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Town to Ban Fan Indefinitely For Racist Slur
Monday, 18th Oct 2021 15:00

Town have announced their intention to ban a supporter indefinitely for posting a racial slur towards a Blues player on social media following Saturday’s game at Cambridge and have condemned and made the authorities aware of a homophobic sticker stuck to a lamppost close to the Abbey Stadium.

A statement on the official website reads: “The club has been made aware of a post on social media that was published by an Ipswich Town supporter on Saturday 16th October 2021 following our away fixture with Cambridge United.

“The post, which has since been deleted, included a racial slur towards one of our first-team players.

“The club has identified the author of the post and they will be banned from Portman Road indefinitely. We have also informed the relevant authorities, including the police.

“The club is also aware of a post on social media that showed an offensive and homophobic sticker stuck to a lamppost, also on the day of the Cambridge United fixture.

“Again, we have made the relevant authorities aware and are conducting a thorough investigation into the matter.

“Any person found in possession of offensive material at any fixture will be reported to the police.          

“The club would like to thank supporters for bringing both incidents to our attention, and we remind everyone that racism, homophobia, or discrimination of any type will not be tolerated at this football club.”

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OwainG1992 added 15:28 - Oct 18
What a moron.
We don't need these people at our club.

therein61 added 16:09 - Oct 18
Agree owainG1992 we don't need idiots like that attached to our club, but i hope the club check this out fully as it could be a canary troll like the ones popping up on here on a regular basis.

abracaDOBRA_ added 16:25 - Oct 18
therein61 it isn't. I know who it is and saw the tweet. Not good

algarvefan added 16:50 - Oct 18
I'm most pleased to hear that this was reported by another fan, the majority of fans are decent people who don't engage in this type of behaviour. I certainly don't want to see, hear or read stuff of this nature by other Town fans.

It is up to us all to support the club in this and report anything we see or hear of this nature and help identify the individuals concerned. It's in all our interests, but in particular we don't want our families subjected to this type of behaviour. Town have a good record, lets try and make it perfect.

Saxonblue74 added 16:59 - Oct 18
Good, this behaviour simply has to be eradicated from football. It is interesting how some language is still acceptable though, many using the term "Scouser" on this site in a derogatory manor.

Bazza8564 added 17:08 - Oct 18
Unacceptable we have to get ahead of this, make an example and avoid our great club being tarnished with this sort of crazy sh*t

Monkey_Blue added 17:47 - Oct 18
Unfortunately ignorance seems to have become a virtue. Why has xenophobia and racism been seen as a reason to vote for someone. I of course mean the likes of Trump, Boris, Orban, et al

ImAbeliever added 18:05 - Oct 18
Saxon, good point, I consider it unacceptable (as used in a number of posts yesterday). Guess that’ll make me ‘Something’

tractorboybig added 18:28 - Oct 18
what happened to free speech???????

Pessimist added 18:55 - Oct 18
Free speech is a term used mainly by the media to give us all the impression that we are in fact living in a democracy. We are not. Democracy is a word used for the convenience of politicians but in the real world, it does not exist tractoboybig.

We cannot condone racist abuse in whatever form it takes but let's not kid ourselves into thinking that free speech actually exists. It doesn't.

Europablue added 19:05 - Oct 18
The kid had his free speech and the club had their reaction.
Getting social punishment for bad behaviour is fine, but I don't want to see jailing people for words they say on the Internet, also there needs to be some room for redemption and learning. The other big problem is usually all we hear is this person said something racist, but I won't trust that unless I see what they actually said.

Europablue added 19:12 - Oct 18
You can't ban a tone. You could say any name is offensive if you find Scouser offensive. A basic rule is, if the group uses that word it's fine for you to use it too.

Saxonblue74 added 19:14 - Oct 18
Europablue, do you truly believe that any football club would ban one of their fans without good cause?

EdwardF added 19:40 - Oct 18
tractorboybig added 18:28 - Oct 18
what happened to free speech???????

Are you for real? It's incredible that you thought it legitimate to suggest that racist posts should be allowed on the basis of 'free speech'.

Europablue added 19:43 - Oct 18
The football club, I trust way more, but articles on the BBC, etc. are constantly telling me that someone said something racist or grossly offensive, but they barely ever tell you what it is. If you research you often find out it wasn't even bad or meant in the way it was taken. This specific case I have almost no opinion on what was said, because I don't know what was said. I would give the club the benefit of the doubt. I don't want a kid to become a social outcast forever because of one stupid thing he wrote on the Internet. I'd rather see him get a limited ban (maybe a year or two) on the condition that he does community service in a way that is educational.

Europablue added 19:46 - Oct 18
By definition of free speech, you have to allow racist or otherwise offensive speech. Also, it's not a free speech issue if someone says something you don't like and you refuse them service based on what they said. It's not a free speech issue if someone is banned from a football stadium as it's a private business. It's not freedom from consequence.

monkeymagic added 19:48 - Oct 18
We used to have a reputation for being everyone’s second team.
When that went, we at least still had a reputation for being a well run club that played the game the right way.
Having gone into administration, and then playing some of the ugliest football on offer for many years, all we currently have left is our reputation as friendly fans. FFS, lets not lose that too.

Saxonblue74 added 19:57 - Oct 18
Europa, I don’t personally find it offensive. I just pointed out that I find it interesting as to what language is or isn’t deemed acceptable. If the group uses it it’s acceptable? That argument falls flat with the use of the “n” word which is widely used among peers of certain ethnicities but thoroughly unnacceptable (and rightly so) outside that group.

EdwardF added 20:09 - Oct 18
Freedom of speech is the right to say whatever you like about whatever you like, whenever you like, right?

Legislators have an obligation to prohibit hate speech and incitement.
And restrictions on 'free speech' can also be justified if they protect specific public interest or the rights and reputations of others.

jfountain93 added 21:01 - Oct 18
You could say it's free speech. He was free to speak in that way now he's free to deal with the consequences of being a racist.
Good work from the club. KICKITOUT!

Europablue added 07:31 - Oct 19
Having a word that you can use and others can't is a great way of segregating yourself and you can't have an equal society where one person says a word and goes to prison and another person is just using the word. If we as a society have deemed the "n word" to be black speech (in the manner of Lord of the Rings i.e. is so bad that it shall not be spoken), then we should at least ban it from all music, etc.
We could also educate black people who use the "n word", that if they don't want others to use the word, they shouldn't use it either.
Or maybe it's just a case of context, isn't it quite easy to tell if it's used in a hateful manner?
Whatever the standard, it needs to be consistent.
I hate social media in general, I don't think it's a good idea to give everyone access because it makes morons like the person who got banned feel entitled to attention and access to people who have earned their place in the team.

jabberjackson added 10:11 - Oct 19
Some intelligent debate on this medium for once. Saxonblue and EuropaBlue exchanging their respective viewpoints in an articulate way, making it hard to disagree with either.
Love it!

ImAbeliever added 10:55 - Oct 19
Thought the same jabber

NITFC added 16:37 - Oct 19
Nice to see the club making a positive move here. If only the social media platforms would do the same on a regular basis

Sadly some of the behaviour in Cambridge on Saturday was not typical of Ipswich fans. Presumably because it was local and a big day out". I fully expect better tonight at Fratton Park

Saxonblue74 added 17:43 - Oct 19
Agree Europa. Its all very confusing. It seems that "queer" is once again acceptable now that the LGBT community have added another letter to their ever growing acronym. I'd always considered it as an offensive term?

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