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Butcher: This Lot Need Sorting Out Big-Time
Thursday, 16th Dec 2021 08:51

Blues legend Terry Butcher says Town need to appoint a new permanent manager very quicky because “this lot need sorting out big-time”.

The former Blues and England skipper was at last night's dismal 2-0 FA Cup defeat working as a pundit for ITV4.

After the game a fuming Butcher said: “Well, [CEO] Mark Ashton has got to get a manager in very, very quickly because this lot need sorting out big-time.

“That's two games against Barrow, a League Two club, and no goals. Ipswich are conceding goals left, right and centre and they don't look like scoring any. So there is a lot of work to do.

“It's a long journey home for the players and then it's Sunderland on Saturday. Then it's Gillingham away, Wycombe at home and Lincoln at home. There are some big games coming up.

“It's their futures. They have got to know that a manager is looking at them and he may be making decisions on one or two based on that performance. That simply wasn't good enough.

Quizzed on what calibre of manager Town can attract, Butcher reflected: “It doesn't matter about them being the right calibre. We just need a guy to come in and rumble them up and just say 'Look, you are playing for your futures here, you may be on good money, you may be at a big club’.

“But we're not a big club anymore. We're a small club really when you think about how far we've sunk.

“You can talk about this and that in the past, but it's not the past that matters. It's the present. And the present at the moment isn't good enough.”

Looking ahead to Saturday and the unveiling of the statue of Butcher’s boyhood hero and then later friend and team-mate Kevin Beattie, he added: "It will be [a great occasion]. I don't know what The Beat would make of this, I'll tell you that now.

"He normally used to forecast a 3-1 win for Ipswich Town every game [on BBC Radio Suffolk's Life’s a Pitch], but we'd be lucky to concede just one at the minute and and we certainly wouldn't be scoring three playing like that. So yes, he wouldn't be happy.”

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Wallingford_Boy added 08:55 - Dec 16
I’m just so embarrassed to be a town fan..

CookAshtonJohnson added 08:56 - Dec 16
Very well said from Butcher. Need the manager confirmed today. Gets announced tomorrow and McGreal will be in charge for the Sunderland game which, based off last night, will probably be the last time we see Portman Road “packed out”.

Kilterums added 08:57 - Dec 16
He was really brave to take that job last night.
I was cringing as I could feel his utter embarrassment being in front of the camera last night.

delias_cheesy_flaps added 09:02 - Dec 16
With the exception of a couple, our players epitomise what is wrong with modern day game, they appear to only care about one thing....MONEY.

stocktractor added 09:15 - Dec 16
Get butcher in as interim
He’d have a few against the walls

midlandblue54 added 09:21 - Dec 16
Modern players today I’m afraid I know a player who’s on loan to one of our league 1 rivals & struggling to get a game who’s on 14 grand a week

BlueandTruesince82 added 09:26 - Dec 16
I think we should employ TB as a hype man to gee this lot up as they come out of the dressing room, get their faces and fire then up. Force them to watch that Italia 90 game where he was a blood soaked warrior

GiveusaWave added 09:33 - Dec 16
Big mistake was having a total rebuild. Should have kept Downes happy and built team around him, Wilson and Dozzell. Offered Gibbs what he deserved too...

Appallingly bad decisions made by the club which has led to utter embarrassment on live tv....

Unhinged_dynamo added 09:38 - Dec 16
I thought butcher was gonna throttle holt at one point, can't blame him for being smug though that was a shambles

MickMillsTash added 09:47 - Dec 16
19 new players -BUT 8 from Lamberts Era played last night
Regardless Im not sure the players are good enough and certainly not if they do not compete - the whole team needs to up their effort level 20%.
Every game Barrow will have played this season would have been more competitive bar the 2 against Ipswich

Butcher was blood soaked away to Sweden not Italia 90

cat added 09:48 - Dec 16
T.B Saïd last night we got rid of Cook to early. Although I cannot argue against his sacking from a stat perspective, at least he entertained us with his formation, system and goals and if a manager with his credentials cannot get consistency with his players then what’s the new manager going to achieve. The feel good factor has evaporated and we are back to where we were under Lambert and Co. The big problem now is keeping the attendances up and not too lose the community spirit which returned at the start of the season, massive problems for the new owners to deal with.

Jugsy added 09:54 - Dec 16
Something Butcher said, which fans would do well to get onboard with, is 'we're no longer a big club' - so let's stop pretending we are. Of course we all want this club to succeed and rise up through the leagues, but too many times have fans added to a bad situation - booing the players, calling for Cook to be sacked was such a typical attitude of modern day football, seldom has it brought success for any club. Next manager in the door, I hope the fans learn to be patient but I very much doubt that environment will change.

planetblue_2011 added 09:54 - Dec 16
I’ll take my hat off to you Terry Butcher well said, couldn’t say it any better myself👍

BobbyBell added 09:57 - Dec 16
Barrow had what we didn't have. Fight, energy, passion, desire and pride on their shirts. They worked so hard that it looked like they had four extra players on the pitch. Our lot looked uninterested and just going through the motions to earn their big wages.

Cakeman added 10:06 - Dec 16
Well said Terry and I hope our owners were watching last night too.

PortmanTerrorist added 10:07 - Dec 16
GiveusaWave there are many who would agree with you. We have discarded a generation of young players, who despite the weight of carrying a bunch of older journeymen, had us on the edge of the play-offs and on a winning run. Ahhh TWTD !

HOWEVER the Club (or ME) wanted PC and fully indulged him even after he failed to get the existing squad to play for him. Always felt the Demolition Man routine was a way of hiding his failure last season. The state of the squad at present speaks volumes as to why he is gone, and am sure there is plenty more behind the scenes too.

Last night's team is our B team, which I did not have as favourites, esp after going to Charlton. Be interesting to see what the A team does on Sunday and if the 3 that started last night that actually made an effort, keep their place....El Mizouni, Norwood and (I cant believe am saying this) Jackson.

ArnieM added 10:11 - Dec 16
You can hard.y level criticism at Town fans for going with the “big club” hype…because it’s been flooding out of the mouthes of just about everybody employed by this Club since the take over as they’ve tried to sell it it t9 the fans and players targeted. So don’t blame the fans … blame the Club!

But having said that ….. Town ARE a big club when compared to 90% of clubs in League One. And we are massively underachieving.

Bluearmy_81 added 10:44 - Dec 16
It's what happens when fans don't stand up for their club and let an owner like Evans trash the club Terry. It's going to take years to put right and it's not guaranteed we'll ever fully recover.

martin587 added 10:50 - Dec 16
Cat… absolutely spot on.I’ve just woke up after that debacle last night and a horrendous drive home.I’m Lost for words over the performance of all the players that entered the pitch last night.Never have I seen a team so uninterested devoid of any idea whatsoever.We certainly need a manager installed ASAP otherwise this squad will fester on…
My concern is Will a new manager be able to turn this bunch of rubbish round and are we going to see a merry go round of players in January.I’m dreading Saturday now as I cannot see this lot putting on a good show.Hope I’m wrong.

Dissboyitfc added 11:12 - Dec 16
Bluearmy81 let it go ffs, the past is the past is the past, let’s blame it on sheepshanks he created the mess which led the club to be sold to Evan’s! Last night performance ,formation, effort levels fitness levels ( we looked tired) cannot in all sincerity be blamed on anyone other than those involved in that game!!!

Lightningboy added 11:26 - Dec 16
The complete lack of attacking effort in the 1st half was abysmal - these “blokes” need to take a long look at themselves & realise that they’re in a privileged position that most can only dream of - getting paid a small fortune to kick a ball around - if they’re not up to it then they need to be moved out.

I used to (and still do tbh) dream that we’d get Magilton & Burley back here one day but I wouldn’t wish this bunch on anyone at the moment - the new / next boss needs to indeed “sort this lot out”.

dirtydingusmagee added 11:38 - Dec 16
a new manager will be looking at them, but do they give a toss, they will just be playing elsewhere. They obviously dont want to be at Town. Cook has succeeded in one thing .....he has managed to do what Hurst did, make things worse. The Americans are going to be in for a real festive treat watching this shower of sh#t, Things are at the lowest point ever now., I think all those Dollar dreams are turning to dimes..

blues1 added 11:44 - Dec 16
I told many on here who wanted cook sacked, what could happen of he did. Well, he has, amd unfortunately what I predicted has happened, and we have a bunch of players who are unhappy, as cook was the reason they came here. Plus they are now in a position of uncertainty of what happens now. While that doesn't totally excuse the performances last night or against charlton, both of which were unacceptable to any of us, it is a contributory factor. We need the new manager in place quickly to get to work with them, and get them settled again. I'll prob get lambasted for saying so, but while not my 1st choice by any means, I think Harris may actually be the right person for the job at this moment in time.
Mcgreal also tho has to take his fair share of the blame for that 1st half performance last night. To play a narrow midfield 4 against a team playing wing backs played right into their hands. Think we all knew Barrow would start the game quickly to put us under pressure, but to present them with so much space out wide was suicide. Let's just hope whoever the new man is, he's appointed soon.


algarvefan added 11:46 - Dec 16
Perhaps we could change our name like Phoenix Rising in he USA.

Shambolic Town anyone?

shakytown added 11:50 - Dec 16
The real problem that our recruitment was terrible. Players were signed just because someone said they ere going to tear the league apart with no thought given to the balance of the team or the work ethic still required to win matches. whoever comes in needs to address the balance of the midfield in particular as we have a lot of classy players but not enough of the selfless team orientated do the hard yakka blokes .How many times was the ball passed back to Nsiala who is clearly not comfortable as a ball player but is being put into a rotten place by the failure of others to step up. Big changes needed in a few critical areas and thats why we need an experienced manager to sort it out

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