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Chambers: I Was Told I Wouldn’t Be Leaving and Then I Would Be
Friday, 11th Jun 2021 08:57

Former Blues skipper Luke Chambers, who joined Colchester United on a two-year deal yesterday, says his Town exit came as a shock having been “told I wouldn’t be leaving and then I would be leaving” within a 10-day period.

The 35-year-old was released by the Blues at the end of the season after nine years and says the move to the U’s was one of a number he received with Gillingham also understood to have shown interest.

“Once it came up, it’s something that I wanted to talk to the guys about as soon as possible,” he told the Colchester Gazette.

“I’ve had quite a few offers from elsewhere but I think with the timing of it, with where I am with my career, with what I feel I can bring to the club and where the club want to go, it matched that really, really well and we got the deal done.

“We spoke a few days after the season. I think they let the dust settle on my release for a week maybe and we started speaking – they got my number from the boys here.

“We didn’t know what was going to happen at Ipswich, so once the news broke, I was straight on the phone really.

“It’s been really good to get to know everyone and for them to sell me the vision of the club and what they want to do moving forward and I think I fit into that pretty well.

“This has come at the perfect time for the club and for myself and I still feel I’ve got a hell of a lot to offer on the pitch.

“It’s not me coming here to see out my days as a player. I feel I’ve got three, four, five years left in me potentially so hopefully I can help us do that and enjoy the ride.

“It’s the perfect fit for me to come and give my experience to the club and hopefully add value to the club, going forward."

Chambers suggests there was a U-turn from the Town management on whether he would be remaining with the Blues.

“After being told I wouldn’t be leaving and then I would be leaving, it was a little bit of a shock in a ten-day period," he said.

“But that’s by the by; I’ve had a fantastic career there, I’ve played hundreds of games for the club, I’ve left my mark and I feel that everything that I did there was in the best interests of the football club.

“I gave the majority of my football career to that place and it will always have fond memories for me.

“Who knows what’s in the future but it’s really exciting for me to step away from that and look for the opportunities that have arisen here."

Chambers is settled in Suffolk, so a move to nearby Colchester suited from that angle.

“Especially with the last 18 months and what’s gone on in the world, it opens your eyes a little bit more," he reflected.
“My family are really, really important to me and it wouldn’t sit right for me if I was across the country playing for someone else and not seeing them on a day to day.

“That had a big part to play because at the end of the day, I’ve got four young children, my wife has been fantastic and moving was something I didn’t really want to look at."

Photo: Matchday Images

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Canopus added 09:02 - Jun 11
Thank you for your passion, leadership and fond memories! … but times are new now with a new era upon us!!

Lukeybluey added 09:02 - Jun 11
Good man. Hope to see you back at the town in some capacity in the future.

Europablue added 09:11 - Jun 11
PC said that there was a role for Chambers at the club if he wanted it, but it never made sense to keep on the man who is so associated with the previous regime. I feel sympathy for Chambers, because it does seem like he was messed around

Bert added 09:13 - Jun 11
Chambers is more than a decent bloke who gave his best to our club but is now at a playing level that requires more pace. I feel really pleased for him and his family that they can remain in a place they love and he can continue to make a contribution to our near neighbours. A true professional who is probably a little hurt by his departure but is diplomatic with his words.

TrueBlue1996 added 09:18 - Jun 11
Yet he put up a little photo on his Instagram story saying one last time on the fleetwood game day not something you’d do if you thought you was staying

Talbs77 added 09:19 - Jun 11
I think everyone needs to move forwards now, including Chambers.

Wish him all the best going forwards.

algarvefan added 09:26 - Jun 11
Luke you have been a great ambassador both on and off the pitch, good luck at Colchester and with he rest of your career, a thoroughly decent guy and great servant to the club.

bluesteal74 added 09:26 - Jun 11
Thank you Captain Chambers for all the years you put in playing for our club although it's kinda sad you've gone I think the timing was right for both you and the club, I wish all the best for your future at Colchester United and look forward to playing against you and other ex #itfc players in pre season games. All the best Chambo.

ringwoodblue added 09:29 - Jun 11
The best outcome for all parties. I wish Chambo well and it would be great if he can finish his playing career on a high.

Suffolk_n_Proud added 09:31 - Jun 11
Trueblue1996 - Maybe the 10 day period he was told he was staying then leaving was before the Fleetwood game?

Anyway, good luck Luke

PositivelyPortman added 09:35 - Jun 11
Are we going to get Chambo Colchester training photos, a countdown to his first game and pre and post match interviews?
He was a great ambassador for ITFC and he’s now moved on to pastures new.
Good luck and goodbye.

itfctim added 09:44 - Jun 11
The mark you left was Captaining the team to relegation, and then L1 stagnation. The fact that you are proud of what you 'achieved' is staggering. You milked the club by being here at least 2 years too long, and if you think you have another 5 years left in you, it is a further example of your delusion.
Bring on the snow storm to this!!!

John4Bettina added 09:55 - Jun 11
It would be great to see the club offering Chambo and Skusey a joint testomonial

Saxonblue74 added 10:19 - Jun 11
Do we have a new, "brave" keyboard warrior in itfctim? Good luck Chambo, a true pro.

1psw1ch added 10:41 - Jun 11
Great leader and captain,,, blue blood running through him,,, good luck at Colchester,,,

1psw1ch added 10:41 - Jun 11
Great leader and captain,,, blue blood running through him,,, good luck at Colchester,,,

Marcus added 10:57 - Jun 11
Best of luck. I think the logic was on the lines that Chambers would be a fringe player next season and while it would be good to retain him his wages can be freed up for a first team regular. The wage cap doesn't really allow experienced players who aren't regulars.

Marinersnose added 11:16 - Jun 11
Good luck with the next chapter. He was a really passionate and honest professional but for me he will never be a legend when the likes of Beattie Hunter Butcher Osman Mowbray Venus have all excelled as centre backs. I’m sure there are many others who I haven’t mentioned. Time for the club to move forward and for Chambers to do the same. He had a lot of bad press but he tried hard imo albeit he was never a gifted footballer. All the best at Col Utd

GiroJim added 11:22 - Jun 11
What can you say,his time was up. Time for everyone to move on.

Cheshire_Blue added 11:33 - Jun 11
Agree Saxonblue 74.There will always be idiots who sit behind keyboards and spout rubbish. That is the downside to TWTD. A pity there is not more understanding of the game of football and its participants.

blues1 added 11:36 - Jun 11
Itfctim . What a ridiculous, and unnecessary post. So it was all his fault that we got relegated and failed to go back up. A captain can only do so much on the pitch. If the players alongside him arent good enough then what's he supposed to do. And yes, he wasnt at his best the past 3 seasons. Tho its amazing how fickle some fans are. At the start of this last season everyone was saying how well he was playing at rb. Soon as we started losing games, he was rubbish and it was his fault we were losing games. Then theres everything he did off the field of play. So yes, he has every right to feel proud of what he's achieved at the club. And I'm sure hes as disappointed as anyone that that didnt include success on the pitch. So why not try giving him some credit for all the years he was here instead of slagging him off.

Cadiar added 11:37 - Jun 11
Have to agree with itfctim.
Good luck to Chambers. He was however an ever present in the worst period of our history & after seeing him lose us 2 points in the opening home game of our 1st division match V Sunderland I thought then it was "time's up".
He may feel a bit hard done by but football is ruthless & he epitomised the dreary days of MM & Cook has come in with a new broom. I'm not 100% sure of PC but there is a huge feeling of optomism.
I do hope Dobra is kept as having seen him in the U23s & youth teams I believe he has huge potential. I hope KVY & Wolfie also stay but the rest? Some on short contracts have to go soon or have contracts paid up, otherwise the fiscal rules could be in jeopardy, I'm sure Ashton has his finger on it.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 12:36 - Jun 11
Trueblue he hasn't said he was told he was staying as a player . I can't see his motive for lying so a big shame that this was handled this way. Best of luck Chambo .
Give it a year or two and wouldn't be surprised to see him and Skuse as management at Colchester.

braveblue added 12:37 - Jun 11
Cheshire Blue. The whole idea is to discuss and sometimes disagree. This concept that anyone who disagrees with me knows nothing is pitiful.

Cadiar added 13:11 - Jun 11
Heaven help Col U if they become managers etc. The ball would be in the air or going sideways

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