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Norwich Striker: We're a Better Club
at 13:51:35

Chambers: Performance at Leeds Set the Standard
at 10:42:43

Finally a player has said it...

Football is something we all pay to watch because we love it...
But it is so expensive now - that if it is unentertaining people would rather keep their money for other things
Skipper Chambers Looking Forwards Not Backwards
at 09:43:57

Club Captain, Leader, Legend - That's how it goes isn't it?

The man's rapport with the fans is second to none - very much like the great skipper Matt Holland was.
Yes he has his flaws as a player - but then most of that is because he is not a full back - the best he has ever played for us is at CB!
And so far this year he really has lead the team from the back and signified everything good about the spirit in the camp!
The contract situation last season was diabolical by our club and for him to still sit there and say he loves the club is all a fan like I wants to hear !
New EFL TV Deal
at 11:57:02

No excuse for not putting your hand a little further into your pocket now Mr. Evans.
McCarthy: Palace Tie an Opportunity for Youngsters
at 08:42:02

Winning breeds winnings... end of!

I agree some changes should be made - but changing XI and the oldest outfield playing being below 23 is a joke!!!

If we get beaten 5 - 0 then all the hard work so far this season goes down the drain - it will piss the fans off - those players will be demoralised and no use to the first team and believe it or not - it will have an affect on Saturday because it will affect the club.

Change a few - but this is ridiculous!
Town Step Up Bodvarsson Interest as Pitman Closes in on Pompey Move
at 13:39:08

Letting Pitman go for Free is absolutely ridiculous!
The man could command a couple hundred thousand easily!

Permanent replacement a must!

FL92 - Reporting Johnyy Marquis
Rotherham Boss Confirms Interest in Town Duo
at 16:20:29


Own Youth Product.
In the team before Kenlock.
Good on the ball. Physical. No slouch.
Better than Spence - splits opinion but I honestly believe he is.

So we're farming him out why?
Cardiff Accept Town Bid for Huws
at 16:13:38

Blimey Town... a Ray of light!
Moore and Emmanuel Could Join Rotherham
at 12:11:05

Emmanuel shouldn't be allowed to go!
Much better than Spence - a real good, strong, footballing Full Back!

Thought we were supposed to be supporting our Youth in the 5 point plan?

Can't believe people would even think of letting him go out on loan?
Milton Leaves Town
at 09:17:14

Evans financial constraints?
McCarthy's appalling football not being replicated in the 1st team...

Our club is losing touch with its roots!

McCarthy and Evans out before it's too late!!!
Spence Keen to Stay at Town
at 16:28:37

Bloke is bang average...
No better than Emmanuel.
Not the answer to our problems.

If he stays he stays but I'd rather we bought or got an experienced Full back to cover and guide Emmanuel
A Plea
at 11:11:50


You are joking? Not only do I attend, you do not have the right to make a poor petulant comment like that!


Your prediction almost came true - except Dougie started!!!
There is no defence for that one I'm afraid!
A Plea
at 15:37:36

I totally understand the want to voice disapproval at this team, its manager and owner...

Just my personal opinion is we MUST WIN the next two games...
And getting on the players backs may cost us our league status...

I'm all for full protest against Wednesday and Newcastle (on Sir Bobby's Day - I think it would be quite Poignant) - but that's providing we're safe - and once we're safe let it all go, get it all our the system - Banners, Chants, Late into the ground - whatever it is!!!

But for me personally, NOT the next 2 games - we need 6 points!
McCarthy: I've No Intention of Walking Away From Contract at This Moment
at 15:54:24

And we feel like that because of you Mr.McCarthy
It's because of you, we have apathy towards our club and it's players.
And it's because of you, and you inability to risk winning a game and inability to proact instead of react that we find ourselves bored sh1tless.

Yes prices are too high - owners fault
Yes you haven't had any money to spend - owners fault

But the turgid sh1te that team turns out each week, the poor tactics, the awful substitutions and the reigning in of free flair players is down to you.

It had all been pleasant up until the Norwich game of late, but we should have won the last 2 games - and yet we settle for points against :

"Teams that were very good and their position doesn't reflect how good they are" - said about every team ever!!!

I'm BORED!!! And I don't usually say it, but I want change!!!
Smith: We Have to Show Fans We're Moving Forward Again
at 13:40:40

Can't help but think Tommy coupled with Berra's downturn in performances between October and January have been a massive part to us conceding silly goals and costing us points!
Shall We Sing a Song For You?!
at 10:48:46

We should be signing Edward Ebeneezer Jeremiah Brown - EVERY SINGLE WEEK - as that is OUR SONG from a time gone by!

Also - Bart needs a song haha!
Get Turned Over By Ipswich And It Could Get Very Toxic - Notes for Norwich
at 15:10:48

“We could beat Ipswich 10-0 on Sunday and I hope we do. We are good enough that it could happen or at least give them another drubbing. I’m not greedy, 5-1 would suit me fine although I’m seriously worried that the state of our team does give them a chance to win.”

W@nkers W@nkers W@nkers!!!

Come on Town - please, above everything else, beat this shoddy horribly coloured Sh1te football team up the road!
Can't stand them crowing about being above us for a couple of season - yeah great achievement!!!
Patterson Set to Rejoin Braintree
at 16:23:36

Should be on the bench this weekend as a minimum
McCarthy Not Worried About Chambo's Focus
at 10:51:56

There is something very odd about this situation...

Is Marcus sticking to his 5 point plan looking at Chambers thinking he's old and not good enough and expensive? Hence McCarthy's comments "Its up to the club"


Is McCarthy trying to hide disharmony at the club and moving the blame?

I just don't know!
It’s All Wrong, From Top to Bottom!
at 13:44:50

Yes that was I... it saddens me to think it has got to that point!

No maybe you're right... but I can't excuse Sears anymore - he has had more than enough chances infront of goal - You don't "Lose your killer instinct" as a striker no matter where you play!

As for Evans - maybe you're right, maybe that is what he needs... But there are more than enough Ipswich fans (amazingly) that think the Burley/ Sheepshanks era are to blame for our current demise!

I want a manager who is looking for their 2nd Job - Like Gary Monk - Like Paul Clement
Fresh ideas, modern coaching tactics and Hungry!
And to be backed by our illustrious owner!
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