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Ashton: We're in For Three, Four, Five Players at the Moment
Friday, 11th Jun 2021 09:55

CEO Mark Ashton says the Blues are in for “three, four, five players at the moment” in what he says will be a busy summer at Portman Road.

Already Town have added Wes Burns from Fleetwood and Lee Evans from Wigan, while we understand a deal to sign West Brom’s Rekeem Harper on a three-year deal is very close to being confirmed. The Blues are also targeting Rotherham midfielder Matt Crooks.

Speaking on the Mark Murphy show on BBC Radio Suffolk (from 2hrs 37mins 54secs), Ashton wouldn’t comment on any specific players the Blues are targeting.

“I’d love to give you an exclusive but it would probably cost me the deal,” he said. “Let’s be really clear, we are in for three, four, five players at the moment.

“Are they imminent? The deals will drop when they drop when they drop because it has to be right for the club, the agent and the player.

“We’ve got two in very quickly, we are in the mix for more than a handful and they will continue to come in over the next few weeks.”

How many signings is he budgeting for? “More than a handful. The market is fluid, it’s a very unusual transfer market at the moment because it’s affected by the pandemic but we’ll be right at the forefront.

“We have the salary protocols [League One’s Salary Cap Management Protocol (SCMP)] that we have to adhere to but we’ll fund right to the max of the cap, that’s for sure.

“But it moves by the day. You’re in for a player then suddenly something happens and that club’s not releasing that player. But we’re going to be in for quite a few and it will be a busy summer.”

Reflecting on the job he took over on June 1st overall, he added: “We need to change things, both on and off the pitch and I’m not going to hide away from that.

“This is potentially a huge football club and I’ve been blown away by the size and the heritage and the history of Ipswich Town.

“But right now we’re a League One football club and we’ve got to work our socks off to get out of this division.

“We need to recruit players that are capable of doing that and players and staff that are absolutely committed to this football club and nothing else.

“I’ve moved to the area, players who come and join this football club and staff who join this football club have got to be part of this community because we’re only going to take this club in one direction, and that is forward.”

Photo: Photo: James Ager

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December1963 added 10:13 - Jun 11
Can’t wait for August, haven’t been looking forward to the new season so much in years. COYB.

DinDjarin added 10:14 - Jun 11
Finally getting our club back. Cant wait for next season.

Mediocre_Quick added 10:27 - Jun 11
Saying all the right things, let's see if he back his words up with the actions and help get the club back to a decent position

BlueNomad added 10:32 - Jun 11
I suspect it will be more than five so plenty of excitement yet. It appears we are in for two midfielders; need another (left) winger (Dobra?), probably two centre backs (we only have Toto & Woolfie), one / two strikers and another lb. I suspect another gk will come in too.

None of this takes into account departures, possibly Dozzell, Downes, Bishop, Donacien and Jackson? I wonder where Nolan comes into Cook's plans.

Fatboy added 10:53 - Jun 11
I'm glad to hear that the number of players we are in for was going up even as he was talking!

GiroJim added 11:21 - Jun 11
Didnt l read the players are back on the 25th of June ? If so, they need to pull their fingers out and get some deals done,otherwise these novice coaches,chancers and Cooks mates will only have 2 players to train. Thats if we are to believe what is being said and the management dont want any of the previous seasons players.

BeattiesBackPocket added 11:28 - Jun 11
Girojim we’re doing business way earlier than we ever have before so chill out. Ashton and cook the latter with experience of getting us out the league deserve their chance and I’m more inclined to believe professionals than your moaning

PortmanTerrorist added 11:37 - Jun 11
Geez Girojim, what more can the Club be doing and saying. They are working to the max limits permitted by regulators and I believe them. How often do Club's have moments like this in their history ? Embrace it, as there is no time or place for your negativity right now.

GiroJim added 11:39 - Jun 11
Beatiesbackpocket. What are they coming back for on the 25th if there isnt a team to train ? And at the moment 2 weeks away from that date and we have 2 players. So, no l cant see where a whole team will appear before that date. As for Cook ,lm not at all sure he knows what he is doing. And l dont think he will get long to get it right either.Hasnt covered himself in glory since he has been here so far.

SheptonMalletBlue added 12:09 - Jun 11
Giro Jim, unbelievable comments!!!!

Cakeman added 12:31 - Jun 11
I’m sure there will be ups and downs as we progress but how refreshing it is to hear a CEO who is so positive, gets on with it and actually knows a lot about football.
We have had CEO’s before who say the right things but achieve the square root of zero.
Let’s really get behind all at the club and if we do I really believe we can eventually reach the Premier League.

jong75 added 12:39 - Jun 11
I for one feel real optimism for my football club for the 1st time in years. Cant wait for the euros, then a few weeks after, ITFC. Do I expect us to storm the league, no i dont, do i believe it will be better than the last 10 years with a good sound footing to get this club where it should be, yes I do.

Cadiar added 13:06 - Jun 11
If nothing else the club are trying very hard to communicate with the fans & community which has been sadly lacking unders Evans
The new owners are passionate too which has been missing & reflected in the whole stagnation of the club.

ip6blue added 13:26 - Jun 11
Michael Dawson set to sign

istanblue added 13:30 - Jun 11
Actions matching words. Something that was completely absent under the Evans regime.

BeattiesBackPocket added 13:54 - Jun 11
Girojim you don’t even know what you’re on about we had a big squad full of average players some have gone and some have been given a kick up the ar@e and to either prove they wanna be here or go we’ve signed two already with more on the way just stop your grumbling you know nothing about what’s happening at the club this IS the earliest we’ve done any deals in the past that I can ever remember give the guys a chance 🙄

SouperJim added 14:00 - Jun 11
We're in for 345 players??? I thought the idea was to have a more streamlined squad!

Marinersnose added 14:04 - Jun 11
It’s great to hear positive news but reading between the lines this is the usual pre season spin to achieve higher ticket sales along with the news of a new pitch and ground improvements. I’ve renewed and I’m excited to see what sort of team we field. Callum Connelly would be the big signing imo

DavefromWatford added 14:12 - Jun 11
I`ve been a Town fan for nearly 60 years and i`ve never known anything like this transfer window. The excitement and speculation is unbelievable and i am being positively optimistic.

gosblue added 14:14 - Jun 11
It looks like we’re going for a bit of beef in midfield. We had three decent midfielders but no muscle. Nolan would have been ok if he hadn’t got injured and Huws was a big disappointment when he was given his chance. I don’t think we will be bullied this time.

DavefromWatford added 14:16 - Jun 11
Mainersnose, i agree Connelly would be a good signing. What about getting Clark Robertson from Rotherham to partner him? Would be a good pairing.

Monkey_Blue added 14:20 - Jun 11
I’m hugely concerned that expectations are being built up. Also why did he mention the deal needing to be right for the agent? The player employs the agent, not the other way round.

Spanishblueblood added 14:22 - Jun 11
GiroJim, what a bellend!!

runningout added 14:50 - Jun 11
Opinions are a must and would be boring if we agreed. Connelly didn’t impress myself when here and was poor when at Lincoln city.

therein61 added 16:19 - Jun 11
I note we have another Canary keyboard warrior in our midst oh well enjoy the yoyo next season and we will have a derby in the Championship next year

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