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Cook: Recruitment Drive Not Over and Door Ajar For Out-of-Favour Players
Thursday, 1st Jul 2021 19:28

Boss Paul Cook says the Blues’ summer recruitment drive isn’t over and has given the players currently training with the U23s a glimmer of hope that they could still get themselves in his plans.

Town have made six signings so far this summer, while 20 players with professional contracts plus the four remaining loanees have departed.

As reported last week, a number of players previously in the first-team squad, including Flynn Downes, Kayden Jackson, Teddy Bishop, Myles Kenlock and Brett McGavin, are training with the U23s, Cook having told them that they can find new clubs at the end of last season.

The Blues boss says there are more additions to come and that those out of favour can get themselves back into his thoughts.

“Certainly our recruitment drive hasn’t stopped yet, we are still very, very active as I think our supporters will be delighted to know,” he told iFollow Ipswich.

“And also, what I must add, the door is never shut on a player. I must add that. My drastic action at the end of the year, there were a lot of thoughtful processes, sleepless nights, disappointment, personal pride, personal pain and the bigger picture of the football club.

“So whilst any lads here, wherever they may be training, the door will always be ajar because if you have the right habits, if you have the right desire and the right ambition, then you can always take a step forward.”

In addition to the changes among the playing staff, there have also been changes off it with Franny Jeffers rejoining the club as a first-team coach and Ian Craney coming in as a coach.

Andy Rolls has been appointed the director of performance with Andy Costin the head of sports science and Jon Ashton the fitness coach.

Asked how the start of pre-season training, which started earlier in the week, has gone, Cook said: “Exciting, the staff have obviously been coming in quite regularly over the summer. For a footballer today, people don’t realise the dietary stuff, the physical aspects, the tactical aspects, the training, gym work, the strength and conditioning. To be a footballer today you’ve got to be good at a lot of things.

“And we’ve put together a staff that we believe can give every player at our club, and that’s every player, not just the ones in the first-team squad, the ones in the U23s, the ones that are out of favour at the minute, we can give them every platform to try be successful but they’ve got to want to have that platform.

“It’s not good having the best things in place if people don’t want to learn or want to get better.”

Town play their first pre-season friendly at Dartford a week on Saturday. Would Cook like to have more signings in before then? “As manager of the club, I’m delighted with the position we’re in today. I’m delighted with the season ticket sales, the reception that every one of the staff’s been getting, the players coming back, the drive the desire. We want to be successful.

“It’s not going to happen overnight. There’s no way I’m going to sit in front of any camera and tell you ‘watch us and the magic will come’. We’re working hard and as we work hard behind the scenes, [CEO] Mark [Ashton] doesn’t have many good sleeps at night at the minute, I think he’s got a lot on his plate and I know football recruitment is very high on it.

“I think our supporters can be assured that going forward there will be new signings coming into the football club.”

Photo: ITFC

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PositivelyPortman added 19:34 - Jul 1
Good to read these comments from Cook.

jong75 added 19:37 - Jul 1
I really like the cut of his jib. Talks sense, professional and people know where they stand, good and bad. We are starting to get our club back.

Poultman added 19:46 - Jul 1
So, with all the conjecture over the last few weeks with people slamming each, we reach what I thought was obvious…… get with the project, show us you want to be part of it and you’re in.

Bazza8564 added 19:55 - Jul 1
This guy means business, this is his big job, get behind him or go elsewhere. I like it, for us as well as for the staff

dav86 added 20:04 - Jul 1
If you haven’t got a season ticket yet, go and get one. This season is going to be great.

rfretwell added 20:08 - Jul 1
So why are Kenlock, Bishop and McGavin out in the cold? As far as I know they havent asked to leave and presumably have good habits and desire to contribute. The Cook conundrum.

Phil1969 added 20:08 - Jul 1
Yes he has to say nothing is given hard work doesn’t happen overnight blah blah, but it’s a given if we don’t get promoted he is gone!

rfretwell added 20:15 - Jul 1
dav86, this season may be great but it's a really long shot - noone knows how quickly the new team, when its created, will gel.

Monkey_Blue added 20:19 - Jul 1
So town fans are welcoming Jeffers and the Wigan kitman? Any town fan with a conscience or brain isn’t

Monkey_Blue added 20:24 - Jul 1
It’s a good job we have so few first team players given none of his first team coaches have any experience in coaching first team players. I suspect he’s panicking now given Gibb’s has left and the rest of the U23’s hardly like him.

BeattiesBackPocket added 20:28 - Jul 1
Monkey you’re on the wrong site again the budgies have their own

Chrisd added 20:29 - Jul 1
Over to those players now who feel they should be in that first team squad and not training with the U23s, how much do they want it? They need to prove it, not just with their footballing ability, but their attitude too which isn’t any bad thing. I do like this approach by PC.

BeattiesBackPocket added 20:30 - Jul 1
Or maybe monkey you don’t want to have to suck up some humble pie as anyone on here with half a brain knew what cook was trying to get from them something we’ve missed some passion to play for the club well most knew accept you and Betty it appears 🙄

ArnieM added 20:35 - Jul 1
So the message is clear. The current senior players training with the U23’s have every opportunity to return to the first team squad…..If they want to. If they leave this Club it’s because they have chosen to. So for those that chose to leave , it will say a helluva lot about them, not this Club.

ringwoodblue added 20:38 - Jul 1
Monkeyblue - you make a very good point. I too am concerned about the lack of experienced coaching staff at the club and the fact that Cookie has no assistant in post.

Nottsboy added 20:47 - Jul 1
As a manager this is good to see, good man-management like in any walk of life there is a balance and you have to get that right. Get it right and you will see the end product. I still think this is a 2 season project but the aim should be to get in the playoffs if not automatic promotion but only time will tell and as a Town fan I can only wish the team well. Good to PC asserting that.

itsonlyme added 20:52 - Jul 1
Nobody should be surprised. Whether we think some of the players training with the under23’s should be with the first teamers or not you have to remember they were part of the awful team that turned out last season and deep down I think we all agree with Cookie that they needed a kick up the backside, now they have a chance to join in and it’s up to them. At the end of the day PC is the manager and we should back him even if we don’t agree with some of his decisions. Time will tell who is right, but for now let’s get behind him and watch it unfold.

spanishblue added 21:16 - Jul 1
Nobody was up to much during the last 3 seasons I suspect when he found out there stats for proper training weren’t up to much, I somehow feel the ballon went ballistic, and it was get with the program or sling your hook, your payed to live a modern footballers life maybe they’ll last beyond 75 minutes, and play more than 10-20 minutes a game time will tell

tearsofthetown added 21:18 - Jul 1
It was obvious that Paul was using the under 23 thing as a motivational method. It comes as no surprise to here that the door opens both ways. He is saying take hold of every improvement that is now being offered to you and go for it prove that you are good enough! He looks like he is a great motivator. COME ON YOU BLUES!

Poultman added 21:45 - Jul 1
As for coaches, it’s understandable to be concerned, the team can be greater than its parts.

Let’s all hope coaches and team gel

blueboy1981 added 21:56 - Jul 1
Players training with the Under 23’s are there for a reason - they failed the Club last season to a man, because of their Membership of our Cosy Club - the sooner they realise that their Membership is no longer valid, and the Cosy Club is CLOSED, the better. They’ve had their first shock, there could be bigger to follow ... !!
The message is clear to them all - work hard, want to be here, and STEP UP or STEP OUT, the choice is theirs to do either.
Good Management - and long overdue.

On another note - Monkey Blue take BettyBlue with you, and go and pester your Club at Carrot Road.
You’re worse than a long playing record with a crack across it.

ipswich134 added 21:56 - Jul 1
Whose the one who got promoted to the senior team. The one who said “ I will fight for my place”. So if they want to stay they can - just change you habits !

bobble added 22:18 - Jul 1
still so disgusted at some players attitude last year that i will never forgive them, we still had a good of going up when Cook took over....

DaGremloid added 22:30 - Jul 1
I remember all this similar enthusiasm when Paul Hurst took over. Let's just wait and see shall we? However, I DO want my doubts to be proven wrong though.

have_a_word_with_him added 23:18 - Jul 1
monkey_blue, you are a very depressing individual, sad.

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