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Morsy Charged By FA
Monday, 24th Jan 2022 17:45

Town skipper Samy Morsy has been charged with violent conduct by the FA following Saturday’s home game with Accrington Stanley.

The charge relates to a clash with Stanley midfielder Ethan Hamilton just before the half hour, which was highlighted in no uncertain terms by visitors’ chairman Andy Holt on Twitter following the match.

An FA statement reads: “Ipswich Town FC’s Sam Morsy has been charged with a breach of FA Rule E1.1 following their EFL League One match against Accrington Stanley FC on Saturday [22/01/22].

“The midfielder’s behaviour during the 27th minute was not seen by the match officials, but it was caught on camera, and allegedly constitutes violent conduct. Sam Morsy has until tomorrow [25/01/22] to provide a response.”

Town say they will be making no comment but it's understood Morsy will be contesting the charge.

Photo: Pagepix

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Robert_Garrett added 19:50 - Jan 24
Seems from the mobile pictures the accy player clocked ours first?

ringwoodblue added 20:13 - Jan 24
If it is a three or four game suspension then this is very bad news for our promotion push especially with Evans out. Irrespective of the provocation or the way Accy play, this was a stupid act by Morsy - as captain he should know better and lead by example.

BlueWax added 20:13 - Jan 24
Morsy fighting for the cause, maybe literally but let's wait...innocent until proved etc!
Yes shocking tactics by Acc Stanley.
I doubt their fans berate the players tactics so let's go easy on our man eh!
As for the acc chairman, very brave to use those words. Let's see if he gets punished! Pancake day not until March 1!!

Cakeman added 20:36 - Jan 24
Should we lose him for a few games I think we have enough suitable alternatives to fill the void.

Umros added 20:38 - Jan 24
FA are always looking for some drama to have a say in at all levels of football. Player wasn’t even caught in face if you study it carefully and is a complete fabrication. But that’s AS all over. 2-1 👋

Saxonblue74 added 20:45 - Jan 24
Umros, not sure if there's anything in the rules to say its OK to throw a punch at the opposition as long as it doesn't land him in the face!🤣

Bluroo added 20:50 - Jan 24
I think Morsy was just pushing the other guys hand off him and he’s milked it to try to get Morsy carded. Morsy could have done that himself, but he’s not the cheat here… would be nice if some fans could bring themselves to not find fault in whatever our players do…

BossMan added 20:53 - Jan 24
Morsy has looked a much improved player since McKenna took over but we need all hands on deck so this looks unprofessional as why even give the FA something to make a decision on. The pragmatic move might be to accept the charge and take shorter ban.

BobbyBell added 21:04 - Jan 24
I've watched this many times and do not find it conclusive. The Stanley player runs at Morsy and pushes him. Morsy pushes back and the Stanley player makes a meal of it. He may or may not have caught the guy's face after the shoulder but I cannot see that it's anything other than a push which I think was first impact on the guy's shoulder judging by how his body spins. A blow to the face does not spin your shoulders round just your head. There's far to much dramatic play acting here too as it was not a direct impact on the face and was not powerful enough to knock someone down.

ArnieM added 22:17 - Jan 24
Stanley player should get an Oscar for his “ Platoon” antics . Complete cheat… bug let’s be honest here AS have been gunning for Morsy since he called them a pub side for their antics up at their place . He wasn’t wrong was he !

EatonBlue added 22:31 - Jan 24
Hamilton started it - flung out an arm to try to impede Morsy.

Chris_Knights added 22:40 - Jan 24
Unbelievable how some so-called Town fans actually believe this charge is wrong … I guess that’s just a reflection of todays society … if he wears blue he’s innocent… any other coloured shirt he’s guilty. Hypocrisy in the extreme….

Steelmonkey added 23:10 - Jan 24
Any footage of the way Norwood was manhandled as soon as he came on the pitch by their right back.

Bert added 23:29 - Jan 24
It would appear that quite a few posters were not at the game to see what actually happened but are content to make a judgement on a video clip. I was 25 metres away and the Lino was even nearer. When an arm comes across from an opposing player, it is quite natural for the arm of the other player to meet it in order to keep balance. If it was the other way round I would say the same.

Michael101 added 23:29 - Jan 24
The Stanley players after a place on the Olympic diving team ,drogba would be proud on him.

Fat_Boy_Tim added 06:23 - Jan 25
Let’s wait and see what the FA find. There may be other camera angles. For my part, just using the footage from iplayer and slowed down, I think it’s a ‘stiff arm’ to the shoulder. It was clearly excessive force and maybe that was because he wanted to leave one on him.

Where that leaves the FA I don’t know. It probably was good timing that Bakinson has just joined though.


Billericay12 added 07:27 - Jan 25
Not sure what grounds for appeal we have looking at that footage. He may well have been goaded into it but that is part of the modern day game unfortunately and you have to learn to deal with it.

Bazza8564 added 07:36 - Jan 25
Its the cost of doing business, this is going to happen from time to time, we simply have to live with it, use our squad and treat it like an injury.

We have plenty of options in MF. For me, I like Morsy's no nonsense approach, next time someone ones to take him for a mug, theyll think again

atty added 08:05 - Jan 25
Not a pun h, a push on the guys right shoulder. You can see the guys head all the time.

Edmundo added 08:19 - Jan 25
Can we please have Town ensure the foul on Celina is also looked at?

dirtydingusmagee added 08:40 - Jan 25
Chris Knights i marked you down in error, i totally agree with you . And at the end of the day players should not act or react in a way that is violent or look violent then they would stay out of trouble. The way he and Norwood behave is rod for their own back .

WhoisJimmyJuan added 08:51 - Jan 25
Let's wait for Sue Gray's report. It looked like a works meeting to me.

Harlestonblue added 09:05 - Jan 25
susanruth you are correct. Hamilton played for the Man United academy and the pair know each other from that time

Bluedocker added 09:36 - Jan 25
Just a thought if the charges against Morsy are dropped will Hamilton be charged with simulation for trying to get a fellow professional sent off..

Linkboy13 added 09:48 - Jan 25
It's obvious it was head to fist. Seriously Morsy is banged to rights if you think otherwise your a numpty.

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