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Brendon McCullum new England Test Coach
at 21:33 11 May 2022

I wanted Kirsten but very happy with this.

Proper winner and attacking mentality.
Stokes it is then.
at 22:00 28 Apr 2022

Cook? Was an awful captain.

Strauss got us to number 1.
I'm "Biting Of My Nose To Spite My Face" Apparantly.
at 22:43 7 Apr 2022

Some people just dig themselves into a hole on principle when it comes to price increase.

Prices rising (of falling) for that matter is not the issue, it is about value but a lot of folk just focus on what they currently pay and then when you increase the price they think they are being ripped off!

Joke is on him as he will not be able to get the same price elsewhere and then ends up in a muddle.

I had similar with a customer a few years ago who worked for HM Prison service. Prices had been held for years and were loss making for us, so I was tasked with increasing them across our service agreements. I did and got an angry phone call accusing me of "defrauding the public sector" and that the customer would not renew. One month later I had a phone call from the customer...... you can guess the rest!
Big weekend of sport
at 14:38 7 Apr 2022

Australian GP
Man City V Liverpool
Masters Golf

Holiday plans this year?
at 09:22 7 Apr 2022

Went to Barbados at Xmas and it was excellent. Great weather and a lovely country (was my first time to that part of the world), very relaxing and excellent food. Will be trying another Island end of this year.

Got Greece planned for the summer and maybe one city break in Autumn.
England cricket captain against New Zealand at home
at 20:11 28 Mar 2022

A change of captain is a must, Root is a great batsmen but no where near a leader of men or tactically astute enough. He is better being the cheeky joker in the dressing room and left to concentrate on his batting.

Broad or Bairstow are the only options, we can't burden Stokes with it, he has enough to do.

Some of the talk about brining someone new in like Billings or Vince - they are not good enough to play regular test cricket which has long since been proven.

More worrying when listening to a podcast was the names in the hat for Director of Cricket - Mark Nicholas and Rob Key were linked, bloody hell!! Media personalities.

Whatever we do, the number 1 item on the agenda must be to pick your best 11 for each match and try to win, none of this planning for 3 years time, rest and rotate rubbish.
3rd test - another slow pitch
at 19:42 24 Mar 2022

After the last test there were worrying noises about how are are "well on our way" with our test reset and Collingwood wanting the job.

To ensure proper change happened, I hope we get hammered here in 3 days.

That way we can appoint an overseas coach (much better than our own coaches) and pick our best 11 with Broad and Anderson back in.
Gauntlet laid down to Ashton and Co re Celina
at 07:41 18 Mar 2022


Given his pedigree he should be head and shoulders the best player in the league, but look at his stats? Is he top of the scoring charts? Assists?

I don't get the hype in terms of when I have seen him play, average player in an average league.

He should be like Gio was, when it was plain to see he was miles better than anyone else on the pitch in the league. What did he get like 4 goals in 8 appearances (two from the bench)?

for what he would cost we would be better off spending it elsewhere.
Went to the game on Saturday, tested positive today
at 18:44 15 Mar 2022

Same went and tested positive yesterday.

Good luck!
Holiday recommendation
at 21:13 22 Feb 2022

Anyone been to the Bahamas before? Would you recommend it?
Positive test this morning
at 19:51 15 Feb 2022

Best show on TV, watch it and enjoy.

Still not tested positive yet, it is like a badge of honour. Last 6 months been back to a much more normal life and certainly can't get carried away but a few simple steps like mask in busy places and hand sanitiser seem to have worked for me and I speak as someone who has been to Wembley at the Euro's, a number of Ipswich and PL matches, been aboard etc so shows how good the vaccines are.
Cricket- something else to discuss this Monday
at 19:48 15 Feb 2022

Awful decision. The only parts of our Test 11 that worked were SB and JA opening the bowling and Root at 4. I can see why Root goes to 3 as we can then play Bairstow as our new number 4 with Foakes as the Keeper, Stokes at 5, Pope at 6.

We should keep JA and SB in the squad and occasionally rest them but given they don't have long left in time (years) we should make the most of them. JA and SB with one of the younger bowlers would be perfect development.

Archer and Wood as the pace options.

Parkinson has to play as the spinner, pointless taking Leach as he is not good enough. How Woakes has been selected is a mystery. Awful in Aus and offers nothing away from home with the ball. A good squad player in England but not good enough.
Silverwood gone then
at 20:03 3 Feb 2022

Kirsten should have got the job when the useless Giles appointed Silverwood. He was the batsman for the job.

Outside of that Alec Stewart strikes me as a very good man manager and talks a lot of sense. Ben Foakes might get a game then as well.
Looking to go away in April
at 18:27 12 Jan 2022

Carribean should still be good early April.

Just came back from Xmas over there, wonderful countries and the weather was 30 degrees every day.
You've just been appointed Head of English and Wales cricket......
at 14:19 28 Dec 2021

It all starts at the top and we need proper innovative leadership not yes men who will do as they are told.

So you start by sacking Harrison, Giles and Silverwood and removing Root as captain. Try and see if Strauss is willing to now work full time again and go get the best coach which will either be SA or Aus.

I have long argued Morgan would have been a better test captain over last 3 years. Not for his batting but his leadership and tactical nous.

We have decent players but awful tactics and a losers culture throughout the ECB.
The Ashes over
at 10:14 28 Dec 2021

The guy is clueless.

The only positive is we have been so bad other people night wake up to how out of his depth Silverwood is.

Remember he is the chief selector, he has driven the rest and rotation policy and he is behind a lot of our so called tactics along with the captain.
2-0 down, lost the toss. Do or die ...
at 01:42 28 Dec 2021

Silverwood out.
2-0 down, lost the toss. Do or die ...
at 14:19 27 Dec 2021

Exactly they tried to be too clever and too ahead of the curve.

Resting needs to be decided on form and fitness, you cannot allocate matches 3 months before a ball is bowled.

We win in India then send Jos home after one test? Madness, Bairstow then comes in having sat at home in winter and gets bowled for a duck? What do they expect.

Playing a spinner in Brisbane with a green top, then playing 4 seamers in Adelaide when the pitch was dry? Silverwood is county level and yes as someone else has said Giles is not without fault. Second rate journeymen spinner now calling the shots. Shame Strauss had to give the role up as he drove a lot of the right culture within then ECB.

We have talented players who are poorly managed with second rate tactics.

Put likes of Buttler in to the Australia team and he would turn into Gilchrist.
2-0 down, lost the toss. Do or die ...
at 12:33 27 Dec 2021

We won the world cup under Bayliss. Our one day turnaround started in 2015, it is nothing to do with Silverwood.

Arguably we under performed at the one global competition he has coached us in we went in as favourites at the recent T20 World Cup and lost in the semi finals.

We have only gone backwards under Silverwood.
2-0 down, lost the toss. Do or die ...
at 19:46 26 Dec 2021

Because he set the tone.

Wanted all the power as the chief selector and then instigated this genius rest and rotate system that saw us go 1-0 up against India and then send players home after one test and guess what we lost all momentum after winning in Sri Lanka and that first test in India. Since then we lost 3-1 to India, barely won a test all summer and not this in Australia.

Did we not learn with Moores? Root is an awful captain; he should just bat.

New leadership required.
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