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Warnock: I Didn't Have Much Choice On Coulson Move
Tuesday, 10th Aug 2021 11:36

Middlesbrough manager Neil Warnock says he didn’t have much choice regarding left-back Hayden Coulson's move to the Blues on loan for the season and tips Town to win the League One title.

As previously reported, the deal which would see Coulson join the Blues was agreed several weeks ago but was delayed while Warnock waited first-choice Marc Bola to return to fitness and looked for cover.

“I didn’t have much choice on that, if I’m honest,” Warnock told the Hartlepool Mail when asked about the switch.

“Hayden wanted to go for the season. I think Cooky [Town manager Paul Cook] was ringing him every minute of the day so there’s not a lot I can do.

“I’ve just told him you never know in football. Go and have a season where you can get a lot of games under your belt and then come back here and go again.

“He’s a local lad who wants to do well and you never know the opportunity might still be there. I think he’s just got to go and play games now.”

Warnock expects Coulson and Town to be celebrating come the end of the season: “I just think the money that they are spending they should win the league really.

“They are really splashing out and have a new owner and everything. I think his agent had sorted it out weeks ago really, kept knocking on my door now for weeks and it seemed logical to let him go if I’m not going to play him regularly.”

Sunderland and Luton Town were among the other clubs keen on signing Coulson, who is contracted to Boro until the summer of 2023.

Photo: ITFC

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DinDjarin added 11:42 - Aug 10
But we ain't splashing out you knob. 3 million in and less out.

bluesnightorg added 11:47 - Aug 10
Yeah, cheers for that, Colin.

It’s weird, isn’t it, the number of people at other clubs who seem to think Ipswich are spending extravagantly? It’s like it’s the first time they have noticed us in years. I hope Colin stays in football long enough for us to beat him again.

TrueBlue66 added 11:53 - Aug 10
Think he probably means in terms of wages.

HighgateBlue added 11:56 - Aug 10
Warnock is much more likely to have an idea of how much ITFC has spent on players than fans on message boards are. Not least because he will have been privy to the Coulson deal. Any idiot who plays video games knows that wages and signing on fees exist, and neither of those expenses have been reported for ANY of the players we’ve signed. If we’ve spent the most in our division (and of course I can’t possibly know either way), it’s not an unreasonable to have the opinion that we really should be winning the division.

herobobby added 11:57 - Aug 10
The way some other managers moan on you would think we were bloody Man City or Chelsea for god sake !!!

RamRob added 11:58 - Aug 10
@Trueblue but even in wages terms, we've got rid of loads of high earners, so wages will probably be about the same with a slimmed down squad

micky_1560 added 11:58 - Aug 10
Another manager who thinks he knows all that is going on at OUR club!

We just have to keep our thoughts and minds on OUR club and work hard for promotion!

StavangerBlue added 11:58 - Aug 10
I wish someone would coach these players on social awareness. I have not seen Coulson smile once. Professionalism is on many levels.

Fartman added 11:59 - Aug 10
Who’s telling the truth, then??? Not sure we are… It’s a reason why fees involving our club are mostly undisclosed.

blueears added 12:18 - Aug 10
Still like Warnock, the one guy we missed out on, more than once lm lead to believe he was practically in the doors, then it all changed at the 11th hour..........oh, wait, just like the Jacobs deal, see Cowley, these things happen, even to managers !!!

bluewarrior added 12:19 - Aug 10
Every shred of evidence says we’ve been splashing the cash on wages and signing on fees. Good! How else do you get Championship quality players to step down a level to get us out of this sh1t league? No different to the likes of United paying massive wages to get top quality players on board when they’ve weren’t in the CL. The positive theme here is that these players want to play games. Warnock says it about Coulson wanting to get minutes on the pitch rather than warming the bench. I’m sure they don’t really give two pennorth about Town as a club when they first arrive but decent money, Cook and Ashton’s vision and ambition for the club clearly make all the difference. If we go up then surely Coulson gets a transfer and a long term deal. It all makes sense. Plus, if we keep repeating the vibrant atmosphere at PR like it was on Saturday then these players will surely start to come to love the place as much as we do, get the buzz and want to stay. I think it’s fantastic to see this wonderful club that even fans from (most) other clubs describe as a proper football club get back on its feet and compete again at the higher levels of English football.

BlueNomad added 12:26 - Aug 10
If we keep attendances at 20k then our income will “blow (others) out of the water.” In that way we will be able to stay within the rules.

PortmanTerrorist added 12:26 - Aug 10
Am I the only one loving the fact these other managers are bleating about us....just for putting our Club first.

Everybody loved us when we were poor, oh so nice, and easily beaten on and off the pitch. Not any more. Call it ruthless, call it good business, call it a winning mentality. Who cares.

If we can translate this attitude onto the pitch now, then we will surely be out of this League and then we can #### off a whole different bunch of managers ! lol

SaigonTractor added 12:35 - Aug 10
I mean even on wages we offloaded near 20 players including loans. Of course we have wage space.

Marinersnose added 12:36 - Aug 10
We are paying or offering huge sums of money to players. £10-15k a week

BurleysGloryDays added 12:40 - Aug 10
We're ruffling feathers!

ButchersBrokenNose added 12:41 - Aug 10
The difference between we fans and the players is we love this club. I'd give my left nut to play for Ipswich, but unfortunately I was held back by a complete lack of talent.

For every player we've signed this summer, playing for Town is just a job. I'm not saying they're not professionals who will give 100% in training and on the pitch, but they are going to play where they're going to get the best deal for them and their families. It's the difference between an emotional decision and a business one.

When you or I start working at a new company, we might get indoctrinated by HR into "the Amazon way" or the company's values, but I know I would be smiling, nodding my head and thinking "what a bunch of cr@p; when do I get paid?" I try to bear that in mind when I see a picture like this one.

Bazza8564 added 12:44 - Aug 10
Not quite sure why people are getting wound up about these comments. It's Warnock, its probably the most balanced quote i've ever heard from him. He's not being critical of the lad, just explaining how keen we were to having him here and how he thinks we are building something really good.
When he says go and play and come back next year that doesn't sound like sour grapes, more a recognition that it great experience for him.
And also, the comment above about 21000 crowds is spot on.

Kickingblock added 13:18 - Aug 10
Off the point, but:
On the subject of attendance numbers.
I believe that Portman Road had the 2nd highest attendance last Saturday out of the 3 leagues!
Sunderland had 10k more.

Paulc added 13:19 - Aug 10
I like the fact we’ve ruffled a few feathers, this club has been too nice for too long. Let’s gets some needle in our matches, stoke a few fires. All helps to generate atmosphere. Not suggesting we turn into a load of c****s overnight, but time we matched up to the rest of the league.

@stavengerblue, if he can defend and deliver to the box, he can look as miserable as he wants.

IpswichToon added 13:24 - Aug 10
It's kinda funny how we've become 'Cheque Book FC' because we've brought in a load of players, yet last season Sunderland spent £4m on Will Grigg.

JewellintheTown added 13:33 - Aug 10
We might be spending plenty now, but that's just to catch up with the years of under spending vs other clubs!

SouperJim added 13:33 - Aug 10
This one is a bit weird for me, 2 years left on his contract but Warnock talks like he thinks he's lost a good player and is bitter about it.

I hope we carry on upsetting other managers, means we must be doing something right for a change!

SheptonMalletBlue added 13:43 - Aug 10
Boo Hoo Colin!!!!!!!

CobboldBill added 14:23 - Aug 10
Colin who.

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