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Cook: I Don't Have Yes-Men Around Me
Monday, 18th Oct 2021 10:20

Town boss Paul Cook has been talking about what Peter Reid, who was appointed to a consultancy role on Friday, will bring to the club and says he’s not a manager who surrounds himself with yes men.

Reid, 65, was previously employed as technical director at Wigan under Cook’s management and Cook says the former Sunderland boss will fulfil a similar role with the Blues.

“I think Peter’s just got a wealth of experience to watch a game, similar eyes to us from in the stands,” he said, Reid having attended the games at Accrington and at home to Shrewsbury prior to taking the job.

“He’s worked with me now for the previous three years at Wigan, we had a great time together, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Peter, totally respect him, totally respect his knowledge of the game.

“Like everybody, we all watch football in different ways. For managers now, every substitution gets debated, every point gets debated, it’s just the way football’s gone.

“For us, we prefer to sort of plan over a longer period of time to sustain getting better so that when you improve, you improvement sees you get where you want to be and it stops you from making knee-jerk reactions.

“Knee-jerk decisions which I’ve seen managers do a lot of the time, sometimes through pressure from outside influences.”

Someone who’ll challenge you, something which may be harder for the younger coaches, such as Gary Roberts and Franny Jeffers at the start of the coaching careers?

“To be fair to the tone of your question, I don’t really like that, to be honest. I think what you’re suggesting is that I am surrounded by yes-men,” Cook responded.

“I think that was a little bit unfair, the question. I think when your team goes through the inconsistencies that our team goes through, that will always be the case for young coaches.

“Unfortunately, sometimes the hardest part of the job is learning on the job. And sometimes when you learn on the job, it can be painful, but the most important thing is that you learn.

“On Saturday, for example, everyone will have an opinion on substitutions - should you put these players on to see the game out? At five o’clock on Saturday night there’s a million pundits and experts in the world of football, a million. An absolute million.

“For me, I like to trust the people I work with, I trust their opinions, I don’t have yes-men around me. I would never employ any single person to agree with what I say, it wouldn’t be worth me having them in room with me.

“Whether Peter comes in to agree or disagree, I’m a little bit disappointed with how that went. I think we were talking about Peter coming in and his experience and we probably ended up talking about something that I don’t agree with.”

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blueboyd added 10:31 - Oct 18
I just can't wait for the Cook period to be over.

chicoazul added 10:40 - Oct 18
Cook really does not enjoy being questioned in his media interactions so it’s not unreasonable to assume he doesn’t enjoy it from his subordinates either, and I say this as a Cook In man who thinks we are getting somewhere albeit slowly.

BlueBlueBluex2 added 10:40 - Oct 18
Yes 1million pundits, however 999'000 of them were thinking about bringing Toto on.

Linkboy13 added 10:49 - Oct 18
Don't think Peter Reid would have been brought in if things were going well.

TractorBoyOlly added 10:53 - Oct 18
Chico, it’s not that he doesn’t like being questioned it’s that he doesn’t like
being asked stupid questions for media clickbait and I’m with that 100%

oldbri added 10:55 - Oct 18
the , Get rid of our manager brigade are chomping at the bit. Pathetic.

BlueBlood90 added 11:13 - Oct 18
A bit of a negative opinion but what exactly does Peter Reid bring that's so marvellous? I'm guessing he's been out of management for 20 years for a reason

OsborneOneNil added 11:16 - Oct 18
He’ll see us good, no doubt. Top manager.

blues1 added 11:22 - Oct 18
Blueblood90. Yes, he's been out of management for some time but has still been working within the game. So he's not out of touch with it.

blues1 added 11:25 - Oct 18
BLUE BLUE BLUEX2. And had he brought on nsiala and we'd still conceded the equaliser, fans such as urself would have slagged him off for doing that ŕather than bring on attacking players to try to get the 3rd goal and kill the game off. As happened in a home game. He brought on a defender and we conceded, and he was slated for it. So let's face it, with a certain section of our fans, he can't win whatever he does

DMDC added 11:58 - Oct 18
People moan about Big Mick being a dinosaur, well Reid is a fossil ! Has he even managed since the Premier League started ? Cant think he will bring anymore than Butcher or Burley would have done,and at least they are Town men, but thats the problem Cookie only wants his mates.

Monkey_Blue added 11:59 - Oct 18
Blues1 if we’d not thrown away a two goal lead he wouldn’t be being questioned. You only have a point if he makes a substitution that works and he still got quizzed over why. Personally I think we’ve seen him out thought often enough this and last season for their to be questions about his tactical nouse. Did anyone question bringing Chaplin on when he scored the equaliser against Wednesday? You have to admit he’s just admitted his coaches are learning on the job. This means he’s deliberately brought in coaches who he couldn’t possibly know whether they can do a good job now or in the future. Reid is coming in because like the other three they’ve “been mates for years”.
If you are planning to bring in so many players then wouldn’t it have made sense to have coaches who can hit the ground running? Also whilst Reid has been working in and around football for the last 20 years it doesn’t mean his counsel will be correct. Reid is a relic of the old days in football, not just in terms of his approach but also from the jobs for the boys carousel.

Cakeman added 11:59 - Oct 18
Well said blues1, I was thinking the same regarding bringing Nsiala on and it’s always easy in hindsight. Nsiala is a whole hearted player but experience tells us he is very prone to giving away free kicks in dangerous positions or even penalties.
We should have had enough fire power to kill off Cambridge and on another day we would have. To try and shore up the defence and probably end up sitting deep would have been asking for trouble.
Our defence had an off day along with us stopping to attack is why we lost.
Going back to the actual subject I hope he has people around him who are strong enough to voice their own opinions. Being honest I am bemused by the vast number of opinions he could end up listening to. His supporting staff numbers are huge.

TonyHumesIpswich added 13:01 - Oct 18
Yes Paul agree with you 100%.

Eddie1985 added 13:40 - Oct 18
The truth is that Paul Cook is not a good fit here. I think he maybe needs to be at clubs with low expectations. Now we have high expectations and rightly so and he is falling apart. Is it leam Richardson absence, is it expectations. I don't know. But he seems very touchy on the accusation on surrounding himself with yes men, the old ' I feel thou dust protest too much' springs to mind mind. In the end he's been a complete failure so far and blamed everyone else. Time to go

Monkey_Blue added 14:29 - Oct 18
Cook clearly doesn’t like being questioned at all. We as a club in this league are a Man City, Utd, Liverpool etc. When you are managing a big club with lots of financial backing that comes with pressure and expectation. It’s ok saying he doesn’t like managers judgement being questioned in the media, he needs to realise that’s what goes with the job. Also I’m sure he’s on a very nice salary and like it or not, the amount of media attention football gets is why wages for managers and players have been able to go up significantly. If he wants a job with no pressure he’s in the wrong profession.

atty added 15:49 - Oct 18
Inconsistencies = always a need for young coaches. Eh?

ButchersBrokenNose added 15:50 - Oct 18
I think the question about the coaching team he selected and supervises was fair and relevant, but clearly it bothered Mr. Cook. As Monkey Blue correctly stated, he gets paid a lot of money to direct the team and to be the public face of it. He knew that going in. The reason he makes so much money is because we fans want to watch games and read about our teams; the media is just a conduit for that interest. So, when managers and players blame the media, really they're saying, "I don't want to tell my supporters what's going on at our club." The alternative to journalists asking difficult questions would be relying on the club's PR team for information, i.e. at-best vanilla press releases which may or may not have any relation to reality. No, thanks.

atty added 15:52 - Oct 18
Bues1 - and if he had brought defenders on, and we had defended our lead and won 2-1 , everybody would have been happy!

warkie added 15:52 - Oct 18
I think it's a normal reaction for a human being to get a bit paranoid and grumpy being constantly hammered whith negativity and never on the positivity. He have to bring the positive things to the table himself, he's rarely served. Because there have been tons of positive things happening lately. I'm not Cooks biggest fan but maybe we're on to something. I think I'll give Cook and his vision some more time and hope that the adjustments needed will be adjusted

BotesdaleBlue added 16:23 - Oct 18
ButchersBrokenNose - You have nailed my throughts exactly. I have made those exact same points to supporters recently.

budgieplucker added 18:30 - Oct 18
To be a manager at Sunderland for seven years and to get a top seven finish in the premiership shows that PR has a solid and tough footballing pedigree. He was an outstanding defensive midfielder. Maybe it could be argued that Burley has equally impressive attributes but PC was never going to want to appoint help from the old guard. As much as I like Terry Butcher he did struggle with several clubs as a manager. Let’s see what PR brings to the party.

For those that want PC gone I am afraid they will have to get used to the fact the PC will still be here for the best part of the season and only likely to be fired when a play off place is no longer achievable.

I like most am still behind him and want him to do well. However, I do think his stubbornness to stick with the one rigid system will ultimately be his downfall. Cardiff lost their sixth game on the bounce at the weekend, Big Mick recently tried to stop the rot by playing 5 centre half’s!!!! You can guess that opinion is now that fans want him out. So things could be a lot worse!!!!

SickParrot added 19:44 - Oct 18
Why is the suggestion that it would be harder for Roberts and Jeffers to challenge PC's views than Peter Reid so contentious? It is just common sense. Why did PC interpret it as an accusation that he has chosen to surrounded himself with yes men? Too close to the truth?

bluesman added 22:16 - Oct 18
Well Reidy won't have a clue what 4231 is...

istanblue added 22:44 - Oct 18
So it's just a coincidence that they all happen to be from Liverpool, are underqualified and all good mates of yours? Ok, Paul.

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