May 13
The difference between Cook and Hurst is that Cook is making the decisions on who goes, to build the team as he wants it. Hurst arrived following a clearout that generated cash but gutted the team and hastened the departures of those left (eg Waghorn), who saw the lack of aspiration because of those sales, and in panic bought players who he thought could step up but failed to do so. Hurst also highlighted fitness issues, lack of commitment, taking the selection for granted as weaknesses in the squad he inherited but didn't get the support or time to fix. Cook is now doing a lot of what Hurst identified, but from a stronger starting position due to the new investors.

Let's hope the need to rebuild is better executed - and benefits from starting earlier - this time round and that we make the most of pre-season to get them to gel.

algarvefan added 08:02 - May 14
Whilst I am not against major surgery at Town, the notion that all players are not fit to wear the shirt is over the top IMO. However it is apparent that for some considerable time the mentality at the club has been wrong, I would go back as far as Shane Supple, who gave up a promising career because of the attitude of some of the players, others have also been critical about the lack of ambition.

I just want to say it is important not to 'throw the baby out with the bath water' or to let players go who are young and can have attitudes changed.

What PC is doing is radical and very brave, I really hope this works out for him and that you are not all expecting a complete transformation over just one summer, this project will take a little time, I hope we, the fans, give him that time to turn things around.

Have a lovely summer everyone!

siralfsirbob added 09:06 - May 14
No way that Dozzell would sign for them lot. He may leave but it won't be for them

Razor added 10:45 - May 14
This explains why the team gave up and folded for the last quarter of the season, apart from the first 45 in the last game.

I think the cheeky chappy is looking for consistency and fitness and the back room changes we are making will hopefully help solve this.

I am sure/hope he has replacements in mind and the shout of Mark Noble for captain would and is a great start.

itfcasual added 11:42 - May 14
With the third lowest Goals For in League One in 2020/21 anyone who thinks any of so called strikers need to stay at Town is wrong.

The only forward I've seen all season in an Ipswich shirt actually muscle his way past a defender to score a goal is Tyreece Simpson, and he plays for the U23s.

Whatever it is that Norwood, Jackson, Sears, Hawkins, Drinan etc... think it is that they are doing in training to hone their attacking movement and finishing it isn't working. It might be the owner, the manager, the central defender, the coaches but most likely it's them.

Bluesky added 12:16 - May 14
Will Cook be able to find a completely new squad of fifteen or more from what is on the market?
Could be bit of an ask and we are playing into the hands of agents hyping prices knowing our situation. just sayin'

runningout added 13:41 - May 14
Apparently we have had a glowing Academy for the past 15 plus years. Well that hasn’t proved that fruitful. Hopefully that improves too

heathen66 added 14:10 - May 14
Bluesaway you are Correct. Hurst identified the same issues as Cook has (as did Keane), with lack of fitness, lack of commitment and a lack of aspiration with many players sulking at Mick being shown the door and not willing to embrace change, and Hurst not being able to move them on.
Waghorn was offered 3 x what we are paying him to sign for derby, and that is no different to when we signed Norwood, we offered him 3 x what he was earning at Tranmere.
As you say, hopefully Cook has a plan and has chance to carry out this plan.

I believe these are exciting times at ITFC and a real chance to change the direction of this Club and make everyone prod to be associated with ITFC

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