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Sheffield Wednesday 2 v 1 Ipswich Town
SkyBet Championship
Saturday, 25th August 2018 Kick-off 15:00

Voting was locked for this match at midnight on Sunday 26th August but you may still add your mini match reports. Note that members and non-members alike were able to vote.

Cameron Dawson3.9
Liam Palmer4.7
Tom Lees4.5
Jordan Thorniley4.7
Matt Penney4.7
Joey Pelupessy4.7
Barry Bannan6.9
Marco Matias5.3
Adam Reach5.4
Lucas Joao6.9
Atdhe Nuhiu5.1
Steven Fletcher5.1
Fernando Forestieri4.7
5.1Bartosz Bialkowski
3.8Janoi Donacien
4.1Aristote Nsiala
4.7Luke Chambers
4.1Jonas Knudsen
3.5Trevoh Chalobah
3.9Gwion Edwards
4.0Tayo Edun
3.9Jon Nolan
3.5Ellis Harrison
3.7Kayden Jackson
3.1Freddie Sears
3.8Flynn Downes

Match Rating4.2 

Your Sheffield Wednesday v Ipswich Town Match Reports

Bluewelshman added 17:37 - Aug 25

No Way we should have lost this game.

Another poor referee, no way Nsiala should have been sent off, it was a very good tackle, it will be appealed successfully.

Better creativity in the first half, but again no finishers on show for town.

Chalobah is still not a midfielder, his passes and decision making was poor (to be fair it wasn't that good across the board), to quote Mathie "does he know what colour were playing in".

Bart is not himself yet this season, I'm not confident when the opposition has a corner because Bart is not coping with crosses well at all.

Harrison should have scored when he was through, but may be it was a lack of confidence but he waited...waited...waited, and couldnt finish, very poor for a striker.

To me Chambers was our best player, he was getting his head to the ball every time it got near him, and gave everything for the team.

I'm still not having fits of "WERE GOING TO GET RELEGATED", because I'm a big boy and realise this season is 5 matches in, but there is a flutter of "Paul please sort out the attack".

The biggest problem with this result is the knowledge of the "BCWYWF" brigade sitting listening hoping that we fail so they can say "I told you so" while they...well lets not go down that dark path.

Lets keep supporting this new future and not lose hope.


PositivelyPortman added 17:44 - Aug 25

Disgraceful decision by the referee. He seemed to have an agenda to penalise Town at every opportunity.
This red card should definitely be turfed out along with the ref.

bluehook added 17:49 - Aug 25

Awful ref and Bart’s performance not much better.
He’s become a real flapper. At this rate Gerken will get the nod soon.
It was a game we could easily have won.

Stourbridgeblue added 20:43 - Aug 25

The players ambition exceeds their ability. Onwards & upwards from here.

Mullet added 21:25 - Aug 25

Another game, another away ground where Town haven’t lost in years, nor won in the weeks that this season has been alive. Two changes to the team with Skuse missing out through injury, Ward through the judgement of Hurst. Bart had the same back four of Donacien, Nsiala, Chambers and Knudsen who had done so well at Derby but conceded twice. Nolan was partnered by the returning Edun with Edwards on the right, Harrison moved to the left-hand side and Jackson became the focal point in attack of the 4-1-4-1 that sometimes convulsed into 4-2-3-1.

It was a first look at Town without Skuse and with Jackson up front in the league. Iridescent in orange, the away side glowed rather than caught light as the kick off saw us move the ball from left to right in neat passes and back to Donacien who sent a rising swerver of a shot just over the bar.

There was hope in the gentle slope of Leppings Lane amongst the travelling Town fans, that things might run our way today. In good voice and good spirits, the home fans were a multitude of nerves and faltering belief in comparison. You could see it on their faces and their players.

Wednesday played a high line of Nuhui in the middle and Matias down the right, Joao on the left. The wide men changing side and which man marked them out of the game in open play frequently. Town meanwhile were comparatively loose in the middle, the free running of Edun and determination of Nolan to keep possession pushed and pulled us out position more than the deep V that Pelupessy operated from the base of. The usually impressive Reach lacked any, he is now shunted centrally but worked in short bursts well enough, Bannan caught the eye, the ankle and sometimes the ball as he tried to make things happen for 90 minutes.

It was a battle where a little attrition or attractive football would count for a lot. Town were pleasing in parts, but once more not all of them were moving in relation to one another. Harrison was again working hard in his new role, but the striker showed unfamiliarity as his killer instinct in the wrong place meant that he scythed down Palmer. The full back fell theatrically, but the challenge was unfair and a yellow not unexpectedly due.

From the set piece Town were vulnerable as you’d expect, but able to turn the ball away. Harrison atoning for his foul with a saving shut out in mid-air. Pelupessy hit the kind of inswinger towards the near post we excelled at last season but no one could ram it home. From the other side Bannan had a go, and his left footed version was inferior, but so was the marking from Chalobah as Joao headed home in disbelief at the back post.

Heads fell, so did mouths, as did the sense that Town’s youngsters were learning. We’ve seen it too often already for it to be mere coincidence or misfortune.

Town did it again as, all the Owls needed was to swoop down on the set pieces we were giving away. Nuhui fell down softly under the shadow of a defender. The ripples of 17 stones of sh1t hitting the deck clearly moved the lino as his flag went up. Bannan put the free kick in and the home sides young centre back won his most convincing header of the game. Again, lost by his marker and unchallenged he sent it diving the wrong side of the back post.

Had Sheffield doubled their lead and our misery it would have been a harsh lesson. But one we must learn.

Wednesday had their own young stars coming into the side and into the second tier. You could see the pride and hope in them from the supporters with every attack they repelled. However, a scramble ensued from good build up by Town. Knudsen drove forward on the overlap, Dawson the keeper somehow spilled and the scramble away was deserved more from the orange shirts who close, but not close enough to capitalising.

The half came to a dizzying, fizzing end with Town looking up on ideas in the open field, but a lack of cut and thrust at close quarters once again. When the equaliser came it was down to one man. Luke Chambers. A few of our corners had gone long, and one in particular saw Nsiala head way wide. Another low across the ground was lucky to see us re-win a set-piece in the confusion it caused both sides.

However, the one that counted went to the back of the box, dropped nearly out before the captain was fantastic in keeping it in. Reversed out to Edwards on the left (where he was telling more effective) the cross deflected and redirected back to Nsiala off the heads of Edun and maybe Chambers himself. His partner was the one who finished with a cushioned header and the adoration of every Suffolk heart in the county.

Yorkshiremen are notoriously blunt. Their protests of offside cut no ice with compatriot Hurt or the ref. Both teams had their moments and intention to counter attack with pace, and when Wednesday had a go at it, they were shut out masterfully in the bottom right hand corner of the pitch. Incensed at losing his ball, Bannan lost his head and he now scythed in from behind. Bizarrely his reaction was what earned him a yellow card, not a challenge that may well come to be seen as a certain red. As the little man did his best impression of someone too drunk to know he was on little else but the pavement and the bouncers’ nerves, his friends should have ushered him away from the scene to save his face.

Town had various shouts at taking the lead, and maybe deserved to by the narrowest of margins in the balance of play. A double block off the line from another harum-scarum move that saw the home side deny Town was probably our best chance, beyond forcing Dawson into numerous scrambled saves and blocks, they also lost a man to injury when his header off the line saw him collide with the post. At one point this left the Owls with nine men on the field due to their own injuries.

At half time common sense and consensus suggested Town could be content to be in contention. Some sloppiness and some stiffness might have cost either side the lead, and the referee was having nothing to do but run the game he saw, not the one tens of thousands were watching. Communications via enemy texts suggested Wednesday were booing him for our goal, as they felt Nsiala was offside, this was physically impossible, but regardless maybe they meant Harrison who was in the area at the time, and we’ll say no more about why that might have been.

The second half started with early Town pressure similar to the first half. It was enough to move Wednesday but not leave breathless. Harrison had time in the area to drift centrally and lay down an overhead kick that looked far better than the easy save it forced. But the showmanship was appreciated by the away end.

It was clear he was neither the left winger, or answer to the left wing spot, but when Jackson sped across the 18 yard line from flank to flank, it allowed space for the attackers to be flexible and force errors in and behind defenders not sure who to pick up or put on their bums.

In roughly the same place as Town’s effort cleared off the line, the lively Bannan picked up the ball and drove a shot in through the crowd. Jonas, ever the dependable Dane punted it off the line and away. But you never really felt threats were going to come without Town’s invitation. Bart threw low and short to Edun as everyone else parted for the expected kick wide. It caused palpitations in the shape of both sides momentarily and few Town fans to clutch their anatomy in relief. The youngster who had moved far better all game with the ball than his counterpart Chalobah, didn’t quite have the range of passing or stamina to manage 90 minutes at his optimal levels.

Chambers however, did show us how it was done, when he picked out Knudsen with a deft low ball that cut out everyone else and prompted a good Town clear out into the hosts’ box. Town again went forward quickly and spread themselves and the play a bit too thinly. There was a deja view of not enough men awaiting crosses, and too many weighing down the crosser as we broke our own moments to punish the opposition again.

Jonas was booked for stopping a breakaway Joao on halfway in a way that Derby had showed us how to do in midweek, but there seemed to be little else we had learned from recent tussles with them and other playoff contenders Villa. The game would soon turn in a manner that took a little from both and a lot from Town.

In the middle of our half fresh substitute Forestieri lay writhing and screaming foul play in a heap, clutching so much of himself his very soul must have ached and trembled.
Nsiala was dancing a fit of rage and disbelief. Luke Chambers beating his chest and glances down on a referee just putting away his red card. The Congolese defender had headed for the tunnel as early as he had won the ball, cutting out a pass to the Italian who was nowhere near it, but at the centre of everything. A second later, the striker went over the top our fortitudinous defender like the man you’d most want in medieval siege.

So clear was the delay between Toto winning the ball and Town losing their man, there was as much disbelief in the stands as there was from the players. If you put our men through the attitude test, you can tell their sense of aggrievement was as genuine as the challenge itself.

Hurst shuffled and sent Chalobah to centre back and spread us into a more compact 4-3-2. It mattered little as again Wednesday had all they needed to hurt us. A set piece, and a Town defence who would give them two attempts to restore their lead. Who else but Joao would nod against the post and then put the rebound in unchallenged?

With Downes soon on for the tired and tested Edun, what more fitting name could Hurst choose from his bench? The youngster played well, so did Town all things considered, but the arterial leaks that let play flow just often and thickly enough beyond us meant the game was all but lost with 20 minutes to go.

A bigger concern than another 2 goals conceded, another 2 set pieces undefended, is a second game where Harrison has been clean through. Less than ten yards out his run and movement was as sensational as the ball over the top to him, but he wanted more touches than a teenager and showed the fumbling shot shyness as had all the goal to shoot at, and all the time in the world before being shooed away with a dismissive hiss.

The striker was unlucky to take a heavy knock as the game wore down and so did Wednesday upon us. Bannan was luck not to see red again, having missed man and ball and assaulting fresh air, several metric tons of it was expelled from the Ipswich fans incensed to see no card at all when one of either colour would have restored the balance of personnel, if not the injustice of the competition and its officiating.
Sears came on with little time and little chance of changing what was a race long run.

Our own attempts to throw Chambers forward won us territory and few aerial duels but left us woefully short on numbers elsewhere. Nolan turned and twisted but could not lay off a simple killer ball when it counted. Jackson, found again that all his speed was useless once a team sat back on their heels and bolted the door with a deep line and nowhere to run in behind.

When the whistle came so did the boos and abuse for a referee who had made his mind up without clear thought. The sense that surely that card will be overturned was a recurring theme for Town fans. Those on Radio Sheffield from the other side of the ground ranged from unsure to the certainty of bias and little else. You’d hope that a panel will be honest enough to see the mistake was not ours.

This is a young side in nature and years, and you can talk about potential and the energy that they bring but often in cold scientific terms, potential energy is in relation to a drop and how fast and hard that which is falling smashes into the floor.

With eight days ahead of us, two more potentially missing and six winless games behind us the derby looks to be of even greater significance. If two long term records of being unbeaten in a fixture can fall in quick succession under Hurst, why not a third?


PositivelyPortman added 09:51 - Aug 27

Currently, Bart, who flapped at both the goals is our best player?

Gav/Phil, this ratings things is totally pointless.

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