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Cook: Chambers and Skuse Both Still Have Football in Them
at 12:59:54

No one deserves to be hated on and it is a shame that they won't get a proper send off from the fans on Sunday.

But, when reading that headline I did wonder whether their poor performances in recent seasons have been because they do actually have a football lodged somewhere inside them!
Wilson Wins Player of the Year
at 11:34:28

48 different players nominated, but I count we've only used 46 in all competitions! Come on, let's see the list of who received a nomination!
Coventry Cup Date Set
at 18:05:51

So, you're telling me that St Andrew's is busy on St Andrew's Day?
Smith Signs New Contract
at 22:29:52

Well done Chris.

Was Milne unaware of this one too?
Updated: McCarthy’s Future to Be Clarified "Well in Advance" of Early Bird Deadline
at 11:30:15

Massive miscommunication from the club on this after someone presumably pressed 'go' on the season ticket prices too early.

Both announcements should have happened together, like Milne said they would "within two weeks", 16 days ago.

However, now the cat is out of the bag with the season tickets, why wait with the manager announcement unless it is not yet decided (why?) or not something the bulk of supporters want to hear.

Either way, this has once again been handled spectacularly badly.
Town Confirm Price Cut as Evans Admits Last Year's Increase a Mistake
at 09:52:19

Milne said on 10th March, on season tickets: “It will come out in the next couple of weeks, hopefully some good news on that.” So, a few days late but OK...

And on the manager, he also said “I think the timing is quite important. I appreciate that it’s not just the season ticket prices, it’s gauging for next season. We’re totally into that one and, yes, the two things will come together."

So, having had their hand forced by what was presumably a mistake to release the season ticket prices early, they've failed in their promised timeline to tell the fans what the plan is for the manager.

Whether McCarthy stays or goes (though his position with the supporters is untenable), this is another example of the abject failure of those running the club in communicating clearly and effectively with the paying customer.
Sickness Bug Hits Cardiff Ahead of Town Visit
at 18:22:42

Hopefully Town can get some goals if Cardiff are loose at the back...
McCarthy: Workmanlike Display and Great Point
at 20:22:18

Setting up for and achieving a point away from home against one of the best teams in the league - great, if we had anything left to play for.
Doing that when our season is over and we could be trying out something different - annoying.
Setting up for a draw while trying to nick a win in each of the other 45 games of the season - boring, uninspiring, lack of ambition, etc.
Sears: We Can Still Make the Play-Offs
at 07:56:11

What is the point of all of this? Assemble a group of poor players on a shoestring and use the ability of our manager to massively overachieve with them but still fall short (because they're so bad and no one could get this bunch promoted) and play such utterly unwatchable football in the process.

It's clear now that season ticket numbers will fall - and who would blame anyone for deciding that they can't watch football so devoid of any quality, skill, ability, competence, that the whole thing becomes completely pointless?
McCarthy to Talk to Thomas But Quiet Deadline Day at Town
at 19:23:01

Is Evans investing enough money? Probably not, but it's his money not ours.
Would McCarthy spend it if available? Most certainly, but only he knows the dynamic of the squad.
Is McCarthy frustrated at not having enough funds to spend? Probably, but he's not going to moan about his boss, least not in public.

Is the current squad good enough to seriously challenge for promotion? Probably an outside chance of top six, and then the 'lottery' of the play-offs if we get there.
But that's not good enough, is it? No, but then for every Norwich, Leicester, Southampton, Crystal Palace, there is a Leeds, Sheffield United, Nottingham Forest and of course Bolton that have every right to believe that they're as 'big' a name as us to be pushing Premier League.

OK, I get that, but if we're going to watch Championship football, let's at least pass the ball about a bit, hey? Agreed. But for the moment this is our manager's way.
So why don't we change the manager? Disagree, we could roll the dice and end up with another Keane. No one wants another Keane.
But we shouldn't keep MM just because of the fear of the unknown, should we? No, but if you look at the state of the club when MM joined, we've moved leaps forward. He deserves the chance to finish the job. Look how long Burley took to get promoted. Persist, persist, persist.
So why can't he see that we need basically a whole new defence, and a creative midfielder? Maybe he does see that. Maybe he just doesn't come out and admit how poor Knudsen is because even if he can replace him, he'll need cover.
So how come he can't replace him, other clubs are signing X player? Not as easy as it sounds. We don't know what Williams was offered at MK. We don't know who made the enquiry, what he's looking for. Williams was always going to say he liked it here, maybe he didn't. Maybe MM has got it all wrong on that front. But MM isn't about to show his hand in saying who he did or didn't go for, because it would hurt his chances in future.

Why don't we drop the ticket prices, get more people in, build the next generation of Town fans? Yes, seems to have worked at Norwich, but they have more of a captive audience. Football is an inelastic good, the numbers are unfortunately unlikely to work at a lower price, even if the quality of the product keeps people away. We don't want to damage income, even if ME isn't investing, it would just make it worse. The current ticket promotions strike a decent balance.

So why should I renew my season ticket, paying more and more for average entertainment? Your decision based on your circumstances. I'll be renewing.

Now let's get behind whichever XI pulls on the shirt, and whichever manager and owner are behind them, and whether you can make it to PR, on the road, overseas (and Norwich!) COYBs!!
Blackburn Game Set for Switch
at 10:35:02

sidtheswan - you mean the Spurs that made seven changes at Colchester? Spurs have hundreds of millions of pounds to give themselves a strong squad. We don't.
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