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Premier League Clubs to Vote on Scrapping VAR
Wednesday, 15th May 2024 22:12

Premier League clubs are set to vote on scrapping VAR this summer.

The 20 clubs will meet in Harrogate on June 6th for their AGM where they will vote on a resolution proposed by Wolves which requires the support of 14 in order to be passed.

Wolves, who have been on the end of a number of controversial decisions this season, said in a statement: “The introduction of VAR in 2019/20 was a decision made in good faith and with the best interests of football and the Premier League at its heart.

“However, it has led to numerous unintended negative consequences that are damaging the relationship between fans and football, and undermining the value of the Premier League brand.

“The decision to table the resolution has come after careful consideration and with the utmost respect for the Premier League, PGMOL and our fellow competitors.

“There is no blame to be placed - we are all just looking for the best possible outcome for football - and all stakeholders have been working hard to try and make the introduction of additional technology a success.

“However, after five seasons of VAR in the Premier League it is time for a constructive and critical debate on its future.

“Our position is that the price we are paying for a small increase in accuracy is at odds with the spirit of our game, and as a result we should remove it from the 2024/25 season onwards.”

A Premier League spokesperson said: “The Premier League can confirm it will facilitate a discussion on VAR with our clubs at the Annual General Meeting next month.

“Clubs are entitled to put forward proposals at shareholders' meetings and we acknowledge the concerns and issues around the use of VAR.

“However, the League fully supports the use of VAR and remains committed, alongside PGMOL [Professional Game Match Officials Limited], to make continued improvements to the system for the benefit of the game and fans.”

If Wolves are unsuccessful with their proposal, the Blues would be required to install VAR infrastructure at Portman Road, one of a number of improvements and changes clubs are required to make to their grounds following promotion to the top flight.

Photo: Blair Ferguson

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Edmundo added 22:46 - May 15
Happy days if they vote to scrap it just as we are promoted. Absolutely ruins a game. Separates "elite" football from the normal football that is played everywhere else apart from the Prem (and internationals). VAR is utter tripe run by to$$ers

Mark added 22:46 - May 15
They have had five seasons to get VAR right, and it is awful. I won't be able to fully celebrate Ipswich goals next season for fear VAR will disallow them due to a technicality after two or three minutes of forensic analysis. We should limit technology to instant decision making, such as whether the ball crossed the goal line.

bobble added 04:05 - May 16
it clearly needs to be sped up , going back to the old way of referees/linesmen making bad decisions isnt progress..
what do the statistics say on which method produces the least mistakes ?
thats what the FA should follow...

bobble added 04:09 - May 16
Thierry Henry............................................france v ireland,, thats what used to happen...

Fat_Boy_Tim added 06:59 - May 16
Of all the things that can improve football matches, the elimination of marginal/arguable offsides and subjective foul decisions made with slow-mo replays are pretty low on the list. Combine that with the huge fuss made almost every week because the technology isn't good enough and the pressure being so high that human error comes straight back into it, It's a no brainer to put it away until someone thinks of a better solution.

Things that will improve the game more from my point of view would be cutting out the time wasting, flow stopping things that are becoming so normalised.

-Standing over a free kick to stop it being taken quickly or forwards.
-Strolling down the touchline polishing the ball for a throw-in.
-Keepers not picking the ball up for as long as possible and holding onto it for 15 seconds
-Players being allowed to have a team talk with the manager when someone goes down injured (sorry KMac)
-Complete mystery as to how long a game is going to be with the additional time.

Football is about entertainment, fix that lot and a match would be so much more entertaining, VAR diminishes entertainment because it removes the 'in the moment' celebration of a goal. It's almost never used for anything else.

oldtimer3 added 07:09 - May 16
We didn't need VAR. It's a joke, football a fast contact sport not like Cricket. And Rugby is stop start so it works better. We at Ipswich have watched many great Championship matches without it. Please Premier league scrap it!

BlueNomad added 07:15 - May 16
1. To be used if the referee wants to use it because they aren't sure. They should not have someone whispering in their ear telling them what they have missed; there are asst referees for that.


2. Captains only have three appeals per game

mathiemagic added 07:22 - May 16
Newcastles Gordon's comments were spot on last night - "Improve it or scrap" - If it is staying then I have the simple solution to it, if VAR cannot spot any obvious error in a maximum of 60 seconds then it goes with the on field decision and move on.

Fat_Boy_Tim added 07:35 - May 16
So, some simple and some technical solutions to my list.

Standing over a free kick or running back straight across the line of a free kick to slow it down - simple, yellow card and/or attacking team can move the ball up to 10 yards in any direction within the field of play (Would love to see some of those 9 yard direct free kicks!).

On the flip side and once that's sorted, 15 seconds to take a free kick, anywhere on the field or it gets turned over.

-Throw-ins, just have an automatic system, instantaneous like the goal line tech already in place, which says when the ball is out of play and paints a spot on the touchline (a spotlight/laser spot on the white line would do it) where the throw-in should be taken from. Start a timer to to get the ball back into play or it gets turned over (Not sure how to make sure the ball boys and girls don't s-house he hell out of that! needs work).

-Keepers, keepers have 10 seconds in possession of the ball, either in their hands or at their feet inside the penalty area, someone starts a timer, its really simple.

-Player goes down injured then the players stay where they are until play resumes.

-Time added on. Have a clock, visible in the stadium, counting up the added time as it's being added which can still go up during the added time.

Oh to be a football dictator!

Dissboyitfc added 07:56 - May 16
it has become farcical , should be used to help out in a case of a clear and obvious error and given a time limit. Referees and their assistants have a split second to make a decision, I think there is still a place for it but in its present format it cant stay, ruining the game!

Dreading next season when we score late and appear to get something from the game only to have it ruled out after 3 mins for a big toe being in an offside position.

TractorfactorSteve added 08:10 - May 16
VAR was introduced to counter the 'TV/studio 'experts' becoming secondary refs via their use of video technology. It has nothing to do with making the game fairer or improving on-field decision making. It's yet another example of the TV companies' control of the game and ruins it for those watching live in the grounds. It was also introduced to reduce the amount of abuse/dissent from players in controversial on field referee's decicion making - something which has been improved on recently via directives which have nothing to do with VAR. The sooner it's scrapped the better.

tractorboybig added 08:17 - May 16
made a joke of football

trncbluearmy added 08:30 - May 16

Hope link works maybe firewalled
Shows 10 clubs suffered(wolves came bottom)
3 clubs neutral
7 benefited from var
Believe it needs 14 votes to be passed so needs a club who benefitted to vote for end of var
The likelihood of clubs listening to the fans will be nil they will all vote on self interest so going to be close

Just get rid of fecking var

Taricco_Fan added 09:34 - May 16
Let's hope they do.

DocMartyn added 09:58 - May 16
Does the vote happen before or after the three new clubs are formally entered into the PL share register (thus confirming their participation for next season)?

Basically, do we get to vote? :)

Lightningboy added 10:11 - May 16
I think every single true football fan around the country (and world) would be elated if this totally corrupt system was scrapped least before ref's were getting decisions wrong because of human error,now they're picking & choosing what to get's killed the enjoyment of's the one thing that's going to ruin next season for me...if kept.

Let's hope all clubs see sense and tell them where to stick it...right up Howard Webb's rear.

Bellevue_Blue added 10:51 - May 16
Wolves have been hammered by VAR and I get where they are coming from but objectively speaking it's obviously not going to get scrapped. There has been far too much investment in every part of it (from club and league) that they will just render it useless.

Whilst the public discourse might look like they dislike VAR, the PGMOL, the Premier League and the owners of its established clubs are all looking out for each other in order to protect the asset and their assets. They are much more interested in decision making improving by 14% than what the average fan thinks of the wait time.

They just need to remove this idea that every single thing needs to be looked at extensively and then ensure that the fewer decisions that are looked at are looked at by the referee who can then make his decision based on that added information. Not the VAR just sticking with their decision whatever it is to avoid controversy/ speed up play.

Porksmith99 added 10:55 - May 16
Because the Premier League clubs voted unanimously for SAOT (Semi Automated Offside Technology, a system so "infallible" that it require VAR to back it up in a crowded area) last month, it seems unlikely there would be a majority vote against VAR in the June 6th meeting. There is also the fear that kicking out the technology might prejudice the number of clubs UEFA allocates to English sides in European competitions.
Surely a motion calling on the common sense usage would be more relevant, ie, if a player is deemed offside by the system, what advantage do they actually have? Does a toe or an arm offside represent an unfair advantage or should offside be clear and obvious (those of us old enough will remember the directive that there should be daylight between the attacker and last defender)? You only have to go back to the FA Cup semi-final, where Haji-Wright had virtually stopped to control the ball only to be given offside by inches against a defender charging back to the penalty box. VAR relies on people to ultimately make the call, unfortunately, those people seem to lack common sense making them no more efficient than AI.
VAR has, undoubtedly, improved the percentage of calls in refereeing decisions but the cost to the fans and players in spontaneous celebration, game changing moments and free flowing games has been enormous. The cost to the game (at the moment) is far too high.

Gforce added 11:11 - May 16
If we had VAR we would have beaten Norwich 1-0.

scooby added 11:16 - May 16
Scrap it. Having said that var isnt the problem. The probkem is the way that it is used

FabianMalyon added 12:00 - May 16
Fat_Boy_Tim - YES to bringing back the "10 yards forward" rule for free kicks if someone impedes it. Used to love seeing that.

bobble added 12:26 - May 16
no hand of god goal with var

ITFCson added 12:59 - May 16
I don't mind it, it can add to the drama of a football match. Yes mistakes are still made but less mistakes are made with it than without it, but mistakes are highlighted more now with VAR. I cannot see it being scrapped anytime soon.

grumpyoldman added 14:36 - May 16
With VAR we would probably got to the FA Cup final a couple of years earlier, when Clive Thomas disallowed two Bryan Hamilton goals for off-side in the semi against West Ham, he did it to Bryan again when he played for Everton later. Also the Allan Hudson goal that never was against Chelsea would have been ruled out. VAR can have its good points as well!

Marcus added 14:50 - May 16
Scrapping it would be of particular benefit for Sam Morsy, so all for it!

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