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at 22:44:09

Also trueblue, the clubs arguement that it is an adult evironment is pure dross: Any person of any age (and I mean ANY age) is allowed in the NSL as long as they can afford an adult ticket. Aside from this, there is nothing in the NSL that wouldnt get allowed to be shown in a 15 rated movie.

at 19:38:40

As a student I think the current situation is rediculous. The club have said that they do not want to change the price structure of NSL as it is an "adult environment" This is completely fair. Just as there are family areas for those that want to watch the game in that sort of environment (a thing that this club does brilliantly) there should also be adult environments. However, the moment you turn from an U16 to a student, the club F***'s you over royally with its huge prices. Back to the environment point. I could still be 21 and classed as a student. At 21 I am deffinately old enough to partake in an adult environment. At 17 I would consider myself old enough to partake in some adult environments and I have never seen anything in any of my games in the NSL that has shocked me or heard anything that I had not heard before elswhere. On top of this, the club has no problem with younger children in that stand as long as they can afford the ticket. On the subject of money: Some of you say "I paid for my season ticket when I was 14-15" I say to you well done (no sarcasm) Me too since the age of 13 and with all due respect, as previously mentioned; comparitively, its a hell of a lot more expensive than it used to be. Also some so wonderfully say "get a job" or "find the money" I do not come from a wealthy family and I have to save what I do get to be able to afford next years season ticket (as well as anything else I may want in that 12 months) I do have a job (although many are not as fortunate as the majority of student jobs have been taken by adults made redundent, which isnt necessarily unfair) Also my sixth form say im only allowed to work 10 hours a week which I already do. so unfortunately its not as simple as some on here would like to think.
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